Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Alternate Universe Where The Rap Music Industry Is Bound By Secrecy And Conspiracy

O'Fallon, MO (Kuneo Koei) February 18th, 2010 - Sekrett Scilensce Associates (Kuneo Koei) is proud to announce the release of "IN5" the first single from the Rap/Hip-Hop album "The Rapman's Attire".
Below is the opening summary from the product-page:

* "Darkness bloomed beneath the border of trees along the two-lane blacktop, camouflaging the black sedans parked beneath. Two men stood nearby, speaking in the subdued and measured tones of men well versed in clandestine meetings. The larger of the two ground a cigarette out with the sole of his shoe. "I want him out of the race, if he wins; we lose control of the Senate."
The smaller man nodded. "What do you want me to tell the President?"
"Nothing…" the larger man said. "If he shows any signs of making trouble, remind him that he never really had any say anyway."
Does a shadow government exist? Have the powerful become the brokers of our existence, trading peace, war, and money to secure their positions?"

* All music and vocal production plus performances are reported as composed and recorded by Sekrett Scilensce, who is also a collaborator on many other developments related to literary and video-game publishing.

Alongside the rollouts of extended offerings under the MMP Publishing (Kuneo Koei) brand, Sekrett Scilensce states, "The Rapman's Attire" should not be viewed as a competitor to record-label and music-publisher catalogues.

"Listening pleasure is what we guarantee," composer and producer Sekrett Scilensce said. "We are honored and proud to serve Rap-music production with flavorings of classical, R&B, and electronic styling. In the end, bringing back the styles of Freestyle, New Jack Swing, and High-NRG with modern Hip-Hop is a blast."

The current scheduling for releases from "The Rapman's Attire" are listed as "In5" (February 2010), "Whose Watching?" (March 2010) to be followed by "Control" (April 2010) and "The Wasteland" (May 2010); additional releases are listed into November but have been labeled for extended announcement after May 2010.

Readers and listeners interested in learning more about "The Rapman's Attire" and "IN5" can visit the following webpage:
"I N 5" (The Rapman's Attire) [Single]
All materials are also reported as readily licensable for film, TV, and video-game productions.

About Kuneo Koei:
Kuneo Koei is a Publisher (and Developer) of creative writing productions and multi-genre music catalogues, primarily serving the libraries of MMP Publishing (creative writing brand) and Sekrett Scilensce Assoc. (music entertainment brand).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MusicGorilla Partners With MusicDish For Live Showcase Series Opportunity

Music: is taking submissions for their upcoming Showcase Series at Treasure Island (413 E. 6th street) in Austin, TX March 17th - 20th during the most important week in Music!

MusicGorilla is guaranteeing 2 slots for artists submitting to perform at their upcoming Showcase Series through MusicDish/Mi2N. There is a $25.00 non-refundable submission fee for all non MusicGorilla members to helps cover costs associated with putting on the showcase.

Submit to perform at the Showcase Series clicking on this 'PayNow' link.
Name of band/artist.
Band/artists's Myspace or Sonicbids URL.
Band/artist's Hometown.
Contact Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.
One time non-refundable $25 submission fee.

If you are selected to play at this showcase by, you will be notified with the date and time that has selected for you to play. The showcase is open to the public and will take place at Treasure Island 413 E. 6th street in Austin, TX. A Backline will be provided in the form of 2 Guitar amps, 1 Bass amp and a drum kit.

Artists will not receive compensation or travel expenses to play at the showcase, and are responsible for procuring their own travel arrangements and hotel.

Information on Artist Membership:
Music Gorilla works with unsigned artists with original material to get you heard by record labels, music supervisors, publishers and other Industry reps. Our artist members receive free film/tv and songwriting submissions, they are eligible for Live Label Showcases and MTV's catalog and much more! Some successes include signings to Labels, Songwriting and Publishing deals, and placement on various films and television shows.

YORKSHIRE SXSW PARTY @ British Music Embassy / SXSW, Austin, Texas - 18th March 2010: 12-3 Pm


From the region of the UK that brought you Jarvis Cocker, Kaiser Chiefs, Corinne Bailey Rae and the Arctic Monkeys, Timeless Music Project and Chocolate Fireguard presents .....


Thursday 18th March 2010, 11.30 am - 3 pm @ British Music Embassy, Latitude 30, 512 San Jacinto, Austin, Texas. Featuring:

One Night Only + Grammatics + Slow Club
+ The Crookes + Middleman

For up to date information and registration details check

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Helmsley's One Night Only return to live activity with their first visit to the USA. The band have just finished the follow up to their huge top 10 debut "Started A Fire" and are set to kick off what is set to be a massive album in style at this years SXSW festival. Get down to witness a band coming of age!

GRAMMATICS: Grammatics make cultured, artistic pop music. Their debut album (March 09) received widespread critical acclaim, and they went on to play Leeds & Reading in August and support Bloc Party throughout October. They are currently working on their second album.

THE CROOKES: The Crookes world is nostalgic, romantic and melodic, telling kitchen-sink inspired stories of life and love to a backdrop of 80s indie classicism and 60s pop beats.

SLOW CLUB: Sheffield's Slow Club (Moshi Moshi Records) are defined by a their own distinct and powerful partnership. Charles with bruised vocal, rasping guitar and disarming lightness of touch; Rebecca with her dash of Northern Soul and sharp wit, playing stand up drums amid a wild array of percussive apparatus - wooden chairs, glass bottles, and spoons. These two are more than charming anti-folk troubadours; they are the real thing.

MIDDLEMAN: Leeds based Middleman effortlessly splice infectious song writing with driving guitar riffs, heavy beats and bass-lines and poetry-slammed vocals. Middleman are known for their contagious choruses, carefully crafted lyrics and ability to harness a multitude of influences, yet skilfully mould them into a sizzling sound that is uniquely their own.

SPONSOR: NORTHERNNET proves that it's fast up North with its high speed symmetric broadband network (up to 1 Gbps). NorthernNet is available to businesses as a direct connection and, for the first time ever, as pay-as-you-go via 17 Media Access Bureaux.


Other Yorkshire bands advertised as showcasing at other events during SXSW include Serious Sam Barrett, Standard Fare, Black Spiders, Alvarez Kings, LR Rockets, Findlay Brown, In the Nursery, Scars on 45 and Kava Kava (whose singer Pat Fulgoni has again organised the Yorkshire SXSW Party as part of his work with "Timeless Music Project"). More information on these artists and their showcases can be found on (updated as we receive the information). T.M.P. will further support these artists, featuring them on this year's promo only compilation "Independent Sounds of Yorkshire & the Humber 2010" to be handed out to music industry delegates attending SXSW. Yorkshire will also be a partner in the British Music Industry stand at the Austin Convention Centre.

Timeless Music Project would like to thank the sponsors / funders / partners: NorthernNet, Yorkshire Forward, Screen Yorkshire, UK Trade and Investment Yorkshire and the Arts Council without whom this work at SXSW would not have been possible. For more information on the initiative:


SXSW is arguably the most important US music conference for breaking UK music - helping to launch the careers of the Kaiser Chiefs, Amy Winehouse and Corinne Bailey Rae to name a few. Following the success of last year's event which showcased local acts the Wild Beasts, Sky Larkin, Rolo Tomassi, Talk To Angels and Paul Marshall (Lone Wolf) to packed music industry crowds, Timeless Music Project has (with the assistance of Screen Yorkshire and Yorkshire Forward) secured last minute sponsorship from NorthernNet in order to showcase Helmsley's One Night Only, Sheffield's Slow Club and The Crookes, Leeds bands Grammatics and Middleman at the prestigious British Music Embassy venue, Austin, Texas

Press people: for further information / photos contact Dee:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrated Jazz Vocalist Dena Taylor Releases Album "Certitude" Today


Austin, TX - DA Productions is thrilled to announce today's release of Certitude, the second album from jazz vocalist Dena Taylor. Combining jazz, country and easy listening, this compilation of standards makes a great addition for a dinner party or the soundtrack to a romantic evening with someone special.

Certitude is made up of 11 country-inspired jazz tracks featuring collaborations with an impressive roster of guest artists including Redd Volkaert (2009 Grammy® Award winner for Best Country Instrumental Performance) who contributes to the album's country influence and Texas Music Hall of Fame member Ernie Durawa (a jazz drummer who has played with the great bassist Gene Ramey, trumpeter Clark Terry and guitar masters Herb Ellis, Charlie Byrd, Pat Martino, Jackie King and Larry Coryell).

Four members of the highly regarded Rock/Americana/Jazz band, The Monstas, use their formidable talents on each track be it as bassist, drummer, percussionist or guitarist.

"I'm extremely proud of this album, and I'm looking forward to finally being able to share it with my fans," said Taylor. "I'm especially excited about having had the opportunity to work with such amazing artists."

Certitude has already been called "a wonderful addition to any music library" by and "an album definitely not to be missed" by Daybox Records. Reviewer, Rosana Caban, says, "This will easily be embraced by fans of jazz who wouldn't mind a bit of country in their lives AND fans of country who wouldn't mind a little jazz in theirs."

Taylor's first album, the award winning Round Midnight, was welcomed with rave reviews in 2008. Critics have applauded her as a "splendid surprise," and have said that "her performances are in a class of their own."

Listen to either of her albums and you can tell Taylor is comfortable and at ease with her music. She obviously taps into her personal experiences to breathe life & emotional depth into each song she sings whether it's a smoky love song or some swinging up-tempo, snap-your-fingers number.

In addition to providing her beautiful vocals on Certitude, Taylor is also a talented artist, having designed all of the artwork for the album. She is also a dedicated humanitarian, lending her support to a number of causes that support others who have endured adversity or are in the midst of their challenges. She is currently working with international recording artist Jonathan Emile to develop a cross-genre single that will be an Internet release, with proceeds benefiting The Ronald McDonald Houses in the U.S., as well as Coast-to-Coast, a Canadian non-profit organization supporting children with cancer.

Certitude is available for purchase on:, and as well as Taylor's official website,

Media Contact: DA Productions,, 321/243-6211

Monday, March 1, 2010

Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Press Release

By Michele Wilson-Morris

If you've taken the time to write a press release, then you obviously have news that you want to convey. It can be information about an EP or CD release, an upcoming performance, a tour announcement, a promotion within the company, or a variety of other things. Working with Mi2N and MusicDish gives me a somewhat unique perspective on press releases because I've seen hundreds if not thousands of them, and believe me, I've written my fair share. But there are certain mistakes that I've seen which tend to be rather common. And they are the journalistic equivalent of dragging one's nails across a blackboard.

#1: Grammatical Errors/Typos
As one who writes for my daily bread, I can't think of anything more irritating than seeing grammatical errors and/or typos in a press release (or an article, on a website, or anything else). Having a grammatical error or typo in your press release indicates that you are not well organized, articulate, attentive to detail, or just don't care. Remember, your press release is a reflection of who you are and your brand, just as much as it is about an event or news. Don't send the wrong signal to a professional audience, your target audience, by being sloppy.

Almost all word processing programs have a spelling checker, which will also display a grammatical faux pas as well. Once you've invested the time to write a press release, you've already done the hard part. The easy part is reviewing it for accuracy. And if you're just a terrible writer, be strong and realistic. Face the facts, invest the money and utilize a PR writing service like Mi2N-PRESS to do it for you. If you're still determined to do it yourself, however, ask someone else to look over it before submission. Other people can usually see mistakes that you might have missed, and you don't want the people who see them to be your target audience.

#2: Don't Believe The Hype? Don't Write the Hype.
Another error that people make when writing press releases is using inappropriate tone in their content. A press release is not an article. While it should be aesthetically pleasing and flow well, it isn't a review. Your objective is not to make people laugh. You may state factual details about your event, but saying that your upcoming performance is "going to be the bomb" or using adjectives and/or phrases that actually infer how great it will be is taking it a little bit too far. While you can certainly include statements from press, keep your opinions about yourself to yourself. If you need to "hype up your news," then use press quotes or reviews about past performances, tracks, or EPs. If you're addressing a promotion within a company, list some of that person's achievements and/or why they received the promotion. Let your performance or CD speak for itself. Bragging is not professional, and it is actually quite a turnoff.

#3: Inaccurate Information
If there's one thing I know, it's this. If I read a press release about an event - (let's just say a show at The Horse and Buggy Lounge, shall we), and the press release lists the event as occurring on Friday, March 12, 2010 at 9:00 p.m., but the gig is really on Saturday, March 13, 2010, I'm going to be pretty upset if I've taken my time to go see it. Get your dates right. Also, make sure your time is correct.

Here's another example. Let's say you're one of three acts performing at a venue one night. If you know that up front, and know that even though the show starts at 9:00 p.m., you will not actually perform until 11:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. is the time you should list in your press release. People who come for your performance should have the option of whether they want to sit through two other acts before seeing yours. If you still want to list 9:00 p.m. in your press release, then do that, but make sure that you list that as the time the event starts and give the name of the event as well. Then, list 11:00 p.m. as the time you will be performing. That gives your fans an option about whether they want to come at 9:00 p.m. and see the other acts, or wait until 11:00 p.m. to see you.

#4: I Don't Know, But You Didn't Tell Me
Another common problem with press releases is not providing enough info. If you have a CD that's coming out soon, I'm assuming the reason you're writing a press release about it is to encourage people to buy it. But while telling me when it is going to be released is a great thing, and I am eagerly anticipating that time, informing me about where I can purchase it is even better. If you have direct links your CD or EP for the online retailers where it will be sold, be sure to include that.

Always be specific. And if your press release is about a performance and you're not excited enough about it to include the place or time, I'm definitely not going to be that enthralled about trying to dig it up unless I'm a die-hard fan. But even that is a problem, as your true fans, the people who are already hooked into you are not the only people that you need to reach with a press release. You should be appealing to the stragglers, the foot-draggers, and people who are on the fence about what to do that night. And I can guarantee you this much - a talent promoter will not waste his or her time searching for details because there are just too many artists out there. You might be extraordinarily talented, but you're still one of many in the music industry pool of artists.

Here's another piece of advice that's critical: Always check any links (URLs) that you provide to make sure they are accurate. Once you've listed the link in the press release, copy and paste it into your browser and follow it to that page to ensure that the page that you want to come up is actually the page that comes up. Also, never use a link to a page that isn't ready to be viewed or is still under construction. Keep this in mind - the music business is a business, and unless you have some serious connections, have already made it big, or your last name is Jackson or McCartney, you're a needle in a haystack and need every advantage you can get to survive in it and be successful.

#5: It's A Snapshot, Not A Portrait
There are times when it pays to be fancy, and times when it doesn't. In my last article, "The Seven Essentials of Writing A Press Release," two of the things I talk about are "Less Is More" and "Spice Please". The first references that fact that people just don't have time to read all you care to write and then some. That's what books are for, not press releases. The second is related to the fact that your document should contain an URL for sound or a photo if possible, to entice the reader along with the words on the page. But don't overdo it and try to have flowers and rainbows and all kinds of "purty little thangs" on your press release. It will stand out like a sore thumb, but for all the wrong reasons. A press release is a business document and shouldn't bring to mind the words to "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story. Nor should it make someone wonder "who colored that"?

#6: Keywords: A Press Release's Best Friend
The internet and online marketing have revolutionized the way we do business these days. Understanding that is critical, because people gather a lot of their information through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing,, etc. These search engines use something called keywords or "tags" to display results for each query. PR companies who deliver news globally utilize their distribution channels to optimize your results by adding these tags or keywords to sites on which the press release will be distributed. So, the chances that a search engine will find your press release are dramatically increased. Just take a minute and think about what words you would search for if you were looking for news similar to yours. Got them? Congratulations - you are now the proud owner of keywords and tags.

#7: I Wrote It, Now What?
So now that you've written a thorough, polished press release, what's next? Do you just get back to the studio and start making more music? Well, that's a yes and a no. You see, a press release is written to evoke a response, and you have to be ready for that response. If you've listed contact information, then that person or entity needs to be ready, willing, and able to speak accurately and articulately to anyone who might call asking for additional information. In other words, the ultimate goal of a press release is publicity that translates into dollars, whether it's for a CD release, and upcoming tour, or whatever it is you're advertising. If you're winging it, just make sure you know that the job doesn't end with the press release. Make good decisions. Don't let your next door neighbor's barber's cousin Jethro be your contact because he doesn't happen to be working right now and can catch the phone for you.

Submit your press release to newswires like Mi2N, tweet about it on Twitter, and add it to bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon. If you have a budget, you might want to consider working with a PR distribution service, such as PRWeb or Mi2N because these can really amplify your press release by maximizing your search engine optimization because of their vast distribution networks. And last, but not least, be sure to share the press release with your industry contacts.

Next month, MusicDish will feature an article on press release writing that will be based entirely on our readers’ questions and/or comments. I’ll review and respond to your questions, so if you have any, now’s the time to ask. Send me your questions via twitter at @sydjusmom. I look forward to hearing from you.