Friday, December 30, 2011

Shanren Present "Drinking Song" Video Shot in Southwest China

Earlier this year, Beijing-based indie folk band Shanren (literally "Mountain Men"), traveled across China's Yunnan province to take in and film the rich indigenous musical traditions. The band members, whose own songs mix folk melodies with rock and world music influences, visited rural villages of Yi, Lisu, Nu, Tibetan, and Wa minorities. While joining the villagers in song and dance, they found the music so tied up in the drinking culture-downing copious amounts of the local equivalent of moonshine, fiery homemade liquor distilled from rice or sweet corn-that they turned the boozy footage into the video for their "Drinking Song." 2,000 miles southwest of Beijing and home to 26 of China's 55 official ethnic minority tribes, Yunnan is thought to be the inspiration for the fictional Shangri-La of James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon. As the home province for three members of Shanren (the fourth is from neighboring Guizhou), the remote and colorful province, tucked between Tibet and Southeast Asia, continues to inspire artists. Based on a Yi minority folk song, the lyrics to "Drinking Song" translate to, "you have to drink whether or not you want to." As the band found, when you're a guest in a rural village, that's pretty much your situation-the hospitality can be overwhelming! Album due out on China's 13 Month record label early next year. March 2012 North American Tour! Canadian Music Week appearance and additional dates to be announced For more information, please contact Jennifer Conrad (North America) at and +1-347-564-8137 or Sam Debell (Asia) at and +86 152-1027-0868. High-res photos and Chinese-language materials available. Shanren Links: Facebook Myspace Douban Press Quotes: "...known for its eclectic style-songs move fluidly from electronica to reggae to metal-and arrangements inspired by traditional music from the country's ethnically diverse southwest, a melange of loose falsetto harmonies and twangy pentatonic lutes." -The New York Times "Although the ethnic sounds of Yunnan are at the core of their music, their membership stretches out to Kunming and Guizhou, covers three ethnic minority groups, and incorporates a polyglot of world music and modern rock influences-Afro and Caribbean sounds, rock proper, reggae, even some death metal, 'cause why not." -Smart Shanghai "These south-western boys, whose name means 'mountain men', mix minority instruments and perky plucking with a hippie-jam band feel." -Time Out Beijing

Shanren Present "Drinking Song" Video Shot in Southwest China

Earlier this year, Beijing-based indie folk band Shanren (literally "Mountain Men"), traveled across China's Yunnan province to take in and film the rich indigenous musical traditions. The band members, whose own songs mix folk melodies with rock and world music influences, visited rural villages of Yi, Lisu, Nu, Tibetan, and Wa minorities. While joining the villagers in song and dance, they found the music so tied up in the drinking culture-downing copious amounts of the local equivalent of moonshine, fiery homemade liquor distilled from rice or sweet corn-that they turned the boozy footage into the video for their "Drinking Song." 2,000 miles southwest of Beijing and home to 26 of China's 55 official ethnic minority tribes, Yunnan is thought to be the inspiration for the fictional Shangri-La of James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon. As the home province for three members of Shanren (the fourth is from neighboring Guizhou), the remote and colorful province, tucked between Tibet and Southeast Asia, continues to inspire artists. Based on a Yi minority folk song, the lyrics to "Drinking Song" translate to, "you have to drink whether or not you want to." As the band found, when you're a guest in a rural village, that's pretty much your situation-the hospitality can be overwhelming! Album due out on China's 13 Month record label early next year. March 2012 North American Tour! Canadian Music Week appearance and additional dates to be announced For more information, please contact Jennifer Conrad (North America) at and +1-347-564-8137 or Sam Debell (Asia) at and +86 152-1027-0868. High-res photos and Chinese-language materials available. Shanren Links: Facebook Myspace Douban Press Quotes: "...known for its eclectic style-songs move fluidly from electronica to reggae to metal-and arrangements inspired by traditional music from the country's ethnically diverse southwest, a melange of loose falsetto harmonies and twangy pentatonic lutes." -The New York Times "Although the ethnic sounds of Yunnan are at the core of their music, their membership stretches out to Kunming and Guizhou, covers three ethnic minority groups, and incorporates a polyglot of world music and modern rock influences-Afro and Caribbean sounds, rock proper, reggae, even some death metal, 'cause why not." -Smart Shanghai "These south-western boys, whose name means 'mountain men', mix minority instruments and perky plucking with a hippie-jam band feel." -Time Out Beijing

Thursday, December 29, 2011

China Music News - Ku6 Beijing move; Chinese Taipei Professional Baseball; NetDragon & China Mobile; Xinhua Music Portal

A new rumor had started to circulate that video portal Ku6 was going to move its Games and Music Operations from Shanghai to Beijing. Some Ku6 insiders recently confirmed the rumor, saying that employees willing to relocate will retain their position and salary level while receiving a 2000 RMB housing subsidy.

The official reason for this move is to improve coordination and communication of the Ku6 team. However, there's another rumor that the real purpose is to shutter the Shanghai departments, involving over 40 employees.

The rumor caps a difficult period for Ku6 since it reached an asset purchase agreement with entertainment media company Shanda that was completed on Aug. 17th 2010. Shanda has been trying to exert control over Ku6 since the start of the 2011. On March 14th, Ku6 founder Shanyou Li resigned as CEO while remaining on the board of directors. In May, Shanda's attempt to layoff 150 Ku6 employees, causing the resignation of Ku6's VP and Head Editor, followed by the departure of Shanyou Li from the Board of Directors and replacement of six senior management positions in Ku6 by Shanda executives.

While Ku6 subsequently promised no additional layoffs, the fact that most Shanghai employees are registered residents and unwilling to relocate means they will most likely end up "on the bench".

Across the straits, the Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei (MUST) and the Association of Recording Copyright Owners of the R.O.C. reached an agreement with the Chinese Taipei Professional Baseball League (CPBL) after two years of negotiations to pay copyright fees for the music played during games starting in 2012.

In order for the baseball fans to hear more pop songs during the game instead of boring CPBL songs, CPBL will be the first sports organization in Taiwan to pay music copyright fees. Even though there is no regulation in the Copyright Law for the open use of music by professional sports, CPBL wanted to take the lead. The move represents big step according to a CPBL officials, as it will benefit sports fans most while respecting Taiwan music copyright owners.

Looking to back to the mainland, NetDragon's subsidiary Boyuan Wireless has signed a strategic partnership agreement with China Mobile's Wireless Music Base. This partnership will provide over 30 million smart phone users with better music products and also promote legal music use in the mobile Internet arena.

Boyuan Wireless CEO Hongzhan Chen noted that Boyuan's 91 Mobile Platform is the biggest mobile app platform in China, with over 80% and 50% market share of the iPhone and Android markets respectively. Meanwhile, China Mobile's Wireless Music Base is the largest legal music distribution platform, accounting for the most music sales and user interaction in China. The partnership is likely to resolve several copyright issues in the mobile sector.

Let's move to some lighter news in China. Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC) launched a Folk music website WOW Music on December 19th. The move into the entertainment field represents an important step for Xinhua, a media giant in China that has been working to establis itself as one of the world's leading multimedia news agencies.

From stories to pictures and audio to video products, "China's first folk music portal" will be a stage for introducing Chinese folk culture heritage to the world and "turn these resources into cultural soft power", said producer Xiaomeng Hu.

Source: MusicDish*China

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Still Grindin Productions Releases "Superheroes" Feat Juan Rogelio, Big Boy Plat & The Real John May

"Superheroes" offers the first peek into the upcoming release The Futuristic World Suicide. Produced by D. Still and Thee Lost Symbol of Still Grindin' Productions, the song descends upon the metropolis with a triumphant fanfare, the type that conjures up images of caped crusaders looming large over crime-infested cities. The fanfare is cut short in favor of shiny synth riffs that sparkle and dance throughout the track. Juan Rogelio, Big Boi Plat, and The Real John May are a trio of lyricists that form a six-armed swagger beast full of boastful bars and cinematic scenarios. High-pitched chords ride a tambourine wave and a drum sequence that knocks for several city blocks, providing the perfect accompaniment for these emcees to examine their unusual abilities. It even spills over into where the vocal hook should go, so that there isn't a memorable chorus, but a comparison of superhero powers and seeing where orators fall on that list.

A pair of remixes offer alternate moods and both of them work well. The first remix features a dark bass line that wobbles and wiggles its way through static slaps and added percussion. Warm keys light the path for the other elements to follow. The Matrix Mix strips the production bare to low, menacing tones and metallic toms that reflect off the walls. Percolating electronic pulses gurgle underneath the surface and make tiny explosions, resulting in sonic splashes all over the beat. It's clear that Rogelio, Plat, and May have partnered themselves with stellar producers, which make their lyrics sound all the better. While they may not possess superpowers in the comic book sense, there's no denying their chemistry on the microphone. If you can imagine Batman driving through Gotham and digging the scene with a gangster lean the entire time, then you have juststumbled upon the vibe that "Superheroes" attempts to approach.

KC Jockey's Tribute To His Homeland, "A Better Jamaica"

"A Better Jamaica" by KC Jockey by musicdish

KC Jockey's "A Better Jamaica" is a promotional track and a smooth groove of a song that has depth and meaning. The mid-tempo reggae single is infused with a just a hint of R&B and soul, and bursting with the hope for a new day in KC Jockey's much loved homeland of Jamaica, one without violence, poverty, and hunger. "A Better Jamaica" is a very likeable song which fulfills its purpose of fueling oneness, peace, and love for and between all Jamaicans. KC Jockey has a wonderful voice that greatly accentuates the message of "A Better Jamaica," which is both musically and lyrically strong.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Old School And Modern Hip Hop Fusion From 7even's Hip Hop Album Release

7even was raised in Dallas, Texas. At a young age he was influenced by Hip Hop and started expressing himself through music. This passion for music was created from the pain the he endure as a child. It all led him to what he's become today with the help of artists' influences such as UGK, Scarface, Outcast, Tupac, Biggie, Public Enemy to Nas KRS to E-40 and Jay-Z. The bigger their influence the more he studied them. His belief is 'what doesn't kill you will make you stronger'.

7even, the artist began in 1993. He used to belong to a group called SAP. He used the word 007 which meant he was the James Bond of the ghetto. That name stuck and now everyone knows who 7even is.

7even is set to release his newest project titled "The Uprise of 7even". In this CD, 7even takes us on a journey from a humble beginning and tells the story of the rise to fame and fortune. Even though he shows the glamorous side, 7even never forgets his humble beginning keeping him grounded to his roots. He shows audiences his true self – no gimmicks – no fiction. "I think it's important to show the listeners your true self. As for me, I have always been a character and everyone that knows me knows that. I can turn any situation into a good one", states 7even.

The lead single off of this CD is titled "Hey Girl". This phrase is a comfortable way of getting the girl's attention without showing disrespect. The stage is set in Miami Beach. All of the women are walking with their sexy swagger while 7even sits in a lounge area having a drink. He watches and begins to really notice how good they look. He shouts out, "Hey, girl. You need to holla at me with your fine self". This song is a fun upbeat and sexy with a cool mix of singing and rapping. The rhythm is hot, vocals are outstanding. It's a great hip hop song. This is the way it's done. All the songs flow beautifully including the contents of the CD with "Hey Girl" being the first track.

7even is always looking to better himself. He looks at idols such as Michael Jackson to help him stay on track, stay focused and driven. He evolves both personally and professionally. He will take a song and make three variations of it for different audiences. He is also keeping up with new technology along with standing by the true and trusted ways. He is a consummate professional and a force to reckon with. He's always testing his own boundaries in production, editing, mixing, recording and delivery securing his place in hip hop history.

Download 7Even's CD 'The Uprise of 7Even' at iTunes, distributed by JMD Records and INgrooves, a partner of Universal Music Group.

7even is signed with Ellipse Group Records for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:

7Even is ready for contact here:
CONTACT him at:
Contact Person:




You can listen to and/or purchase his music by logging onto the following websites:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reggae Artist KC Jockey Is Looking For "A Better Jamaica" With New, Free Downloadable Tribute

Karl-Marx Waite of Sweet Sadie's Records announced the release of KC Jockey's new track, "A Better Jamaica." The track is a tribute to the artist's homeland, and one that he hopes will be an anthem for better days ahead. "A Better Jamaica" can be downloaded from KC Jockey's website free of charge, as it is his present to the people of Jamaica and all who love the beautiful country.

According to the CIA World Facebook, "Jamaica is currently plagued with high crime rates and corruption, large scale unemployment and under employment, and the 4th highest debt burden per capita in the world." Other sources state that, "The total life expectancy for Jamaicans has been declining since at least 2004, at which time it was 76. The rate of violence is particularly high in Kingston, and spreading to other areas. That issue is beginning to affect tourism, which accounts for one fifth of Jamaica's GDP with $4 billion/year in revenues." And with the upcoming election, the situation may become even worse.

KC Jockey's "A Better Jamaica" is a promotional track and a smooth groove of a song that has depth and meaning. This song will be added to the artist's album, which will be released soon and include an uplifting new version of the previous "Waiting In Vain" track that was loved and done by: Bob Marley The mid-tempo reggae single is infused with a just a hint of R&B and soul, and bursting with the hope for a new day in KC Jockey's much loved homeland of Jamaica,one without violence, poverty, and hunger. "A Better Jamaica" is a very likeable song which fulfills its purpose of fueling oneness, peace, and love for and between all Jamaicans. KC Jockey has a wonderful voice that greatly accentuates the message of "A Better Jamaica," which is both musically and lyrically strong. The artist seems to be very much driven by causes near and dear to his heart, as his release prior to this one, "Girl, You're Free," addressed domestic violence. "Girl, You're Free," released on August 27th, has been #1 on WXAC 91.3's Urban Charts for a total of 8 weeks, and is still enjoying rotation on other stations. The video will be shot in Atlanta for the new year.

KC Jockey attributes the success of his music to his unique style of combining Pop,R&B,Hip-Hop, and reggae with topics that will have meaning and relevance for a lifetime. "The music I make is timeless and significant, and it's for all ages to listen to. It's deep, and when you have a good sound and a good message, people are drawn to it. Jamaica is my homeland. It's a beautiful place where people from other countries come to relax and enjoy the exquisiteness of it in every sense. It's time now for Jamaicans to be able to embrace each other as the brothers and sisters that we are, and enjoy the country for ourselves, without fear, pain, or violence. We, as a people, will overcome our present circumstances, and we will be better for it in the end. That is the Jamaica that I know and love."

Watch the video "A Better Jamaica" on YouTube, or download the track at .


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Juxtaposed Music Launches Online Music Licensing Platform:

NEW YORK, USA – Juxtaposed Music, LLC., today announced the launch of their ground-breaking online music licensing platform at The JuxMusic Licensing Agency provides top music supervisors and directors with the music of highly-acclaimed established and leading-edge independent artists, bands, composers and songwriters. All tracks are pre-cleared and hand-picked by the company's founder and CEO, record producer/engineer and music supervisor Brandon Mason, whose album credits include David Bowie, Secret Machines, Shooter Jennings, and film soundtracks to Across The Universe (Grammy-nominated),
The Runaways, and The Tempest.

"I decided to start this company when I realized that my independent-artist friends and clients were sitting on catalogs of great music. They owned the masters and publishing, yet had few means to put their copyrights to work," says Mason. "Most artists find it difficult to make solid connections for synch placements, while music supervisors often struggle to discover independent music that is truly exceptional. Our mission is to help production clients infuse their film, television and branding projects with the authentic emotional impact of great independent music while also propelling the careers of artists whose work deserves greater notoriety."

Since the company's soft startup in October 2011, the JuxMusic Collection has amassed tracks by an impressive selection of artists including Hazy Malaze, rock band alter-ego of the great Neal Casal (whose credits include Ryan Adams, Chris Robinson Brotherhood) and Jeff Hill (Rufus Wainwright, Shooter Jennings, Teddy Thompson), composer Jeff Mercel (Mercury Rev), composer/songwriter/guitarist Jason Crigler (Goats In Trees, Teddy Thompson), James Brown's original Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield, jazz great Ben Sidran, songwriter/guitarist Ann Klein (Natalie Imbruglia, Joan Osborne), drummer/percussionist Danny Frankel (k.d. lang, Lou Reed, John Cale), guitarist/producer/songwriter Scrote (Daniel Johnston, The Stripminers), Grammy-nominated children's music band Milkshake, composer/keyboardist Erik Deutsch (Charlie Hunter Trio, Shooter Jennings), "antique garde" band Kill Henry Sugar, pop singer/songwriter Emily Zuzik (Moby), electronic dance music phenoms Trash Yourself, Gosteffects, Kids At The Bar, and Glasnost, hometown heroes Loomis and The Lust, Hilary Hawke, Joy Dragland, and the extraordinary, incomparable artists 101 Crustaceans, and Dr. Snitch.

"All artists are invited to upload their tracks for consideration via the 'Submit Music' page at, but we're very selective about who makes the cut. The JuxMusic Collection ultimately has to reflect the integrity and aesthetic of a great record label… this is the level of excellence that our clients need and expect for their projects," says Mason.

JuxMusic also offers music production services: custom/original music composition (by many of the artists from the JuxMusic Collection), music supervision, editing, sound-alike production, and remixes.

The intelligent, interactive technology at makes the online environment a "from-start-to-finish" music licensing experience available to anyone in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here's how:

* Production clients can mine through vast amounts of music in seconds by conducting an accurate Google-like track search, selecting criteria fields for genre, subgenre, tempo, mood, instrumentation, vocal type, and key, as well as artist, song title and open-ended keyword entry. Each artist has a sleek and informative public profile page where every song can be streamed in real time.

* Clients can use JuxMusic's innovative online video compositor application, SynchStage, to produce video synchs of their own uploaded video content with any track from the JuxMusic Collection without ever leaving

* Clients can license their selected tracks with JuxMusic's automated "click to pay" licensing modules and PayPal gateway. Clients receive 16bit .wav audiofiles and .pdf files of Master Use/Synch License Agreement documents via automatic download upon completion of their transactions.

"Alternatively, clients are always more than welcome to call, email and provide us with project briefs for personal service. We can turn around music requests incredibly quickly," adds Mason.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MarilynMusic Collaborates With Rising Stars And Established Names

MarilynMusic's Casey Conrad answers the phone from his studio, The Vertical Room on the Upper East Side of NYC on a cool Friday afternoon. He is present, but his voice sounds almost far away. It is apparent that his focus is on tracks to be produced. He says he's excited to talk about them, but even more so to get off the phone and get back to work. He has a lot on his plate, including collaborations with rising stars like Sera Buras of NBC's 'The Voice', to more established names like Michael Bolton. Conrad has worked with many names in the business, and is always looking to work with new talent.

Although hesitant to talk about his creative process, stating "it's too mysterious for me to try to put into words," he's nevertheless excited to talk about a new track that MarilynMusic just released on iTunes called "Jump". "I co-wrote it with Michael Gaines, a lifelong friend and my business partner in MarilynMusic. We grew up playing music together and both feel very fortunate to have this gift," he told me.

The energetic pop dance tune features artist Wallace Gary, who has worked for many years with Ashford and Simpson. Nick Ashford was one of Conrad's songwriting idols and will be "sorely missed for his beautiful songs and his gentle heart."

Conrad is currently producing a track for Michael Bolton which was co-written by Joanne Perica, a Canadian singer-songwriter and frequent collaborator. The track features guitarist Phil Hamilton (Luther Vandross etc...).

"Joanne Perica has been a co-producer, co-writer, colleague, and most of all a friend," Conrad explains. Their close professional relationship has lead to many great projects including other tracks with Bolton.

They are also in the early stages of a new album for Perica that will have a pop-rock influence. To this end they've enlisted the talents of guitarist Zane Carney of 'Carney' (the house band of Broadway's 'Spiderman Turn off the Dark'.) "He's a very talented guy and very prolific in his abilities. Great chops, good all around pro... he has some great stories and I enjoy working with him," Conrad says of the young guitarist. They also added Carney's "chops" to an urban dance track called 'Fearless', co-written with Perica and new artist Sage, which should be released shortly.

When asked about other projects, he said he's mixing world famous jazz pop guitarist David Spinoza's new album. Spinoza is a well respected studio artist who's played on over 4,000 recordings. The team for this record, which is being produced by old friend Gary Haase (also playing bass), includes David Mann on sax, Cliff Carter on keyboards, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, and Conrad on percussion.

Recording artist Sera Buras has also co-written and recorded a track produced by Conrad at his Vertical Room studio called 'By Your Side' that is moving along swiftly.

"Sera has been working on evolving her style and has gotten to a place where her talent as a piano player as well as a singer is being highlighted," Conrad states. "She has a gospel background, she plays amazing organ... but maybe her greatest strength is her traditional roots... that is what's being discussed...there will definitely be an interesting range."

MarilynMusic is rooted in the quality of music made, and of sounds produced when artists collaborate with equal vision. Casey Conrad along with MarilynMusic partner and co-writer Michael Gaines is at the center of it all. No wonder he can't wait to get back to work.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seth Glier's "The Next Right Thing" garners GRAMMY nomination

Seth Glier's "The Next Right Thing" garners GRAMMY® nomination

New York, NY - Seth Glier's critically acclaimed work The Next Right Thing (MPress Records, 2011) has been nominated for a GRAMMY® Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. This is a fantastic honor and first-time nomination for the rising artist/producer, who recorded all of his vocals himself at his own project studio. Engineering team members for The Next Right Thing include Kevin Killen (five-time GRAMMY® winner, four-time nominee), Brendan Muldowney (first time nominee) and John Shyloski (one-time nominee). The 54th Annual GRAMMY® Awards will air live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 12, 2012.

After learning of his nomination on Twitter, Glier said "I know its clichĂ© to say that it's an honor just to be nominated, but it really is an HONOR! This nomination has everything to do with the fabulous team I work with in the studio, on the road and at my record label." The Next Right Thing was released Jan 11, 2011 on MPress Records. It was recorded at The Carriage House studio in Stamford, CT, with additional overdubs completed in Glier's basement in Shelburne Falls, MA. Co-produced with Glier's long-time collaborator, Ryan Hommel, it was recorded by Brendan Muldowney, and mixed by GRAMMY® winner Kevin Killen (U2, Elvis Costello) as well as by John Shyloski (BeyoncĂ©, Johnny Winter), who also mastered the album.

This 2011 GRAMMY® nomination tops off great accomplishments and highlights for Glier this year, including a 2011 Independent Music Award. The Next Right Thing, his sophomore release for MPress Records, has received accolades and comparisons to Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel by USA Today, and was added to over 150 radio stations. The track"Lauralee" was recommended by USA Today in their "Listen Up Playlist" (Feb 2011) and was propelled to #1 on Clear Channel's NEW! Discover & Uncover. His music video for the second single "Walk Katie Home" premiered on USA Today (July 2011) and he toured with talents like Edwin McCain, Ani DiFranco and Martin Sexton.

2012 will prove to be another exciting year for Glier. He begins pre-production for his third MPress release in January, and will be performing at the 35th Annual Ann Arbor Folk Festival with Ryan Adams, Emmylou Harris and more; in addition, Glier will make his West Coast debut touring with folk icon Ani DiFranco in March

For GRAMMY® Voting Members who would like to preview the album, please email Melanie Rodriguez for a private SoundCloud link to The Next Right Thing.

MPress Records is an independent label based in New York City. This is their first GRAMMY® nominated release. For press inquiries please contact Melanie Rodriguez at Twitter: @MPressRecords


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Two Minds" by the Sons Reviewed By MusicDish

"Two Minds" by The Sons by musicdish

The single "Two Minds" by UK-based indie rock band The Sons is very on trend, considering the current success of country influenced alternative rock (See: Kings of Leon). The song takes a subdued, quiet start, with just a hint of slide guitar and the tiny accent in the lead vocal. Halfway through though, the song blossoms with a louder, richer, and even more complex sound, as if the band was holding back until this point. The song is almost completely different than when it started, with an energy and style that gives it a unique voice. The vocals that are at once playful and commanding, demonstrates a confidence in its delivery and message. Now if The Sons could take their "Two Minds" and focus them on this one voice, that would be something special.


Monday, December 5, 2011

MusicDishTV Presents "By The End Of" by Dead Smiling Pirates

Denmark natives Dead Smiling Pirates went for a more meaningful message this time around with their video for their new single, "By The End Of". The band has forgone any screen time to try and send a message about the pain of war and the trials of a soldier. Which at the moment is timely for so many people around the world.

Sounding very much like one of their influences, Blink 182, it could be said that Dead Smiling Pirates finds a way to sound like nineties pop-punk while staying current with vocal harmonies and interesting riffs from their other influence, Muse.

One of the more impressive sections of the video is a ten second sequence within the footage, where the cuts are in time with the music. The segment is probably the most hard hitting and resonant of the video. The video is mostly longer lingering clips showing war and injury, with Iwo Jima footage giving a gritty portrayal with a somewhat eerie feeling of anticipation building. Towards something else, towards a bigger conflict, a more graphic or dramatic scene, and as the video goes on it get slightly darker, showing a few of the dead men on the beach the music then goes in "for the kill" to drive home the message.

The band has a very connected sound, they make sense together, cleverly pairings of influences and chords, results in a solid sound, and the visuals are interesting, it seems that the viewer may want more from the band by the end.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dream Chemistry's Eclectic Second Album Debuts December 2nd

Phoenix, Arizona - With the December 2nd release of Dream Chemistry's second studio album, Images of White, the band further refines the blend of progressive folk rock and jazzy gospel that helped its self-titled debut album garner an international following.

New to Dream Chemistry's line-up is singer Dellynn, whose luminous vocals are a powerful accompaniment to the band's spiritual and often Celtic vibe. Dellynn joins Jimmy Caterine, the former guitarist of Sacred Rite (Capitol Records), and bassist Neal Harris. With violinist Michael Mulryan and percussionist Tito Valentin rounding out the quintet, Dream Chemistry's organic fusion of musical genres stands as a soothing anecdote to a hectic world.

Images of White is punctuated with an instrumental precision that is the hallmark of Dream Chemistry's sound. From the blue-grass flavored "Ride Me a River" to the instrumental "Three Legged Horse," the album's 11 tracks create a "hypnotic and soothing statement," according to Caterine.

The Wind, the first video from the new CD was released on September 25th. Public reception of the video, which can be viewed at and on YouTube, has exceeded Dream Chemistry's expectations. "We've been overwhelmed by the amount of traction the video has received," Harris said. "It's a great feeling when so many people enjoy your work."

Caterine and Harris founded Dream Chemistry in 2007 with the hopes of raising funds for various charitable causes. Though both musicians spent their formative years on the metal circuit, they approached Dream Chemistry as an opportunity to express a more nuanced sound, one that reflected their growth both musically and spiritually.

Images of White represents the next step in the evolution of that sound, according to Caterine. He believes the new album is a "rebirth of the band, not only in terms of musicianship but direction."

Dream Chemistry -Images of White will be available at,,, iTunes and most other places where independent music is sold.

About Dream Chemistry-
Jimmy Caterine (guitar, vocals) is most noted as founder, guitarist and co-writer for 80's rock quartet Sacred Rite (Capitol Records.) He has worked with Grammy Award winning producer Sonny Limbo (Bertie Higgins, Sami Jo Cole) and publishing coordinator Randall Wixen (Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Brown.) He played with the live stage production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1987 and he was also the guitarist for MGM recording artist and powerhouse vocalist Sami Jo Cole in 1994.

Neal Harris (bass, mountain dulcimer) recorded with The Investigators featuring folk singer Mark Wilson and, world-renowned drummer, Grammy Award winner, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Hal Blaine (Elvis Presley, Simon & Garfunkel, Carpenters, and the Beach Boys.)

Michael Mulryan (violin, percussion, vocals) studied under the direction of Hugo Rinaldi and later Roy Milan (concertmaster of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra.) He also attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music on a four-year scholarship.

Dellynn (lead vocals) has led music for youth groups, which includes arranging special music and teaching the youth choir. She also, composed and performed a song for the indie film, Collapse, produced by Bivas Biswas.

Tito Valentin (cajon, shakers, vocals and other percussion) spent most of his life as a professional DJ. His love for playing percussion instruments led him to audition for Dream Chemistry.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Songwriter/Rapper Young Bridge Delivers The Goods With New Single "They Be Hatin"

Daniel Mosley of New Evolution Productions announced the release of the new single, "They Be Hatin," from Maryland based songwriter and rapper Young Bridge. The single is the first of 15 tracks from the CD Different Strokes, which is slated for release in spring 2012. "They Be Hatin" is currently available for download at iTunes and

Young Bridge (a.k.a. YB), born in Philadelphia, hit the streets at age 14 in his own hustle to pursue his dream to be an entrepreneur. Thirsty for the success, he began putting that dream into lyrics which have now become reality. 2009 was a pivotal year for him as he wrote his first single "Get It," which was released in September 2010. Moving crowds on an international level, the track made a name for itself and earned Young Bridge credibility as a multitalented hip hop/rap artist. Young Bridge's next single, "King Hustler" showcased his dynamic lyrical power and firmly placed him in the driver's seat of his career. But he keeps it real with a focus on positive change and community development. Commenting, Young Bridge said, "I'm trying to be positive, I'm mentoring and sharing my life lessons with other young people. While I've had my share of problems and bad experiences, and I've seen a lot of negativity in my life, I continue to make sure that the outcome is always positive, as is my mindset."

"They Be Hatin" is a unique hip hop track that is sure to get the clubs banging and the parties started. The beauty of the track is the simplicity of its message, which asks the question that a lot of people are already asking: Why do other people hate me? Is it my clothes, my car, my house, or my lady? With a seriously funky beat, and lyrics that are solidly delivered at alternating speeds between the chorus and verses, "They Be Hatin" delivers a solid performance.

Young Bridge has plans to expand his music to other genres to provide an even more distinctive sound by combining hip hop and rap with rock, soul, blues, and R&B.

"They Be Hatin" is available for purchase through iTunes at and at .

To learn more about Young Bridge or New Evolution productions, please visit:

Daniel Mosley
New Evolution Productions
T: (410) 905-2180

Quadriplegic Rap Producer Professor X Is Determined to Stand Up in the Game with New Mixtape Release

Los Angeles - As far back as grade school, young Bran-Don Aubert, aka Professor X, always had a big dream. Hailing from the crime-riddled streets of South Central Los Angeles he wrote his first rhymes in the second grade. Developing a passion for rap while listening to songs by Eazy-E, De La Soul and Too Short, he knew in his heart and soul that if he worked on his rap skills he would one day become a big hip hop star.

As a teenager however, his dreams were seemingly shattered, when one day, while playing around at his high school, a freak wrestling accident left him paralyzed. Not only could he no longer take simple steps or move around, things he had taken for granted; his despair was doubled when he discovered he no longer had the lung capacity to rap! Sixteen years old and the world that he knew and embraced had ended.

Today, as a young man, Professor X is a testimony to the essence of true determination. What might have crushed many only propelled him forward. With true grit and persistence he redirected his energy and stayed in the game. The release of his mixtape series "Who Da F*** Is Dat N**** In Dat Wheelchair" Mixtape Pt.1" presented by DJ Rah2K and TNE DJ's, is a compilation of his production efforts with guest appearances from his crew.

Armed with a plan to change the world's perceptions about disabled artists, Bran-Don, in a stance similar to the popular Marvel Comics superhero, Professor X, is a visionary on a mission. Inspired and motivated by the quadriplegic comic superhero, Bran-Don aka Professor X eventually formed his own entity; an entertainment company called Taupnoych Entertainment and launched his own entourage of DJs known as TNE DJ's.

With the release of his debut mixtape, Professor X hopes to gain massive attention and accolades from rappers and hip hop fans internationally. But even more so, he hopes to inspire those 'abled' and 'disabled' as a living testimony to the fact that there are no setbacks in life.

"In my hood, I was always 'that guy in the wheelchair.' I could hear the whispers about me and folks were always feeling bad for me. But the mind is our greatest muscle and the accident left mine in tact. I used this experience to propel me. Once I realized I might not be that great rapper I always dreamed of, I put my energy into producing. So when they ask now, 'Who the hell is that guy in the wheelchair?' It's Professor X and I'm coming at you to show you if I can do it, so can you! The music is gangsta', because sometimes life can be gangsta'. Regardless though, we are here to win!"

Under the auspices of Taupnoych Entertainment, Professor X has produced music for various hip hop artists, including Jet Black, and E-40's artist Turf Talk. He has formed his own group called, 110, and recorded a track with rapper E-40 titled "Gettin' That Gwop." His artist crew, all featured on the mixtape release, consist of Lost of 110; Gizzle of 110; Cree-8 of 110; Donmo; Interstate Tip; Grown Up Goddi; Dj Mainvybe and J. Money Films. Turf Talk and Compton Menace also make guest appearances on the mixtape release.

For more information about Professor X and his music, visit , follow him on Twitter @110harborfwy and friend him on Facebook under 110Harborfwy. "Who Da F*** Is Dat N**** In Dat Wheelchair" Mixtape Pt.1" is available online on ITunes.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NYC Premiere of DOUGHBOYS film ROCK N' RAW!

THE DOUGHBOYS’ new film ROCK N’ RAW will receive its New York City premiere at the TRIBECA SCREENING ROOM at the Tribeca Film Center on Saturday, December 3, 2011. Doors open at 7:00 PM and the screening will begin promptly at 7:15 PM. Advance tickets are available via PayPal at Admission is $10 or $25 with an autographed copy of the DVD. The TRIBECA SCREENING ROOM is located at 375 Greenwich Street, 2nd floor, 212-941-2000, website

After the film, there will be a question-and-answer session with THE DOUGHBOYS and the film’s director ROB ADAMS (

THE DOUGHBOYS first formed in 1965 and came back together with a bang in 2000. Little Steven Van Zandt has chosen a slew of tunes from their two CDs Act Your Rage and Is It Now? as “coolest songs in the world” on his Sirius/XM Underground Garage show. Their live shows blow audiences away at venues like B.B. King’s in New York City, Maxwell’s in Hoboken and The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, sharing bills with the likes of The Yardbirds, The Pretenders, Robin Trower, Roberta Flack, Peter Tork and The Electric Prunes. Their music is being aired on radio around the world, and has been featured on television and in films internationally.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Trash A Go-Go Presents: The Bait Ones "The Cramps Of Kobe"

Date: Saturday, November 19th
Location: Yuyintang
Price: 40 RMB/30 RMB for students
Acts: The Bait Ones, The Macaronians, Banana Monkey, DJ B.O

Funky elbow grease! Finger polish moon beams of giggawat thing-a-bobs! My sensitive Shanghai skin is being exposed to the cool sea breeze of fall in Shanghai. What. Will. I. Do? Trash A Go-Go! Shanghai’s monthly tribute to vestiges and vintages of rock ‘n’ roll, that’s what. I’ll do like it should be done: twistin’, kickin’, livin’-livin’-livin’ all the way down!

This month’s Trash:

The Bait Ones from Kobe, Japan. Known as “The Cramps of Kobe,” The Bait Ones draw lots of inspiration from that seminal American psychobilly band. Formed in ’97, their shows are known to be very chaotic. In the words of Toshi from Trash A Go-Go, “Their gigs are very chaotic.” Chaos, I tell you! Run for your lives! Like The Cramps, the band features a married couple: scorching guitarist/singer Dai, and rumble lady drummer Miwa.

They are playing in support of their 3-way split album Demonic Freak Scene, which also features 2 other bands. Check it:

The Macaronians, based in Shanghai. Featuring Toshi, former bassist of the Beat Bandits, the band is a party band that plays material influenced from 60s bands like ? & the Mysterians, Barry & The Remains, Eric Burdon & the Animals, and probably other bands with “&” in their names. Get ready to boogie down!

Banana Monkey, from Shanghai. Shanghai indie rock superstars Banana Monkey took a hiatus in 2009, inspiring many bands in Shanghai to try to take their crown. Han Han of Duck Fight Goose cited guitarist Misuzu's influence, calling him a legend in the next breath. Now, they're back. With a sheen pop/garage rock sound similar to Franz Ferdinand, the band is set to snatch back its crown.

DJ B.O, based in Shanghai. He spins rock music, mostly from artists people don’t care about, like Big Joe Turner, Paul Revere & The Raiders, and Katy Perry. He wants you to dance.

Trash A Go-Go is sponsored by People’s Bike (, MusicDish*China (, and your grandma’s veiny thighs.

For more info, contact Brian Offenther @ 13818937693, or e-mail him at

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Virtuoso Drummers Billy Cobham, Thomas Lang & Luis Conte Ink Deal with ArtistWorks to Launch Interactive Online Drum Schools

ArtistWorks Drum Academy Debuts on December 8th 2011 Featuring Unique 2-Way Video Exchange

(11.11.11 – Los Angeles, CA) Napa California-based music education company ArtistWorks will premiere the ArtistWorks Drum Academy (ADA) with the debut of online schools from three of the world’s most accomplished, respected and talented drummers: world-renowned jazz and drumming legend Billy Cobham, drumming superstar/producer Thomas Lang, and Latin Percussion Icon Luis Conte. Launching on December 8th, both the Billy Cobham Drum School (BCDS) and the Thomas Lang Drum School (TLDS) will utilize ArtistWorks’ patent-pending video technology, allowing for two-way video exchange and interactive instruction to elevate online instruction to an unprecedented new level. The Luis Conte Percussion School (LCPS) will be added in January of 2012.

The ArtistWorks online visual education format allows virtuoso musicians to teach students all over the world by presenting their full method in a series of high-quality video lessons online. Subscribing students work through the lessons and use simple web cams to submit videos to their teacher for critique and guidance. The Artists easily review and respond to student videos on their own time using the ArtistWorks Video Management System (patent pending). Both student video and Artist response are paired together online as a “Video Exchange” for the entire community to learn from.

“We are proud to offer drummers of all experience levels – regardless of their geographic location – the same remarkable opportunity to study music with the very best drummers in the world,” says ArtistWorks founder, David Butler. “Without question, Thomas, Billy, and Luis are the top players in their genres of rock/pop , jazz/fusion drumming and percussion, and the opportunity to learn directly from them and interact with them personally is priceless.”

The Thomas Lang Drum School, Billy Cobham Drum School, and Luis Conte Percussion School contains hundreds of high-quality video lessons starting from the beginner level and progressing to the advanced level. Unlike other static learning experiences seen before on DVD or other online sites, the ADA is a groundbreaking new model of online musical instruction that revolutionizes music education. The ADA Schools take full advantage of high-resolution video, cutting-edge social media tools, and the Internet’s interactive capabilities to create a robust learning environment. Not only do the schools offer hundreds of real-time and slow motion lessons available 24/7, they also enable teaching through personalized video exchanges with students all over the world.

World-renowned drumming superstar/producer, award-winning instructional DVD creator and author, Thomas Lang is a founding member of the progressive, heavy metal trio stOrk and has worked with artists such as Asia, Falco, Geri Halliwell and Spice Girls among others. Lang is widely considered to be one of the most talented and technically proficient drummers in the world and was named #13 on Rhythm magazine’s list of “Top Drummers of the Past 25 Years” .

“ArtistWorks has created an incredibly inspiring interactive platform that not only allows me to interact directly with my students, but allows students to learn and interact with each other,” says Lang. “Learning should be an organic, multi-dimensional experience and with the ADA students get the benefit of social interaction as well as direct, personal instruction.” – Thomas Lang

Legendary jazz drummer, bandleader and composer Billy Cobham has worked with Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jack Bruce and Bobby and the Midnights among others. Cobham has performed, recorded, and produced at the World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) with Peter Gabriel and currently serves as an Official Patron of WOMAD. With his legendary drumming style that combines exacting precision and explosive power -- Cobham is generally considered to be jazz-fusion’s greatest and most influential drummer.

“The networking on my site is both fun and functional,” says Cobham. “Students support each other while everyone explores the curriculum. There is an environment of camaraderie and unity that is essential to learning. I find the concept of being able to communicate directly with students all over the world incredibly exciting.”- Billy Cobham

The Thomas Lang Drum School ( and the Billy Cobham School of Drums ( will debut December 8th and both are open to drummers at all levels of proficiency. The Luis Conte Percussion School ( will be added in January of 2012. Student membership plans are reasonably priced per school at $90.00 for 3 months, $150.00 for 6 months, and $240.00 for a 12-month subscription.

Founded in 2008 by former AOL executive David Butler, ArtistWorks, Inc is a Napa California-based technology and music education company that has created a proprietary, online "video exchange" education platform, which allows virtuoso musicians to “teach the world” by presenting their full method, technique or curriculum in HD video to subscribing students. Using simple web cams, students are able to submit videos to their teachers for individualized critique and guidance – creating a two-way, individualized educational experience. ArtistWorks currently offers curriculums from such world-class, virtuoso artists as: jazz guitarist Andreas Oberg; harmonica master Howard Levy; fingerstyle guitarist Martin Taylor; turntablist DJ Qbert; pianist Christie Peery; and the ArtistWorks Academy of Bluegrass with Tony Trischka (banjo), Mike Marshall (mandolin), Darol Anger (fiddle), Bryan Sutton (guitar), Missy Raines (bass), and Andy Hall (dobro).

For more information please visit:, and

# # #

Media Contact: Elizabeth Lang, MUSO Entertainment – 323.243.4959 or via email at

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tony Adamo Meets Tower Of Power Meets The Headhunters

By Scott Yanow
L.A Jazz Scene/ All Music Guide to Jazz/ The Jazz Singers

A new CD that has recently been recorded is being described as “Tony Adamo meets Tower of Power meets The Headhunters” set to be released in early 2012. This unique set teams together singer and spoken word artist Tony Adamo with drummer-producer Mike Clark, several members of the Headhunters and special guests. The drummer says of the project, “The three elements on the CD are rhythm and blues (we married some old ideas with some newer surprises), a heavy blues saturation and some straight ahead bebop. There is even some avant-garde music and a duet with drums and voice.”

In addition to Tony Adamo, the lineup of musicians include Rob Dixon on tenor, alto and keyboards, trumpeters Derrick Gardner and Pharez Whitted, guitarist-keyboardist Gary Mielke, organist Delbert Bump, guitarist Steve Homan, bassist Brett Palm, percussionist Bill Summers, Mike Clark on drums and co-founder of Tower of Power, Doc Kupka on bari sax.

The musical friendship of Adamo and Clark began about six years ago. Tony, whose warm deep voice is perfectly at home in a variety of settings whether it is soul or swing, is a creative improviser with an accessible yet unpredictable style. His style is friendly, personable, very musical, and open to spontaneity as can be heard on his two prior recordings, STAIGHT UP DEAL and WHAT IS HIP. Mike Clark says of Tony, “He sings with soul and also does spoken word along with the singing. He is not afraid to address issues that are pertinent to what is going on in the world. He will often have a sketch for a song and then, when we are in the studio, he spontaneously fills it in and improvises, sometimes taking the music in a completely different direction.”

Mike Clark is one of the most in-demand drummers on the scene today. Earlier in his career he played with vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, trumpeter Woody Shaw and tenor-saxophonist Joe Henderson. After beginning an association with Herbie Hancock that resulted in him becoming the drummer with the Headhunters, he became well known as a funk drummer although he remains very active in jazz. Among his recent projects have been leading the straight ahead acoustic group Integral Blue which includes Randy Brecker, Donald Harrison and Christian McBride; touring with guitarist Scott Henderson and bassist Jeff Berlin in an electric band performing Wayne Shorter tunes; and recording with keyboardist Michael Wolff’s quartet. In addition he co-leads the Headhunters with Bill Summers. The Headhunters recent CD release is called PLATINUM.

Tony says “The music is in a different and new genre.” Mike Clark is also enthusiastic about the project which is the first time he produced a singer. “We were all really glad to play together and it translates. The music tips its hat towards the days in Oakland when Tower of Power reigned. It has elements of James Brown and some real modern funk. All the music was so swinging and so funky that it was very enjoyable for us and we are very glad to be putting out the music soon.” Tony Adamo’s new CD will be released in a few months and it promises to make a strong impact on the music world.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rock Of Ages New Album "Strings Of Fortune"

Famous European Rock & Roll sixties / Country Rock group "Rock Of Ages" have a great sound with a mix of various music styles. They played mostly covers in the past and toured all over Europe.

After a few years of silence they are back with an brand new studio album called: "Strings Of Fortune". A fantastic album with only new written songs. Beautiful vocal songs and special guitar instrumentals. The quality of the recordings is excellent. All in a mix of guitar instrumental pop / rock, adult rock, oldies and country rock.

Higly recommended tot fans of 60's & 70's Rock, Instrumental Pop & Rock.

Albums released in the past:
Keep On Rocking" and "Birth of Rock 'n Roll

Sunday, October 23, 2011

REVIEW: Cutting Edge Goes To College

One of the most original & creatively driven bands in the universe, Cutting Edge, ‘Goes Back To College’ to figure out this constant love-hate relationship we have with each other in this thing called life. What Cutting Edge has brought to the table on this new record are songs about anti-war, relationships, government control, equality of women, love & loss, temptations and can’t forget good times. Staying true to being extremely eclectic, Cutting Edge has put all of this material together to make up one BIG EXTRAVAGANZA of DIVERSITY! Cutting Edge believes in variety within their music and you will definitely get your fill of that on ‘Goes Back To College’.

Right from the cover art, I’m observing an image of your girl-next-door in a sexy school girl outfit holding a book called ‘Love and Romance By Cutting Edge’. This good-girl, bad-girl character is dressed as if it were the 50s maybe and on the back women hanging out together in their lingerie appear to be of that same era also. So right away, you’re getting the idea that this picture paints a portrait of a throwback to pure innocence vs. naughty sexuality. Cutting Edge has most certainly got your attention by stimulating your sense of sight but what will follow in the area of sound. Here is the love version of their hit song ?Love Police".

Well, let me first tell you that there are 15 tracks but it wouldn’t be a Cutting Edge party without some club-friendly remixes. Ricky Ric is back with 4 blazing hot tracks: Dance Radio Mix for “21st Century Woman”, Officer Busty Mix & Radio Mix for the song “Love Police” and the first ever Latin Radio Mix for “Body Talk”. You’ll also experience a Guiseppe D. Mix for “Love Police” & “She’s Got A Brain” and a Chris “The Greek” Mix for the song “Every Time I Try”. These DJs are spinning out catchy dance beats that will make you bob your head and move your body. If you’re not getting’ your groove on then something’s wrong because Ricky Ric & company are bringin’ it & makin’ it happen!

The CD opens with a song titled “Venomous Love Affair” that has almost an exotic vibe that really moves with David Pesnell incorporating his unique chat-like vocals. “21st Century Woman” is for all the strong, independent women out there while “Puppet of the Beast” is telling the government to back off. “Puppet of the Beast” comes with a hard rock/heavy metal approach that includes that distinct Pesnell vocal delivery once again. Track four, “Losing You”, is an emotionally-sung ballad that is incredibly touching and really tugs at your heart strings. On the song “Every Time I Try (Live)”, you hear a great intro building up momentum for the listener as She’ Best delivers a soulful vocal performance that is combined with a solid rock beat. “She Wore Red” appears on this album and you can find out plenty more about this buzzworthy gem right here:

Track seven “Agony And Ecstasy” has a lot of cool mojo going on where you’ll just rock out all night long. “Love Police (Live)” is honestly one of my favorites on the CD because it’s just so damn funky and it also rocks. This live version gives off such an inviting & fun atmosphere where you’ll want to be a part of all the action & excitement yourself. The “Love Police” have arrived and they will arrest you if you are not livin’ it up and having the time of your life. Taking no prisoners along for the ride, it is safe to say that the Cutting Edge ship has landed!

I have to add that Jeff Carolus adds smokin’ hot solos and stellar guitar playing throughout the eight original tracks. I am highly impressed with Jeff’s skills on the guitar; enjoyable all the way through! The singing of She’ Best on “Losing You” & “Every Time I Try (Live)” and Ashley Skye on “21st Century Woman” really stood out to me. A series of three drummers really caught my attention as well: John Platero, Raymond Johnson and William Zimmerman. Zimmerman also plays the role of main songwriter along with the late Liza Pesnell. David Pesnell did an excellent job himself with his one-of-a-kind vocals while also producing the album alongside J. Fassler.

This group Cutting Edge is on pace to make major, BIG-time NOIZE in the music world so either get on board now or get lost in the dust! I would highly recommend this record to anyone out there and you can buy ‘Goes Back To College’ right here:,

Ain’t no party like a Cutting Edge party ’cause a Cutting Edge party don’t stop! You heard it here folks so get ready because Cutting Edge is coming to town!

Cold Days In NashHell - Anti Fest In Music City USA

3 Days of Music Hell! Come Play, Nightly parties: Pajama & Polar Bear Party with Tommy Barnes Gong Show! Education, Mentoring, Map Hunts, Ouija Board co writing, Garage Sale & more. Come have a near music death experience! Bring your Ex to make it especially hellish! Free Snowballs in NashHell throughout the event. February 3, 4 & 5, 2012. Friday-Sunday 10:30am-Till? on the 1st & 2nd floors of the Music Row Best Western.

Come play scheduled on a Stage or at the all night Guillotine Sing Ring. Can you cut it? Nightly parties include the Zombie Pajama Party, Polar Bear Party and Tommy Barnes Gong & Bong Show! The will be education and mentoring by those that have been thru NashHell so you don't have to. Between Puzzle Map Hunts for music charms and spells to escape NashHell, Ouija Board co writing sessions and a Music Row Garage Sale you will have a devilish good time.

Why go to NashHell before it freezes over? Well, being negative isn't necessarily a bad thing there. NashHell is full of moaning. You complain, we answer. Let's hear your personal observations and get you motivated toward positive solutions. We'll listen, give you a reason why and possible work a round's to keep you out of NashHell. We help solve problems one on one. So, whether it is to learn, find out consumer habits in the market or how to change with the industry, we can help guide you into the light.

Parties every nite! Gather Saturday evening for the Zombie Pajama Party. Snack and dance to the music. Hot Cocoa and BYOB. Get your pajamas on and come looking like a Zombie from NashHell! Or attend the Polar Bear Party Friday night and freeze to death waiting for a record deal! Gather by the shark tank near the pool side area of the Best Western and Bob for apples or participate in other cold weather dares. Or become the devils advocate Sunday eve as Tommy Barnes host his Gong & Bong Show. Participants will perform and either be sent abruptly to purgatory or pass on into paradise.

Come meet other music minions from the past, present and future of NashHell! Talk to people who are stuck here for eternity and share ideas on over 25 topics! Follow our music Spirit Guides one on one in the specialty rooms & group classes. Bring your careers and overall works to be reviewed and evaluated. Go to other individual areas like Recording, Publishing, Plugging, Legal, Records, Duplication, Distribution, Radio/Video Broadcasting, Shop, Management, Promotions and Productions for all three days! Have your music future foretold as Oracles pour over the strengths and weaknesses of your vision. Also attend group classes Saturday and Sunday held in the great pit. Group instruction for Saturday includes Guitar Workshops, How to Navigate the Maze of Music, How To Start & Maintain A Publishing Company, the Politics of Getting a Song Cut and 1000 Songwriting Ideas!

Join in the Puzzle Map Hunt for music charms, keys and spells to use in surviving NashHell. Follow the clues and win prizes! Given a map you must collect charms and spells placed in the abyss. Follow the hints and gain power to survive NashHell. Collect a certain level of protection and to earn prizes. It's musically educational as well as entertaining. Participate at your leisure through the festival.

At our Music Row Garage Sale you can bring your organs or other music related items to sell. Anything musically related can be placed up for sale. Items will be added and subtracted throughout the weekend as Fest goers arrive and buy or place new products., a Tennessee not for profit, will monitor your deals in exchange for a contribution of sales.

There will be Ouija Board co writing areas. Come contact writers in NashHell to learn their secrets or spell out a great hook at the Co writers Corner. Connect with the Co writer from Hell with your blood curdling ideas. Drop your CD's off at the Publisher Room where your music could be pronounced, "Dead On Arrival!"

Badge holders automatically step into the light of the Independent Music Association. Utilizing the spirit of ingenuity, the IMA inspires, motivates & increases productivity from whatever level you may come from. Creating opportunity with the tools each of us has, doing the best with what you've got, all working within the conditions each of us lives. So sharpen your sword.

Registration is Open. Join NashHell's Black List. Badges are all inclusive to participate in ALL performance opportunities, parties, specialty music rooms, group classes and IMA membership. Look into the precipice and visit for more info. Call 615-424-1491 or email for more details.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Soul's Cookin' With Tony Adamo And Mike Clark

A new conception in soulin' and groove time was born when legendary drummer Mike Clark, co-leader of the Headhunters, formerly (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) took one step and beyond by bringing in guitarist/composer/arranger, Steve Homan and jazz, funk organist/arranger, Delbert Bump for session work on Tony Adamo's new CD. Their recording session solidified the soul cookin' groove that is now the foundation for Adamo's new funk music. Bump and Homan have previously recorded with Mike Clark on his CARNIVAL OF SOUL CD. Clark has also brought in high voltage funksters with some heavy souln' in the form of Rob Dixon and Gary Mielke, the co-producers of the Headhunters new PLATINUM CD. Super percussionist and long time Headhunter band member, Bill Summers, laid down his percussion tracks at an earlier recording session with Clark, Dixon and Gary Mielke. Mike Clark will oversee Adamo's recording session starting on October 19, 2011 at the Static Shack Recording, Indianapolis, IN.

Associate Artists:
Tower of Power Horns: Stephen "Doc" Kupka, Mic Gillette, Skip Mesquite, Tom Politzer
The Headhunters: Mike Clark, Paul Jackson, BlackByrd McKnight, Rob Dixon, Gary Mielke, Bill Summers, Richie Goods
Jazz Greats: Eddie Henderson, Ernie Watts, Steve Gadd, James Gadson, Kenneth Nash, Neil Larsen, Freddie Washington

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Multitalented And Multilingual Soul/RnB/Blue’s Artist Avana's Best Kept Secret Is Now Out

Shawn Keyz of Parlay Desert Multimedia announced the release of Avana’s track “Patron” from her new album The Best Kept Secret. Boasting 11 tracks of finger popping grooves about real life, “Patron” is available at major online retailers and iTunes. The Best Kept Secret is also available in a CD format from CD Baby. The Best Kept Secret is Avana’s third album. She debuted with It’z On in 2004, which she followed up with her sophomore album, Oopz Uh Oh…” the same year. Christie said, “The difference between Avana and other artists is that she has a very unique voice – one that’s soulful, pleasing to listen to, and vocally refreshing. And she can do much more than just sing – she’s an entertainer as well. There’s a tremendous difference between the two.”

“Patron” is 3 minutes and 28 seconds of fresh, funky, bluesy dance music with attitude that is in a class by itself. The track is a fun mid-tempo dance track about one of America’s popular drinks and a girl’s night out, celebrating life, and drinking Patron. Avana takes you on a refreshingly innovative RnB, soul, and blues blended voyage that will have you out of work mode and ready to “get your Patron on” in no time, Her unique voice is perfectly suited to this style of music, which defies classification by one genre. Avana’s sassy and sophisticated vocal performance is well complemented by the music, which you won’t be able to resist if you like getting your groove on. In short, “Patron” takes you where you want to go and it keeps you there. It’s perfect for hitting the club, just chilling, or hanging with the ladies (and/or gents). “Patron” delivers both musically and lyrically as Avana proclaims in the chorus: “Give me my lime and my salt/Patron in my glass/Let’s get this party started/I came to dance/Play some blues/Turn it up/Desert blues/Turn it up.” So, turn it up with “Patron” and you won’t be disappointed.

With all the elements of a marquee vocalist, Avana has delivered breathtaking and body chilling performances both domestically and internationally. Fans in Hilton Head, Atlanta, Japan, Spain, China and Taiwan have enjoyed her shows. Singing in three languages, Avana is a true favorite in the entertainment capital of “Las Vegas”. Also known as the “Georgia Peach,” Avana has been fortunate to have achieved some incredible credits to her name. She has been a vocal duet partner for Michael Henderson and performed background vocals for Billy Paul, Phil Perry, Johnny Gill, and even The Supremes in Spain, just to mention a few. She has given stellar performances as the opening act for Rolls Royce, Ray Charles, Ollie Woodson, Al Green, and was the featured lead vocalist for the BB King All-star Band.


Contact: Shawn Keyz Parlay Desert Multimedia T: (702) 583-5659 E:

Analogue Master - D.W. Fearn Heads To AES

The acknowledged master of analogue signal processing - D.W. Fearn - head to the 2011 AES Convention in New York next week (October 21-23) at Jacob Javitz Center in New York.

Exhibiting a range of their outstanding and world-renowned analogue signal processors, along with listening stations so you can judge for yourself just how sonically amazing the D.W Fearn range is, you can find D.W. Fearn on booth 242 in the Main Hall.

For more information on AES, please visit for show times and access.

For more on D.W. Fearn, please visit

Media contact Kevin Fetterplace at Mojo Working

Monday, October 17, 2011

RocketHub And CIRAA Partner To Bring Crowdfunding To Independent Recording Artists In Canada

TORONTO, CANADA, (October 11, 2011) — RocketHub, the community where artists launch, fund, and fly their projects, has unveiled its partnership with The Canadian Independent Recording Artists' Association (CIRAA), Canada's only national non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to Canadian independent recording artists.

"CIRAA and RocketHub are both about helping independent artists find new and creative ways to navigate the current do-it-yourself music industry model," said CIRAA President Gregg Terrence. "RocketHub's crowdfunding portal is an important contributor to the independent music scene, and their sponsorship of the Groundbreaker Grant program is a meaningful investment in our collective efforts to help artists build sustainable careers and develop stronger connections with their fans."

CIRAA has launched the micro-grant program for Canadian Independent Artists. The program distributes $2,600 each month to Canadian independent artists in the form of twenty-five $100 "micro-grants," rewarding them specifically for live performances. The CIRAA Groundbreaker Grant is generously supported by XM Satellite Radio, Bandzoogle, as well as now RocketHub.

As part of the micro-grant rollout, RocketHub will empower CIRAA members to seamlessly launch crowdfunding campaigns via RocketHub’s global fundraising platform. RocketHub is proud to empower Canadian artists with the ability to supplement their income and grants with innovative crowdfunding.

RocketHub Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Meece says: “RocketHub continues to search for new ways to empower artists and their fans across the world. The CIRAA partnership is the next step in this international rollout. We’re excited to welcome the community of CIRAA artists into the RocketHub ecosystem.”

As part of the roll-out, CIRAA has graciously agreed to share their custom crowdfunding tutorial with the world:

Canadian Independent Recording Artists’ Association (CIRAA)
CIRAA is Canada's only national non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to Canadian independent recording artists. With over 6,500 members across Canada, their mandate is focused on advocacy, education and member services. CIRAA’s educational audio series, The New Indie, features interviews with music industry experts discussing the new realities facing today’s independent recording artists.

RocketHub utilizes the power of crowdfunding to build a vibrant community. The company has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, American Songwriter, Variety, NPR, The Economist, CNN, Billboard, Washington Post, etc. while helping thousands of artists, entrepreneurs, and organizations raise funds and awareness for their projects. RocketHub is the fastest growing crowdfunding community and is the first platform to provide next step opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs - including brand sponsorships, live performances & showcases, placement in film & television, media connections & introductions, etc. RocketHub is a community for Creatives, by Creatives, that innovates and develops new ways to create value for its users. RocketHub goes beyond crowdfunding and is the foundation of the New Creative Economy.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Emulator Wins Innovative DJ Product Award

Every year, DJ's from all across Europe flock to the small city of Birmingham smack dab in the middle of the United Kingdom for the BPM Show held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC). DJ legends, Grandmaster Flash and Pete Tong were on hand to impart their wisdom and skills upon the youth of the DJ world in the Gatecrasher Arena. One of the highlights of the show had to be the judging of the prestigious DJ Mag Tech Awards.

Companies competing for the highest tech honours included Numark, Pioneer, Serato, Stanton, Vestax and of course Toronto, Canada based, SmithsonMartin Inc. SmithsonMartin's first product Emulator was up against some fierce competition with the Stanton SCS.4 and the Pioneer DJM-T1, but no one could deny that the most innovative product of the year was the first of a kind, "Star Trek Like" multi-touch DJ system, Emulator.

PHOTO TAG: Alan Smithson receiving the award from DJ Mag Tech Editor, Mick Wilson

"We are so proud to be recognized by our peers as the most innovative product of 2011. Companies that win Tech Awards typically go on to do great things and we are so excited about the future of touch screen DJ'ing." said SmithsonMartin CEO, Alan Smithson "I am thrilled to announce that we will be releasing the Modular version of Emulator where users can fully customize their touch screen DJ experience for any midi software".

Introduced to the public in March 2011, Emulator has made waves being seen on some of the largest music programs around the world including the German Chart Show, several music videos and the Romanian Music Awards. "I´m definitely overwhelmed by the EMULATOR! People now can see what I´m doing, and it´s incredibly fast, all the buttons I need for my set are on one screen straight under my hands - I am addicted." said Jay Frog, producer formerly of Scooter

"Emulator is the only product in the history of DJ'ing that unites the DJ with the crowd visually. The union of music, visuals and the work of the DJ become one unlike anything else that has ever existed before." Said Emulator creator, Pablo Martin "We have been working around the clock to deliver the most accurate, flexible midi controller ever made."

Emulator Modular is scheduled for release as a beta in late October with release to the public mid-November. Modular is a 100% customizable multi-touch experience for any midi software titles.

About SmithsonMartin Inc.
Toronto, Canada based SmithsonMartin Inc. is a software developer focussed on making multi-touch applications for music production, DJ'ing and other industry applications. The flagship product, Emulator has been used by DJ's such as two time Grammy nominee, Morgan Page, Marc Romboy, Jay Frog and more. Emulator was recently featured as the DJ setup at the Romanian Music Awards. SmithsonMartin CEO Alan Smithson and CTO Pablo Martin are the principals of the company.

About DJ Mag Tech Awards
The annual DJ Mag Tech Awards allow DJ equipment manufacturers to enter new gear for different categories; Innovative New Product, Ultimate Media Player over $600, Single Multi media Player with CD, Ultimate Club DJ Mixer, DJ Software, DJ Controller over $600, DJ Controller under $600, Compact Computer DJ Interface, Audiovisual Product, Dual Multi-media player, Dedicated Itch Controller, Best Smartphone/Tablet Music App, DJ Mixer under $600, Digital Vinyl System (DVS), DJ Soundcard, Studio Sequencer Software, Best Production Equipment, Studio Monitors, Headphones. Judging will be based on Build, Sound Quality, Features, Ease of Use and Value for Money.

Winners Of The European Border Breakers Awards 2012

The winners of the 2012 European Border Breakers Awards, celebrating the top new talents in European pop music, were announced today by Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth and the European music conference and showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag.

The winners of the 2012 awards are:

Elektro Guzzi (Austria)
Selah Sue (Belgium)
Agnes Obel (Denmark)
Ben l'Oncle Soul (France)
Boy (Germany)
James Vincent McMorrow (Ireland)
Afrojack (Netherlands)
Alexandra Stan (Romania)
Swedish House Mafia (Sweden)
Anna Calvi (UK)

"Music is a universal language that touches billions of people, regardless of age or background. Our winners have all succeeded in reaching out to audiences beyond their home country through their talent and energy. I hope the awards will inspire other artists to take their music beyond their national borders and break into new markets," said Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth.

To be eligible for the awards, the artists must have enjoyed border-breaking success with their first international release in Europe between 1 August 2010 and 31 July 2011. The winners are selected by music market analyst Nielsen Music Control on the basis of record sales and broadcast frequency and according to votes by European Broadcasting Union (EBU) radio stations and festivals participating in the European Talent Exchange Program (ETEP).

Background The winners will receive their awards in a televised ceremony hosted by TV personality and musician Jools Holland at Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen, Netherlands, on 11 January 2012. The ceremony – including performances by most of the winning acts – will be broadcast by Dutch National Television (NOS/NTR) and will also receive European coverage through TV channels and radio stations.

One of the winners will also receive a 'Public Choice Award'. From 1 November until December 31 the public can vote for their favourite artist on By voting, they could win a trip to the award ceremony.

Former winners of the 'EBBA Awards include Adele, The Baseballs, Carla Bruni, KT Tunstall, Tokio Hotel, The Ting Tings, Lykke Li, The Scripts, Milow, Katie Melua, Mumford and Sons and Caro Emerald.

Now in their ninth year, the awards are funded by the EU Culture Programme and organized by Eurosonic Noorderslag, in partnership with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The awards are supported by Buma Cultuur, SNN, Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Province of Groningen, City of Groningen and European Music Office.

Eurosonic Noorderslag is Europe’s most important music conference and showcase festival, aiming to encourage circulation of European music. Eurosonic Noorderslag also is the organization of the European Talent Exchange Program (ETEP).

The ETEP boosts circulation of talented European artists among a network of European summer festivals. It creates opportunities for professionals in the European music business and ultimately contributes to the development of the European music industry. The European music industry makes an important contribution to growth and jobs, accounting for a significant part of our cultural and creative industries, which provide quality jobs for 8.5 million people in the EU and contribute 4.5% to Europe's GDP. The total value of the EU recorded music market is around € 6 billion a year. The European recorded music market presents around a fifth of the total music market which is worth close to € 30 billion.

To find out more:
Website of the awards:
Culture portal of the European Union:

Who is the King - Fabian Willems

The Netherlands’ Fabian Willems really delivers on “Who Is The King?” which is an inspirational track praising the King of kings. The song begins with a beautiful violin and guitar lead in, and remains solid and mesmerizing until completion. Willems is so strong and passionate that is comes shining through loud and clear, and you know he is a true believer in the savior. And if you’re not, you will be by the time you finish listening to this thought provoking track. Willems proclaims, “No one compares to you, oh Lord./You are the King!” and when he sings this, you understand what devotion to and love for the Lord are. His music is powerful and very moving. The band plays with all of their God given talents with precision and perfection and the entire collaboration is excellent. The shots of Mr. Willems standing in fields, by rivers, and by trees just praising in sight and sound the glory of God. You can really tell his love is real and this is what the King of kings has made possible – a man’s ability to make such beautiful and touching music along with a very likeable video presentation.

Who is the King - Fabian Willems


"Tilt" is a sweet and catchy song that is a mid-tempo danceable mix of electronica, pop, acid jazz, and ambient trance. Former international model Cristen Elmore shows that she doesn’t just have the look, she has the voice as well. This is a great song for almost any place or mood, and it’s one that you’ll want to play repeatedly. Both musically and lyrically strong, the single is from the album These Elegant Machines which was co-written with and produced by Eric Todd, featuring 8 time Grammy nominated master guitarist Frank Dibussolo.


BandRx - One Of The Top Music Apps On Facebook After Only Five Months On Market

BandRx -One of The Top Music Apps on Facebook After Only Five Months on Market

Go-To Tool Kit Company For Managing Online Presence

October 12, 2011 -BandRx has quickly become one of the most in-demand companies in the digital music space. Their first two products, a Facebook app and an event/tour date plugin, have been growing like wildfire in only five short months in the market place. Nearly four million active users are on board with both products, right behind household names Spotify, Pandora and Vevo.

The BandRx Facebook app allows artists to build the perfect content and information presence on their FB page. It eclipses all competitors in this space with state of the art UI and UX along with a category leading feature selection including one-click contesting (coppa compliant), gated video, live streaming and much more. The app is already in the top 100 of Facebook apps OVERALL in the monthly average user category (MAU) according to Over tens of thousands of bands big and small including Paramore and Train are on board. Example -

BandRx also offers a simple Event Plugin, which takes any dates entered into Facebook events and allows the artist to create a plugin that they can embed Facebook events on any on any website or page. That way artists never have to enter tour dates more than once. Saves artists time and money with one of the most efficient and customizable tour date tools available and is now connected directly to BandsInTown as well if you choose to use BiT as a tour date provider.

The company has recently also partnered with VEVO to grow their Facebook presence ( and are also one of the launch partners in The Orchard's new Marketplace (i

Lastly, the company has several more products in the pipeline being developed now all around the mission of helping artists (and more) to be more effective and efficient online.

For more info, contact:
Karen Wiessen
646 340 1761

"I Got Love" From Tasha Taylor's TAYLORMADE CD To Urban AC


"I Got Love," the second single from the CD TAYLORMADE, by Tasha Taylor, is being released to Urban AC Radio on Tuesday, October 11. The youngest daughter of Stax Soul Icon Johnnie Taylor, released her sophomore album this summer and "Queen," the premiere single from the album, was #1 most added upon release. A live performance video to "I Got Love" is now available for viewing at and at YouTube/TashaTaylor.

There are no auto-tuned vocals here! raves "Resounding vocal power found in Taylormade...Taylor would make any parent proud with vocal power that packs an R&B soul-stirring punch!...Tasha Taylor is truly an example of offspring who has taken talent to the next level...and when it comes to the next generation of blues, R&B and Soul, then there is little to worry about, as long as Tasha Taylor stands at the helm."

New Jersey PD Arthur Shorter adds, "Listening to Tasha Taylor...Real instruments, Real's like a breath of fresh air!"

Tasha's music is infused with the spirit of her legendary father and TAYLORMADE includes a funky duet by "Taylor and Taylor" - daughter and father - reprising Johnnie's first millon-selling Stax Records hit, "Who's Making Love." Tasha has been tagged as a New! Artist to Watch by Clear Channel and has been featured on AOL/Spinner, MSN Music and CBS Radio Station websites throughout the summer.

Tasha executive produced the album this summer at Noisy Neighbors Studio in Los Angeles with Stuart Benjamin, Rob Arbittier and Gary Adante producing. Award-winning bassist Nathan Watts was musical director of the impeccable tracks which feature Tasha Taylor on lead and background vocals, guitars and keys; Kerry Griffin on drums; Kyle Bolden and Jon Taylor on guitar, Rahn Coleman, Roman Johnson, Rob Arbittier and Mike Finnigan on keys, Kevin Ricard on percussion; and Joey Berkley, Zane Musa, Stephan Baxter, Nolan Shaheed, Brian Pareschi and Gerard Carelli on horns.

TAYLORMADE is available at, CDBaby and iTunes. You can hear "I Got Love" at http://www.(web address). Contact: for broadcast quality files.

Follow Tasha on: