Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pop Singer Cara Quici's Tribute To Madonna Gaining National Attention

Rising pop talent Cara Quici has been snagging well-deserved attention within the industry lately. This incredibly talented singer's recent photographic tribute to stars Madonna and Debbie Harry has been highlighted in hundreds of press outlets, getting Cara Quici some notable national recognition. Cara Quici is a strong vocal talent, making her a rare find in today's pop music market. Armed with her solid singing skills, stunning beauty and charismatic personality, Cara is primed to be the next big star of pop music. In her recent photo shoot that garnered national press, Cara pays homage to stars Madonna and Debbie Harry, giving fans a taste of her versatility. Picked up by major press sources such as CNBC, Cara's recent photo shoot has given her quite the national recognition. As a pop star on the rise, Cara Quici is unquestionably one worth looking out for, as this talented singer is only just getting started. For more information on Cara, check out: Cara’s Official Website Bridegroom & Bitney Public Relations is a Music and Entertainment Publicity and Marketing Firm based in Los Angeles, CA founded by Thomas Lee Bridegroom and Shane Bitney Crone. For more information, contact

Gary "G" Jenkins From Multi-platinum RnB Group Silk Presents New Single "I Love"

Gary "G" Jenkins, lead singer of the multiplatinum group SILK, has released his brand new solo single "I Love" from his forthcoming album slated for a Fall 2012 release. The single is a blend of traditional R&B with a new flavor transcending but not forgetting today’s music. Instead of trying to "keep up with the Jones’s" or to follow trends in the mainstream market, Gary is blazing his own trail. "Music and the arts are my life," Gary said, "so in paying respect to the late, great James Brown, I am positioning myself to become "THE NEW HARDEST WORKING MAN IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY". It only takes one listen to this dynamic track for you to realize that Gary is not only a phenomenal vocalist, but a multi instrumentalist (something that was not showcased by his previous works as the lead singer for SILK) and a seasoned writer and producer as well; and one who has decided to stay true to his art form while understanding that he is going up against other artists who are relying on gimmicks as opposed to pure talent to promote record sales. "Get ready" Gary continues "because THIS NEW DUDE YOU MESSIN' WIT' is taking you on a trip to a very exciting place and giving you a natural HIGH!" I’m already on board. Are you? For more information about Gary "G" Jenkins, please visit LIKE Gary on Facebook here: Listen at: Link for single on itunes: Link to AmazonMP3: #### ABOUT GARY "G" JENKINS Gary’s career began with the success of "Freak Me" and "Lose Control" from his band Silk's 1992 debut album Lose Control. Their career spanned the globe for nearly ten years, with more than five million records sold. The group gained national recognition with appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Live with Regis and Kathi Lee, MTV, BET, Soul Train, Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, Moesha, Showtime At The Apollo and Motown Live among others. Achieving international acclaim, Gary has toured throughout the world in such countries as Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France, the Netherlands and Germany) Gary also is an accomplished actor starring in Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion, What Men Don't Tell and Whatever She Wants among others.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Morning Sock Studios, The New Face Of The Music Industry Goes National

Morning Sock Studios has been quietly but swiftly taking each new market it breaks into by storm. Founders Curtis M. Gorlich and his wife Shawn Gorlich have been creating quite a stir in the music industry and are today announcing their national campaign. With their unorthodox business model, they are developing a cult like following which has been getting results for clients like Brent Byrd ( Brent stated, "You can tell they truly care about the success of my company. But what's most important, they understand what I'm trying to do. It's great to work with people who actually get it." With the current state of the music industry up in the air, most musicians are taking on the role of business owner. Seeing a need to provide the insight necessary to empower this new breed of musicians, Morning Sock has developed some cutting edge strategies. "With an over abundance of great music out there, bands not only need to sound good, they need to jump off the paper marketing wise. Right now everyone has an equal shot at making it. Labels no longer hold the power and it's a level playing field." -Curtis M. Gorlich President & Co-founder of Morning Sock. Whether you're a musician looking for design or merchandise services that create an impact or a talent buyer trying to find that next act to help provide an unforgettable experience for the fans, Morning Sock Studios is quickly becoming known as the company to turn to. Morning Sock Studios founders Curtis M. Gorlich & his wife Shawn Gorlich not only work in an industry they are passionate about, they run the whole operation from their sailboat Papillon. They are constantly on the move and are currently located in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida with corporate headquarters in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. With their full time staff scattered all over the United States, they have truly embraced the latest technology to change the way business is conducted while still providing one on one customer service. For more information on Morning Sock Studios, visit their website or to follow them on their sailing journey sign up at They are great people and would love to hear from you. Press Contact Curtis M. Gorlich 888.982.3332 ext.222

Local Texas Artist Deborah Wedekind Enjoys Top Honors on Singer Universe

Local recording artist and performer, Deborah Wedekind, who lives in the North Houston area, is currently featured with a photo, on the Singer Universe website's home page at:, as a National Top 5 Vocalist Finalist for January 2012! Her original song, "Psalm on Danny Boy", placed her in the Top 5 due to Deborah's beautiful vocals, haunting lyrics and unique arrangement. She also won a Top 5 spot nationally with Singer Universe in their December 2011 Best Vocalist contest, for her unique arrangement of "I Dreamed a Dream", recently made popular by British singer Susan Boyle. In Deborah's more Adult Contemporary version, she creates a stunningly beautiful counter melody in the orchestral strings which depict the longing and suffering of the lead character, Fantine, while creating a lighter vocal line that flows "…with much more of a Pop feel" than prior versions. Deborah recorded her CD, Clear Skies Ahead, which released in November 2011, with Producer, Troy Warren, Jr., at Absolute Sound studios in Houston. Troy ranks Deborah's CD as his top project in over 30 years of working in sound production. Since its release, here is what This is Kingwood has to say about Deborah: "...Deborah could and probably should be lumped in more with classic artists like Astrud Gilberto (Girl from Impanema), Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney and Lena Horne. She's that good. Her silky smooth voice stays somehow young and fresh while exhibiting a classically trained experience one can only gain from being, well, that good. If you get a chance to check out one of her local performances, do yourself a favor and make the effort, you'll be glad you did." Additionally, Deborah's original sexy-Latin arrangement of the classic, "Till There Was You", is currently in the Top 10 Latin songs chart worldwide, and on Feb. 19th, 2012, it reached #2 on the Top 10 Latin Jazz world chart. Her "Psalm on Danny Boy" also remains on Broadjam's Top 10 World Chart, and has been since January 2012. (Broadjam is a site for aspiring singers and songwriters music industry professionals and fans from around the world, and has many thousands of members.) Deborah is also excited to have been recently asked to be the lead female singer for the Billie Ledbetter Band and Orchestra, Houston's #1 Dance Band. This will give Deborah many more opportunities to showcase her talents and bring her unique vocals, arrangements and compositions to the greater Houston and South Texas area. Deborah Wedekind is available now for bookings, along with her world-class band. Please visit for an EPK, booking one sheet, or to hear her music. indieExtreme, with offices in Houston, TX, and Nashville, TN, represents musicians ranging from folk legend Judy Collins, to 7 year-old singer and Disney actress, Kaitlyn Maher. Deborah's Diva Prince Productions, is a client label with indieExtreme. The firm partners with INgrooves for digital distribution and marketing, along with providing label services such as marketing, publicity, social media management, management consulting, music licensing and online marketing systems to independent labels. To learn more about indieExtreme, please visit Website:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Incarcerated Rapper Big Tray Deee Pens New Fiction From the Pen - "Streetz Gon' Cry"

San Francisco - Many remember Tracey "Big Tray Deee" Davis as part of the legendary west coast rap group, Tha Eastsidaz, which featured him alongside Snoop Dogg and Lil Goldie Loc. The group gained platinum success with their debut album, "Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz." With his rap career cut short in 2003 by a 12 year prison bid however, many have long counted the former lyricist out of the game. But talent and perseverance are qualities a prison cell cannot easily contain, as proven with LeNoir Publications' debut release of "Streetz Gon' Cry," a gritty urban tale co-authored by none other than Big Tray Deee alongside another incarcerated gangster turned author, Anthony Barrow. "Streetz Gon' Cry" literally blends another component into West coast gangsta' rap, detailing the real life scenario behind the lyrics. Blazing in the trails of urban literary giants like Chester Hines, Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines, Tray Deee and Barrow present a street saga laced with drugs, murder, gang warfare and a cast of nefarious characters. With South Central Los Angeles as the backdrop, the authors convincingly elaborate with first-hand experience about what they know. "Streetz Gon' Cry" is a fictional account of the King Crips and the Vernon Boys, who have an on-and-off rivalry. Both sets have their vision locked on controlling the cocaine trade in the Crenshaw District. Protagonist, Carter, a notorious, ride-or-die hustler from the Vernon Boys, is fresh out of the state penitentiary and on a mission to reclaim the streets. During his absence, acts of betrayal have placed his hood on the brink of implosion. With his mentor, Wolf, directing traffic from behind the walls of a federal prison, Carter plots his ultimate takeover to assume authority of the street's illicit cash flow. Plot twists and turns pump and jump like the hydraulics on '64 Chevy cruisin' Crenshaw Boulevard. It's a ride that will make you buckle up and hold on. Growing up on the gang active east side of Long Beach, CA, Tray Deee started gang banging and breaking the law at a very young age, spending his late teens and early 20's in some of California's most violent high-level penitentiaries. Tray Deee started writing rhymes as a hobby in 1988, entertaining his homeboys with tales of gang banging and crime as they sat locked away in the penitentiary. His extensive vocabulary and clever wordplay made his songs stand out, and the encouraging response caused him to continue writing lyrics. That gift propelled him to fame as he contributed to major motion picture soundtracks, including "Gang Related," "Gridlocked," "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate," "Baby Boy," and "Rush Hour II." As an act, his group Tha Easidaz opened for the highest grossing rap tour in history, "The Up in Smoke" tour. Cites Big Tray Deee, "My rap skills are just the icing on the cake. As an author now, I can give my fans and readers an even clearer understanding of the underworld activities of the Wild West with much more intrigue and detail." Anthony Barrow became enamored with gang-banging and hustling early on, pledging allegiance to the Crip gang that controlled his neighborhood. His father was close friends with legendary Los Angles hustler Tracy Morrow aka "Ice-T." Anthony saw up close how crime "pays." His first hand exposure to several other street bosses fueled his thirst for cash and the finer things in life. During his teenage years he became part of a circle that executed daring bank robberies. His eventual capture lead to a lengthy prison sentence. Currently behind bars, Barrow was inspired to share his worldview about street life. "I am a fan of street lit," expresses Barrow, "but I have yet to come across a book that fully exploits what goes on in these mean L.A. streets. I lived it so I figured who better to tell the real deal." An introduction by JD of Ice Cube's legendary rap group "Da Lench Mob" brought Barrow and Tray Deee together and "Streetz Gon' Cry" was born. A highly charged, unapologetic tale fueled by two street savvy brains, "Streetz Gon' Cry" explodes with conflict, danger and suspense. Get your take on the action now at ! Watch the book trailer for STREETZ GON'CRY by Big Tray Deee and Anthony Barrow at Email:

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tony Adamo & Mike Clark: Groovin' High

Legendary drummer, Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) and the highly respected musician, trumpet player, big band leader and music arranger, Tim Ouimette recently completed the mix for vocal/hip- spokenword artist, Tony Adamo’s new CD at Ouimette’s recording studio in upstate New York. Adamo and Clark started this music project in the summer of 2011 after Clark recorded with Adamo on a new cover for Tower of Power’s “Soul Vaccination.” It was at that point a music alliance was formed between the two, and Clark became the music producer for Adamo’s new CD. Music industry insiders who have listened to some of the new cuts off this CD have commented that Adamo and Clark have come up with a fresh new sound in vocal/hip-spokenword laced with a funk musical attitude. Tim Ouimette said “This project is so original and bluesy groovin’ and is sending all the right messages. I am just really happy to be involved.” Tony Adamo is a Strokeland Record artist. Strokeland is owned by funk icon, Stephen “Doc” Kupka of Tower of Power. “Doc” Plays on Adamo’s new CD.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Lucy Angel on HGTV’s Interiors, Inc

Lucy Angel is kicking off 2012 with a bang like only Lucy Angel can. After touring the country in support of the self-titled Lucy Angel EP, 3 hugely successful singles, and 2 music videos which garnered worldwide attention, the girls of Lucy Angel are ready to get down to business. Country’s favorite mother-daughter trio is ready to take it to the top. And they are off to a running start… First up on the agenda? A Lucy Angel episode on a brand new series, on a national TV network, of course. Contrary to the popular saying, the girls are going big AND going home. Interiors, Inc ( is HGTV’s hottest new show ( The reality TV series features acclaimed Nashville designer Jonathan Pierce and his quirky and energetic design team and staff as they redesign rooms for Nashville celebrities. Other episodes include fellow Country musicians LeAnn Rimes and Danny Gokey. Pierce, a self-proclaimed Lucy Angel fan, re-designed Kate’s master bedroom in the Anderton family’s home in Franklin, TN for the episode. “First of all, I’m a fan of Lucy Angel. I find them not only talented on the stage, but also in the bedroom. Just kidding! Before we get too crazy – they have a great sense of style. They made the experience filming Kate’s Master Bedroom transformation a truly enjoyable one for me as well as for Pierce and Co. I loved giving Kate a safe haven from the crazy life they are all dedicated to. She’s not only an amazing woman, but an incredible wife and mother, and friend to me” says Jonathan. The episode, which will premiere Saturday, February 25th at 9:30 PM E/P, will also be the national TV debut of Lucy Angel’s brand new single “Cowboy Can” which the trio co-wrote with their producer Anthony Smith. HGTV cameras visited the studio when Kate, Lindsay, and Emily were recording the track to give fans a behind the scenes look at the making of this soon-to-be radio hit. “Cowboy Can” will be available for download from all good download sites February 24th. The show will also feature 4 songs from the group’s self-titled EP, including the singles “Only Woman Left” and “Serious”. And that’s just the start of it. The band has been writing and recording material for their new, full length album which is set for a 2012 release. “We’re so excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on” says Emily. “It truly is some of our best material yet, if we do say so ourselves” laughs Lindsay. Lucy Angel will be coming to you, one way or another, very soon. “Cowboy Can” will be released to radio this spring, a tour in support of the single and album is in the works, and contracts for a Lucy Angel reality show are being negotiated. On the airwaves, on the stage, or on the screen, you will be seeing a lot of Lucy Angel in 2012. And that’s a guarantee. ### For more information or to schedule an interview with Lucy Angel please contact Lauren Avallone: About Lucy Angel: LUCY ANGEL is the combined forces of Kate, Lindsay and Emily Anderton. A family band like nothing you have ever seen or heard before, Mom Kate and daughters Lindsay and Emily have taken their family harmonies and contagious country music all over the world. The trio’s new single “Cowboy Can” will be available for download February 24th. The full length album will be released later this year. Email:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Singer Katelyn McCarter Releases Beautiful Tune "Free From Me" on iTunes

Rising music star Katelyn McCarter has the attention of the industry. This bright, beautiful singer is establishing herself as a serious artist as she gains recognition for her strong vocal skills and poetic yet memorable music. As her career continues to take off, Katelyn has responded to growing demand by releasing her latest single, "Free From Me" on iTunes! Bringing a fresh sound to Christian pop music, Katelyn is a welcome addition to the music scene, infusing her songs with her charismatic energy and her deep-rooted passion for God, life and music. Her latest release, "Free From Me, " is a beautiful, soulful tune that sticks with you, making it one to replay again and again. "Free From Me," now available on iTunes, is getting Katelyn well-deserved attention, showcasing her exceptional voice and unique sound. With so much potential and passion, Katelyn McCarter is primed to be the next big star in music. Be sure to catch the latest single from this truly talented artist, "Free From Me," now on iTunes! To find out what Katelyn is up to check out the following sites!: Bridegroom & Bitney PR is a music and entertainment publicity and social media consulting firm based in Los Angeles, CA founded by Shane Bitney Crone and Thomas Lee Bridegroom. For more information, contact