Friday, February 26, 2010

Low Tech Red Neck Released To Radio


Michael Desselle (The artist formerly known as Molten Mike) has released a new single to radio stations worldwide through and

Both of these internet companys offer DJ's radio ready enhanced MP3 downloads for use in their programming.

"Michael has been holed up at ESP studios in Pinellas Park, Florida, the same studio that has recorded 5 of his award winning CD's." Said Randall Ierna, Publisher and Executive Producer.
"I am very pleased with the strategy we have of releasing singles in advance of his new full length CD "I'm All In" due out later this year.
We have already released "One Little Love", a Country Waltz written for weddings, "Thank a Soldier" a tribute to our Troops, and now "Low Tech Redneck" and "Goin'Back to Tennessee" as singles. Next to be released are "Some Cowgirls" and "That Old Time Music" continued Randall.

"I was inspired to write "Low Tech Red Neck" by all the "buzz" words associated with the internet age. This is a very funny, well crafted song that points out the ironies of being low tech in a high tech world. Everyone who has heard the song loves it and immediately starts singing along with the hooks." said Michael during a recent recording session.

to find out more about Michael Desselle, just go to

Radio DJ's can go to or to listen to a stream of the song and download it if they want to start playing it.

Michael Desselle is currently seeking represenation for his upcoming US tour.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Singer/songwriter L'illon Wins GrIndie Music Award On Debut Album


With the release of her highly anticipated, stylistically eclectic indie debut album Warrior Angel, Washington, D.C. based singer/songwriter L'illon does more than simply break genre and cultural barriers. She remarks, " I would like to set the beat with Lucid Pop for the next decade and beyond."

"L'illon is about to take the music world by storm," wrote Skope Magazine.

This multi-talented visionary artist forges a groundbreaking path into a dynamic new realm she has coined as "Lucid Pop"- a modern sound that blends classical, world and pop elements and creates a musical mood unique from any other.

ASCAP VP Ralph Murphy calls L'illon's music "really cool stuff".

Throughout the ten tracks of Warrior Angel, L'illon's compelling sound is intensely patterned, blending bass and guitar grooves, percussion rich beats, surprise string and wind riffs, and an emotionally powerful vocal presence that pulls it all together.

"L'illon's vocals are much like a chameleon changing colors to adapt to its environment, with vocals that range from sweet and innocent to sultry and dripping with sensuality." C.W.Ross

ROCKWiRED wrote "L'illon is a hauntingly sensual vocalist capable of switching from buoyant to serene in a moments notice."

From the fast, hip swaying opener "Love Story" (a song about possibilities and surprises that sets the exciting uptempo groove) to the more intense mystical title track and the enigmatic "Sweet Surrender," or the Lucid Pop tango "Tu Solo Tu" (that will get people dancing and romancing for hours), these songs create a musical vision focused on both today and tomorrow.

"Tu Solo Tu (Only You)" is a bonafide hit." NeuFutur Magazine

The world is quickly catching on and embracing the future of music as L'illon is creating it. The album has won a RadioIndy "GrIndie Music Award" (Independent Artist Music Award - Best New Music 2009) and "all" tracks from the album have hit #1 in 13 different music categories—totalling 23 #1s--on the influential music site . Warrior Angel has enjoyed steady airplay on a variety of international and US media outlets.

For more information or for a preview of "Warrior Angel," visit
Press kit available by contacting:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Acts Announced For EXIT Festival 2010


The Chemical Brothers, Mika, Royksopp, Crystal Castles, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Ricardo Villalobos, Moderat live, Josh Wink, Crookers, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Ed Banger's SebastiAn, Busy P, DJ Mehdi

Kicking off the new decade in style, EXIT is excited to announce the first acts to be confirmed for the 2010 edition of the festival.

Heading up the line-up for one of only three European Festival shows this summer is The Chemical Brothers, Their exclusive live shows have never been anything less than staggering and this time around with the promise of something very special up their collective sleeve it's bound to be one of their most incredible gigs yet! Also taking the stage by technicolour storm will be Mika, with his striking poptastic productions, Norwegian duo Royksopp with their beautiful melodic electronica and rising stars Crystal Castles and Does It Offend You, Yeah?.

The Dance Arena kicks off on Thursday with electro kings Crookers, Boys Noize and Erol Alkan. Friday sees the long awaited arrival of the don of techno Ricardo Villalobos, a highly anticipated show from Moderat live, and Josh Wink celebrating 15 years of Ovum. Sunday will be full of fun with Ed Banger's SebastiAn, Busy P and DJ Mehdi, with Saturday's line up and even more acts to be announced in the coming months! The Dance Arena is regarded by many as the best in Europe - if not the planet - and the experience of dancing with 20,000 people as the sun rises over the fortress walls is truly mind blowing.

Taking place from Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th July, in the magical Petrovaradin Fortress overlooking the river Danube, EXIT has a variety of stages to appeal to absolutely everyone, cheap food and drink onsite and the best campsite entertainment whilst bathing in the hot Balkan sunshine. EXIT festival ticks all the right boxes and is still the best value festival ticket around!

"We still can't believe that EXIT attracts such a great audience from all over the world and consider ourselves very lucky. Seeing so many people enjoying themselves at our festival over the years is truly mind blowing. We appreciate the support of all our fans and will continue to make the festival better each year. We've also had some amazing artists performing for us over the years and we are excited to offer another diverse and exciting line up this year." Says Bojan Boskovic, EXIT General Manager

EXIT is one of the most highly regarded festivals in Europe, being nominated for 'Best Overseas Festival' in the UK Festival Awards for the past 3 years and winning the coveted title in 2007. In addition EXIT was nominated for 'Best Major Festival' in the inaugural European Festival Awards that took place in The Netherlands in January 2010. Exit's 10th Anniversary was also one of the most spectacular events of 2009 with all advance four day tickets selling out in advance.

Launched 11 years ago as a student initiated protest against the communist Milosevic regime, EXIT has proved that music is a universal language that can connect and bring people together to make the world a better place. EXIT continues to evolve and bring like minded people together and although it gets bigger each year, the sentiment and unique vibe remains the same.

All early bird tickets at last year's prices have now sold out!

But don't worry as the standard price per weekend ticket is only GBP 85 until the end of May, then increasing to GBP 99 in June. So to get the best deal buy early and save!

EXIT & continue to deliver the best value festival ticket around, with pre event ticket redemption and fast entry through their own entrance.

Jan - May
4 day festival ticket only GBP 85+ b/f
Camping ticket GBP 20 + b/f

June onwards
4 day festival ticket only GBP 99 + b/f
Camping ticket GBP 25 + b/f

Buy tickets from;


"It was great honour to be back at EXIT Festival for the second time and play to the Serbian people. They made it something to remember for us , it has a crazy wild side that only very few festivals have. Bring us back again, we fukin' luv it. Come on!!!" The Prodigy

"It was an honour and a privilege to play such an important festival especially on its 10th anniversary. The crowd and the location were stunning. We hope we will be invited back." Love from Manic Street Preachers

"It was my first time in Serbia and didn't know what to expect, but the EXIT audience was amazing!" Lily Allen

"The EXIT festival stands as a monument to the trans formative power of people and music. Getting the opportunity to play and help celebrate the 10th anniversary is something that will stay with me forever." Damian aka Pink Eyes Fucked Up

"Playing for EXIT this year was something of a very special party and the way all the DJs got to play back to back was absolutely amazing! It gave the crowd something completely unique and very special for the celebration of 10 years of EXIT. I had an amazing time and thought it was absolutely exceptional the way the crowd stayed with us until the morning and had a celebration. I felt honored and proud to be asked to do this and I hope that I can get to play at EXIT a few more times in the years to come." Carl Cox

"EXIT was one of the most memorable shows so far this year for me, made even more exciting by playing with Adam Beyer which proved so successful. The crowd was amazing & the organisation as always was fantastic - love you Serbia, see you next time!" Eric Prydz

"EXIT is hands down the most amazing festival I have ever played at and this year was extra special because I got to play with my homeboy Justin Martin. It was electric and a memory that will stay with me forever" Heidi

"Once again EXIT proves to be one of the best festivals in the world!!!" Nic Fanciulli

For more information and press accreditations contact Nikki @ Global Publicity

Rachel McDonald: Bringing Back The Soul

By Jon Peritz
Rachel McDonald, a young new artist from Maryland, is gearing up to release her debut album, "The Return of Soul." This 18 year old high school student shows talent and discipline far beyond her years. Her conviction and dedication to her music combined with a seriously good voice will surely turn heads.

The first thing I noticed about Rachel McDonald is her rich sultry voice. She has a staggering range of tone and feeling in her singing. Soul is inherent in her sound, it is rich, plentiful and is woven into every fiber of every note she sings. McDonald has been singing since childhood. While she has no formal vocal training, she has a wealth of experience in church choirs and musical theater productions. "I feel that singing is something I was born to do," she relates. "I didn't choose singing, singing chose me."

The eclectic range of the tracks on "The Return of Soul," reflects McDonald's wide array of musical tastes from Alicia Keys to John Mayer. On the record, there are dance tracks as well as smooth ballads. "I love singing my heart out with ballads so I can really connect with the audience. But seeing those same people out on the floor dancing to my upbeat songs is just as enjoyable."

Rachel McDonald has a strong opinion of the state of today's music. She believes that over the last few decades, music has lost its soul, and she wants to bring it back. "Soul music to me," says McDonald, "is about singing from deep inside of you and being able to transfer what you're singing to people hearing the music." Her mission, as she describes it, is to bring the soul back to music. Her new album is definitely a booster shot in the arm of the music industry.

McDonald faced and continues to confront numerous challenges in the making of "The Return of Soul" and a music video for the single "Clenching My Pillow." As a young woman still in high school, McDonald says her biggest challenge is staying focused through school, recording, and filming while trying to maintain a social life.

Rachel McDonald - Clenching My Pillow (Music Video)

"For me, juggling school and working on my album has been the hardest thing about working in the industry. There are times when I've been on the set of the video until late and still had to do homework when I got home. Those are the really tiring days. Also, there are times when I've had to cancel commitments that I've made to people in order to work on the album and video."

As it is for so many young musicians, the realization that making music is more hard work and perseverance than glamour fell heavily on McDonald. However, this artist's remarkable resolve to spread her music to the world seems to have prevailed. McDonald balances her musical life with her passion for fashion, spending time with her friends and staying active in her church.

"The Return of Soul" dropped November 2009 on Redefined Music. The sultry ballads and upbeat dance tunes are a much needed dose of soul in today's music world. Even with her very first album, Rachel McDonald shows that she has strong talent and the determination essential for success in the music industry.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism - Architecture Finale Concert

by Eric de Fontenay, MusicDish*China (

On February 27th, the 2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism - Architecture: 'Bring Your Own Biennale' (BYOB) will be closing their project with music performances curated by Kung Chi Shing, in collaboration with William Lane (New Music Ensemble) and the BYOBiennale Curatorial Team. The concert will feature the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, which will also be performing as part of Closing Ceremony, SaxMax Saxophone Quartet, Wilson Tsang and Kung Chi Shing, Poubelle International and Unixx

What first drew my attention to this event were some of the bands in the line-up. I first discovered UNiXX through their Hong Kong label Lona Records, which we introduced in the MusicDish*China Sounds inaugural podcast. The few tracks I've heard from their sophmore album "7 Deadly Sins" has made this one of my Hong Kong band's to watch in 2010 - see for yourself with their track "Wasted" below, which was issued nearly five years ago, but finds new life in this album.

Wasted - UNiXX by MusicDish China Sounds

Coincidently, I only recently found out about Poubelle International which is launching their debut EP "Avec La Boom!" at Backstge on Wellington Street Central on February 26th. They'll be teaming up with great 'David Bowie Knives' who will support them on stage with their patented brand of 'Sex Rock.' Billed as "an insatiable night of indie mayhem", it will showcase live and multimedia art installations produced throughout the evening by Emily Eldridge and Jonas Lundin, as well as indie tunes spun by The Likely Lads from supersonic. Definitely check out their rockin' pre-release track 'The Sell Out,' which I'm sure we'll be featuring in an upcoming podcast.

But what really attracted my attention was the actual 2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture: BYOB seeks to envision a new model metropolis that uses social capital as the main driving force. While focused on urban planning and architecture, its core questions are perhaps even more relevant to today's music industry: "How is public culture defined? Who has the right to experience, conceptualize and control culture?" Whether it is the question of extending copyright terms or the role of DRM and file sharing, these two questions have been at the core of the debates that have and continue to shape the industry's transition to a digitized world.

So perhaps we could take another cue from the project's curational statement: "We seek to examine the issue of sustainability not only from a material vantage point but also from a social one." It's not just about the old rights and royalties arguments, not just about paying and who is getting paid. It is primarily about creating a sustainable model where all stakeholders - consumers, creators, industry - strive to achieve the spirit of copyright as defined by the U.S. constitution: "To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts."

Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Dealers: Live Nation - House Of Blues, Coming Showcase Results


Music Dealers is happy to announce that Live Nation has listened to all submissions and has picked the Top Ten Finalists to play in their exclusive February 25th showcase at the House of Blues!

The finalists are:
Joerg Kohring
Family of the Year
Kajmir Royale
Catch 22
Coco O'Conner
Verity in Stereo

Stay tuned to hear who they'll choose as the final winners for this contest- Music Dealers will be notifying the winning artist/band this weekend! Congratulations to the finalists and stay tuned for more opportunities coming up the pipeline.

about Music Dealers, LLC-
Music Dealers, LLC is a global music community focused on helping the best of Indie bands and breaking artists get their music heard for music licensing opportunities in movies, television, video games and more. promotional events are intended for helping artists to gain maximum exposure and to "put your music to work(tm)." More Music competitions, Music Licensing and sync-licensing opportunities can be found at

Artist and Press Contact
John Williamson

Ever Wonder Where Rap Instrumentals Come From


Music can be an integral part of many different things, ranging from "rap" instrumentals to movie and video game soundtracks. If you are a singer then you may want some interesting and unique music to accompany your vocals. Finding or compensating a band to assist you in original music can be difficult and expensive sometimes and you may be an excellent song writer but find yourself struggling with tones and how to create your own beats and musical scores. If you are serious about pursuing a musical career and can't seem to get a hold of a band or can't seem to gather the money to afford some of the more expensive instrumentals then you may want to consider using a "beat production studio" to assist you on your career path.

There are many different musical production studios around the world that will accompany you for a fee and can create custom tracks for you. Although it can sometimes be overwhelming both financially and mentally when trying to find a studio that best suits your tastes and styles. Luckily, there are many different websites online that offer "pre-made" tracks in many different genres that you can "purchase the rights to." This means that you can preview the instrumental track, and if you enjoy it you can purchase it and download it to your personal computer. This allows you to have unique and custom music without having to pay a massive fee for licensing and other legal issues. The song becomes "available" for use with your vocals.

One such website that offers musical scores is Built4Beats has a massive collection of different musical styles and tastes that can appeal to a massive array of vocal styles. Their easy to understand website interface categorizes all of their music by "type." This can help you to easily discover a musical score that best suits your singing style. For example, they have instrumentals that follow a "country theme" or a "pop theme" so you can mix your custom written vocals into the proper sound type. They also have many different rap beats and instrumentals that will allow you to "rap" your original vocals over them to create some custom tracks to begin your rapping career. Each song has a preview that allows you to listen to the song and also provides information like the name of the studio or individual that produced it, as well as pricing. Prices range according to many different things like "studio cost" and "length of the track" as well as certain things like "track complexity" and "popularity and style." One purchased, they offer a simple way to download the track onto your personal computer. From there you can burn your custom beats onto a disc for use with your recording and vocal software's. This provides a very versatile and easy way to get a hold of rap beats, pop beats, country beats, or many other kinds of beats and instrumentals through a direct download format.

Downloaded beats are not exclusive in use for just vocals. You can also purchase them for use in many different creative mediums. Perhaps you want a custom track to use with a new media website you created or you need a good set of beats for a new short movie or story that you have produced. These musical scores can help to add depth, emotion, mood, and style to your video game, movies, art, or any other type of creation that you can think of. There is no limit to the uses of custom tracks and beats and the ability to download them directly to your personal computer will cut down on the time required to record them into a usable PC format. Try whenever you are looking for music to help spice up any aspect of your career or creative life.

MusicDish presents: "Hours Without Mercy" by John Revitte

Listen To "Hours Without Mercy" on Faitilizer

Singer/Songwriter John Revitte has one of the most unique voices of today's new music. Paired with his guitar, he has a natural ability to construct tunes of folk, rock, and blues that are simple yet gripping. One of Revitte's most popular songs, "Hours of Mercy," coveys a tone that is raw and honest, and never hides behind soulless melodies or machine-built beats. This self taught guitarist's soulful vocals provide a strong, distinctive sound all his own while his heartfelt lyrics "hit home loud and clear" to a great number of his fans, a crowd that grows in devotion every day. Revitte's plentiful collection of songs can be found on several music sites, including Reverbnation and iTunes.

For more information, check out