Saturday, January 28, 2012

D-Ash - Memory Lane

“Memory Lane” is a song that D-Ash dedicates to the life he lived without a father figure. The track has a traditional hip hop sound. There’s no hook just lyrics and he does a great job of getting his point across. His delivery is simple enough to be catch the ear easily but the words are complex enough to paint a picture of what he’s been through in his life. This is a very personal song to D-Ash and relates to what most kids go through now a days. Take a visit to the link below and give “Memory Lane” a listen for yourself. D-Ash Website D-Ash Music

Friday, January 27, 2012

Brent Byrd Tours...Til' The World Ends 2012

Florida acoustic touring musician Brent Byrd aptly titled 'The Peaceful Rebel Man’ will kick off his 2012 Til’ The World Ends Tour on February 1st beginning with a performance at Churchill’s Pub in Miami, FL. Byrd has been roughing it on the road to his dream, literally. Throughout 2011, Brent has been wearing out the tires on his 20' Coachmen RV touring the U.S. in support of his self-released CD 'Time To Start Livin'. He has been making waves across the country as an explosive live performer incorporating loops and acoustic instruments to create live improvised jams with a folk rock infused vibe. Byrd has most recently performed with Beverly McClellan from NBC-TV's The Voice at Flamingo Gardens annual Flamingo Fest in Davie, Florida. Over the years he has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many musicians to include Jason Mraz, Shawn Mullins, Uncle Tupelo (Jeff Tweedy, Jay Farrar), Thomas Ian Nichols (American Pie Movies), Velvet Revolver, Shinedown, Papa Roach and My Chemical Romance at Buzzfest XIV while touring with the band SuperDeluxe and Steve Ewing from The Urge as well as many other artists. Byrd currently resides in St. Augustine but grew up in small college town in east central Illinois. After graduating high school he traded in his guitar for an M-16 and set off on a 4 year hitch in Army. The experienced opened up his eyes to the problems and tribulations of the world which has become an inspiration for his songwriting. His music has been described as if Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix were jammin’ at a late night party and just before sunrise The Black Crowes and Bob Dylan showed up to add the finishing touches to an unforgettable evening of musical madness. During his 2012 tour, Byrd plans to descend on 11 states throughout the Southeast and Midwest wrapping up in April with a performance at The 48th Annual Ron Jon Easter Surf Festival in Cocoa Beach, FL before heading west. Brent says of his future touring plans, “I plan to keep on going until the world ends or the highway...then turn around and do it all over again”. Music link For more information, interviews and guest appearances please contact:}} Ph: (904) 599-5186 (904) 599-5885 {} Email: ###

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gerald Forrest's Series Returns to 'Give the Drummer Some' with DVD Release of "Shed Sessionz Vol. 3"

It was in the iconic 1967 song "Cold Sweat" that the late great James Brown notably called out, "Give the drummer some! Give the drummer some!" acknowledging the drumbeat, steadily in the background, as an instrumental force centering our musical universe. Well James Brown would be proud as veteran video producer/director Gerald Forrest, with the creation of, has proceeded to give the drummer some and more via his ambitious DVD releases entitled, "Shed Sessionz." A groundbreaking video series, "Shed Sessionz" features top drummers from around the world, along with their energetic drum chop performance techniques, drum lessons, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. With Forrest's latest release offering, "Shed Sessionz Vol. 3," he highlights some of the best drummers across the United States. Forrest originally came up with the concept for "Shed Sessionz" after developing the website, as a vehicle to pay tribute to the numerous musical contributions of generations of gospel musicians. His original vision was to educate the world about this inspirational art form and its history. The site has offered free gospel music education, lessons and content since 2005. Based on the reception and success of, Forrest got the notion to produce and direct his first feature drum video, "Shed Sessionz Vol. 1" (SSV1) in 2006. Featuring drumming prodigies, Tony Royster Jr. and Thomas Pridgen, never before had a full video production been devoted just to drummers in such fashion. The music industry embraced the concept. SSV1 became a global sensation, surpassing expectations with record-breaking web traffic and popularity. Building upon his vision, Forrest began to scour the country for additional talent while continuing to release free gospel music content and lessons online. In 2007, Forrest directed and produced the second edition in the series, "Shed Sessionz Vol. 2" (SSV2). With an all-star cast of world-class musicians from Los Angeles to Israel, SSV2 took off like a rocket, receiving high acclaim and stellar reviews in drum magazines, drum websites, and drumming blogs around the world. Mainstream media started to take note of this distinctive cultural phenomenon and musicians around the world responded by coining the classic phrase, "Thank you GospelChops!" In 2009, Forrest set out to expand the outreach efforts of GospelChops and appeal to an even broader audience. Shining his light on gospel bass players, he produced and directed an unprecedented bass performance/instruction DVD, "Bass Sessionz Vol. 1." Once again, the project broke new barriers in the music industry by bringing together the legends of gospel and jazz, garnering appearances by Grammy Award-winning jazz drummer, Peter Erskine along with Grammy nominated jazz pianist, John Beasley. Gospel bass legend, Andrew Gouche, also put his soulful touch on the project. The newly released "Shed Sessionz Vol. 3" (SSV3) profiles seven powerful drumming masters. The sessions are laced with intensity and passion as drummers Justin Tyson, Matthew Garstka, Tim Newton, Darion Ja'Von, Frank Fluker, Fred Boswell and Eddie Heyward chop it up with performances that once again bring the drum beat front and center. "Anyone even remotely familiar with the Black church recognizes that music is at the core of our worshiping and celebration. I created to pay homage to this fact. I wanted the world to have access to the beauty and creativity that is often hidden within the confines of the church sanctuary," expresses Forrest. "'Shed Sessionz' followed as an extension of that same thinking. The drumbeat, like gospel music, is at the essence of it all. It is what holds the rhythm, yet the actual drummer is often just taken for granted. 'Shed Sessionz' changes that!" A man on a mission, Forrest created the nonprofit corporation, GospelChops Foundation last year as another extension of his vision. The organization is dedicated to enhancing the lives of at-risk children in under served communities through music education. The Young Musicians Program, under its umbrella, is an after-school music-learning program in California, which has gained sponsorship from Marines Toys for Tots and the Google Corporation. Proceeds from the video series support the foundation's efforts. Catch the beat with Forrest and order the "Shed Sessionz" series now at Take at peek at the drum magic on YouTube. Email:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MusicDish*China Outlines Its Marketing Strategy At MIDEM 2012

MusicDish Founder Eric de Fontenay will be attending his 8th Midem conference in Cannes, France this month. Located at the Taiwan Pavilion, L3.19 Hall Lerins, he will be meeting with delegates from Europe and North America to outline the company's approach and track record in developing Westen artists in China. In addition, Shanghai-based This Town Touring in collaboration with MusicDish*China will be selecting one band from Midem 2012 to book on a 3-4 city tour, waiving their touring fees. Eric will also host a press conference and cocktail reception at the China Pavilion R02.01 on Sunday Jan 29th at 2pm to introduce rising new star and official Tudou representative at Midem, Ruhan. Music Marketing & Management In Greater China The MusicDish*China MIDEM one-sheet can be downloaded at Social Media/Digital Marketing Due to the Chinese government effectively blocking all the major Western social sites (Facebook, Twitter,...), it is imperative to build your social media presence through the main Chinese social media sites. This now involves real ID verification as well Chinese language communication. Supported by a fully-bilingual Chinese staff, we've built active social media profiles for MusicDish*China, reaching nearly 7,500 followers, as well as our artists on: - microblog/weibo sites: Sohu, Sina, QQ,.. - music/blog sites: Douban, IndieVox, AliveNotDead,... - video sites: Tudou, Youku, Ku6,... We regularly conduct social media promotions and contests in partnership with portals such as Mogo, Sohu and Ku6 as well as event promoters. Live Music & Events MusicDish believes that live performance provides the best opportunity for Western acts to build their brand in China, and our partnerships give us a particular edge in delivering. Since 2010, we've been partnered with MIDI Festival, the biggest and longest-running rock festival in China. We've also worked with other major festivals such as Jue (2012), JZ Shanghai (2011-2012), INTRO (2010),... These partnerships are reinforced by collaborating with event promoters such as Trash A GoGo and UndergroundHK. Digital Distribution MusicDish has partnered with a-Peer Synergy, a content aggregator and service provider that offers a "One Stop" solution for distributing and selling digital music and visual media in the Greater China market. Website: MusicDish*China Email:

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fan Funding now on, the one-stop for the new music industry is pleased to announce the addition of a new ‘Fan Funding’ platform to its already impressive suite of tools for unsigned & independent artists.

Now artists can create music projects for funding on a platform 100% dedicated to new music.

Funding on Whotune is unique in that it is the only funding platform that includes unsigned artist Radio stations, live webcam performances, music sales, extensive user profiles, Global Gig guide, contests, free apps, charts & much more!

Whotune Founder & Managing Director Karl George commented: “Traditionally artists have had to create funding projects on sites that have a focus on the broader community, not the music community so the music projects tend to get somewhat lost. On Whotune the funding platform is integral to all of the other tools & features we offer & music is the ONLY thing we do.”

The benefits of this integration are obvious: artists can promote their music sales and gigs, perform live webcam shows & direct fans to help support their funding project while they are there on the site discovering new music.

Artists can create a Project video which tells potential sponsors what the funds raised will be used for; this can range from recording a new single or album, video production, tour support etc. The artist then sets a target for the funding amount & a timeframe in which to reach the goal amount. They then create ‘Pledge’ levels, these can range from $5.00 through to $2000 & they offer different incentives for each pledge level. These can range from exclusive tracks to t.shirts, exclusive concerts or anything the artists thinks will create a fun pledge bonus!

Once the funding goal amount is reached in the time frame selected, the funds are drawn down via Paypal & made available to the artist to complete their project. If the goal amount is not reached No money is taken & the artist is free to try again.

For fans it is a unique opportunity to support artists & help their career in a very real & tangible way.

Whotune is fast becoming the number 1 destination for unsigned artists, Fans of new music and music businesses. Its suite of free tools for music promotion is unmatched and is growing rapidly, check it out on

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rising Country Star Tiffany Kuenzi's Single "Tonight" Is Causing A Buzz

Every now and then, a singer comes along that is really fresh yet that feels familiar, interesting yet simply relatable, and moving without becoming sappy. A gem such as this is a rare and welcomed treat for the public, and rising country star Tiffany Kuenzi is just that singer. Tiffany has been snagging attention and causing a buzz within the industry with her soulful, authentic country tune, "Tonight," and it is now available on iTunes! Tiffany's "Tonight” is a emotionally-infused country song with an unforgettable melody, carrying lyrics that pull the listener in. The song's playability has caused it to quickly climb charts and grab the attention of those in the industry, garnering praise such as that from The Radio Cafe radio show host Christopher Ewing: "I get thousands and thousands of song submissions for airplay, and this is one of the best songs I have gotten in weeks! [Tiffany's] got what it takes to make it." "Tonight" has not even yet officially been released, but is already being played on major radio stations across the U.S. and is continuing to bring in fans from all over the world, including France, Berlin and Tokyo. The song is so engaging and buzz-worthy that it has even scored Tiffany a coveted feature on The Kings of A&R website. With an overwhelmingly positive response to "Tonight" leading up to its official release, country singer Tiffany Kuenzi is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry. Check out Tiffany's website to learn more about this rising star, and be sure to snag her hit single, "Tonight," available now on iTunes! Bridegroom & Bitney PR is a music and entertainment publicity and social media consulting firm based in Los Angeles, CA founded by Shane Bitney Crone and Thomas Lee Bridegroom. For more information, contact

Chris Panaghi To Represent Cutting Edge And Music Catalog Of Liza Pesnell And William Zimmerman At MIDEM

Thunder Quest Records spokesperson, Sayaka Takeshita has confirmed that Chris Panaghi of DJG Productions will be representing the pop/rock band Cutting Edge and the band's two songwriters, Liza Pesnell and William Zimmerman at MIDEM 2012. As an indie band, Cutting Edge was the first indie band in history to debut two songs the same week inside the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot Single Sales Charts in July and August of 2011. The song "Without You" peaked at #7, while the song "If The Walls Could Talk" peaked at #11. Cutting Edge had five songs chart in 2011 and had other songs chart in the past 10 years, including "Every Time I Try", "Love Police", "It's Time", "Your Love Is My Oxygen", "Judas of D.C." and others. The band and its two songwriters, Liza Pesnell and Wiliam Zimmerman are thrilled that Chris Panaghi has agreed to represent the band at MIDEM. Representatives for Cutting Edge would not confirm or deny that the band has authorized Chris Panaghi to initiate negotiations with publishers, record labels and booking agents during MIDEM, but with the strong background that Chris Panaghi has in the music business, rumors are beginning to circulate that the band may be looking to leave their indie roots and consider other options. Mr. Jeffrey Beals, a Former Partner of the William Morris Agency considers it amazing that without a manager, booking agent, public relations firm or money, Cutting Edge was still able to chart 5 songs on U.S. charts, including two songs inside the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot Single Sales Charts. Mr. Beals also stated, "Cutting Edge produced all of this success without any radio airplay by Clear Channel Radio Stations or any other major radio network in the U.S." "I wonder how big this band would have blown up with airplay from the major radio networks like Clear Channel, support from a major label or even having some dollars to actually promote the band's is amazing." For more information on Chris Panaghi and Cutting Edge, check out the following links: Cutting Edge website On MSNBC Cutting Edge on Facebook Email: