Friday, October 14, 2016

Kiss Me - Sexy, Cool And Dirty By Brandon Jarod

Brandon Jarod is a self-taught and multi-instrument playing hip hop artist from Virginia Beach. Brandon writes and produces his own music. He started Nicobe records and released his debut in 2010. From his first release, "The Crush EP" to the latest single "Kiss Me," it is evident that Brandon is hitting the icon status in the industry sooner rather than later. His other release came in 2013, "The Age of Zero EP."

Brandon has over the years mastered his vocal range. He spends hours perfecting his vocals which have enabled him to traverse his artistic range with a lot of flexibility and ease. He adheres to his practice schedule followed by intervals of recovery and rest enabling him to perform at optimum levels irrespective of the pitch.

He has been able to create his unique voice that is not associated with anyone else in the industry. Brandon's vocals can only get better in the future as he expects to release more music.

Instruments and Performance
Brandon Jarod set himself along when starting his music and that has been his drive. His target has always been to be the best at what he does, and that is experiencing his music through instruments and performance. Brandon says he rewards himself whenever he gets something when training with his instruments or rehearsing for a performance to help his brain automate the "habit loop."

When training Brandon says that he doesn't always start his songs at the beginning as he aims at maximizing his willpower and time. He says it helps him in ensuring his performances starts and end well.

Writing and Arrangement
Brandon Jarod has over the years improved his music writing and arrangement skills and attributes it all to learning and listening. He has learned harmony by listening to various artists play, reading books on tonal counterpoint, and exercising various styles. Amazingly, he also takes his time to learn orchestration.

Brandon had to become an active listener by listening to tons of music from musicians he likes. He started by listening to music with just one instrument before moving on to those with two or three. Jarod started with what he had focusing on small pieces with simple themes. He did that every day working on his arrangement and the tremendous growth can now be reflected on his work.

Being a self-taught producer, Brandon Jarod has strived to improve the quality of his music. It hasn't been an easy walk but with dedication, practice, and experimenting with different beats.

Brandon listened to music that inspired his favorite musicians to understand their influences. He says it helped open his 憁usical peripheral vision.' He took it upon himself to search new genres and music just to widen his knowledge.

Brandon has always focused practice sessions for just specific parts of his production. He spent a lot of time exploring different mixing techniques and EQ settings. His production has improved at a high rate because he was never stuck in repeating the same patterns in his production.


The Gore Boyz (T.G.B.) Set Out To Save The Music Industry

When oldest brother Herman begged his parents to allow him and his two younger brothers to be in their 2009 talent show at their school, The Gore Boyz were born. All enrolled in music lessons, 15-year-old Herman takes on the ivory with the keyboards/piano, Edwin at 13 plays guitar, and Sean Michael who is only 10-years-old takes care of the drums. They have spent the last six years in intense talent development following the Berry Gordy Motown model. Influenced by old school R&B bands and the trendy new sounds of pop, R&B, and hip-hop, Herman, Edwin and Sean Michael formed the musical trio The Gore Boyz aka TGB and have set out to make their own mark in music.

Since starting they have been playing live, singing and dancing for diverse audiences throughout the country. They have performed in Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles, DC, Detroit, Hawaii, Chicago, and Toronto, Canada as well as at the Carowinds' Palladium, festivals, expos and the Tom Joyner Family Reunion. They have opened for artists such as American Idol winner Fantasia, Jacob Latimore, Trevor Jackson, Tank, and Eric Benet, just to name a few. These incredibly talented brothers are not only gifted musicians and entertainers; they are also honor students, community servants and accomplished athletes.

With a new album coming out soon, they are now shopping around to different labels to see if one is interested in a distribution deal. They released "TGB Handclap (Superman like Cam)" off of the album, and it became a viral hit when it launched Super Bowl Sunday. They've been touring ever since, performing across the country and in the Carolinas. TGB is trying to get more attention around the country by using their social media and performing for all age groups and they have also been taking acting lessons as well because they would like to showcase their musical talent on the big screen.

In summary, TGB is a boy band in which they are talented but need a springboard to get them out there into the public's eye. There are not many up and coming young artists like TGB out there, so they are trying help preserve an endangered group in the music industry and that is young talented entertainers and Boyz have been in a Berry Gordy style training process for more than five years and just need an opportunity to help preserve good clean quality music and entertainment for the younger generations.

If you want to see how they started check out the video for "The Journey."


The Gore Boyz are a boy band with a twist as they not only can sing and dance thanks to training with the likes of Chuck Maldonado who has choreographed everyone from Chris Brown to One Direction, as well as Jodeci's Earl "One Love" Vernon", and Big Mike of Day 26 who practices with them regularly. With that they are saving a dying breed in the industry by working hard to bring boy bands back into the forefront of domination.

The Gore Boyz

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Legendary Rock Guitar Hits Auction

One of the most legendary guitars in ROCK music hit the auction block this week. A "One of a Kind" Custom Studded DEAN Electric Guitar, the only one made in the world to custom specs for singer/songwriter/producer Jean Beauvoir.

The seller has listed Beauvoir's guitar on EBAY where they mention its place in Music History referencing Beauvoir and his time with the legendary punk-rock group The Plasmatics, his bands Crown of Thorns and Voodoo X as well as his songwriter and producer credits for KISS, The Ramones and many other well known bands/artists.

Following his time with The Plasmatics and Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul, Beauvoir's solo debut "Drums Along the Mohawk" was released in Europe on Virgin Records. That same year, the track "Feel the Heat" was chosen by Sylvester Stallone for his film Cobra. The song charted in Top 10 slots across Europe and Australia. On the strength of the single the album peaked within the Top 100 on the Billboard 200 chart when released in the U.S.

His band "Crown Of Thorns" set off a bidding war in the music industry with their self titled debut album. Prince, a long time fan of Beauvoir抯 along with other label representatives made offers for the album with Interscope Records winning the bid with a rumored $1M offer. The album was so strong International labels began making offers to release "Crown of Thorns" worldwide. Once released worldwide the album remained on the UK rock charts for 6-months becoming an international success which included extensive touring with such well known artists as Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Slash.

Jean Beauvoir is a multi-platinum artist, writer and producer best recognized by his signature blond Mohawk hairstyle which he has worn throughout most of his career. His music catalog includes over 250-recordings to date with sales of over 30-million records worldwide. Some of his film and film trailer credits include: Cobra (Sylvester Stallone), School of Rock (Jack Black), Pet Sematary (Stephen King), RV (Robin Williams), Christmas with The Kranks (Dan Akroyd/Jamie Lee Curtis) and many others.

Rockingham Entertainment is hosting three days of the finest melodic rock from around the world this October with Jean Beauvoir as a featured artist.

The seller of Beauvoir's guitar on EBAY lists the opening bid at $4,500.

To read more about Jean Beauvoir and his musical career please visit one of the following:

Jean Beauvoir Official:
Jean Beauvoir | Facebook:
Crown of Thorns | Facebook:
Jean Beauvoir - YouTube:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Singer-Songwriter Natalie Jean Wins Big At 2016 Josie Music Awards

Every musician has a very unique journey that they often embark on for a variety of reasons. Maryland singer-songwriter NATALIE JEAN's journey is no different in that she was exposed to music at a young age, which helped her to get where she is today. As a young girl she used to sing with her father who was a famous Haitian artist by the name of Guy R. Jean. With music instilled at a young age she was able to establish a firm foundation of a signing background. Her love of poetry and dance would help as well. Both of these two talents helps play into what makes Natalie Jean a truly unique performer.

This solid foundation of a musical and entertainment background is a key reason why Natalie has not only previously won many awards, but also has an extremely impressive list of award nominations from a variety of accredited music institutions. Her most recent is that of the JOSIE MUSIC AWARDS, which took place September 18th, 2016 in the world famous music city of Nashville, Tennessee.

The event now in it's second year has sold out again, showing that this gala has quickly become a must attend for the independent artist. The awards show featured more than 30 performances along with 60 award presentations. Natalie Jean was honored to perform her song "Mon Ange" along with the house band at the awards show. Natalie had an amazing weekend winning the prestigious honor of the award for "BEST MUSICIAL COLLABORATION" along with friend and fellow French song writer Trevor Sewell for their song "DEVENIR GRIS". Not only did Natalie win the collaboration award, but she also was honored with winning "WORLD ARTIST OF THE YEAR". These two victories were nothing short of simply amazing and very much a sign of the heart she put into her singing. Notably she was also nominated for "Pop Artist, Pop Song", "R &B Artist", "Jazz/Blues Artist", "World Song", and "World Artist of the Year". The Josie Awards really showed that a powerful and beautiful singer like Natalia Jean are definitely an important artist to watch. More information and media requests can be addressed below by the provided contacts:

Monday, October 10, 2016

Marcus Darc Hurts 'Em Bad With "Hail Mary" Tupac Rap Challenge

With the 20th anniversary of Tupac's passing being acknowledged throughout the hip hop community, former Death Row artist, multi-platinum songwriter, producer and R&B stunner, Marcus Darc has added his video release to the growing number of contenders in the "Hail Mary Tupac Rap Challenge."

Lending his trademark 'X-plicit' twist to the mix, Marcus goes 'Darc' in the video release and calls out the women of "Love and Hip Hop," most specifically Moniece Slaughter from "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood," inviting her to 'cum' with him. Lyricist Smovee Smoov layers the solid production with his unique rap fire.

Darc's latest R&B offering "Twisted," on Lucky Entertainment is in part produced by super producer Hurt M Badd. Hurt M Badd and Darc have been writing and producing since their days together in the group B-Rezell on Death Row Records, when the two were label mates with Tupac. Badd produced Tupac's "Makaveli" album and is often acknowledged for his work on Pac's singles "Hail Mary," "Me & My Girlfriend" and "Just Like Daddy," from the classic CD.

Darc's single for "The Greatest," from the "Twisted" project, is currently in heavy digital radio rotation and unabashedly boasts his steamy sexual prowess, as he stirs passion and heat with tales of his magic stick. The even steamier video for the single is slated to drop soon.

Check out Marcus Darc's "Hail Mary" challenge at