Friday, January 15, 2010

MusicDish Presents: Haze by Blake McKibben

Writing, performing, and producing his own music is innate for Blake McKibben, and the musical styling of his debut "Haze" is beautifully complex and intimately expressed to its listeners. McKibben does quite well in sharing his competence as a rock-and-roll, pop, and electronic artist within this one track rather than limiting himself to only one genre. This title track is emphasized poetically through McKibben's raw and soulful vocals as he tells a story though his music.

More information on Blake McKibben can be found at

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MusicDish Presents: No Slumber by Dean Shoultz

Louisiana-native Dean Shoultz has been rocking out on the guitar from the young age of twelve and has since produced a number of his own tunes through Prime Time Music. His tracks are mostly instrumental, and led by his powerful and electric performances on guitar.
Shoultz's latest single, "No Slumber," from his most recent album (All The Pretty Horses) is a catchy and dynamic song - a rock-and-roll foundation with a pop-style twist. Shoultz comments, ".it's got some fun licks in it, and some of the licks started out as warm-up exercises I did for a long time."

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Dean Shoultz welcomes in 2010 with a free CD of his debut release "All The Pretty Horses". For a limited time only you will receive the full 10 Track CD free of charge when you sign up as a member of The Official Dean Shoultz Fan Club. Besides receiving your free CD, members will have the opportunity to take advantage of free new music downloads, newsletters, fan merchandise specials, advanced tickets sales, pre-show announcements, videos and special Fan Club Only contest.

Stephen Michael Apatow: Outside Of The Box


Maximal Impact describes the focus of the "United Nations Arts Initiative," ( established to return operations to the front lines, "Bridging Unmet Needs to Untapped Resources" on the grassroots level in every United Nations member country. The vehicle encompasses the grassroots support of the arts and entertainment industry and logistical support of the medical, veterinary and legal professions.

24X7 response capability reflects our focus on creativity, the capacity to think differently, unconventionally and from a new perspective.... "Outside of the Box"

The high energy "Outside of the Box" album compilation provides the world with a taste of powerful lyrics, arrangement and production by Country Music Association Artist Stephen Michael Apatow ( Soundtracks include:

-- If You Loved Me
-- Rock The World
-- Push for the Summit
-- 911 Song
-- Time to Kick Some Ass
-- Lead
-- Seize The Moment
-- All I Want
-- Please Listen Now
-- I Will Rise

All tracks available to radio stations on AirPlay Direct (tracks streaming online for all in continual play format).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pop Artist Anouschka's New Album Released To Benefit Wildlife Conservation In Africa


Pop/Rock singer/songwriter Anouschka released her latest EP, "So Why?" on June 4, 2010. All proceeds from the EP's sales will finance the artist's goodwill mission to Africa to study as a Game Ranger/work with wildlife conservation over the next two months. The album features the songs "One Of The Finer Days," "Silently," the title track "So Why?" and "Lust" (which includes an alternative version that Anouschka says "can only be described as "a performance by my alter ego Lay dee Berlin".

"So Why?" is indeed a work that is close to Anouschka's heart, as she conceptualized and completed the entire project herself from writing and performing the music to designing the very unique cover art. Although she also produced the album, she acknowledged that it could not have been done without Harris Johns, the renowned audio recording engineer who worked with trash metal bands, in whose Berlin studio the album was recorded. Johns is widely known for his work with popular trash metal bands such as Halloween, Coroner, Tankard, Sodom, Volvod, Creator, and others.

Anouschka's second EP, "My Kind Of Heartbreak," was listed on the Americana charts for two months, earning rave reviews from the likes of M. Hillbom, Musikcritic (Musiklivet, Sweden), who noted "Eclectic and very good Americana... She has been compared to Rickie Lee Jones, Jewel, and Phoebe Snow. My girlfriend is reminded of Carole King and Buffy Sainte-Marie while I hear a little Lucinda Williams. The music is eclectic. Jazz, country, rock and blues are mixed in an extremely competent manner".

Despite critical acclaim for her previous releases, Anouschka is certain that "So Why?" is even better. "I've always written and produced my own albums, so there's nothing new about that, but this is the first time that I've been able to digitally record the vocals. The songwriting is a top notch balance of orchestration, musical composition and lyrics. I wear a lot of different hats to get to the finish line, but I'm managing the give the major labels a run for their money on my own with respect to quality, and that's a great feeling."

Performing in venues like the Stampen Blues Club in Sweden and the Babylon Theatre in Berlin, Anouschka regularly does jam sessions where she can improvise an entire song on the spot- playing, leading, and performing vocals.

"So Why?" was released for global distribution through Berlin, and will soon be available through major online retailers such as iTunes,, eMusic and Napster. It is also available for purchase at the store on Anouschka's website at

Anouschka Records


Monday, January 11, 2010

Susan Barth Makes Repeat Appearance On Sounds Like Cafe Compilation


Adult Contemporary Singer-Songwriter Susan Barth has been invited to have her song "Rainbows" from her upcoming album "Songs From the Suburbs" included on the Sounds Like Cafe Compilation Album Vol. 28. Sounds Like Cafe distributes quality new music to over 1200 cafes and coffee shops throughout all states and territories of Australia. The title track to her sophomore album "Wonderland" was previously featured on the Sounds Like Cafe Compilation Album Volume 18.

"Rainbows" is a folksy tune where the lyrics evoke a sense of fantasy. A cute way of believing in all things fortune, hope and heavenly bliss. The arpeggio parts on the mandolin with a tight rhythm acoustic guitar part give this song a country-like vibe.

All it takes is one listen to singer/songwriter Susan Barth's music and you'll be both delighted and captivated by it. With a retro songwriting style and a voice described by the International News Agency as "sultry and sensuous, imbued with sincere emotions and a refreshing rebellious flair," she's at the top of her game. Susan Barth has carved a place for herself in the genre of Adult Contemporary music that recalls the glory days of 60's and 70's pop music. When asked, she describes it as "Retro - Melodic Pop with a sad side".

Although chiming guitars and eminently catchy choruses make her music instantly endearing, beneath an iridescent pop sparkle lies a dense shadowland. Clever songwriting and arrangement, catchy hooks and well placed instrumental parts are a feature of her latest album "Songs from the Suburbs," to be released in early 2010.

Susan's first three CDs captured the attention of the music industry, earning accolades. Her songs have landed in the finals in numerous songwriting contests, including the UK Songwriting Contest, Billboard Songwriting Contest and Unisong Song Contest. Susan was named Runner Up for Songwriter of the Year in 2006 and 2007 by DIY, one of the most respected indie artist networks, which also chose "Wonderland" as the 2005 Runner Up for Album of the Year. Susan has also been awarded 7 ASCAP Songwriting Merit Awards over the last few years. Hit WB TV series "Smallville" utilized the track "Feel Like A Man" from the album "This Thing" to underscore on-screen action, which was also awarded 2nd place in Billboard's Annual Songwriting Contest. She recently inked licensing deals with a trio of powerhouse companies who keep Hollywood supplied with songs.

Blake McKibben Young Man With A Big Future


With so many albums little more than a collection of songs rushed out as soon as there is enough material to fill the space, it is a rare pleasure to find a record as lovingly crafted as Blake McKibben's debut.

This young, good-looking man from Portland, Oregon has produced a record that has taken all of two years' hard work to perfect.

'Haze' is an album that cannot be defined by any single style, but which still has a thread running through each and every track. As befits a record made entirely by one individual, every song is intensely personal, telling the stories of a man's life; both the highs and the lows.

Equally adept at turning his hand to rock, pop, folk or even hip-hop, McKibben uses every weapon in his musical armoury. But each style is just another reflection of his soul, and evidence of an enormous talent.

'Haze' is by turns catchy, heart-felt, funny and sad. McKibben covers every emotion of his young life, from the heartbreak of 'The Breakup Song' to the feel good jauntiness of 'You Lift Me Up', via the daily drudgery of working life, described perfectly in 'Another Day Another Dollar'.

But the standout tracks are the rawest, most soulful and most beautiful. The title track and 'I Wish I Could Thank You' both deal with the tragedy of losing a loved one. But out of that tragedy has come music that belies its creator's youth.
Despite only being 26-years-old, McKibben has been involved in music for nearly two decades. He began by picking up the saxophone in front of his whole school at the age of 10 and was soon turning his hand to piano, drums, bass and anything he could lay his hands on.

He writes, records, performs and produces all of his music. And such total control has produced something that is genuinely unique. His influences include some of the most maverick artists of the last 40 years, including The Velvet Underground, Nine Inch Nails and Morphine. But 'Haze' is an album that is truly his own.

Each song on the record offers something different, but it is as a whole that this album comes in to its own.

If it's a sign of things to come, Blake McKibben has a very very long future.