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Monteal's Francisco Cream Are Psyched To Continue As A Two Piece Band And Plan To Record A New Album

Canadian indie rock and folk band, Francisco Cream, drops down to a duo and reworks their sound in an effort to gain exposure and fans in the US. As they continue to promote their previous EP, the band will soon be hard at work on the follow-up.

Dateline: Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Friday, May 24, 2012. Francisco Cream might have been feeling like they were spreading themselves a little too thin when they slimmed down to a duo from a trio. That's OK, the band doesn't mind a little adversity. With the streamlined, two piece line-up, they immediately got busy incorporating the change into their existing sound and they're determined to gain more fans and exposure, especially in the US. They'd like their music to be exposed to more industry people. as well, as they make plans to record and release their next album.

Francisco Cream is Bea Keeler on guitar and vocals and Foster Marshall-Medeiros on percussion. Their music and playing styles are influenced by bands like White Denim, Laura Marling, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Static Jacks. They have been compared favorably to fellow Canadians, Tegan and Sara, although exact comparisons to other bands are hard to do with these two. Francisco Cream played Canadian Music Week in 2012 and have opened for well-known Canadian bands, In Medias Res, The Coppertone and Paper Lions. They've toured southwestern Ontario and won almost 30 hours of recording time by competing in battle of the bands.

Bea is the songwriter and lyricist of the group. She draws lyrical inspiration from her own life experiences of failed love and struggles with addiction and depression. "I sometimes find it challenging to write about things I don't know about because I want to make sure I don't sound like a phony," Bea says, "but it can be just as challenging writing about things you are very close to, because even if it's a common issue, a narrow point of view can impede the audience's understanding. It needs to be accessible for a wide range of listeners so they can relate to it."

The short-term goals of Francisco Cream, at least in the next three months, are to increase their fan base in the States and to start work on the next record. They plan to finish their next EP by the end of 2013. Their current EP, (simply and accurately titled "EP") is available for free on BandCamp and through Physical copies are available from the band for $5 at their live gigs.

You can check out YouTube for the band's videos "Summer Teaser" ( and "Intro/Brand Me" (

Their next show is tentatively scheduled for June 22 at the Skeleton Park Music Festival in Kingston, Ontario.

Francisco Cream has recently signed with (Wifi PR Group) as a client. Company Info: WiFi PR Group, Los Angeles, CA.

About Francisco Cream Music:

EP Released: August 2012 (Independent)

Official Website:

Official Facebook Page:

Official Twitter Page:

Official YouTube Page:

Official MTV Artist Profile:

Tony Adamo Radio Stations Airplay/ May/June 2013

Radio Stations that are hip to Tony Adamo's "Miles of Blu"

WHFC Desert Island Jazz on Pure Jazz Radio 91.1FM

MORNING JAZZ hosted by: Alan Rock

May 21, 2013 WUCF - FM

WNMC 90.7 FM/Tony Adamo's song Miles of Blu added

Tony Adamo's BBQ/MILES OF BLU CD/Written by Tony Adamo Mike Clark Playlists and musings from David Golden at WPKN 89.5 in Bridgeport, CT.

JAZZWORKS hosted by: Bob Studebaker and... Helen Wigger

May 27, 2013 WUCF - FM/Tony Adamo Miles of Blu Miles of Blu Random Act

KTRJ Rhythm & Jazz Radio/Plays Tony Adamo

cool jazz, r&b/urban, soft rock

MORNING JAZZ hosted by: Alan Rock/Tony Adamo Miles of Blu/WUCF 89.9

KCSM Jazz 91 the San Francisco Bay Area Jazz Station is now playing songs from Tony Adamo's Miles of Blu CD.

Jazz After Hours is a late night jazz radio show hosted by Jim Wilke/2:25:42 - Tony Adamo - Miles of Blu - Miles of Blu - Random Act

2:29:38 - Miles Davis - Miles - Cookin' at The Plugged Nickel - Columbia

Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist - Monday, June 03, 2013 � 11 am - 2 pm Pacific

Streaming 24/7 � Live Broadcasts Monday through Friday

Tony Adamo / Don抰 Change Horses / Miles Of Blu (Random Act)

Tower Of Power / Don抰 Change Horses / Back To Oakland (WB)

Music that fits multiple formats at WWSP Jazz/Vocal/Spoken Word/6/1/13

3 Tony Adamo � Miles of Blu � Random Act Skeal-Records Funk

ESB RADIO/6/1/13

Top 3 Artists: Lee Ritenour (12), Tony Adamo (12) & Larry Carlton (11)


Emmy Wildwood Releases Debut Single and Video

Emmy Wildwood approaches synth pop from a punk perspective in her debut single "Chick Chick Boom (Tired Of Love)." The title of the single refers to the sound of loading and firing off a gun, and even though the lyrics suggest otherwise "it all expired/ i am so tired of love," Emmy抯 voice is strong and focused.

Stepping into a new realm sonically, Emmy's grunge punk past (fronting critically acclaimed rock trio VELTA) still lingers in this emotional pop outfit produced by Tomek Miernowski (Darren Criss, Mos Def, Outasight). Starting with "Chick Chick Boom", Wildwood and Miernowski have crafted an array of dream pop heavy hitters for Wildwood's first solo project - all built around a 70's Linn drum Machine and lo-fi electric guitar demos cut by Wildwood herself. Deep chord progressions played on vintage synths, seamlessly fill out the arrangements.

"Chick Chick Boom (Tired of Love)" fuses a pop sensibility akin to Robyn's "Dancing On My Own", with layers of Stevie Nicks and Dirty Minds era Prince. Vocally, Wildwood showcases her rich dynamics of warmth and vulnerability as often as her bright powerful belt. Stylistically, the lo-fi music video incorporates self-shot iPhone footage of Wildwood in her own apartment, mixed with director, Chris Carlone's own vintage footage from the 90s, resulting in footage very reminiscent of MTV's first season of The Real World.

Also the founder of Tiger Blanket Records, a small record label and vintage store based in Williamsburg Brooklyn, Wildwood has been revered for her music, fashion and business sense. Time Out New York named her one of New York's most fashionable of 2013, due to her unique style.She was also applauded for her work as a leader in the musical community, hosting label showcases for unsigned Brooklyn bands and printing limited runs of 7 inch vinyls. Emmy has been featured in September抯 music-themed issue of Vogue Italia in 2012 and her band VELTA was featured on NYLON Magazine抯 December mixtape along with the band Fun. VELTA has also worked with TV On The Radio抯 Kyp Malone for their single, "Let抯 Get Married".

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Catching Up With Tony Adamo The Miles Of Blu Interview! Part 1&2 @CriticalJazz

If there is a hipper cat on the planet than Tony Adamo, I would love to meet him! A recent conversation with Tony follows:

Critics label artists because it's so much easier than having to actually "think" about the artist or where they or their music comes from. so who is tony Adamo?

T.A. "I am a man who leads his life with great respect for others and demands respect in return. I have lived my life with that idea as the forefront of my existence. I have lost the friendship of musicians and producers because they did not respect the direction my music was going in and wanted to consistently change it to their liking. Mike Clark believed in my music and respected its unique newness. In the music world many people say you have to earn your just dues to earn respect. This outdated way of thinking just does not lay right with me. No matter what profession you are hip to in life, if you come up with a new hip way to write something, (song, play, movie, novel, invention) on the first take, you have my respect. There are those who think that in order to earn your just dues one needs to take years to be successful. I just don't dig that concept. On the first take is what I am all about!"

Hip spoken word may be the most accurate description of your art. Tell us about the record and where you wanted to go. I sometimes use the term beatnik poetry as your words seem to embrace what's happening today be it music, politics etc...

T.A. "The thought and direction behind MILES OF BLU (MOB) took shape many years ago. I had no idea this would be a new genre of vocal/hipspokenword. Many of the lyrics I wrote from MOB were made up in studio as I was recording. My free form hipspokenword flow turned out to be better than the lyrics I had originally written. Dig this Brent, Mike Clark to this day has no idea that I started in music as drummer. While playing drums, congas, or other percussion instruments in various bands I belonged to, I would hear words in between the licks I was putting down. I was not hearing singing, but whole sentences of spoken words between my drumming notes. I never knew what beatnik poetry was until my early twenties. When I tried to dig Kerouac and all the heavy beat hipsters, their beatnik poetry was not jiving in my head. I had to come up with my own voice without being influenced by the great beat poets, Kerouac, Ginsburg and LaMantia. I stayed away from listening to Mark Murphy's spoken word and Gil Scott Heron's political sayings. About the only cat I really dug was not a musician at all. Lenny Bruce's comic delivery set me on my path. His timing and endless free thinking riff delivery on the spot, inspired me. An example from MILES OF BLUE would be "The Power of Funky Madness." Mike and his crew laid down the music tracks for "Funky Madness" without my vocal hipspokenword. That track collected dust for six months. Mike finally ended up adding horns and guitar in studio. Mike asked me if I had any lyrics yet. I said something like "Bro I have it covered" and told him to let the music roll. What you hear is a free form riff that came to me in the moment. I was being vibed across my creative mind by Mike's drumming. The Texas Shuffle he was laying down was my guide for the hip words that flowed from me. The recording of my vocal hipspoken word on "The Power of Funky Madness" was done in one take. I have no idea where the words came from. When I finished recording I had to listen to the playback in order to write down the words because I could not remember what I said. Oh yeah baby!"

Producer/drummer and all around nice guy Mike Clark carries some serious weight. What was the most important thing mike brought to the table and what did you learn as an artist from working with him?

T.A. "What Mike brought to the table was friendship, all encompassing friendship. Mike chants and I meditate daily. This bond of what we do different, but the same, brought enter peace and knowledge to the MOB project. Mike and I were digging the same groove consistently. I came up with a new way to say the same old thing and Mike wrapped his jazz, funk creativity and deep drum playing around my new concept. His leadership and dedication to this project brought it all together. I learned that Mike is a supreme producer in seamlessly managing the musicians and the music on MILES OF BLU."

Continuing my rap with Tony Adamo from part one :

I like to move past the traditional role of tossing out random opinions and promote artists that at least to me have something different to offer or may simply be a voice society needs to hear for a variety of reasons.So let me flip it, review the reviewers. what is your take on critics? are they simply bottom feeders caught up in the industry andr do you think in general most of us could step up our game a little?

T.A. - "Some of the critics of my music in the past I feel have used generic templates in writing reviews. I came across this way of reviewing while digging music reviews in music publications. One critic in particular wrote one review on my WHAT IS HIP CD and years later on my MILES OF BLU CD. Though both albums are so different from each other, both reviews sounded somewhat the same. It seems like some reviewers do star inflation reviews on a legendary jazz artists. For example the legendary artists CD may not be up to par but just recycled cuts from past albums and they get five stars. Those same critics can be mean spirited to a new jazz artist or musician whose work in not well known but may far outshine a legendary jazz artist. The new musician receives three stars. I see too many opinion reviews based upon a critics personal music tastes and not complying with the music genre they are reviewing. What I find to be the most troubling is being reviewed by a non musician with no working knowledge of recording or working on stage. In saying this, do music critics who have a background in music and play and instrument write better reviews? Man I don't know! It is all square to me man. Don't get me wrong Brent, there are as many great music critics as are there a bad ones."

Hip spoken word can trigger some preconceived ideas for a lot of people. if you can shatter any of these stereotypes what are they?

T.A. - "First off my vocal/hipspokenword in not purely spokenword. I intertwine vocal and hipspokenword into a new genre. My vocal/hipspokenword is more accessible to radio than just coming out with a CD of spokenword backed by a jazz trio. It encompasses jazz, funk, pop, acid jazz and adult listening all laced together by vocal/hipspokenword and the stellar musicians that Mike Clark put together for MOB. When the listening public and music directors and program directors hear spokenword they tend to stay away from it because it can sometimes be an uninteresting and mundane delivery from spoken word artists. In MILES OF BLU I captivate my audience by being a storyteller of jazz history, politics and life in general. My hope is to have the new generation of listeners get hip to our rich jazz history."

Finally, What artists do you listen to and perhaps draw from when considering your art?

T.A."I always like to say I am never influenced but inspired by Tower of Power, Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters with Mike Clark, Organ Jazz Funk Trios, Acid Jazz, Latin Jazz, James Brown, house music."


I want to thank you for giving me this interview opportunity. Bro it has been a great experience getting to know you. You are by far the hippest music critic I have come across. I dig you to the most man!


Many thanks to Tony for his time and friendship during this process

Not Tonight Josephine To Release New EP, COMMON GOLD, Tuesday July 9th

"I'm running out of things to believe in; that's why I keep dreaming," sings Danny Garry on "Don't Let Go," the collective deep breath Not Tonight Josephine take in the middle of their powerful new EP, COMMON GOLD. From within an industry built on dreams � and known for tearing them apart � it's maybe an obvious sentiment but one sure to inspire listeners to dream, and sing, right along with the band.

The new EP, out Tuesday July 9th, was recorded and produced by James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Paramore, Go Radio, Further Seems Forever) and is the first release featuring Garry and guitarist Scott Vallina. They join founding members Randy Ayers (drums) and Evan Foley (bass/guitar) in crafting quite a different Not Tonight Josephine sound � one tougher and edgier than ever before. As hopeful as it is angered, COMMON GOLD is sure to grab the band new listeners and will certainly make current fans take notice. They'll find there is now more brawn, more heart and more brains on display from the band. A few sneak preview videos can be found on the band's website at

Says Ayers, "We definitely set out to not repeat ourselves and it turned out that that meant writing the heaviest things we've done while also writing the most mellow NTJ parts yet." That broader musical spectrum, combined with the emotive lyrics and delivery of Garry, mean this 18 minute EP plays more like a full-length as the band takes every opportunity to make sure you're really listening. From the A Day to Remember pop-core of first single "Common Gold" to the post-hardcore noise that ends "Alpha Dog," these five songs proclaim loud and clear that this band is not letting up any time soon.

"This EP is what happened when we decided to write the songs we wanted to write; not write the songs that would be expected," says Foley. Maybe taking a cue from Garry as he declares in "Messenger": "I'll never know my fate unless it finds me;" these songs are strong evidence Not Tonight Josephine isn't looking to follow a particular path anywhere.

COMMON GOLD releases Tuesday July 9th � "Common Gold" lyric video debuts Monday June 24th

Formed in Tampa, FL in 2008, Not Tonight Josephine has spent the last five years deftly navigating the rough terrain that comes with being an independent rock band today. They've written and recorded two EPs and a full-length while touring the Midwest, East Coast and Southeast. They've shared the stage with bands ranging from A Day To Remember, Silverstein, and Anberlin to Sick Puppies and Drowning Pool (among many more) and have worked with two acclaimed producers � Brett Hestla (Framing Hanley, Dark New Day) and most recently for the forthcoming EP, COMMON GOLD, James Paul Wisner, whose work with Underoath, Paramore and Go Radio attracted the band in search of defining a new sound.

For all press and media related inquiries -

For booking - Evan Michaels @ M7 Agency - - 941-444-9672 //

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Indie Singer And Songwriter Travels To Paris To Perform At Alhambra Concert Hall As Well As Montmartre

From the streets on Reunion Island to Paris, France, indie singer and songwriter, Emma Shaka, has grown in popularity over the past year and for good reason. Audiences have been stunned with the quality of music Shaka writes and sings as well as how energetic and captivating her live performances are, so it is not surprising that Emma Shaka has been asked to come to Paris, France to share her art via music.

On June 16, 2013, Emma Shaka will perform at the prestigious Alhambra Concert Hall in Paris. At Alhambra Concert Hall, Shaka will be participating in the Zic Me Up contest. As one of the most popular music competition for unsigned artists, Shaka will perform a small set for the national final. Zic Me Up is often referred to as a 搕alent booster� and includes a panel of judges made of notorious music industry professionals. The panel includes professionals such as Warner, French television network representatives, radio station hosts, as well as publishers and tour managers.

Emma Shaka had originally sent her submission just for fun without any hope of being selected, especially since she and her band is not from the area. Being selected for Zic Me Up is a wonderful and surprising honor for Shaka and is ecstatic to perform at Alhambra Concert Hall on June 16. Fans and supporters donated funds for the band to be able to travel to Paris, which covered 90 percent of the trip cost. Shaka and her band are truly grateful to have such wonderful support. Out of 8,000 bands, 30 were selected to perform at Zic Me Up, which is another huge honor for Shaka and her band. The event will take place from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 pm on June 16 at Alhambra Concert Hall. To support Emma Shaka and her band, fans and supporters can go to to vote for Shaka.

Following the Zic Me Up performance, Emma Shaka will perform on June 18, 2013 at Le Soleil de la Butte at Montmartre. This event takes place in the heart of Paris and is a wonderful opportunity to educate Parisians of Emma Shaka抯 unique music variety.

Shaka抯 musical style is unique and her live performance engagement with the audience is incredible. Providing hypnotic rhythms and dynamics unlike other artists, Shaka captures audiences with her lyrics, sound and voice. Emma Shaka has come a long way from the small island of Reunion Island and is now ready to storm the streets of Paris with her band, fans, and supporters.

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MusicDishTV Presents Zombies, Texting And Mayhem In Barry Keenan's "UUU Yeah U"

Capitalizing on the recent zombie craze, singer/songwriter Barry Keenan released a deliciously ridiculous music video poking fun at the zombie apocalypse trope for his single "UUU Yeah U". Released via his official Youtube account, the music video is a demented visual and aural delight.

The music video follows Keenan as he relentlessly texts to a girl of his affections, completely oblivious to the zombies and mayhem around him. Shots of zombies and news reports on the impending apocalypse are interpolated in between shots of Keenan tapping cluelessly on his phone. Amidst the chaos, the band performs while fighting off zombie hordes. The insanity climaxes at the song's break, with the zombies clapping and dancing to the music and the band fighting them off with their fire-spitting instruments. High-octave, crazy, and cheeky in the best way, Keenan's MV is great, hilarious fun.

"UUU Yeah U" is an adrenaline pumping rock song with strong riffs and pounding beats. Keenan sings energetically about his longing for texts from the girl and his screechy, powerful vocals fits perfectly with the melody.

Barry Keenan started started recording professionally at the age of 15 and already attracted his first major publishing deal when he turned 19. A multi-instrumentalist, Keenan has worked as a producer and a recording artist. As an artists, his songs have received commercial radio play on major radio stations like KROQ and KLOS.

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AIMP LA Chapter Presents A 6/20 Luncheon Panel With Special Guest Producer Ken Caillat, Author Of Making Rumours: The Inside Story Of The Classic Fleetwood Mac Album

The AIMP is proud to welcome Ken Caillat, the renowned engineer and producer of the Grammy-award winning, classic 1977 Fleetwood Mac album "Rumours," as the special guest of this month's LA Chapter luncheon panel, which will be moderated by Phil Gallo, senior correspondent of Billboard Magazine. Ken will be discussing the making of this album, sharing behind the scenes stories, accompanied with personal anecdotes and "outtakes" from the making of this album.

Ken will also be signing copies of his book, "Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac", which can be purchased after the panel. Each book sale will entitle the purchaser to a raffle ticket and a chance to win a Fleetwood Mac Rumours Deluxe Edition (4XCD, DVD, LP) Box set.

The non-member luncheon price is $53 and includes your choice of 4 entrees plus parking.

For more info, or to register online, please visit the website.

Hearts In Notes' Single "Dusk Song" Is Progressive Triumph

Hearts in Notes, led by veteran Michael Thomas who returns after 25 years of hiatus, releases their debut album, "Dusk Song". The lead single, also named "Dusk Song", can be streamed online.

A true progressive music delight, "Dusk Song", employs a wide variety of instruments that somehow blend in the most incredible way. Hearts in Notes have a knack for finding the perfect progression of chords that will bring a fuzzy feeling to anyone's chest. With a mix of classic instruments like piano and cello and contemporary instruments such as electric guitar, it is hard to understand how this unique mash-up works, but it absolutely does. The five minute composition is nothing short of a work of art filled with passion that is so rare in today's music scene.

Hearts in Notes marks the return of Michael Thomas, a veteran of Boston's progressive music scene, who departed from the scene 25 years ago to pursue a career in Information Technology. Filled with energy and excitement, he returns to music with this new project.

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Switchback's New Album "Kanoka" Just Released

It all started about 30 years ago after a long of day of painting. Brian FitzGerald went up to the attic of the house he was staying in, picked up his guitar, and came up with a riff.

After nearly three decades of floating around in his head, Kanoka emerges in June as the latest release from Switchback, comprised of FitzGerald and his longtime musical partner Marty McCormack.

The boys in Switchback think of themselves as a duo who play "Celtic Soul and American Roots." However, on Kanoka the pair have left their Irish roots behind and crafted an honest to goodness American album.

Augmented by the pedal steel work of Grammy Award-winning multi-instrumentalist and producer Lloyd Maines (whose daughter Natalie is the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks) and the big-sky country harmonica work of Howard Levy (a founding member of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones), Kanoka is a vagabond's journey aboard a boxcar across the heartland of the United States.

But Switchback are not your ordinary vagabonds. Rather, FitzGerald and McCormack craft tales of pensiveness, observation, and reaction, stopping along the way in such out of the way locales as Van Tassel, Wyoming ("Van Tassel"), somewhere north of Salina, Kansas ("Pour Me"), and Boonseboro, Kentucky ("Rope as I'm Riding").

And what of the title track "Kanoka"? Where is that? Because if you Google it, you won't find it on any map.

"The way I see it, it's like a state of being," McCormack said. "It's a way of attaining your bliss. There's an Irish word, tir na nog, which is sort of a place where everything gels.

"The album is about that, in the sense that it takes you through a mythical timeline in life," McCormack continued. "There are various aspects of emotion and a definite setting. We deliberately chose the high plains because there you have visions of miles."

Kanoka is Switchback's 13th release of a partnership that spans 27 years. FitzGerald and McCormack met in 1986 when they were chosen by Terrence "Cuz" Teahen to join his traditional Irish group. They later formed the Wailin' Banshees, but a mutual appreciation of such American artists as Joe Ely, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Rodney Crowell eventually led the pair to leave the Banshees and form Switchback in 1993.

Turned out to be a good move. Their first album was a critical success, and Chevrolet used one of their songs in a commercial for its Blazer. Eventually they hooked up with Maines, who has produced several of their albums including The Fire That Burns, which was selected as one of Performing Songwriter Magazine's top choices for 2003.

The duo are known not only for their unique blend of Celtic and American roots, but for their heavy touring schedule. They've opened for The Moody Blues, Leon Russell, Lee Greenwood, John Hartford, and Beausoleil and make over 200 appearances a year.

3000Music Releases Nate Sylak EP; "Smoke And Mirrors" Produced By JDVisionquest3000

Record producer Joe Dancsak will release a new EP by rapper Nate Sylak on June 17th, 2013 through his 3000Music label. The record, titled "Smoke and Mirrors", was produced by Dancsak under his JDVisionquest3000 moniker while Sylak was in Los Angeles in March. The EP will be sold on iTunes, and a pre-sale will be set up for hardcore Sylak fans starting May 20th. Every fan that buys the EP during the pre-sale will be rewarded with 2 bonus tracks sent directly to their email with proof of purchase. Sylak and his label will encourage fans to buy the EP before its official release on June 17, then send an email to 3000Music with a screen shot or confirmation of sale attached to receive the bonus songs. Fans who buy the physical copy of the cd at live shows will get an additional free download card, and the bonus tracks are included on the cd.

"When a fan buys the record, they are immediately able to get two bonus songs in advance of the EP. Then on the day of the release the EP will be automatically downloaded into the buyers iTunes account, " said Dancsak from his studio. "We think its a great way for the fans to get extra value when they buy the record, and be a part of a special group of people who will get the bonus songs." Claiming the bonus tracks will also register the fan with Sylak's fan club, qualifying them for more special offers in the future.

To promote "Smoke and Mirrors", Sylak has already cut a video for its first single "Americanagrammagrandfunk". The video was shot and edited by Halfway Crooks Entertainment's Zach Mann and Nick Richey, and features Sylak performing in the streets of Hollywood.

Complementing the release of the EP will be a live show in Canton, Ohio where Sylak is based, on June 21st at Sadie Rene's. Also, Dancsak plans to have 3000Music place ads in local and regional media to drive sales of the EP, Nate Sylak t-shirts, and other merchandise that will become available.

The record, mixed by Dancsak and engineer Joshua Aaron, was cut closely following the news that both Sylak and Dancsak had reached the #1 spot on the Reverbnation charts, both locally and nationally, in February. Dancsak reached #1 in the Electronica category and Sylak hit the #1 spot in Hip Hop. is a website where independent and signed artists compete for chart position based on song plays,video plays, site visits and number of fans collected on social media. The site boasts a membership of 2.8 million artists, labels and music industry professionals. The top chart positions came only three months after Dancsak launched, home to the 3000Music label, and host to his music production and social media.

"We had always wanted to rank high in the Reverbnation charts since we started posting music there a couple of years ago, and it's our goal to climb any chart we get our music onto," said Dancsak, adding, "I was surprised by how quickly we got to number one when the marketing for the new site began, but I'm never surprised by how fans react to Nate's music. His story is only going to get bigger when the new record and videos come out. We're very excited."

Dancsak plans on following "Smoke and Mirrors" with Sylak's first mix tape in late summer and another EP of originals to follow as a fall release just before the holidays. "We are executing a yearlong plan to establish Nate in the world of hip hop, and expose him and his music to as many people as possible."

For more information on Nate Sylak, JDVisionquest3000 and 3000Music please contact:

Joe Dancsak

ph: 818-601-6255




Lena Fayre, 16 Year-old Recording Artist From Los Angeles, Is Set To Release Her Long-awaited Self-titled Debut EP On June 10, 2013

Lena Fayre's EP is hitting stores worldwide on June 10 and consists of five original tracks, including her previously released debut single, "Belong to You." Fayre's EP serves as an introduction to this natural wonder of the music world, but it will clearly be remembered as much, much more. It is an arresting display of greatness that no tuned ear can deny, and heralds the arrival of an artist destined to turn the water of pop music into wine.

"Belong to You," is a beautifully written ballad of passion, pain, and triumphant defiance. The EP's other four tracks also showcase incredible writing skills. Fayre herself has a hand in all five songs, and longtime Fayre collaborator, the gifted writer, producer and pianist, Kosta Lois is credited on four of them: "Jukebox Love," "Love Burning Alive," "Fate," and "Belong To You."

"Jukebox Love," co-written by Jaden Michaels, is a rolling, amorous pop-rock song. "Love Burning Alive," co-written by Jenn Decilveo, utilizes electronic instrumentation to deliver a cutting-edge, heavy-hitting dance number. "Fate," is one of the EP's most aggressive tracks in its shadowy use of the minor scale, that pumps to a pounding back beat.

The fifth track, "Silver," is also a striking standout. Co-written by world renowned producer, instrumentalist and songwriter, Brian Howes (of the band Closure and founder of Van Howes Studios) and the multi-talented Jason "JVP" Van Poederooyen (engineer, programmer and co-founder of Van Howes Studios), "Silver" is a juggernaut of unstoppable groove and infectiousness.

Although she is just 16, Fayre's image projects maturity, intelligence, and poise. She dresses like a lady, walks like a woman, and speaks straight from her heart and mind whenever she sings a lyric.

There are elements of Madonna in her orchestration and delivery, true, qualities of Alicia Keys in her singing, yes, but in the end one must grant that this dazzlingly elegant, yet unpretentious style is her own. To hear such freshness and beauty in pop music is more than inspiring. It communicates goodness. It heals.

-S. McCauley


RECORD LABEL: Semper Augustus Records

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Music Industry Executive Mike Savage Launches Innovative Personalized Artist Consulting Firm ArtistAdvisors

Artist manager Mike Savage, an 18-year music industry veteran, has launched ArtistAdvisors, a Los Angeles based firm offering comprehensive consultation and development packages for artists at any level of accomplishment. And the twist that makes ArtistAdvisors such an innovative turn for an evolving marketplace: No one is turned away.

Citing the need for guidance and mentoring by up-and-coming artists and the death of meaningful artist development at record labels, Savage has pioneered the flat-fee consulting schedule at ArtistAdvisors. 揟he music business is so much different than it was five years ago � one year ago, even,� says Savage. 揕abels are more cautious about making deals, and when they do, it抯 to sign acts who already have a following built on extensive touring, social media, press coverage and tastemaker radio spins.� Similarly, he says artist management companies that once helped nascent artists build their story can no longer afford to take on new clients that don抰 already have a commissionable income. 揟hey want the train to be moving before they jump onboard,� Savage says.

ArtistAdvisors is built on Savage抯 recognition that every artist is at a different stage of development, and specialized guidance is needed to get to that next level. 揑n the professional music world, one size does not fit all,� says Savage. 揈very artist has a different goal, and ArtistAdvisors builds custom campaigns fitting each client抯 particular needs and budget.�

Rates for ArtistAdvisors services are competitive and affordable. For as low as $50, aspiring artists can obtain a 30-minute intensive counseling session over the phone. For more established clients, ArtistAdvisors will quarterback a comprehensive campaign to build awareness online, at radio, with press, and through film and television. This fee is set at $1000 per month, and includes free referrals to radio promotion and public relations teams which artists can also choose to hire when necessary.

Mike Savage抯 career spans over 18 years in the music industry, with experience in artist management, A&R, promotion, publishing, new media, and major-market radio programming. In 2006, he formed Mike Savage Artist Management which he still operates. The company has developed creative marketing strategies that have sold well over 100,000 albums and 1,000,000 song downloads while also generating over $1,000,000 in non-traditional revenue for its artist roster.

Mike Savage is a frequent guest speaker on music industry conference panels like SXSW and CMJ, and at business schools such as UCLA, Berklee, Boston University and the Musician抯 Institute.

For more information, contact Mike Savage at, and visit the firm抯 website,

Legendary Soul Singer Merry Clayton And Sax Master Joel "iReedMan" Peskin Release Their Take On The Rolling Stones' Megaclassic "Gimme Shelter"

Sax master Joel "iReedMan" Peskin and famed soul singer Merry Clayton, who duetted with Mick Jagger on "Gimme Shelter," are releasing a blistering new version of that Rolling Stones classic on their forthcoming album "Don't Burn the Bridge," out June 4 from iReed Records.

Peskin has toured and recorded with notable artists including The Beach Boys, Barbara Streisand, Michael Buble, Frank Zappa, Christine Aguilera, Joe Sample, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Seal, Queen Latifah and many more. He has played on the hit TV shows "American Idol" for 3 years and has been in the house band with "Dancing With The Stars," for the past 8 years, and also had the original lead alto sax solo on the original "Entertainment Tonight" theme song & Beach Boys 10 million seller "Kokomo". Joel was a protege of Jazz legendary saxophonist the Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and famed Juilliard teacher Joe Allard.

Besides being featured on the original "Gimme Shelter," Clayton has performed with Carol King on "Tapestry" Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, as a "Raelette" Neil Young, Tom Jones, Joe Cocker, Leon Russel and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name a few. She's also had several solo hits, earning a Grammy nomination for 1973's "Oh No Not My Baby" and breaking onto the pop charts with 1988's "Yes," from the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack. Clayton is also featured in the upcoming documentary "20 Feet from Stardom," about backup singers who sang on many hit records from the 1960's till now.

The new album "Don't Burn the Bridge" sees Clayton and Peskin reuniting and revisiting a high-energy sound that they've been perfecting since the two studio pros first tag-teamed in the early 1980s on dance and R&B tracks.

Their fiery, funky take on "Gimme Shelter" will be in digital stores everywhere June 4, 2013.

For more information, visit

BFM Digital, Inc.

BFM Digital is a global digital music company committed to serving the independent music community and delivering quality music, spoken word and video content to leading online retailers worldwide. Representing a diverse catalog of indie labels, artists and publishers, BFM distributes to all of the major music services including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, Walmart, Nokia and many more. With an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, BFM works closely with their content providers from around the world to ensure maximum exposure of their catalog by customizing marketing efforts and building strong relationships with BFM's digital store partners.

Festival Lovers Look To Europe

Festival season is so close you can almost taste it. But with so many amazing events to choose from, the decision of which one to go to is often the most difficult of all. As many savvy European music fans flock stateside for Burning Man and Coachella, the European Festival scene is opening up for the discerning US music lover, looking for a once in a lifetime musical adventure.

With a startling array of new and unique alternatives for festivalgoers, many of which offer guaranteed sunshine in awe-inspiring festival locations, it's no wonder more of us will take the leap and try something new this year. So厀here to? Time to figure out what's most important to you. From Rock to Rap, Indie to Electronic and everything inbetween, Europe has something for everyone.


A field is a field, no matter where you go. Fact. So if you're tired of seeing the same green fields then perhaps it's time to opt for a festival with real visual impact and a location that's guaranteed to take your breath away. Why not try...

Exit Festival | 10-14 July 2013

Serbia |

Taking place in the stunning Petrovaradin Fortress overlooking the river Danube, the award winning EXIT Festival continues to deliver the most adventurous and value for money festival experience, whilst bathing in the hot Balkan sunshine. With something for music lovers of all genres, over 600 artists will perform on stages connected by cobbled streets, ramparts and tunnels. As night falls, the world famous Dance Arena comes alive, pulsating with energy as 20,000 pleasure seekers pour into the open air moat within the fortress walls. Started by 3 students in 2000 against the Milosevic regime, fighting for political change and freedom, today the festival is still an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), that promotes change and positive education, supporting many community and humanitarian missions, while throwing a damn good party. EXIT. Where hedonism meets activism. This years acts include: Atoms For Peace, Bloc Party, CeeLo Green, Fatboy Slim, Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion, The Prodigy, Chase & Status DJ set & Rage, Diplo, DJ Fresh live, Dubfire, Eric Prydz, Jeff Mills, Pan-Pot, Rudimental live, SBTRKT (DJ Set) and Seth Troxler.

Melt! Festival | 19-21 July 2013

Germany |

Less than 2 hours from Europe's epicentre for electronic music - Berlin - the Ferropolis City of Iron, home to Melt! Festival, is a sight to behold. Imposing industrial diggers are scattered across the landscape, impressive relics of the brown coal era, whilst the cool Gremmin lake glistens welcomingly in the sun. Where tranquil tunes are played during the day, roaring bass and smashing beats reign at night, enhanced by the visually stunning light show that serves as the ultimate backdrop as darkness reigns. This years acts include The Knife, Atoms For Peace, Azealia Banks, James Blake, Alt-J, Chvrches, Disclosure, iamamiwhoami, Local Natives, Miss Kittin (live), Scuba and many, many more.


Beats + Beaches = Ultimate Festival Experience. You don't have to be a mathematician to realise that the combination of sea, sand, music, merriment and party people is a match made in heaven. If this sounds like your dream holiday then pack your shades and your swimmers and check out...

The Garden Festival | 3-10 July, 2013

Croatia |

There really is no better place than The Garden Festival in Croatia to experience a unique blending of festival and holiday, dancing under the sun and stars with like-minded people from across the world. Entering its 8th year in 2013, The Garden Festival is Croatia's original event. Nestled along the azure Adriatic in Tisno, a truly beautiful site which annually plays host to music lovers seeking a week of fun and adventure, the festival is renowned for it's unique warm and welcoming ethos. The emphasis is always on an unparalleled experience, combining beach vibes and electronic beats seamlessly as one. Expect performances from Soul Clap, Eats Everything, Theo Parrish, Bicep, Tim Sweeney, Floating Points, Chez Damier, Metro Area, Luke Vibert and Maurice Fulton and more.

Kazantip Republic | 31 July-14 August, 2013

Ukraine |

Few phenomena have captured the eyes, ears and imagination of the world in the way that Kazantip Republic has. A non-existent state that can't be found on a map, Kazantip belongs to a parallel reality...a world where for two weeks, the Republic becomes a magnet for the greatest musicians, DJs and tastemakers of the global electronic music scene. Futuristic dance floors and bars appear more like ingenious art installations, Z-citizens are married in the sky, Kite Surfers zip across the air and the sea and everyone gathers together at sunset as millions of yellow balloons ascend to the skies and the long shadows grace the hot sands. And of course, there's music. This years guests include Art Department, Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, Maceo Plex, Pachanga Boys, Ricardo Villalobos, Tale Of Us and The Martinez Brothers. Even the most-seasoned of festival veterans couldn't fail to be impressed by this special event.


The danger with having a serious finger on the music pulse is that high expectations can often be crushed. What you need is a festival that can really deliver. One that offers cutting-edge lineups that won't leave you feeling disappointed and where you and like-minded people can cast each other a knowing look or affirming nod as the music starts up and the revelry really begins. How about...

Off Festival | 2-4 August 2013

Poland |

OFF Festival is a way of life, one that flies in the face of current trends and stays true to itself, and the ethos of organiser Artur Rojek is firmly aimed at supporting art and music with the festival bringing many acts to Poland for the first time. This year promises the strongest line-up to date, in line with the festivals forward-thinking, eclectic music policy. This year's edition is a virtual who's-who of alt-rock faves and trailblazing electronic artists including My Bloody Valentine, The Smashing Pumpkins, AlunaGeorge, John Talabot, Deerhunter, Fucked Up, Austra, The Walkmen, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Laurel Halo, Mykki Blanco, Micachu, Patrick Wolf and Solange. Plus it all takes place in 'Three Lake Valley', Katowice - a beautiful green oasis in the heart of industrial Silesia.

Berlin Festival | 6-7 September 2013

Germany |

Bj鰎k, Blur, My Bloody Valentine, Pet Shop Boys, John Talabot, Justice, Pantha Du Price, Tale of Us, Get Well Soon, S O H N, Ellie Goulding, Left Boy, Charli XCX, White Lies, Is Tropical, Bastille, Pool, Miss Kittin, Boys Noize, The Sounds, Booka Shade... Just a handful of acts that will perform at this years Berlin Festival. By day, the historic Tempelhof Airport and it's former airplane hangars transform into a bustling metropolis of party people. Then, as midnight strikes, the action moves to Club Xberg at Arena Berlin, where many of the biggest names in electronic and indie music will come together to continue the party well into the early hours - only fitting given Berlin's reputation as the 24 hour party city that never sleeps.


This one's for the tastemakers out there. Those that relish an adventure beyond the music, fearlessly scouring the festival landscape for something new and unique that's somewhere different. The people that are always there at the beginning, before the crowds and the mainstream catch on. These ones are for you...

B'estfest | 5-7 July 2013

Romania |

B'estfest is the ideal festival to mix with a city break, being located on the outskirts of Romania's capital city Bucharest. Taking place from 5th - 7th of July, in Tunari on the shores of Pasarea Lake, B'estfest includes 3 large stages covering rock, indie and electronic music with numerous smaller stages, art exhibitions, chillout zones and hand-made fashion-fairs. Tickets start at only 33 Euros and beer is less that 2 Euros so it won't break the bank! You can also take in some of Romania's burgeoning underground nightlife if you fancy an extended stay, as well as an array of cultural gems such as Dracula's Tomb, plus amazing weather to boot. First acts to be announced include Texas, Chase & Status, live, Nas, Nneka, Noisia, Joker, Friction, Enter Shikari, The Heavy, Biohazard, Soilwork, Tiamat with lots more still to come.

Terraneo Festival | 7-9 August 2013

Croatia |

Introducing Terraneo, a new festival in Croatia in the heart of the Dalmatian coastline, held in a disused military facility on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Sibenik. Taking place from 7 - 9 August the 3-day music programme will feature over 120 music acts on 3 open-air stages and 2 DJ stages attracting music lovers in search of world-class performances, glistening seas and endless sunshine. During the festival the disused military facility transforms into a bustling little town with an eclectic music programme featuring live performances and DJ sets from international acts, exhibitions and performances, entertainment, ecology, bathing in the sea and the sun. Acts announced for this year include The Prodigy, My Bloody Valentine, Azealia Banks, Calexico, Dubioza Kolektiv, The Bots, Cloud Nothings, Darkwood Dub, Kawasaki 3p, Postolar Tripper, My Buddy Moose, Krank歷ester, Svi na Pod and Icarus Down.


Who said festival season ends in September? Let the good times roll on into October!

Amsterdam Dance Event | 17-21 October 2013

The Netherlands |

The Amsterdam Dance Event is without doubt the highlight of the international dance and electronic music calendar. A truly global event, which plays host to the worlds leading producers and DJs from all spheres of the electronic music world, the ADE festival lineup never fails to impress, reading like the who's who of electronic music today. For five whole days, electronic music is at the forefront of everyone's mind and the city is alive with energy and anticipation, buzzing with over 200,000 festival visitors and 1700 international artists performing in many of Amsterdam's legendary venues. The perfect way to round off the 2013 festival season.

For more info or to enquire about press accreditation to any of the events, please contact Clare Dover at Global Publicity

Saturday, June 8, 2013 Launches To Simplify Recruitment In The Music Industry

A new job board designed exclusively for the music industry has been launched in Europe today to simplify recruitment and job-hunting in the music industry.

The platform, which is created by Venture Harbour, a Brighton-based digital marketing agency specialising in supporting brands in the entertainment industry, is currently available only in Europe, but has plans to expand to North America, Australia, and Asia in the coming months.

Marcus Taylor, founder of Venture Harbour ( says: "Both recruitment and job hunting in the music industry are unnecessarily frustrating. Having experienced both sides of this process first-hand, I feel that there's a lot that technology can do to reduce the number of headaches involved. is by no means innovative, but I hope for it to be well executed. We've simplified everything down and focused on what's really important to job seekers and employers." has a number of features that make it stand out from existing music job boards. It is one of the only job boards that has disabled the ability for job hunters to copy & paste their CVs to multiple jobs � preventing employers from receiving hundreds of impersonalised applications. This is best for job hunters and employers as it increases the application acceptance rate.

The platform is accepting free job listings from music companies until September 1st 2013, at which point it will switch to a 'pay-per-post' model, enabling companies to list jobs as and when they need to list a vacancy. The platform will always remain free for job hunters.

Le Reverie LIVE ON TV!! Tuesday June 11 At 10:00 AM PST

Le Reverie LIVE ON TV!! Tuesday June 11 at 10:00 AM PST

Female fronted Gothic Rock Metal Band, Le Reverie will be featured LIVE on Television on the Actors E Show, Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 10:00 AM PST!

They will unveil their brand new OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO filmed live at the Ladies of Metal Show in Los Angeles, California! Allie and Le Reverie ROCKED the LADIES OF METAL SHOW, according to Will Phoenix of the Los Angeles Examiner!!

Be the first to see the brand NEW VIDEO!

The band also has some very exciting news to share with everyone!! Follow the link to watch the show stream LIVE!

Le Reverie has also just released their critically acclaimed CD Dark Symphony

Here is what the press are saying

Hailed as Dream Theater with a Female Singer, there is a good chance they are going to make big impact on the Music Scene!!! FIREWORKS MAGAZINE UK

They have managed to take the sound of Evanescence and bring it to a whole new level!!


Le Reverie has been described as a cross between Evanescence and Dream Theater. Fronted by the amazing voice of Allie Jorgen, the band throw at us 12 tracks of amazing hard rock with a progressive undercurrent!!


If you are into progressive metal bands to todays dynamic bands ala Evanescence, then you have to look no further. Each song on this album, EPIC!!!


Le Reverie are like a girl fronted Dream Theater,they are impressive!!


Be sure to tune in on Tuesday, June 11 at 10:00 AM PST to see the OFFICIAL NEW VIDEO and hear the band LIVE on Television!

The new CD Dark Symphony is available at



CD Baby

and check out the bands website at

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hearts In Notes Releases "Dusk Song"

Boston, Mass. - Dusk Song is Hearts in Notes' first CD and represents the return to professional music after 25 years of Michael Thomas, a veteran of Boston's 80's progressive music scene. Thomas detoured from the stage into a career in information technology where he won a number of prestigious awards including a Hammer Award, the Meritorious Public Service Award, and being hailed as a "Super CIO". Said Thomas, "While I left performing behind, I never left music behind, and it is thrilling to dive back into the deep end with renewed focus and energy!"

The music on Dusk Song evokes the moods one might feel while watching a sunset over water on a warm summer's evening. An eclectic combination of instruments and electronica is deployed to convey twilight ("Umbrage", "Dusk Song"); the light playing on the water ("Ebb Tide", "Silvery Waves") and the setting sun ("Set"). While pensive at times, the music is always positive, and songs such as "Summery" and "Tina Dancer" are celebratory in mood. As sunset leads to sunrise, the last two songs on the CD ("Sun Rising", "A Good Morning") hail the return of the sun and a new day.

Early on-line reaction to the music has been extremely positive. "I have been overwhelmed at the universal acceptance these songs have received", said Thomas, "The fans who have come forward are an incredibly diverse group, from every corner of the globe, and every age range. It is humbling."

Selections from "Dusk Song" may be streamed online at where it is also available for sale in both downloadable and physical CD formats. Other outlets include iTunes and Amazon among others as well as Internet radio stations such as Jango. Song.mp3

MusicDishTV Presents "Never Too Late" By Pop Rock Band Frealane

NYC-based alternative, pop rock band Frealane released their debut music video "Never Too Late" recently through their Youtube channel 1frealane to immediate critical and commercial attention. The irresistibly powerful, catchy song launches the new band onto the spotlight in a spectacular way.

The music video serves as the classic introduction to an up and coming rock band ready to burst into the scene. With low, close-up shots of each band member rocking out in their respective instrument, the video is reminiscent of classic indie rock MVs we see so little of today. Dressed in gorgeous dresses and seductive make-up, the lead singer entices the viewer with her grace and confidence. The video is primarily shot in two locations, each showcasing a different mood. A juxtaposition of the darker, gothic environment with the lighter, more innocent look can be seen.

Carrying a tinge of alternative metal, the single is a wonderful amalgam of alternative and hard rock. The lead singer's soulful, laid back vocals demonstrates range and the ability to appear both strong and servered.

Frealane is pop/rock trio consisting of Andrea Dee on keyboards and vocal, Coque on lead guitar, and Brian Tully on bass. The band members hail from different corners of the world, with each bringing a different flavor to their music. The band has performed in popular venues like the Bitter End for the past year and quickly gained prominence in the music scene.

Monday, June 3, 2013

J. Scar Releases Inspirational Anthem "GET UP STAND UP"

NYC born and raised hip hop artist J. Scar is dropping his latest uplifting single GET UP STAND UP from his released freshman album "I'M JUST SAYING" to be released July 4th,2013. The soulful musician, best known for his viral hit "UnderPaid," infuses a crisp urban sound with his reggae-influenced beat in GET UP STAND UP.

J. Scar's latest up-tempo track showcases the artist's poetic message of motivation for all who face adversity. His latest single offers a glimpse into the musician's own personal struggles as well as his source of motivation and hope.

J. Scar is an award winning actor and performer with a passionate yearning to promote positive change in the world through his music. "I'm a hip hop artist with a little inspirational twist to my style," he says. J. Scar's penchant for motivational hip hop has garnered him attention from major media outlets, including New York's local Pix 11 News and the New York Times, for giving a poetic voice of hope to the under-appreciated and demoralized.

GET UP STAND UP was produced by J. Scar's independent company Scar'D For Life. Scar'd

To stream the GET UP STAND UP, please visit:

Check out J. Scar:

Hear the new single LIVE at:

J. Scar's GET UP STAND UP Video Launch

Thursday, June 6 // 6:30 PM // Chelsea Studios // 151W. 26th Street // NY, NY

Come down for Refreshments, Live

3000Music Releases Nate Sylak EP

Record producer Joe Dancsak will release a new EP by rapper Nate Sylak on June 17th, 2013 through his 3000Music label. The record, titled "Smoke and Mirrors", was produced by Dancsak under his JDVisionquest3000 moniker while Sylak was in Los Angeles in March. The EP will be sold on iTunes, and a pre-sale will be set up for hardcore Sylak fans starting May 20th. Every fan that buys the EP during the pre-sale will be rewarded with 2 bonus tracks sent directly to their email with proof of purchase. Sylak and his label will encourage fans to buy the EP before its official release on June 17, then send an email to 3000Music with a screen shot or confirmation of sale attached to receive the bonus songs. Fans who buy the physical copy of the cd at live shows will get an additional free download card, and the bonus tracks are included on the cd.

"When a fan buys the record, they are immediately able to get two bonus songs in advance of the EP. Then on the day of the release the EP will be automatically downloaded into the buyers iTunes account, " said Dancsak from his studio. "We think its a great way for the fans to get extra value when they buy the record, and be a part of a special group of people who will get the bonus songs." Claiming the bonus tracks will also register the fan with Sylak's fan club, qualifying them for more special offers in the future.

To promote "Smoke and Mirrors", Sylak has already cut a video for its first single "Americanagrammagrandfunk". The video was shot and edited by Halfway Crooks Entertainment's Zach Mann and Nick Richey, and features Sylak performing in the streets of Hollywood.

Complementing the release of the EP will be a live show in Canton, Ohio where Sylak is based, on June 21st at Sadie Rene's. Also, Dancsak plans to have 3000Music place ads in local and regional media to drive sales of the EP, Nate Sylak t-shirts, and other merchandise that will become available.

The record, mixed by Dancsak and engineer Joshua Aaron, was cut closely following the news that both Sylak and Dancsak had reached the #1 spot on the Reverbnation charts, both locally and nationally, in February. Dancsak reached #1 in the Electronica category and Sylak hit the #1 spot in Hip Hop. is a website where independent and signed artists compete for chart position based on song plays,video plays, site visits and number of fans collected on social media. The site boasts a membership of 2.8 million artists, labels and music industry professionals. The top chart positions came only three months after Dancsak launched, home to the 3000Music label, and host to his music production and social media.

"We had always wanted to rank high in the Reverbnation charts since we started posting music there a couple of years ago, and it's our goal to climb any chart we get our music onto," said Dancsak, adding, "I was surprised by how quickly we got to number one when the marketing for the new site began, but I'm never surprised by how fans react to Nate's music. His story is only going to get bigger when the new record and videos come out. We're very excited."

Dancsak plans on following "Smoke and Mirrors" with Sylak's first mix tape in late summer and another EP of originals to follow as a fall release just before the holidays. "We are executing a yearlong plan to establish Nate in the world of hip hop, and expose him and his music to as many people as possible."

For more information on Nate Sylak, JDVisionquest3000 and 3000Music please contact:

Joe Dancsak

ph: 818-601-6255




Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shmolts Want To Rock You Digitally... For Now

Shmolts (Pronounced Schmaltz) is an online collaboration but very importantly, a digital rock band. No, they're not avatars, but they do exist solely in the electronic realm... for now. I guess you could call them an eBand of sorts. You could also call them the wave of the future. You see, back in the pre-Internet days, bands had to tour like dogs to build up a fan base. Travelling from town to town, never knowing what small number of locals might trickle through the door, putting their faith in promoters, club owners and the local media to maybe throw them a crumb of coverage or support梩hat was a lot of work that didn't necessarily reap many rewards. Seems pretty backwards. Shmolts thinks it's time to work smarter and build up the fan base first. Now that the Internet has saved the world why shouldn't it save bands too? Shmolts is banking on this concept. It's like Kickstarter, where you get the money before you press the record, they want to get the fans before they hit the road.

Shmolts is the creation of Jay Serrao, formerly of the band, Jay Serrao and The Juice (also known as The Juice). During this time the band toured the US, UK, even India and the Middle East, but Shmolts is planning bigger and thinking smaller梠r is it planning smaller and thinking bigger? Doesn't matter, the point is, Serrao, (with current collaborator, Morris Concas, aka MaW), plans to release singles and videos through various on-line outlets in order to build up an online army. Only then, will Shmolts go out and entertain the troops with their music.

Shmolts is influenced by the bombast of GNR and Led Zeppelin, the heaviness of Black Sabbath and Tool and the melody and lyrics of The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Shmolts is unconcerned with writing material catering to a certain genre, but up to this point, the music has certainly been firmly in the rock category. Their song "Evil Eye" sounds like Axl Rose fronting Black Sabbath and "Point of View" sounds like a Guns N' Roses ballad (without Axl's vitriol) that also features great rock guitar riffs and some Rolling Stones boogie.

You can sample and buy Shmolts music online through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp. Shmolts is also proud to work with the American Red Cross and Amazon Conservation Association in conjunction with Fandistro.

Recently, Jay successfully worked with photographer, Sean Conway, and directed a concept photoshoot for Shmolts based on the Sixties horror flick, The Innocents. You can check out some of those photos here:

For any press/ interview queries contact

RIYL: The Beatles, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Porcupine Tree, Frank Turner, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Dylan


Official Website:

Official Facebook Page:

Official Twitter Page:

Uncle Green: Lost And Found

The legend of the "great lost album" is one of the most enduring in rock 'n' roll.

In the case of Uncle Green, remembered from their major-label days in the early-to-mid '90s, the legend is actually true. And the evidence can be found in a newly released album called 'Rycopa.'

Singer-guitarists Matt Brown and Jeff Jensen, bassist Bill Decker, and drummer Peter McDade built a reputation on the late '80s college-radio circuit for tight, memorable melodies and offbeat songcraft � something like R.E.M. and Pylon having a couple PBRs, well chilled, with Big Star.

In the early '90s they were championed by producer Brendan O'Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Black Crowes) and courted and signed to contracts by Atlantic Records and Sony Music (under O'Brien's 57 Records banner). After reinventing themselves as 3 Lb. Thrill (a shout-out to the weight of the human brain), the erstwhile Uncle Green was poised for a breakthrough into alternative radio.

Encouraged by O'Brien to produce an album in the cozy confines of their rented Atlanta home, the band set about writing and constructing 'Rycopa' � a sprawling epic they believed would finally capture their distinctive, literate sensibility. Upon wrapping its 32 tracks in 1997, they were confident they had made their best record.

But fickle Sony "didn't hear a single" and passed on the album. And Uncle Green was left wondering what to do with its homeless magnum opus. After a false start with yet another major label (MCA Records), they decided not to release the album and amicably went their separate ways. And the master tapes for 'Rycopa' disappeared into the Sony vaults.

And there they languished for 14 years.

In 2011, the members of Uncle Green, long after they had started families and forged new careers, recovered the "lost" master tapes from Sony � and raised the funds through a Kickstarter campaign to mix 'Rycopa' with engineer and Coolies guitarist Rob Gal. And soon the album had a new home on Wampus Multimedia ( subsidiary Foldback Records.

'Rycopa' joins a Wampus Multimedia roster that includes recent releases from Aux.78, Waterslide, Big Bus Dream, The May Bees, Johnny J Blair, the matthew show, Kowtow Popof, The Crowd Scene, Arms of Kismet, and tvfordogs, as well as popular tributes to Jonathan Richman, Lou Reed, and Warren Zevon.

Wampus Multimedia is an independent media label run by artists, for artists. It is home to a growing roster including pop, AAA, Americana, alternative, ambient, blues, and folk artists.

'Rycopa' is available at Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, and many other outlets.

Uncle Green

Wampus Multimedia

MusicDishTV Presents "You Don't Know Me" By Dance Pop Artist Darre Ockert

Miami-based dance pop artist Darre Ockert recently released the music video for "You Don't Know Me", the first single right off of his upcoming album, Short Story Long. Posted on Youtube, the video has become an instant hit. The cheerful, simple video will accompany Ockert's recently launched #YouDontKnowMe project.

The extremely enjoyable video reflects on the single, as well as the project's positive message. The video begins with Ockert staring into the camera as like a mirror and lip-synching to the music. The shot then pans back to reveal other characters doing the same. As these average citizens, each unique and quirky in their own way prepare for the day, they give the world a glimpse of who they really are. Featuring a drag queen, punk rocker, office worker, and many more, the cast quickly explodes with energy. Soon, the individuals join Ockert in lip-synching and dancing to "You Don't Know Me".

The single itself, which features an infectious melody and danceable beats, is decorated with twinkling loops, poppy synths. Ockert's voice helps bring out the single's positive message, encouraging everybody to be themselves. The single accompanies the #YouDontKnowMe project, in which Ockert invites everybody who at some point felt prejudiced because of their appearance to post and share video diaries. He hope to combat stereotypes and lead to understanding with this project.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MusicDishTV Presents "Up & Down" By German Pop Singer Fiona

German-born pop singer Fiona released the music video to her single "Up & Down" through her Youtube account last year, and the video has already garnered over 5000 views.

The simplistic video serves as a very appropriate accompaniment to Fiona's pop-synth sounds. Featuring Fiona with her lover spending time on the beach, the video tinges with a bright, energetic vibe. Fiona herself wears a headpiece and is radiant in her array of colorful dresses.

The single itself is a great mix of pop and Euro-dance. While Fiona claims clear influence from the euro-dance movement, her vocal abilities and musical style closely resembles that of mainstream American singers.

Despite being only 15, Fiona already has an illustrious musical career. She toured throughout Germany as a member of the girl group "Lollipop" over the past couple of years. Her style is constantly evolving and soon she will catch up to her idols, Ke$ha and Katy Perry.

Aurovine Launches Music Discovery System For Fans

Direct Band to Fan music platform has launched a multitude of features to help music fans discover and interact with new independent music.

The new features include:

  • Free compilation albums in 6 different genres for all fans

  • Listen, Rate and Share your favourite tracks

  • Facebook login integration

  • Create your own playlists

  • New genre browse feature

  • Follow your favourite artists

  • News, release and gig info from bands and genres you follow

  • Get free gifts for members only

  • Talk about music with other fans

  • Leave reviews and help bands climb our charts

  • Support bands and help them achieve success

The listen, rate and share feature has been developed by Aurovine and is a quick and unique way to stream, review and share tracks via twitter, Facebook and google plus.

Aurovine's Ken Foster explains "We recognise that bands need promotion and fans want to get involved in a tangible way to help them. Our new features and in particular the listen, rate and share feature is already proving really popular with fans and bands alike.

When fans stream a track they are presented with a 'listen-rate-share' box as the track is playing. They can rate from 1 to 5 stars, leave a quick one line review and then share with one click on social media.

Bands can see the reviews and all plays help the artists climb our charts. Fans can also get updates (news, gigs, releases) from their favourite genres and artists."

Aurovine is a UK based music platform and is free to join and use for both artists and fans. Fans can find out more and get the free compilation by registering here.

Monday, May 27, 2013

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For inquiries contact the editor at

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Como Brothers Band Opening For The Wallflowers In June 2013! New EP "Still Waters" Just Released

It was just announced that The Como Brothers Band will be opening for The Wallflowers on June 20th 2013 in Stamford Connecticut's Alive@Five. Alive@Five is held in Columbus Park in Stamford Downtown. Gates open at 4:30pm, and music starts at 5pm. Long Island's Como Brothers Band has been busy on a radio tour promoting their sophomore EP Still Waters (March 14, 2013). This original 5-song EP has been garnering plenty of positive reviews and is a follow-up to their well received debut The Speed of Sound EP (January 2012). The Como Brothers, Matt and Andrew Como, are singer-songwriters that lead the band. Their music has a distinctively original sound with influences from rock and blues.

A Year of Accomplishment

The past year has been filled with many exciting accomplishments for the band. The Como Brothers music been placed on the soundtrack of E! Entertainment's Keeping up with the Kardashians, MTV's The Real World St. Thomas, The Real World Portland, and Oxygen Channel's Best Ink. Their music has also been placed on the sound track of the indie film Wingman, Inc which will be out later in 2013. In 2012, the Como Brothers played at the NY Warped Tour at Nassau Coliseum, The Highline Ballroom in Manhattan, Jones Beach Nikon Theatre, The Hard Rock Caf� Times Square and many other great venues. The Como Brothers Band brings an energy, excitement, and originality to the stage that leaves fans wanting more and more of them. The band is very personable and accessible to fans.

Future Plans

Currently The Como Brothers Band is finishing up their first full length album, Baby Steps, at VuDu Studios (NY) with their longtime producers Mike Watts and Tom Flynn (As Tall As Lions, The Dear Hunter). The album will include 11 new songs. The group will be filming two music videos in June 2013 for this upcoming album. As well as seeing them at Alive@Five on 6/20 you can see them on WTNH 8 MyTV CT Style 5/23, The Bitter End 5/31, The 16th Annual Long Island Music Festival, 6/1 and in the Make Music NY Festival 6/21. Check their website for details.

Visit The Como Brothers websites:

MusicDishTV Presents "Teeth Swallower" By Australian Metal Band KUNVUK

Unlike most artists today, Australian metal band KUNVUK goes hard and doesn't just push the boundaries. They absolutely destroy it. Once again, KUNVUK brings their own brand of insanity and chaos to the music video of "Teeth Swallower", recently released through the band's Youtube account. This one will surely be a delight for any metal fan.

Staying true to their style, KUNVUK delivers 6 minutes of pure anarchy. Reminiscent of a low-budget slasher film, the video features ominous shots of alleyways, basements, and abandoned garages. The cinematography is shaky and constantly responds to the hard-hitting bits of the song. "Teeth Swallower" is like a highlight reel of horror movies, with shots of water torture, hooded figures, and lots and lots of running interspersed with shots of the band rocking out. One of the most memorable images is a close-up of the lead singer's bearded mouth Bombarded with images, the audience cannot help but feel pulled in.

As we go deeper and deeper into the band's psychotic world, we also close in on the song's climax, a breakdown in which the lead singer's rant in an almost poetic fashion. At this pivotal moment, the chaos dies down a little and we are led to a roof where a sole figure is sitting. When the lead singer moves in, he realizes the figure is himself, and the chaos returns.

With a surprising amount of effort and passion placed into the film, "Teeth Swallower" is any metal fan's dream. Be prepared to be gunned down by six minutes of mayhem.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mandel New Release 'PAYBACK' 2013

R&B Singer MANDEL will release his first EP "Payback" May 10 2013 on ITUNES and all other digital formats. New Album coming later late summer 2013. Mandel brings the sound of soul back to the music genre. An accomplished singer and songwriter, Mandel has sang since the age of 4 and professionally since 13years old. He has achieved 3 recording contracts the last with his boy band(VA) early 2000 on Dreamworks Records skg.

Mandel is stepping out on his own with a catchy tune "Payback" that he has written with sound association in New York. Mandel is sure to capture audiences with his natural ability as a vocalist and performer in the coming future.

Leopard Green Records

244 Fifth Avenue k288

New York, New York 10001



DJ L-Nize ft Qwote 'Blowin My Mind'

Up-and-coming Producer/Dj L-Nize teams up with Miami's chart-topping R&B/Dance artist Qwote for the house/electro anthem "Blowin My Mind". Dedicated to all the mind-blowing ladies on the dancefloor, the energetic hook of the song invites you to sing along. The mixture of L-Nize' cutting- edge production combined with Qwote's unique vocal range makes "Blowin My Mind" one of the freshest club releases of summer 2013. Qwote is best known for his hit single "Throw your hands up" ft. Pitbull & Lucenzo (Ultra Music) which entered the UK single charts at Nr. 13.

"Blowin My Mind" is the first release on L-Nize' newly founded boutique label Veyron Entertainment, based near Frankfurt/Germany. Veyron Entertainment focuses on worldwide single releases in the dance genre, however what makes the label stand out from its peers is that only the world's best voices are featured on Veyron Entertainment releases.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Make Your Head Nod By Jmusiz

Jmusiz's work can be heard on TV shows like Real World San Diego, Access Hollywood, VH1's 40 Most Shocking Hip Hop Moments, MTV When I Was 17 Common T Pain And Alex Meraz, 40 Winningest Winners Of 2011, What Not To Wear, Bad Girls Club, Lens On Talent, and Ogilvy & Mather (Sydney Australia) KFC - The Boss 2012, Big Easy Brides,and more. In addition to writing hot original material in the Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, RnB, Dance, Electronic, and Funk genres, he has also been producing other artists for over a decade.

Lynne Taylor Donovan Releases New Single

Lynne Taylor Donovan will release her new single "Turn To Stone" to all radio/media in Canada and Australia May 12. A perfect follow-up to Lynne's hit "Sugar Lake","Turn To Stone" was originally recorded as an album track and released to a limited number of stations. It has now been re-mixed and re-mastered as a single. "Turn To Stone", in a departure from the more traditional one-instrument solo, features harmonica, percussion, and fiddle in a series of mini-solos.

The album version is already on radio across New Zealand on the New Zealand Country Music Network (TLC). "Turn To Stone" hit #8 on the EU/UK charts.


"Turn To Stone" video will be in general release within two weeks of the single. CMC in Australia and Channel Zero TV in Canada already have video for the song.

"Excellent material...If I could give it 12 (out of 10) I would!...Wonderful!..."

BBC Radio Newcastle, UK

"Very strong song - provocative vocals...great fiddle and guitars"

Radio Ariane, Belgium

"...atmospheric and nicely arranged...."Country Music and More Magazine � UK

"Very original and well produced" - Country Music Roundup magazine, UK

"Incredibly good record"

Radio Osttirol, Austria

"The phones are already lighting up - It sounds so much like Martina meets Faith with a European ambient sound. I can tell why it did so well in Europe."

PD - WCTO Pennsylvania, USA

Deadline Approaching for 18th Annual USA Songwriting Competition

The deadline for the 18th Annual USA Songwriting Competition is fast approaching. Winning songs of the 17th Annual USA Songwriting Competition will receive airplay on a nationally syndicated radio program "Acoustic Caf�" as well as Sirius XM Satellite Radio. This is the first Songwriting Competition that gives airplay to the winning songs, giving deserving bands, songwriters the recognition and exposure they deserve. Entrants stand to win a grand prize of over US$50,000 in cash and music gear from sponsors, making this the largest prize in the songwriting competition. Sponsors of the 2013 Competition are: New Music Weekly,, Loggins Promotion, Sony, Audio-Technica, D'Addario Strings, Presonus, iZotope, Propellerheads, Notion Software, Recording Magazine, Acoustica, Sonoma Wireworks, Acoustic Caf� Radio Program,, Reverbnation, Broadjam, Sirius XM Radio and Sonicbids.


USA Songwriting Competition has a long history of having winners getting recording and publishing contracts, have their songs placed on the charts as well as having their songs placed on film and television. The top two winners of 2011: Nenna Yvonne and Alexander Cardinale have been signed to Interscope Records after their win.

2009 First Prize winner (country) was signed to Universal Records. 2005 First Prize winner (Pop) Kate Voegele was signed to Interscope Records the year after she won and had her winning song hit top 40 on the Billboard Charts, her latest album hit Top 10 on the Billboard 200 Album charts this summer. 2007 Overall Grand Prize Winner Ari Gold had his winning song "Where The Music Takes You" hit #10 on the Billboard Dance Charts. Darrell Scott, winner of the country category of the 2005 USA Song writing Competition had his winning song cut by award winning country singer Faith Hill. The 2010 winner in the instrumental category, Christopher Tinn won two Grammy awards in 2011. Mike Schmid (Pictured) is a professional keyboard player and he has performed on hit TV show "American idol" as a backing keyboard player. He has also toured with hit artists Miley Cyrus and Jessica Simpson.

Nenna Yvonne (Overall Grand Prize Winner, 16th Annual USA Songwriting Competition) has been signed with Thump/Universal Music Group. Sally Nyolo (2012 USA Songwriting Competition First Prize Winner, World category) is signed to RCA Victor/Sony Music. Alexander Cardinale (2011 USA Songwriting Competition First Prize winner & Overall 2nd Prize) won Hollywood Music in Media Award for "Best Song in a TV Show" on "90210" with the same song he won for USA Songwriting Competition "Traffic Lights". Judges include A&R managers from record labels such as Warner, Capitol Records, Universal, BMG/SONY Music.

Songs may be entered in 15 different categories including Pop, Rock/Alternative, R&B and Country. Entries are accepted from now through May 31, 2013. For more information, visit:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Luna Park Going 'Acoustique'

Right at the heart of one of Vienna's oldest amusement parks ('Boehmischer Prater', established in 1883), 29 and 30 June 2013 will see 6 folk and blues acts take the stage at Tivoli in what Wickerl Hapta, spokesperson of promoter 'Kulturverband Boehmischer Prater', tagged '1. Acoustique Festival'. Says Wickerl Hapta, 'It was high time to finally have current developments in music - a re-discovery of singer-songwriter and acoustic blues styles - reflected in Tivoli's programming. Given that we can do open air events, we will be able to put on a well-deserved showcase of the acoustic music scene of Vienna and beyond.'

Which takes us right to the festival bill of '1. Acoustique Festival': Saturday, 29 June 2013 will have Vienna's 'Die Blues Buam' (translates to 'The Blues Boys') churn out their swamp blues-flavoured blend of Afro-American and Viennese tradition, adding to a unique luna park experience.

Talking of the 'beyond': singer-songwriter Stefan van de Sande from The Netherlands will be next to hit the stage, in for another stint of accomplishing his mission of what Scottish newspaper 'Aberdeen Monday' recently called 'sharing his songs with people'.

Headlining a truly inspiring Saturday's bill will see us go even further beyond, experiencing the soulful vocals and guitar playing of one of the godfathers of Austrian blues, Rudi Biber from Vienna and Ft. Myers, USA, with his congenial musical mate Tonci 'Mr Nylon' Marincic from Split, Croatia, fretting away on his acoustic axe at breathtaking speed.

A - hopefully - sunny - Sunday summer afternoon, and time for two strong women - Martina Baumann & Claudia Fenzl, musicians and actresses from Vienna - to take us closer to the meaning of power and how to give works by Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Kate Wolf and Tom Russell an entirely new face.

Next to hit the stage are 'sparse and powerful' (says Mike Lidskin of Twirl Radio in Sacramento, California) acoustic blues duo Runway 27, Left from Vienna sporting their deep connection with roots music and original material from their first album 'Weekend Warriors' (2011), having already gathered radio airplay in the UK, the USA, Spain, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Austria and Macedonia.

Back to the bedrock of Austrian blues and folks: Johann 'Zappa' Cermak (having been the frontman of the legendary 'Bluespumpm' for 36 years) and Judith (having been the voice of the 'Wild Irish Lasses' for 22 years) will be headlining the second day of '1. Acoustique Festival' with their eclectic mix of blues, Irish folk and country, providing the final highlight of two days of acoustic music delight.

1. Acoustique Festival - festival bill:

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Rudi Biber (AT, USA) & Tonci Marincic (HR)

Stefan van de Sande (NL)

Die Blues Buam (AT)

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Zappa & Judith (AT)

Runway 27, Left (AT)

Martina Baumann & Claudia Fenzl (AT)

To get your ticket and festival passes for '1. Acoustique Festival', call 0043-650-7178204 or go to Advance ticket sales: Fridays through Sundays.

New Orlean's Rapper Crix Green Is "Keepin It Ben Franklin" With New Mixtape Release

New Orleans - Like a leaf on a barren branch, Crix Green emerges and has defiantly thrown his crown in the hip hop ring of champion spitters. Virgin Island born, but dirty south bred in New Orleans, this contender plans to not only knock out the competition, but stomp all over them. His newly released mixtape, "Keepin It Ben Franklin," hosted by DJ Scream, from his Clear Vision Entertainment label, has already put naysayers on alert, because like the title of his single release, "I'm On It," Crix Green is all over it, under it and through it.

His bravado didn't come cheap though. A real hustla who has been in the streets since early childhood, Green had to actually lay low before he could get behind a mike. "Waiting on a statute of limitations to run its course is real talk when you rapping real game and not fake believe like the 'boss rosses' in the game," he will tell you.

"Keepin It Ben Franklin" is 12 tracks that roll deep through the dirty dirty and emerge unscathed, much like his own personal trials and tribulations in life. "My mixtape is uncensored pages out of my life. I love hip hop but hate what it has turned into. Anyone can drop a release about 'da life and get a hit now, whether its their story or the story of someone next to them. My lyrics were born from not only my blood but the blood of my brothers. I represent for the underworld that's still unda because though I have survived, it is not about my sole success. It's about sprouting more green and blazing a path for others."

"Keepin It Ben Franklin" puts the listener on immediate blast with the "Intro" track that bangs beats like bullets firing past the haters. Green keeps it 'G'd' up with "Get It" but softens his blows with "Playa Ways" rappin over a R&B rhythm with a smooth flowing chorus laced by a honey flavored female vocalist. The artists takes it a step further when he mixes up his swag on the jazz tinged, saxophone trimmed "Real Talk." The current single however, "I'm On It" makes is plain though, Crix's last name is "Green" for a reason.

The sheer personification of his unyielding confidence, relentless determination and focused vision will propel Crix Green to the head of the rap game. From his perspective, when you have survived bullets, the Feds and snitches, everything else is a pretty easy.

Roll with Crix Green at