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New Release: Project Zenit "Again" 12" (Ohm Resistance)

Artist: Project Zenit
Title: Again
Cat# OHM 35.1M
Release: OCTOBER 21 2014
Formats: Digital, 12″ Maxi-Single
Genre: EDM | Sub-genre: Vocal House
Similar Artists: TR/ST, M83, Gigamesh, Calvin Harris

What do you get when you add Timur Turisbekov, COOH/Balkansky's Ivan Shopov, and Ivo Christov together and let them write sincere, melodic electronica? The answer is Project Zenit, who have produced their first single for vinyl release, "Again".

Nominated for an EMA (Eurasian Music Award).
Playing on Russia's most prestigious TV station, Muz.
In rotation on many radio stations in Timur's home nation, Kazakhstan.
With a great video that includes a Jaguar getting blown up.

"Again" is a song of lost love revisited, and the ultimate sadness that will always follow with these types of visitations. With an easy access groove, innovative treated guitar, and synthesizers pumping funk and skying melody, "Again" is an amazing track worthy of its weight on vinyl.

Remixes on the platter come from Balkan techno/EDM producer Climaxim, an amazing industrial edit from the band themselves, and from elusive Corsican separatist/dub techno producer Svevo. Climaxim's take works the electronics and changes up the beat, while Svevo's re-run brings the track to 8 minutes, with a classic halftime breakdown and massive organ solo. The band rework is more spacious and dirty affair, using inventive technique to recreate the song structure in broken shards of aggression.

A great platter of electronic music on vinyl from Ohm Resistance, gathering big support on the other side of the world – a glimpse into (dare we say it), pop music, done as perfectly and infectiously as possible without being shrill. The first of several singles leading up to an album from Kazakhstan's Project Zenit.

About Project Zenit:

Project Zenit was formed in 2012 by Kazakhstan's Timur Turisbekov (formerly releasing on Ohm Resistance as Schecter) and Bulgaria's Ivan Shopov (Balkansky, COOH, Drumkid). Two long time friends divided by many countries in-between decided to unite into collaboration to explore different dimensions of accessible electronic music. In 2013 the team was filled out by adding the graphic designer and music producer Ivo ‘Kuker' Christov.

In 2014, the video for "Again" was nominated for a Eurasian Music Award (EMA). At the EMA ceremony in Almaty, Timur appeared onstage and performed. There has been an outpouring of support on Kazakh and Russian terrestrial radio for Project Zenit, in addition to having the video for Again in rotation on Russia's most prestigious TV Channel, Muz TV.

for press and radio inquiries, contact randall frazier

Sound Training Online Launches Exciting New Courses

Sound Training Online have scheduled the release of two new courses, covering Ableton Live and Native Instruments Maschine 2.0. Sound Training Online has enjoyed great success to date, by offering extremely high quality courses at affordable prices.
All Sound Training Online lecturers are active Music Industry professionals, who have built and maintained successful careers within the Music Industry. Using their expertise and years of experience, these professionals have created courses that teach a unique range of skills, so students can build a successful musical career of their own.

Sound Training Online lecturers focus on students as individuals, providing them with personalised feedback and guidance throughout their course. This enables students to greatly improve the quality of their productions, rapidly increase their workflow, and most importantly, realise their musical ideas.

Both Ableton Live and Maschine 2.0 courses are kicking off on October 13th, and the popular Logic Pro X course 'Electronic Music Production with Full Tilt' will also be resuming on November 11th. Further course details can be found below, with full course details available at Sound Training Online’s brand new Website -

Ableton Live with Martin Clancy

Ableton Live with Martin Clancy takes a comprehensive look at the main functions of the hugely popular software, Ableton Live. It is tailored for students who are new to Ableton and its aim is to quickly familiarise students with the software’s many features. Whether you are an aspiring Music Producer, or Live Performer, or would like to use it for DJ-ing purposes, this 4 week course will give you the start that you need.

The course is delivered by, certified Ableton instructor, Martin Clancy, who is a Dublin / New York based producer, musician, programmer and lecturer. Martin has over 30 years international studio experience and has collaborated with artists such as Stonebridge, Richard Morel, Chris Cox, and Dirty Vegas. He has also enjoyed considerable chart success, reaching the Top 40 in the Billboard Dance Charts with the Witness Protection Programme. Martin is also a co-writer and producer with the Irish / French indie electro band Classroom Battles.

Music Production in Maschine 2.0 with Will Kinsella

Music Production in Maschine 2.0 is a comprehensive 6 week programme that covers all aspects of producing music within Native Instruments Maschine 2.0 software. By the end of the 6 week course, learners will have created their own fully mixed arrangement, all within Maschine. The course also details how to integrate Maschine into an existing production setup. The course is taught from the perspective of the Maschine software, but also demonstrates how to use the Maschine hardware controller in order to effectively increase your workflow.

Music Production in Maschine 2.0 is delivered by Will Kinsella. Will was first discovered by Dave Clarke in 2010, and since then has grown from strength to strength. Over the past 6 years Will has studied spent a year under the mentorship of Matador (Minus) and worked as a House Engineer in both Temple Lane Recording Studios and Grouse Lodge Recording Studios.

As a producer Will has signed tracks to Kombination Research, Sleaze Records and Globox. He was also listed in Dave Clarke's top tracks of 2011 with "Kongo". Will presents Ceoltronic Radio for Ireland's national broadcaster RTE ( As a promoter Will has brought artists such as Jeff Mills, Joseph Capriati, Alan Fitzpatrick, Slam, Sasha Carassi, Cari Lekebusch, The Advent and Industrialyzer to Irish shores through his Equinox/Apocalypse Now projects.

Electronic Music Production with Full Tilt

Electronic Music Production with Full Tilt covers everything you need to know to start producing music using Logic Pro X. The comprehensive 12 week programme is taught by the highly-renowned dance music act Full Tilt, who help elevate your tracks to a professional standard. Full Tilt provide weekly personalised feedback and guidance on production-based assignments, and with over 10 years of experience producing electronic music, will help guide your initial track ideas into finished productions.

The Electronic Music Production Programme consists of two separate 6 week modules, Production 101 and Production 201. In Production 101 covers the wide range of production tools required to begin producing Electronic Music. Production 201 then practically applies the material covered throughout Production 101, in order for you to create a fully produced, mixed and mastered track of your own.

Students have the option of creating a Remix of an existing track, or an entirely original production. Throughout the module, Full Tilt create a full production from scratch, giving you unrivalled access to the in-depth production process from start to finish.

So, if you want to lift the production quality of your music to a professional standard, and rapidly increase your workflow, then the Electronic Music Production Programme is for you.

Sign-up in October to receive a 10% discount for ‘Electronic Music Production With Full Tilt’

Candela's New "So Natural" Video Is A Tropical Car Ride With A Beer-Induced, Bonfire Ending

Candela Music is an Electro-Pop band influenced heavily by Latin HipHop and Electronic elements that uniquely blends spontaneous fun and energetic melodies. Monyo, Mikey and Pepi Candela met while working at a restaurant when they suddenly learned that they all shared the same passion for creating danceable music.

"So Natural" is their new single and video inspired by their love for the beach and for hanging out with friends. René Pedrosa, who has also directed videos for local bands like Foglia and Los Niños Estelares, directed the smooth tropical video and wanted to point out how innate it is for Candela to grab a guitar and sing around a bonfire while enjoying the chill environment. We see how they ride their sexy convertible down the street enjoying the local sun and sandy beach while they slowly take over a comfy area for a cool night around the fire. It just takes you in so perfectly that you just want to jump in on the fun!

Watch "So Natural" video here:

Candela gained recognition in 2013 for composing the catchy jingle for the extremely popular company, Groopanda (similar to Groupon in Puerto Rico). This track was played all throughout theaters in the Island, the main TV stations and local social media channels.

Currently, Candela is working on releasing their debut album, performing and expanding their musical abilities. Expect more from this Electro-Dance group and stay tuned to their Facebook page for updates.

# # #

For more information please contact:
Sonovibe Records ( – 787.565.1719

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fantom Of HipHop Has Arrived.

The Fantom of HipHop has arrived.

The Fantom, who infamously also goes by J.Scar, is a Haitian-American rapper, songwriter, record producer, director, writer, and actor from Brooklyn, NY. Best known for his notoriously soulful lyrics and persuasive anthems, The Fantom is preparing for the release of his debut EP, ‘Don’t Judge Me’ fully produced by one of New Jersey’s hottest producer’s, Fresh of Fresh Productionz, in fall of 2014. Born Jean Lodescar, Jr., in Brooklyn to Haitian parents and raised in Queens, J. Scar has always used lyrics to tell stories, expose truths, and, most importantly, inspire anyone who will listen. Although his talent for the microphone began at a young age, he at first only pursued it as a hobby for friends and family, while tirelessly attempting every job out there, from fireman to engineer. 

Still, The Fantom kept on writing, fleshing out his thoughts, hearing them take 
rhythmic shape in his head. His path was inevitable. Eventually, he had no choice but to acknowledge that his true calling was the stage, and when he did, he found that his experience in the workforce had left such an indelible image on him that it became the crux of his frustration in later writings and desire to promote change through his music. 

As an award-winning, Meisner-trained actor, J. Scar has performed lead roles in plays like A Raisin in the Sun, Antigone, and Romeo and Juliet. His resume also includes films and solo productions, most notably his 2010 portrayal of Toussaint Louverture, a former slave and the leader of the Haitian Revolution. 

The Fantom is also a poet. In fact, all of his songs start as poetry, a skill he honed when he ruptured his kneecap and had to spend an incredible amount of time either bedridden or undergoing physical therapy. During that period, he put about 40 poems to music. Since then, his work has landed him in the NY Daily News, the PIX11 Morning News, and countless newspapers, websites and indie blogs profiling his music, his mission, and his rise to recognition in a short span of time.

Where there are people ready for a change, J. Scar is always ready to perform. He is driven by a passion for the spoken word and a genuine yearning to leave an uplifting mark on the lives of those who need it most. For The Fantom, every song is an opportunity to reach new and eager audiences ready to listen to his words, move with his music, and respond to his message.

 So get going, get listening, and get Scar'd for Life.

Drifting In Silence - Desire (Labile Records)

New Release Seeking Reviews and Airplay

Artist: Drifting In Silence
Album: Desire
Label: Labile Records
File Under: Electronic, Ambient, Industrial
Release Date: October 21, 2014

About Drifting In Silence
Drifting in Silence is the name of a longstanding ambient industrial musical project undertaken by multi-instrumentalist and composer Derrick Stembridge. Stembridge chose the name as "a description of the feeling evoked by the music," intended to create the sensation of movement through regions of light and shadow. Stembridge has described the music of Drifting in Silence as "post-ambient."

The sound of Drifting in Silence is characterized by layered ambiences driven by groove rhythms, and punctuated by instrumental riffs and snatches of concrete sounds. Individual tracks range from meditative tone poems to high-energy groove.
As musical influences behind Drifting in Silence, Stembridge cites Robin Guthrie, Brian Eno, Harold Budd, and the music of Skinny Puppy, among others.

About Desire
Drifting in Silence has always been about layered sound set against driving rhythms. In Desire, the rhythms themselves add a layer of ambience. Long-time listeners to Drifting in Silence will immediately note a greater emphasis on instrumentation in Desire. The trademark layering of sounds and multiple ambiences is still the defining feature, but Stembridge has felt free to let melodic lines take the forefront, as is most evident in the title track, weaving together to make rhythmic as well as ambient structures.

Recent Press
“A soundtrack for an epic sci-fi film that’s yet to be made—the synth-soaked grandeur of Blade Runner meets the big-beat swagger of The Fifth Element. Unlike a lot of “ambient” albums, it simply never gets boring. Synthesist and composer Derrick Stembridge is a master of his craft.” – Keyboard Magazine

“In the end, it doesn't matter if your eyes are closed, on the floor, or looking up to space, as long as you're hearing the music.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“Often brooding and filled with unraveled texture, Drifting In Silence presents a string of various reflections that are unique, captivating and likely to emit pensive patterns of thought.” – Igloo Magazine

Randall Frazier
helmet room recordings

Monday, September 29, 2014

Chicago Artists And Activists Unite To Promote Community Healing

The Electro Reggae Jam community in collaboration with the Free Write Jail Arts and Literacy Program, is pleased to announce the first in a series of events designed to bring together and mobilize local musicians, artists and activists. On Friday October 24th Electro Reggae Recordings will host a night of live Reggae, Dancehall, Global Bass and EDM (electronic dance music) at the Double Door. Together we will take a stand against the unjust correlation of our musical culture with the perpetuation of urban poverty, racially charged violence, and the disproportionate incarceration of blacks and browns.

Based in Chicago, Electro Reggae Jam is born of a collaboration between MC Zulu of Foreign Exchange (FEx) and Cosmos Ray of Simmer Down Sound. We believe that as the electronic dance music scene has become increasingly commercialized, certain of its divisional undertones (namely violence, misogyny and homophobia) have been highlighted, and even exploited for economic gain. Our purpose is to highlight the strands the reggae genre has woven throughout the current musical tapestry, and create a space of inclusiveness and celebration. Our priority is to embrace all branches of the respective genres and to showcase them under one roof. Our hope in so doing is to transcend divisions based on race, age, orientation and class, and to serve as an oasis for community building.

October 24th’s Electro Reggae Jam features: South Rakkas Crew (the originators of electro-dancehall), Fada Dougou with Akasha, DJs Rad Brian, Kinky P, DJ NewLife, DJ Ringo. Electro Reggae Jam’s lineup bridges the gaps between musical cultures that have become segregated in both Chicago, and the world at large. In so doing, we demonstrate that soundsystem culture is not just a reappropriated dance craze; its roots lie in liberation, activism and community work.

A portion of profits from the evening will be invested into the Free Write Jail Arts & Literacy Program. Executive Director Ryan “Searchl1te” Keesling will also be making a DJ appearance. Free Write was born in July of 2000, in the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. Activists provide one-on-one literacy tutoring, creative writing and visual art workshops for detained youth. Anthologies of student writing and art are published by Free Write. There is also a music production segment in which Keesling takes the most pride. Their work is displayed public lyrics in galleries and at other events. Electro Reggae Jam will have a space available to display the work of Free Write artists at the event.

Electro Reggae Jam stands for the preservation and enhancement of the cultural function of our music, and the promotion of artistic and commercial progress. We believe that to achieve these goals, the communities that have traditionally been the ones making the music should also be empowered to control its production and distribution. The collaboration between Electro Reggae Jam and Free Write on October 24 is the embodiment of these principles, and represents the first step in the generation of a new and vibrant community focused on the celebration of Reggae, soundsystem culture and their modern iterations, as well as the Caribbean cultures from which they are born.

For more information: |

Rachael Sage's Blue Roses Out On Nov. 4, Key US & UK Tour Dates Added

It’s an ideal example of pure pop perfection…Sage is both captivating and compelling, with a gift for crafting mainstream melodies of the heartfelt variety. If justice does prevail, it ought to elevate her to that much-deserved pop plateau.” - Blurt Magazine

New York, NY: Indie’s best-kept secret is finally revealed to a larger constituency on her new album, Blue Roses, set for a November 4th, 2014 U.S. release date. In the meantime, the soulful and melodic new single “English Tea” – debuted earlier this month by Elmore Magazineand swiftly gathering steam at both Triple A and College Radio – is sure to whet your appetite. Last month, another track from the album, "Happiness (Maddie’s Song)", was featured on the hit Lifetime® TV show ‘Dance Moms’, accompanying breakout dance star, Maddie Ziegler. Here's a link to Rachael making a surprise guest appearance on the show:

Described by Billboard Magazine as “the stitch between the great rock and pop traditions of the past” the new album Blue Roses is a collection of songs about the impact any single person can have upon the destiny of another. Sage has spent most of the last two years trying to channel evidence of compassion into her creative output.“These are incredibly confusing, chaotic times we’re living in, and the older I get the more vital it seems to me to document unabashed, wholehearted empathy wherever and however I can as an artist.”

Rachael Sage plays more than a hundred fifty gigs annually with her band, The Sequins, and has shared stages with Marc Cohn, A Great Big World, The Weepies, Shawn Colvin, Sarah McLachlan and Judy Collins. She will be touring throughout the U.S. and UK this Fall in support of the release of her new album, which features a duet with her mentor and friend Judy Collins, as well as guest appearances by members of Daft Punk, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith’s bands.

Exclusive Link To The Single:, Media Page and for more information visit

For press inquiries or a copy of Blue Roses,
give us a shout or visit our Media Page
Melanie Rodriguez // 212-481-7243

Rachael Sage Assets:
Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram
Official Website | Media Page


U.S. & UK Tour Dates:

26 // Savannah, GA - The Sentient Bean
27 // Charleston, SC - King Dusko+
28 // Birmingham, AL - Moonlight On The Mountain

5 // Chicago, IL - Uncommon Ground on Clark
6 // Milwaukee, WI - Anodyne Coffee
7 // Seattle, WA - High Dive
9 // Portland, OR - Mississippi Pizza
10 // Los Angeles, CA - Genghis Cohen
16 // London, UK - The Troubadour
17 // London, UK - Cadogan Hall*
20 // Glasgow, UK - Royal Concert Hall*
21 // Manchester, UK - Bridgewater Hall*
26 // Llandudno, UK - Venue Cymru*
27 // Cardiff, UK - Millennium Centre*
30 // Hamden, CT - The Outer Space

1 // New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
6 // New York, NY - In-Office Performance @ The Orchard
15 // Waukegan, IL - Genesee Theater#
16 // Santa Fe, NM - The Lensic Theatre#
23 // Vienna, VA - Jammin Java

16 // Chicago, IL - City Winery%
17 // Milwaukee, WI - Shank Hall%

6 // Binghamton, NY - Bundy Museum

MARCH 2015
3 // Redruth, UK - Regal Theatre&
4 // Weston Super Mare, UK - Playhouse Theatre&
5 // High Wycombe, UK - The Swan&
6 // Kettering, UK - Lighthouse&
8 // Hayes. UK - Bech Theatre&
9 // Ipswich, UK - Regent Theatre&
11 // Basingstoke, UK - Anvil&
12 // Guildford, UK - G Live&
13 // Eastbourne, UK - Congress Theatre&
14 // Newark, UK - Palace&
16 // Inverness, UK - Eden Court &
17 // Motherwell, UK - Concert Hall&
18 // Dunfermline, UK - Carnegie Hall&
19 // Buxton, UK - Opera House&

+ w/ A Fragile Tomorrow
* with Rhydian Roberts
# with Judy Collins
% with Mary Fahl
& with Aled Jones
For more information on Rachael Sage, please visit:

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Patrick Joseph's New Album 'Moon King'

Patrick Joseph hails from Pittsburgh, PA and honed his skills as a singer/songwriter in the local pub & club scene. With the desire & ambition to perfect his recordings, he moved to LA and recorded & produced his debut LP Antiques. This initial project was met with immediate success securing multiple placements in TV and film, including NBC's The Office, ABC's Happy Endings, CW's Gossip Girl, NBC's Chicago Fire MTV's Friendzone, FuseTV On Demand, and select tracks from the album featured in various feature films such as The Boys Of Abu Ghraib (2013) and Desecrated (2015).

Over the last several years, Patrick Joseph has played around the continent from the Sundance Film Festival, multiple appearances at SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX, CE Cutting Edge Conference in New Orleans, to the NXNE Music Festival in Toronto, CA and CMJ in New York. Joseph has toured relentlessly during that span all over North America and Europe.


Pulling influences from Tom Waits to Radiohead to Elliott Smith, Joseph creates a collection of songs that compose an impressive soundscape, further demonstrating his skills as an important producer and songwriter in the indie singer/songwriter genre. Moon King was recorded and produced largely in a solo effort, but unlike his debut LP, Joseph recruited the talents of his touring band to help capture the sound and feel that makes up the beautiful chemistry of the recordings.


“I like the grit in his vocals and the songwriting is very strong. Nice to see that he gives as much thought to the lyrics as to the instrumentation. That he did this all himself

makes this doubly impressive.” -Doug Brod, editor, Spin Magazine

"He probably wrote a song about every feeling anyone has ever experienced — big or small, infamous or secret" -Seraphina, Buzz Bands LA

"The album includes "Arsonist Blues," a song that landed him an offer from Original Signal records and has him sounding like the grittier, spiritual successor to Jeff Buckley's throne."

-Angelo Lorenzo, The Deli Magazine

Michael Tallerico


Blachawk Records Signs New Distribution Deal With The ILS Group Via Its Arrangements With Caroline/Universal Music Group

Blachawk Records announced that they have signed an exclusive worldwide distribution with Independent Label Service Group (ILS) via its sub distribution arrangements with Universal Canada /Caroline/Capitol/UMG. Blachawk Records CEO Anthony Ratliff plans to release the new single "Don't Give A.."by newly signed pop artist Nishay who starts her China tour in October 2014, the new single "Body Work" by Hip-Hop/R&B artist Ms. Marvelous & a highly anticipated compilation CD called Diamonds In The Rough Vol 2 which has new song features from Beanie Sigel & Jazz from the group hit R&B group Dru Hill. The singles are scheduled for a late October release and the CD is scheduled for Early November.

About Blachawk Records:
Blachawk Records is a full independent recording label founded in Washington, DC May 2006. Blachawk Records was started as a promotional company and then evolved into a recording studio as well as full independent label. Blachawk Records has acquired an impressive roster of talent including Pop artist Nishay, Hip Hop artist JL, Hip Hop Gotti Monroe, Hip Hop/R&B artist Ms Marvelous & Hip Hop artist P.O.T.T. Anthony Ratliff played a key role in the label’s success during his 6 year career as owner and head producer. He has also worked with several mainstream artists such as Cassie, Lil Scrappy, and Beanie Sigel to name a few. Not to mention his work with other producers like Tim Gatling from the R&B group Guy. This label has the talent & push to take their artists to the top of the charts!

About The ILS Group:
ILS offers worldwide and/or by specific territory distribution via its sub distribution arrangements with Universal/Caroline. The role of ILS is to provide third party labels and significant self-represented artists a turnkey solution to the best possible distribution, marketing and promotion with optimum results. ILS is closely partnered with the top independent press, radio, and publicity agencies worldwide which can be tailored to augment our in-house services on a project-by-project basis.

About Caroline:
Caroline has re-launched as a full-service partner to the independent label and artist community. Born of the DNA of the successful EMI Label Services division and building on the 30-year tradition of the historic Caroline Distribution (one of the U.S's largest independent distribution companies), Caroline has recently defined itself as a successful service company for artists and labels such as ATO Records, Dine Alone Records, Hopeless Records, Welk Music Group, Mute, Slash, Tyrese, Raekwon, Five Finger Death Punch, Alter Bridge and others. Now Caroline has recently expanded to provide full services including Branding, Synch, Promotion, Marketing, Online and Tour Publicity and more.