Saturday, May 23, 2009

Local Music Vibe Launches National Network Of Local Music Communities

Local Music Vibe, the online service provider that will power a national network of local music communities, launches today in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each local site connects fans with live music in their community, while extending the reach of local bands and venues to a broader regional network. Iconic producer, and president of the San Francisco Chapter of The Recording Academy (, Stephen Hart, states, "Local Music Vibe's outreach to young bands and emerging artists, providing previously non-existent performance opportunities is too cool. They do more than merely report on the music scene, they become part of it."

Anyone who registers can instantly create free, custom pages for any aspect of the music industry they represent: band, musician, performer, venue or resource, such as studio, teacher, rentals, etc. Local merchants and corporations also benefit through targeted, interactive sponsorships, and advertising opportunities. User-generated content and a local focus enable complete coverage for ex-urban markets that are currently ignored.

Local Music Vibe is an extension of the wildly successful Marin Local Music founded by husband and wife entrepreneurs Dave and Shelley Champine. Since its launch less than a year ago, has dramatically improved live entertainment business by increasing attendance, improving awareness, attracting new fans of all ages, and creating exciting new events. Musicians have benefitted from networking sessions, self-promotion opportunities, and showcases. The secondary benefits to local recording studios, music stores, restaurants and bars are immense.

Brian Zisk, co-founder of The Future of Music Coalition and Executive Producer of the SanFran MusicTech Summit states, "What Marin Local Music has done for Marin's music community is incredible, and it is great that Local Music Vibe will now expand this work around the Bay Area and beyond. The sort of grass roots network which Local Music Vibe has built is poised to have significant impact as it expands around the nation."

Local Music Vibe also offers opportunities for entrepreneurs. A "Community Manager" in each location ensures quality and consistency while providing the human connection crucial to organize and energize the local scene online and in-person. This personalized, hands-on approach is unique among social networking sites and generates revenue from local events, advertisements, and sponsorships while fueling the growth for regional and national opportunities. A simple, but powerful technology platform makes it possible for one motivated person to transform a community of hundreds of thousands of music fans.

For more info, please visit

Friday, May 22, 2009

BMF Digital Releases Latest Stephen Michael Schwartz Album, When You Wish Upon A Song

Stephen’s claim to fame for the last twenty-five years is as member of the award-winning children’s performing group, Parachute Express. A group of three adult performers who write and produce original material for children and their families, Parachute Express is considered one of the finest in children’s entertainment, and was the first group to ever be signed to Walt Disney Records (Music Box Artist series). Stephen, as the primary writer for the group, has achieved many awards including First Place in the International Songwriting Festival.

Stephen’s latest album, When You Wish Upon a Song, is a collection of Disney songs that is loved by adults and children alike. “Imagine being set loose in a candy shop and told you can pick out any ten of your favorite sweets. What would you choose? That’s what this project was like for me. In this case, the ‘candy shop’ was the Disney music catalogue featuring some of the best-loved songs ever written,” says Stephen.

The album is a great addition to BFM’s already extensive catalogue of children’s music, and has just been released online.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Global Music Industry Looks To Asia For Passionate Consumers And Digital Innovators

Creating a unique Asian forum for the world's creative and technology industries, Music Matters -- The Asia Pacific Music Forum is attracting an exceptional high-level collaboration of global entertainment and technology business leaders to Hong Kong in June. And here is why:
* Almost 40% of Asian youth are listening to even more music than they were a year ago (Source: Synovate Music Matters Survey*)
* By the time Music Matters kicks off on June 2nd, there will be over 300 million broadband internet users in China -- a 42% increase in only two years. (Source: China Internet Network Info Center)
* There are over 350 million mobile subscribers in India. (Source: Business Monitor International)
* In 2008 China Mobile reported US$2.4 billion in revenue from mobile music downloads and ringtones alone (Source: JLM Pacific Epoch)

Music Matters participants will be showcasing, discussing and debating the latest innovations, trends and deals taking place in Asia Pacific whilst exploring the influence and impact they have on the global entertainment economy.

"It is an incredibly vibrant market out there and there are huge business opportunities not to be missed" says Jasper Donat, co-founder of Branded & President of Music Matters. "China's digital landscape is changing. Mobile opportunities, the introduction of 3G and the incredible success of online social networking services are all characteristics representing this exciting new playground for the music industry."

The global spotlight will also be on major transactions, such as the recent Google China/ collaboration, which will be at the forefront of discussions at Music Matters as the international music industry looks to realise the region's potential.

Joining the speaker lineup is Gary Chen, the man at the center of the Google China Music deal and a pioneer of the new digitally converged Asia: "200 million people are downloading music at one time and China is the second biggest advertiser in the whole world." says Chen, Founder & CEO, Orca Digital Inc. ( "Last year (the industry in China) was worth US48 billion. Every company, including Chinese companies, is spending their advertising budget in China." And it makes perfect sense, as Chen says "If you have 200 million people going to a site, lots of advertisers will advertise on a legit music platform, like Pepsi, Nokia, Armani, Ford, anybody!"

Business opportunities in Japan will also take centre stage as Music Matters drills down into the world's largest mobile music market (and second largest music market behind the USA). Kei Ishizaka, CEO & Chairman, Universal Music LLC Japan, and Chairman RIAJ, will be opening the conference with a keynote address followed by panel sessions in association with the MPAJ aimed at drilling down further into this trailblazing market. "We are delighted that Ishizaka-san has agreed to open Music Matters 2009." says Donat. "He is one of Asia's most influential music men and respect for his vision and knowledge goes deep into the very fabric of the Asian entertainment business".

The industry is rallying support in the face of a global downturn. Over 250 companies have already registered with over 80 sponsors, trade associations and media partners onboard "We're absolutely blown away by the attention, interest and support we are receiving from an industry who passionately regard Music Matters as their very own" said Donat. "Clearly music matters to an awful lot of people!"

The theme of the Music Matters programme this year is From Content to Context and all that lies in between. "From all sectors of the industry we're seeing a shift in focus from not just what people are listening to but how and where" says Donat. This shift is being examined by some of the music business's most influential names and industry heavyweights with the conference speaker line up including:

Major Record Labels:
* Kei Ishizaka, CEO & Chairman, Universal Music LLC Japan, and Chairman RIAJ
* Lachie Rutherford, President, Warner Music Asia Pacific, and Chairman of IFPI Asia Pacific Regional Board
* Richard Sanders, President of International, President of Global Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment
Michael Nash, EVP, Digital Strategy & Business Development, Warner Music Group
* Michael Paull, EVP, Global Digital Business, Sony Music Entertainment
* Rob Wells, SVP, Digital Universal Music Group International
* Sandy Monteiro, SVP (ASEAN), VP - Digital (SE Asia), Universal Music Group
* Ken Cheung, VP, New Media & Business Development, APAC, Warner Music Asia Pacific
* Kimitaka Kato, Managing Director, Universal International, Universal Music LLC
* Nobu Nakatake, SVP International Labels, BMG Japan
* Shridahr Subramaniam, Managing Director, Sony Music Entertainment India

* Haji Taniguchi, Managing Director, International Strategy & IP Strategy, Avex Group Holdings Inc
* Anthony Tse, CEO, Cosmedia Group
* Norman Halim, President & Group CEO, KRU Studios
* Simon Wheeler, Director of Digital, Beggars Group
* Song Ke (Michael), CEO, Taihe Rye Music Co Ltd
* Stuart Watson, CEO, SWAT Enterprises Pte Ltd

Publishers/Collection Societies:
* Ken Ohtake, President, Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc, and Director & Chairman of the International Commission, MPAJ
* Susanna Ng, Regional Managing Director, EMI Music Publishing Asia
* Bryan Lam, Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, BIEM
* Brandon Bakshi, Executive Director, Writer/Publisher Relations, Europe & Asia, BMI

* Jamie Cullum, Singer/Songwriter/Pianist
* Chris Dalston, CAA
* Scarlett Li, CEO & Co-Founder, Zebra Media
* Terry McBride, CEO, Nettwerk Music Group
* Tim Clark, Joint Managing Director, ie:music ltd, and Manager, Robbie Williams
* Jonathan Daniel, Partner, Crush Management
* Patrick Lee, CEO,
* Wei Ming, EVP, Beijing Gehua Live Nation Entertainment & Sports Co. Ltd
* Michael Hosking, Group Managing Director, Midas Promotions
* V.G. Jairam, Partner, Oranjuice Entertainment
* M.C. Jin, Artist
* Carl Choi, CEO, Catch Music Group, & Executive Producer, Plan C Group

* Mateo Eaton, Partner, Invention, Mindshare
* Umut Φzaydinli, Global Music Marketing Manager, Coca Cola Company
* Robert Campbell, Managing Partner/Creative Brand Strategist, Sunshine/M&C Saatchi
* Cheryl Calegari, Senior Marketing Director, Asia Pacific, Converse

* Bin Lin, Engineering Director, Google China
* Gary Chen, Founder & CEO, Orca Digital Inc. (
* Allen Guo, CEO,
* Elizabeth Schimel, Global Head of Music Services, Nokia
* Janice Lee, EVP, TV & New Media, PCCW Ltd
* Jay Kim, VP, Head of APAC Business, RealNetworks Asia Pacific
* Martin Blomkvist, Global Head of Content Acquisition & Management, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
* Ralph Simon, Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum -- Americas, & CEO of The Mobilium Advisory Group
* Rob Lewis, CEO, Omnifone Group
* Ruuben van den Heuvel, Head of APAC, Digital Music Retail, Nokia
* CheeK, EVP, Chinese Language Programming, Satellite Television Asian Region Ltd (STAR)
* William Bao Bean, Partner, SoftBank China & India Holdings
* Alvin Liu, Chairman, CEO, Executive Director, A8 Digital Music Holdings Ltd
* Marcel Fenez, Global Entertainment & Media Practice Leader, PwC
* Paul Smith, Head of Label Relationships, Nokia
* Paul Abfalter, General Counsel, CSL
* Ian Stewart, Head of Asia, Friendster
* Ayrton Zhu, General Manager, Digital Multimedia Department, Tencent
* Abigail Wong, Head of Music, Product Development & Infotainment, Maxis Communications Berhad
* Sissel Henriette Larsen, Director, Broadband, Internet & Services, Business Development & Research, Telenor Group
* Aenil Premji, Chief Marketing Officer, CSL Limited
* Antonio Park, CEO, Mnet Media Corp.
* Stefan Rust, Director, EXICON & Chairman Emeritus, MEF
* Neeraj Roy, Managing Director & CEO, Hungama Mobile, and MEF Asia Chair
* Yoshiaki Kudo, Founder & CEO, Digz, Inc. Group

* Kelly Cha, TV/Radio Host/Artist, Zha Zha Club
* John McLellan, Partner, Haldanes
* Susanna Lam, Research Director, Synovate
* Leonard Apcar, Deputy Managing Editor & Chief Editor for Asia, The International Herald Tribune
* Normandy Madden, Asia Editor, Advertising Age
* Gabriela Kennedy, Partner, Hong Kong, Lovells
* Kristie Nickolson, Of Counsel, Shanghai, Lovells LLP

This Is A Shakedown! CD Release Party

On Thursday, May 28, THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN! will celebrate the release of their debut album Love Kills (May 5 - Reversed Image, Unlimited) at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH. Joining them will be special guests Terry Urban, The Kick Drums, DJ Kosher Kuts, and Chip Tha Ripper.

Love Kills is a pulsing amalgam of electronica, industrial, punk, goth, and R&B, twisted into a sweet musical concoction spanned over 11 tracks. Their music video for the single “Circles,” is now available on YouTube -

Lucky fans attending the event will not only enjoy the Ballroom being shaken to its core by explosive electro-rock, but will receive a free copy of Love Kills with $8 admission. Nothing like a night of great live music capped off with a free CD!

The Beachland Ballroom is located at 15711 Waterloo Road. Doors open at 9pm.

This Is A Shakedown! TV Spot: CD Release Party

Reversed Image Unlimited LLC is a non-traditional, highly innovative record label featuring indie, electronic, rock and pop artists. Keep an eye out for new releases from THIS IS A SHAKEDOWN! Chuck Mosley (formerly of Faith No More), Adam Heart, Ghost Town Trio and more.

For more information, regarding this and other Reversed Image Unlimited releases, please contact Carol Kaye at

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Richard Jaymes To Release His Debut CD 'Dollar And A Dream'

Jaymes is also scheduled to appear live on's "Strategy Room" on May 19 and G. Gordon Liddy's syndicated radio talk show on May 21

His single "Dollar And A Dream" gets nationwide buzz with 28 radio adds; and "Dollar And A Dream" video launches on the web

Nashville, TN - New country artist Richard Jaymes will be releasing his debut CD titled DOLLAR AND A DREAM, also the title track single, nationwide on June 9. The video for the single was recently launched on his official website as well as myspace, Imeem, Ilike, Yahoo music, Youtube and worldwide distribution channels. Jaymes will appear on's "Strategy Room" on May 19; and G. Gordon Liddy's nationally syndicated radio program on May 21, performing the "Dollar and A Dream" single.

Generating nationwide radio exposure, Jaymes' "Dollar and A Dream" single has been added on 28 country, Americana and CHR/Top 40 stations, and the lyrical content of the song has been hitting home with fans. Jaymes addresses important issues in these times of economic turmoil, with "Dollar and A Dream" focusing on the pitfalls of corporate greed and "living beyond our means."

A native Floridian of Cuban and Cherokee descent, Jaymes, who wrote all of the material on the new 10-track country-rock CD, offers fans his raw musical talents as a multi-talented musician who also produced the album and played guitars, keyboards, banjo and percussion himself. The lyrical edginess Jaymes brings to his songs is complemented with an earthy, straightforward musical vibe.

For more information and to view Richard's video of "Dollar and A Dream" please visit

Day Of The Outlaw - Truckstop Rockers Take On The World

It is rare for a band to take the essence of what makes it great on stage, distill it down in a studio, and come out the other end with a truly great album... But that is exactly what Day of the Outlaw has done.

It may be only a year old, but here is a band ready to shake up the rock world. It has been causing a stir on the live scene and now it is ready to unleash a landmark album...

Day Of The Outlaw has a refreshingly simple attitude: It makes music its members like and they want to hear.

However, there is nothing simplistic about the incendiary debut album, 'Black Mountain Majesty', that these four sons of Los Angeles have just produced.

The album is a blend of the very best elements of classic outlaw country music and the hard 70s rock that inspired much of their youth. Yet 'Black Mountain Majesty' is an album that gives so much more than the sum of its parts. It is not just a mix of great influences but something fresh and exciting in its own right.

Songs like the hard-living 'Truckin' Country', the dark and dramatic 'Confessor' and the more contemplative 'Lost and Broken' prove this is a band who cannot be pigeon-holed.

Listen To "Confessor"

The band's ability to cross genres with ease and the musicians' love of good music of whatever stripe has seen Day Of The Outlaw craft a sound uniquely its own. It is a sound that will appeal to metal-heads, country fans, indie kids and anyone who loves great songwriting.

From the alt country legends Steve Earle, John Prine and Townes Van Zandt to rock gods Led Zeppelin and Hendrix and through to contemporary artists like the Raconteurs, all these sounds can be found on 'Black Mountain Majesty', but there is also something new and exciting in the mix that marks Day Of the Outlaw as a band for the future.

And if any more proof were needed, one visit to a Day Of The Outlaw live show should convince even the most hardened skeptic this is a band ready to make a big name for themselves.

The sheer unbridled joy of both musicians and audience as Day Of The Outlaw churn out their unique brand of what they label 'Truckstop Rock' is rare to see amongst today's manufactured, plastic pop.

Frontman Stewart Eastham, guitarist Spurgeon Dunbar, bassist Burke Ericson and drummer Cosmo Jones clearly love what they do. And so do their fans. You can feel the passion for the music both on this incredible debut record and at any venue lucky enough to host their unique brand of musical mayhem.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Country Ballad MP3: Molten Mike - One Little Love

Ladies, can you imagine having a song composed just for you for your wedding? I mean, most people who have formal weddings have to pick songs out from among the crowd of 'weddings songs' that are in style at the time. Not so for lucky lady Sparky Paradis who married Randall Ierna, the producer for country music artist Molten Mike. It seems that Sparky was among what I'm sure is a lucky few who actually had a wedding song written for her, and it is indeed beautiful.

Download Free MP3 of "One Little Love" by Molten Mike
Take a listen | Buy music from Molten Mike on iTunes

A simple and slow ballad, with traditional country music and female background vocalists, the track has some of the prettiest lyrics that I've heard in a while. Complex is not always better, and Molten Mike proves this as he sings a very heartfelt tribute to marriage in 'One Little Love.'

"Two little hearts, two little souls
One little love, one that will grow
One little smile, one little laugh
One little love, one that will last
One little plant, one little tree
One look from you is all I need
Give me your hand; I'll give you my ring
Give you my everything
My love, my love, my love."

The song has a somewhat Texan feel to it, but nonetheless, it certainly accomplishes its purpose. Not surprising since Molten Mike has worked with a number of well known artists such as BB King, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Aretha Franklin, Bill Wharton, Ray Charles, The J. Geils Band, Roy Rogers, Blind Willie James, and Patti LaBelle. Way to go Sparky!

- Review by Michele Wilson-Morris

Solo Cello with Rufus Cappadocia TONIGHT!

Solo Cello with Rufus Cappadocia
Tuesday, May 19 - 7pm
376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Watch Rufus Cappadocia's music video for his piece "Transformation" with dance Sheila Anozier

Rufus is one of the leading voices of cello today. His technique and musicianship inspire awe and critics have characterized his playing as "powerful and exploring territory that is positively otherworldly." Rufus plays a self-designed five-string electric cello that extends the bass range of the cello and through amplification expands its tonal possibilities. He has collaborated with musicians from the Balkans, Ireland, West Africa, Greece and the Caribbean. He has backed the great singers Aretha Franklin and Kasse Mady. He was at the core of the rhythm section of Urban Tap, a dance company he toured with extensively. Rufus can be heard on cd with Songs for Cello (solo cello) , Bethany & Rufus, The Paradox Trio, among others.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kerchoonz Live Episode 1 - Darnell

The wonderful mancunian act darnell performing a fantastic live set at kerchoonz Live #1 (House Of Rock Studios, Glasgow). 3 great songs from 2 really talented guys... Go Darnell!!

"Playing at the House of Rock studios was an amazing experience. We were so humble. We would say it was our best day ever in our journey within the music biz! Indianna Gregg was a fantastic host and Ian Marrow was just so chilled and very approachable. He was even willing to sit down and tell us some stories about his experience within the business." - Darnell

About Kerchoonz, currently live in beta and scheduled for official launch in June, is a revolutionary social networking site which allows musicians to upload their music and be paid for every stream and every download of their music. Bands can opt to offer their music either for free download, or simply allow it to be heard through streaming on the site with 'buy' buttons next to every track.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Juniper's Ron And Lisa Potter Announce Immediate Release Of New CD, Crazy Love

The new CD "Crazy Love" from Florida-based duo Juniper, is now available for purchase on the internet at itunes and amazon in addition to other selected sites.

The Crazy Love CD is a good reflection of music that comes from within. The vocals, performed by Lisa, create a sultry yet powerful sauce of sass and sex. "Lisa's performance is unique to each song," adds Eve Adams of ACM Records, Inc., their publisher and label. "Each song has its own voice and delivers a genuine experience."

Juniper vows that the Crazy Love project will turn you on to their music! Songs like "You Rock My World" and "Crazy Love" could certainly help keep everyone active. "Well, it works for the private workouts too!" Ron says with a grin, "I personally test each song before release into the wild." Songs like "Run Away" and "This Is My Job" feature a dreamy piano, while "Without You" and "Rejected" sure make it fun to tell someone off!

While Ron and Lisa would say they relate to the common folk, it's evident they both have a bent for the crazy. recently reviewed the new CD and had this to say: "Looking to stand apart from the crowd, Juniper has hit the mark. Unique in their Alt-pop, Industrial groove genre, they've developed a sound that can be definitely called their own. Completely self produced Juniper is the real deal. Indie to the end!"

To read more about Juniper and their new release, please visit and follow the links to purchase a piece of the craziness!