Friday, April 24, 2009

Tryxo Indie Invasion 'Call To Arms'

Online music retailer Tryxo issued a 'Call To Arms' for the best American and German bands to join its upcoming Tryxo Indie Invasion Tour in Germany. The tour will be held in 7 different universities across Germany between June 1 - 15, 2009. Tryxo Indie Invasion Tour is being organized by Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, a German University where dedicated 14 students coordinating everything from logistics, to marketing, to communicating with the other participating schools.

Tryxo is seeking up to three (3) US-based Bands and up to two (2) German bands in the Rock, Alternative, Pop-Rock and Eclectic genres to join the tour. All costs will be covered - food, travel, hotel, equipment rental... etc. there are no fixed payment to the artists. Simply register for free at (sign up for free, upload songs, register for tour).

*** Submission deadline: May 1, 2009 ***

Tryxo is an online music store offering DRM-free digital downloads of the best independent music to music lovers worldwide. Focused on providing artists with the best retail solution in the industry, the company offers free account registration and 75% royalty on all digital music sales. Recognizing the importance of providing a compelling music shopping experience in a competitive market, Tryxo offers uniform download price of $.59, high-quality music pre-approved by its staff as well as unlimited downloads/copies of purchased music for multiple computers and music players. Tryxo will be launching online radio streams to better promote its artists to customers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Internet Pirates All At Sea

Enforced regulation regarding internet piracy took a giant step forward last week, with news that the operators of notorious torrent site The Pirate Bay had been charged with digital theft by a Swedish court, fined $3.6m and sentenced to one year each in jail.

The news was welcomed by the creators of Glasgow-based, the first integrated social networking and media site to legally enable streaming and download of music, videos and on-line games whilst paying the artists and creators of music.

Co-founder of and renowned US artist Indiana Gregg, has had personal conflict with The Pirate Bay. She says, "As a performing artist myself, I take great offence with torrent sites making a profit on the backs of musicians, who in turn, aren’t paid a penny. A small number of torrent tracker sites, including The Pirate Bay, refuse to do remove material on request and are arrogant enough to believe they are above the law. Whilst I certainly would not wish anyone to be incarcerated, this recent sentence sends a clear message to existing and would-be file sharing hosts - illegal downloading is a crime, you can be traced and sooner or later you will be prosecuted".

Her argument isn’t that users should have to pay for downloads, quite the opposite in fact. She reasons that users should be able to listen to their favourite tracks for free, but that the artists should also be given some form of payment. does just that. Scheduled to launch in June, it allows users to access free downloads, whilst artists, whether internationally acclaimed or as yet unsigned, are paid each time their work is streamed or downloaded. Revenue gained by unobtrusive advertising on the site is used to fund these payments, ensuring that everyone benefits.

"Already over 32,000 have signed up", says Indiana. "Although there are obviously other sites out there who offer free legal downloads, is the first to absorb the offering into a social networking environment, ensuring full integration with Facebook and Twitter".

It is inevitable that other, similar services will appear on the internet over a very short space of time, as increasing numbers of illegal file sharers are prosecuted or close down of their own accord, before "The Internet Police" knock on their virtual door. This can only spell good news for the thousands of artists who have, since the dawn of the internet, been royally ripped off.

Kerchoonz, founded by Indiana Gregg and Ian Morrow in 2008, is a group of veteran record producers, artists, songwriters, music and technology industry professionals. is a social networking platform that allows free exchange of music, art, ideas and entertainment. It enables fans to search and discover new music, play games, meet people, watch and upload video, keep up with news and post blogs. is an ad-funded model that allows artists and musicians to be paid for their audio and video streams, as well as their free downloads.doesn't want to give their music away for free, they are free to sell it and provide links to their on-line shop. But, they can still opt to be paid for streams.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mainstream Isn't So Bad...Is It?

Check out their write up of Rufus Cappadocia's Transformation video: Mainstream Isn't So Bad...Is It?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indie Extreme Adds Universal Music Christian Group/Fontana

Indie Extreme has announced its newest strategic partner in Universal Music Christian Group (UMCG) a division of Fontana Distribution/UMGD. This is a multi-year agreement allowing Indie Extreme's artists to have both physical and digital distribution through the entertainment industry's most admired partner.

"This recent alliance further allows our independent artists an opportunity to compete on a level playing field compared to any other major label artist or group." stated Kathy Douglas, founder and CEO of Indie Extreme. "We look forward to building upon our relationship with Universal and all our other strategic partnerships which assist each of our artists and labels in promoting their talent."

About Indie Extreme, LLC (

Indie Extreme, LLC (with offices in Houston, TX and Nashville, TN) provides marketing, management and administrative services for independent artists and record labels worldwide. Serving as a business process outsourcing (BPO) company since 2006, the Company allows independent artists and their labels to focus their efforts and energies on their creative pursuits while leveraging the Company's infrastructure for all of the administrative aspects of their business/career.

About UMCG/Fontana Distribution:

Fontana, the independent arm of UMGD, provides unparalleled sales and marketing support, as well as back office services, for a diverse roster of labels and their artists. Fontana distributes more than 60 labels including American Gramophone, Angeles Records, Big Vin, Delicious Vinyl, Ipecac, Mad Science Recordings, Nitro, Quango, Rendezvous, Six Degrees, SMC, Telarc, Trustkill, Upstairs Records, Vagrant Records, VP Records, Warcon, and many others. Universal Music Christian Group is a newly formed division of Fontana, offering labels quality service at all levels, from retail marketing and sales to digital initiatives and administrative services. UMCG distributes more than 20 labels including Executive Music Group, Arrow Records, Concord Records, Desert Music Group, Geffen, Music World, Island and many others.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Twist of Smooth Jazz: Alexander Shulgin's My Moscow MP3

Song: My Moscow (Moya Moskva)
Composer: Alexander Shulgin
Performers: Paul Drew, Steve King, Simon Rushby, Jon Howells, Chris "Beebe" Aldridge
Album: Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook, Part 1

Download Alexander Shulgin's "My Moscow" MP3

"I believe that most people in the world like good music, regardless of the genre. If it's good, it's good. However, there are some genres of music out there that are quite polarizing like heavy metal or smooth jazz. Alexander Shulgin song, "My Moscow" would certainly be considered smooth jazz, and right off the bat, that may turn a lot of people off. However, the acoustic guitar playing of Paul Drew adds a sort of flamenco feel that comes from the minor scale pattern used, and also is a result of the nylon strings (which I believe guitar players often under-appreciate). Chris Aldridge adds a clean sax sound and his tone works well for this style. Though Shulgin's skills as a composer are more clearly on display on other tracks, his compositional chops are still present here, regardless of the simplicity. So, if you can get past the whole smooth jazz thing, you should be able to enjoy this track." - Will Cohn, MusicDish e-Journal

About Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook, Part 1
An instrumental album of the music of feelings and mind, romantic lounge, recorded together with the most famous English instrumentalists - Simon Rushby, Steve King, Jon Howell, lead guitars by Paul Drew. Album was recorded in spring 2008 in Great Britain, at DWB Music record studio, situated at the ecologically pure district of London, where the ecologically pure music is born. The record was produced by young English producers Paul Drew, Greig Watts and Pete Barringer, who have the great experience working with the wide range of different music - from pop and rock to the academy music.

Shakespearean Actress-Turned-Musician Amy Speace Remembers The Bard On The Anniversary Of His Death

If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.
- Duke Orsino, 'Twelfth Night' I.i.1-3

April 23 marks the 393rd anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, and remembering The Bard's famous words regarding music and love is uniquely relevant for singer-songwriter and former Shakespearean actress Amy Speace.

While lovelorn Duke Orsino may have hoped to cure his pain through overindulgence in both music and romance, Speace knows firsthand music's capacity to cure ailments of the heart: Speace turned to songwriting to heal her broken heart after she and her husband of ten years separated. In the process, the Amherst College-grad wrote all twelve songs on her new album 'The Killer In Me' (out June 30 from Wildflower Records).

Before finding herself as a musician, Speace toured with the prestigious National Shakespeare Company, and for her role in a non-traditional 1998 production of 'Henry V' (staged entirely in a parking lot), the New York Times said, "Ms. Speace makes a believable, desirable Katherine" (8.15.1998). Though she's still passionate about Shakespeare and the presence of music (and love) in his work, these days, Speace is earning praise for her "clear voice and innocent vulnerability [which] make her sweet, twangy folk warm and intimate" (Time Out NY 4.9.09).

Sunday, April 19, 2009

MusicDishTV: IXTHEIS - Alles Meres

IXTHEIS is Greek rock/alternative band who made their musical breakthrough opening the Reamonn concert Thessaloniki. They followed that with their debut release "Einai Polla Ta Lefta..." in 2007. The video for song "Alles meres" (Other Days) speaks of how the losing of childhood innocence is killing hope. IXTHEIS tells us to stay in touch with the 'child in all of us' and look to the future for brighter days.

"Kai perimeno alles meres /
otan tha fygi to skotadi /
kati tha dihni na allazi /
kai tha 'houn hroma i skies"

"and I'm waiting for other days /
when the darkness will be gone /
something will seem to be changing /
and the shades will be coloured"