Friday, October 9, 2009

MusicDishTV: Kirsten DeHaan - "1984" (live)

Indie rock singer/songwriter Kirsten DeHaan performing "1984" from her newly released EP 'Thorns On A Crown.' DeHaan played at The Colony Cafe in Woodstock, NY on the closing night (October 4, 2009) of Woodstock's 40th Anniversary Film Festival.

Watch the video on MusicDishTV

["1984" skillfully maneuvers its way from beginning to end as DeHaan puts her vocal range along with a knack for soothing tones to good use, singing in a soft, but gutsy manner. The guitar playing over a catchy beat works well with her voice to produce a sultry and graceful fusion of folk and rock.]

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Ever Official LovEvolution Compilation CD

The 14 track compilation CD LovEvolution is a work of love indeed. The CD, which hit the streets on October 1, 2009, features original tracks from various internationally renowned Electronic Dance Music artists. The proceeds from sales of LovEvolution will be donated to the Beat University Electronic Music Scholarship Fund in San Francisco, the first ever of its kind in the United States.

The first track, "The Ice Dance" by Bachelors of Science is fast, frenzied, and has a vocal melody in the background. "So Far" by Miguel Migs is one that you immediately want to get up and dance to - it's definitely a "feel good song with a funky beat and a good vocal performance. "The Future Sound of Retro" by Lee Coombs is a 'do you want to go crazy boogying' number, while the "Art of Revolution" gives the album an infusion of reggae. "Pitch Bitch" has a nice beat, and I'm guessing that if you could hook this one up to a heart monitor, the graph would be all over the place. "Defcon" has a futuristic sound to it, while "Sassy Frass" by DRC and DJ Denise has more of a New York club vibe.

"Cheer Up" will get your head bopping and booty shaking and I loved the keyboards on this little number. "Santiago" by Stoneface and Terminal and, "Phenomenon" by Deep Voices are classic electronic tracks, with the latter having a strong drum beat and electronic vocals. Christopher Lawrence's "Continuation" makes you want to do just that - continue listening to it. But, with LovEvolution, you have to keep on going. The CD ends with "Dub Divider" by Chromatone, "The Awakening" by Dissolve aka Liam Shy, and my personal favorite, "Spaceman."

All in all, LovEvolution is a solid CD from experienced artists. It's for a good cause, and it's for a good time. Enjoy!

Review: LovEvolution Compilation (Various Artists) by Michele Wilson-Morris -


Pro Soul Alliance Is Looking For The Next Great Indie Artist!

Vancouver, BC - October 5, 2009 - Pro Soul Alliance is a progressive, independent record label that offers unique, comprehensive, and affordable self marketing solutions for talented artists internationally.

Understanding the needs of the independent artist and the challenges of the new do-it-yourself style of music business, Pro Soul Alliance is running a contest in hopes of finding and assisting the winner become the next great indie artist. The 2 successful artists will receive 6 months of indie label services valued at $6,000, including the following as needed:
• professional phone consultation and education with CEO of Pro Soul Alliance on the artists development and career
• a professional blog based website they can edit and update, complete with hosting by Rackspace, one of the best in the world, with
• Professional bio and press copy writing, blog development and updating
• Search engine optimization for effective search ranking
• Graphic design, photography and image assistance for promo materials
• Social networking configuration and integration, connecting with fans (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace,, Youtube, ReverbNation etc)
• Offline & online marketing assistance, radio airplay, follow up, and tracking
• Product development, design, CD production and digital distribution through major online retailers worldwide including ringtones and mobile phone
• Licensing and song placement; electronic licensing options online
• Scheduling of show dates for live performances
• Video Production; Youtube promo viral marketing videos

Contest ends October 30th. Details, entry information and music submission can be accessed by visiting this link:

Pro Soul Alliance is comprised of a team of professionals with varying skills ready to assist the independent music artist and advance their career. Pro Soul focuses on getting attention for the artist and keeping it while helping them connect with fans. At the wheel of Pro Soul, is industry veteran and pioneer Jarome Matthew. Audio engineer, music producer, composer, DJ, re-mixer, and an artist himself, Jarome Matthew, has worked with artists in a wide range of styles for over a decade.

Jarome Matthew
CEO and Founder
Pro Soul Alliance: Music Business done better.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MIDEM Launches Midemnet Lab, International Showcase For Digital Innovation

MIDEM 2010 is set to launch an exciting new project: MidemNet Lab, a showcase for cutting-edge industry initiatives, featuring 15 innovative digital companies to be chosen from submitted projects.

"The music industry is continually reinventing itself and so innovation is essential," said Dominique Leguern, Director of MIDEM. "By staging the MidemNet Lab, our aim is to put the spotlight on young companies from around the world that are providing new solutions for the future of our industry."

The 15 most promising companies will be invited to present their business as part of the MIDEM industry market in January 2010. To select entries, MIDEM has joined forces with leading partners in the digital music sector. The start-ups to be showcased will be chosen by UK consulting and research company Music Ally, and a jury of entrepreneurs comprising Mathew Daniel, VP of R2G/ (China); Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify (Sweden/UK); Loic Le Meur, founder and CEO of Seesmic (France/USA); Alexander Ljung, founder and CEO of SoundCloud (Germany/UK); Ian Rogers, CEO of Topspin (USA); and Anthony Volodkin, founder and CEO of Hype Machine (USA).

The jury is living example of innovation. The six members have already launched concepts that have revolutionised the music industry. Founder of Topspin and considered a pioneer in the digital arena, Ian Rogers played a major part in the recent commercial success of the Beastie Boys on the internet. Anthony Volodkin created The Hype Machine, one of the biggest blog aggregators which attracts more than 1.5 million visitors per month. At the head of Seesmic, Loic Le Meur has helped redefine the economic model around blogs with Six Apart.

To obtain more information and to submit your project to the MidemNet Lab, visit the Music Ally site:

The call for entries to MidemNet Lab is open until 27 October 2009.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kirsten DeHaan's EP "Thorns On A Crown" Available Today Through Major Music Retailers

"Thorns On A Crown", the latest EP from alternative Rock singer/songwriter Kirsten DeHaan, is available for purchase today via major online retailers iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and Napster. Distributed by Oseao Media Group, the five song EP is sure to please. Kirsten's voice and signature style has a mixture of qualities that critics have called: "the sweetness of Liz Phair", "a soft, airy quality like that of Sia", and "the rich alto of Fiona Apple".

List of major online retail links: - Amazon - eMusic - iTunes - Napster

"Thorns On A Crown" is by far her most mature work to date. In the current etch and sketch environment of musicians singing to beats generated by machines, it is refreshing to find an artist who wholeheartedly exudes meaning and truth, a feat that only a genuine musician can accomplish. She may be considered a newcomer to the music industry, but there is enough raw passion, talent, and promise on "Thorns On A Crown" to say definitively that Kirsten DeHaan will around for many years to come.

DeHaan has been invited to host her NYC EP release event during TM Promotions' CMJ Music Marathon Showcase on Thursday, October 22 at BLVD/Crash Mansion (199 Bowery). This follows her EP premier at Colony Cafe on the closing night of Woodstock's 40th Anniversary Film Festival (Oct. 4th).

When describing her latest offering, "Thorns On A Crown" Kirsten notes, "This record, without exception, finally exemplifies who I am as an artist...Its alive, clear, and gripping. I wanted to make a very raw record, one that can't hide, I think that goal has been accomplished." She plans to embark on a full-blown press and touring circuit this year in order to promote the record.

"Thorns On A Crown" Tracklisting:

1) 1984
"1984" skillfully maneuvers its way from beginning to end as DeHaan puts her vocal range along with a knack for soothing tones to good use, singing in a soft, but gutsy manner. The guitar playing over a catchy beat works well with her voice to produce a sultry and graceful fusion of folk and rock.

2) Double Or Nothing
DeHaan produces a well-crafted, solid folk-rock tune with passionate delivery over a foot-tapping guitar melody in "Double Or Nothing." The sharpness of her lyrics and gritty tone gives the song a freshness That will keep any listener engaged, even after multiple plays.

3) The Night Shift
"The Night Shift" delves into the very familiar territory of love as DeHaan's candor and humility together make this song easy to relate to. DeHaan's voice captures the feelings of a woman waiting and thirsting for love. Even the silences between notes seem to shout out her vulnerability.

4) I'm Coming Home
A piercing harmonica complements the delicacy in DeHaan's sweet voice in "I'm Coming Home." The layered sound and musicality gives a classic rock feel that is emphasized by the 'call and response' between DeHaan and the harmonica.

5) Ms. Daisy
"Ms. Daisy" builds a sweet melody around the idea of hope. Initially, the song seems inconspicuous and gentle, but DeHaan's voice is so melodious and colorful, it quickly works its way into the listener's heart and soul.

About Kirsten DeHaan
Kirsten DeHaan is a true jack of all musical trades. Not just a talented singer/songwriter and guitarist, she promotes her music via her label SirLady Records, does various philanthropic work for American soldiers in the Middle East, and is a strong and active proponent of the New York indie music scene.

DeHaan stomped onto the indie music scene to rave reviews in 2004 with her first album release "Conform." Critics compared her music to that of Nirvana, U2, and Belly. Her music has been downloaded over 1 million times via various peer-to-peer sites and featured on the hit reality shows Made and My Super Sweet Sixteen. Declaring "Conform" to be one of the most popular records next to the Killers and Ashlee Simpson by, DeHaan was among five artists chosen for Men's Vogue/Hennessey Flaunt Your Taste Critics Choice Awards.

Mi2N And Music Xray Partner To Connect Musicians With Industry Professionals

Music Xray (aka Platinum Blue Music Intelligence) and Music Industry News Network (Mi2N) have collaborated to offer musicians a unique opportunity to have their music exposed to music industry professionals. With any Mi2N PR Music order, artists can submit a song of their choosing to any of the many industry opportunities offered on Music Xray and the service submission fee will be waived. By doing so, artists can capitalize on the opportunity for exposure to hundreds of industry professionals available through Music Xray, including major and indie labels, producers, career coaches, song critiques, and contests.

Ideal for artists, labels, and promoters, the Mi2N Music PR service provides guaranteed press release placements through a network of newswires, social media, blog communities, and forums. With packages ranging in price from $9.95 (PR Express) to $179.95 (PR Platinum Video), Mi2N offers a PR marketing solution to meet every budget and need. Clients will receive a promo code voucher for one free song submission to Music Xray's platform of top music industry professionals, labels, agencies and producers. Over 150 industry professionals and entities use Music Xray, including major labels and Grammy-winning producers, and thousands of artists have already joined the site.

Begin the process to uploading your song to Music Xray by purchasing an Mi2N Music PR package at
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What People Are Saying About Mi2N Music PR:

"I've used Mi2N to increase exposure of my press releases for my company (WaTunes). I highly recommend that you use Mi2N for your press distribution as it is the most cost effective solution out there!" Kevin Rivers, CEO

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"Eric has an amazing press release distribution and publicity organization for the music industry. It has been easy and effective for our a great price! We all highly recommend Mi2N PR services to everyone we know!" Kathy Douglas, Indie Extreme

About Mi2N
Mi2N (Music Industry News Network) is the largest online daily newswire serving the music industry. Since 1998, Mi2N has kept professionals worldwide informed on the latest developments shaping their sector by covering nearly every facet of the industry, from new business models and technological innovations to up-&-coming artists and emerging trends. Through its Mi2N Music PR service, it has become a leading PR resource for major and independent music companies around the world.

About Music Xray
New York, NY based Platinum Blue Music Intelligence Inc. (Music Xray) is leading the way in song filtering for the music industry and in enabling artists to interact directly with professionals and companies that screen songs for exposure and licensing opportunities. The company has developed, acquired and licensed technologies that uniquely position it to provide valuable services and create more efficient systems for the music business.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Exotic Erotic Ball Announces Winners Of Indie Music Competition

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 28, 2009 - Perry Mann's Exotic Erotic Ball, the legendary San Francisco event celebrating its 30th Anniversary October 23 and 24, 2009 at the Cow Palace Arena, has announced the winners of its Third Annual Indie Band competition, run in collaboration with Sonicbids.

Almost two hundred bands submitted electronic press kits through the Sonicbids platform vying to win the right to perform before thousands of elaborately (and scantily) dressed patrons at the 30th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo. After much deliberation, Super Geek League from Seattle was chosen as Best Indie Band, and CR Gruve from Portland Maine won as Best Indie Act. In making the announcement, Perry Mann cited Super Geek League's outstanding theatrical production and presentation. Mann also lauded CRGruve's Craig Handley and Ramone Jones as "multi-talented musical visionaries with a comedic sensibility befitting the Ball."

Super Geek League and CR Gruve will share the bill with an awesome lineup of talent, musical and otherwise. Featured live musical performers include DJ Skribble, Missing Persons, Coolio, The Frail, LZ Love, Mini-Kiss, and the return of the most outrageous band to ever grace the Ball's stage - The Impotent Sea Snakes. Reality show superstar Tila Tequila will celebrate her birthday at the show, and she'll also judge the costume contests along with Danny Bonaduce and Seymore Butts. Over $10,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded for the three contest winners, including all expense trips to Hedonism III.

Perry Mann's Exotic Erotic Ball has been called "The World's #1 Wildest and Sexiest Party" by E! Entertainment TV, the "#1 Adult Festival in the World," by, "The #1 Party Event on the Planet" by HDTV, and "The Greatest Costume Party of All Time" by KTLA. Over three decades of history, "The Ball" has regaled half a million attendees, featured a thousand live performances, and received 50 awards.

It fills six acres of space and hosts 65 acts - music, dj's, erotic artists, exotic dancers, and wild circus sideshows. Its production includes fantasy themed halls and fetish fashion shows. It boasts many sexy shenanigans, and the tantalizingly offbeat. The event draws many adult stars and celebrity guests, and contains over 100 exhibits showcasing the latest in exotic and erotic goods and services. Despite all this, it's the Halloween costumes and outfits worn by the 20,000+ attendees - colorful, creative, and captivating - that make the show truly unrivaled.

The Festival Hotline is: 1-415-567-BALL (2255). The website is Consumers can visit the Travel and Hotels page, or contact the event's official travel trollop at

For more info about CR Gruve, visit: and for more info about Super Geek League, visit:

ANTONIO CIACCA QUARTET In LAGOS BLUES 16th October 7:00 PM At New York's Italian Cultural Institute

Ciacca began his career as a sideman for such acclaimed jazz artists as Art Farmer, James Moody, Lee Konitz, Johnny Griffin, Mark Murphy, Dave Liebman, Steve Grossman, who he cites as his mentor and with whom he studied for three years beginning in 1990. Steve Grossman will be the special guest in his last album recorded in Bologna "Lagos Blues". It will be released the coming January 2010 and Antonio Ciacca will play exclusively for the first edition of ITALIAN JAZZ DAYS some songs of this new Album.

16th October 7:00 PM
Italian Cultural Institute
686 Park Ave. New York
RSVP 212-879-4242 ext 365

Ciacca in 2009 turned 40. His year long celebrations included: appearance at New York Blue Note, one week engagement at Dizzy's, performances at the Rochester and Detroit International Jazz Festivals, European Tour with George Garzone and Joe Locke special guests, release of his first Music Book, "The Music of Antonio Ciacca "Vol. 1", an invitation to teach "Business of Jazz" at Julliard.

The participation at the Detroit International Jazz Festival has been the climax of a fantastic journey started in Detroit in 1993 when Antonio first touched the USA soil.

The master classes with Kenny Barron and Barry Harris and his tenure with the Larry Smith Quartet at Bert's are the pillars of his career.

Nowadays the New York based pianist and composer Ciacca enjoys his work as Director of Programming at Jazz at Lincoln Center, his family of wife and 5 kids and his beloved jazz piano playing the city jazz clubs.


Countdown to Kirsten DeHaan's digital release on October 6th

The eagerly anticipated digital release of Kirsten DeHaan's EP "Thorns On A Crown" is right around the corner. On Tuesday October 6, the new and highly acclaimed alternative rock singer and songwriter's songs can be purchased at major online retailers such as iTunes,, Napster, and EMusic. Kirsten has developed quite a following in a relatively short period of time, because of the uniqueness of her voice and style, which has been compared to the sweetness of Liz Phair, a soft, airy quality like that of Sia, and the rich alto of Fiona Apple.

In the meantime, register and download her single "1984" for free at