Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Eventide Announces H9 Max


Today, Eventide unveiled the ultimate addition to the acclaimed H9 Harmonizer® stompbox line: H9 MAX. Available now, the H9 MAX comes pre-loaded with all the effects from each of Eventide’s acclaimed TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, and Space stompboxes, including the new Looper, plus all H9 exclusive algorithms in perpetuity at no additional cost. H9 MAX comes bundled with 45 effect algorithms and over 500 factory presets. H9 MAX is chock full of Eventide’s handpicked algorithms of boundary smashing effects heard on hit records spanning over four decades. For more information on H9 MAX or information on how to win an H9 MAX Limited Edition Harmonizer® dipped in 24-carat gold, go to http://bit.ly/H9MAX.

H9 MAX, a studio processor shrunk down to fit into a stompbox. It features a simple, one-knob user interface and is fully-featured as a standalone stompbox. Using H9 MAX with the included powerful H9 Control app for Windows, OSX, or iOS wirelessly via Bluetooth, makes creating and managing presets, and live control of multiple H9s a snap. H9 MAX owners can share these algorithms with up to four additional H9s on a single Eventide.com account.

“The H9 MAX is the ultimate bundled H9 for those who want it all,” said Ray Maxwell, Eventide’s VP of sales and marketing. “H9 MAX is a perfect combination with a couple of H9 Cores for a killer Eventide rig that packs maximum flexibility and the huge Eventide sound in a compact, cost-effective set-up.”

An upgrade path to H9 MAX from H9 or H9 Core will be announced in early 2015.

About Eventide
Eventide was founded in 1971 in New York City. Eventide is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital audio processing products for recording, broadcast, and live performance. Headquartered in Little Ferry, NJ, Eventide invented the H910, the first Harmonizer effects processor in 1975, followed in 1977 by the H949, the first de-glitched Harmonizer with additional delay. Visit Eventide online at eventide.com.

Eventide and Harmonizer are registered trademark of Eventide Inc. iOS is a trademark of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. ©2014 Eventide Inc.

Darrell Cole's "Swahili" Fights Negative African Stereotypes


American record label Block Starz Music, blockstarztv.com, in conjunction with WeArDo Clothing, is introducing a new artist from Sierra Leone in 2015 named DARRELL COLE.

"Oscar Micheaux: The Czar of Black Hollywood" writer/director Bayer Mack is executive producer of Sierra Leone artist DARRELL COLE's new music single and video "SWAHILI", which forcefully combats the negative stereotypes young Africans deal with at home and abroad.

DARRELL COLE, who was born in London, England and raised in Sierra Leone, fled his war torn homeland as a child and discovered Hip-Hop at an early age in Europe.

DARRELL COLE's major indie debut “Swahili”, comes at critical time as Africans around the globe face stigmatization in the West and misunderstanding from their own people.

"Darrell Cole's song is not only about counteracting negative stereotypes associated with African people; it's also about celebrating our beauty," says Mack, who is currently in the midst of promoting his documentary film on filmmaker Oscar Micheaux, www.theczarofblackhollywood.com, hopes to bring Cole, who is recording his debut mixtape "Uncut Diamond" in Belgium, to the United States in early 2015.

"'Swahili' is resonating with young people in Africa; as well as, the Middle East and beyond, because it gives voice to their frustration in an entertaining, light-hearted way people can understand no matter what language they speak."

DARRELL COLE's major indie North American debut will be available ***DECEMBER 2*** for download at http://www.itunes.com , http://www.amazon.com and all international retailers.




Ivan Mbuyi
Email: Ivan.mbuyi@gmail.com


To celebrate Noël À l’Africaine (Christmas In Africa's way)!


Herléo Muntu announces the release of a new single for the holidays.

In studio for a new album in 2015, Herléo Muntu launches Noël À l’Africaine. A digital title for the holiday season.

Festive and joyful, Noël À l’Africaine is ideal for family gatherings year-end.

Written and performed by the artist, Muntu Herléo offers us a song with Hip-Pop World accents, as he likes to say. He invites us this year, through his song, to travel and celebrate Christmas in the African's way!


Since the launch of his album Reflexions in 2013, Muntu Herléo toured Ontario-Quebec, two African tours and two shows in France and Belgium. www.herleo.com

Writer/Author : Raymond Kashiba
ISRC : CA2P91400001
UPC: 889211185481
Genre: World (African)
Label: Groupe Grio

Noughts and Exes to Release Album Globally


Noughts and Exes is set to release their self-titled album to the US & Global Markets on December 1st. "Noughts and Exes" will be available through CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes with a special Cyber Monday launch. Noughts and Exes is the critically acclaimed indie folk rock band out of Hong Kong that TIME Magazine named one of the "Top 5 Bands to Watch" in 2011. Noughts and Exes is the brain child of Joshua Wong, who first started the band in its original incarnation in 2007. They went through several lineup changes and have settled on an eclectic international mix of talented musicians. Wong is originally from Australia and moved to Hong Kong at age 16 after visiting and being positively impacted by the culture. He started playing music a few years later at age 19 because he wanted to start a band that stayed around in the ever changing Hong Kong music scene. Noughts and Exes came to be in large part because the culturally diverse nature of the Indie music scene lends itself to the collaborative process.

Bigger Picture
The current Noughts and Exes lineup consists of Joshua Wong, guitar/vocals (Australia), Gideon So, keyboard (Canada), Alex Bedwell, drums (UK), and Alix Farquhar, vocals/percussion/glockenspiel (UK). The essence of the band is truly an international mish mash - and it works beautifully. The band members all bring their own life experiences to the table and the Third Culture aspect of Hong Kong contributes almost as another voice. These four talents from all over the world converged in a city that is rich in Asian heritage and has a major Western influence - not wholly one or the other. The climate was ripe for Noughts and Exes to become a part of the growth and excitement of the Indie music scene; writing about their lives and cultural observations to tell stories of people all their own. Now they are sharing with the rest of the world.

"We have always wanted to get our music are wider international audience, firstly because we just believe in the music and would love to share with as many people as possible, but also because we really believe there is some great independent music coming out of Asia and are excited to share that with the rest of the world." (Joshua Wong)

Heart to Hearts
The band has indeed started reaching the rest of the world - their performance video "Hearts" was filmed in Hong Kong’s Times Square to showcase the Indie music scene. It was shot with the help of numerous other musicians and gives good insight into how a coming together of talents can work in the face of challenge. The piece was never meant to be a commentary on how public artistic expression is stifled in Hong Kong, but it has become just that, with over 70,000 hits on YouTube in the first week. The global launch of their new album ties in perfectly with the international point of view Noughts and Exes has. They know that telling stories of people has nothing to do with where you live - it’s all about reaching out across the miles and touching mankind.

For more information, press only:
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For more information on Noughts and Exes or to watch "Hearts":


Monday, November 24, 2014

Churchill-Nash Records Releases Karl W. Davis & The Sweetpeas "IT'S HIGH TIME" EP


Karl W. Davis and The Sweetpeas’ latest release, It's High Time (2014 Churchill-Nash Records), is now garnering high critical acclaim in the U.S. and France, and marks a new chapter in the career of this fire-and-brimstone gospel/blues powerhouse. Karl W. Davis was born in Folkston, Georgia, a small rural community situated at the crossroads of Savannah and Macon with deep gospel and blues traditions.

After joining the African Methodist Church at the age of 9, Karl became a fixture on the southeast Georgia gospel circuit, not only as a charismatic and passionate soloist, but as the only white member of an all black congregation and choir. Blues and soul music became Karl’s life. Travelling and performing on the Chitlin' circuit from Virginia to Florida, Karl honed his ability to bring the power of a tent revival into every backwoods bar and uptown honkytonk. Eventually bigger and better opportunities came along and he was fortunate enough to share the stage with many greats in the blues and R&B world such as Gatemouth Brown, Crown Prince Waterford, Dr. John, Son Seals, Big Eye Willie Smith, Bob Margolin, Michael Burkes, Jimmy Johnson and more. In 2000, Karl was chosen to represent Jacksonville Florida at the Rendez vous de l'Erdre festival in Nantes, France and continues to perform at the finest festivals and venues in Europe. After the world-renowned success of the Urban Voices Choir in Nantes, where for five years he composed songs for and performed with 1000 singers, Karl was ready to hit the European blues and soul scene in a big way.

The blend of influences heard on It's High Time will remind the listener of the soul and gospel greats, such as Al Greene, Syl Johnson, and Harvey Watkins Jr. “For me this album represents a brutally honest reaction to the end of a fifteen-year marriage,” says Karl. “We wrote 20 songs over a two month period and the ones that ended up on the new release were the songs where the lyrics came entirely at one sitting. These were just the most honest. We decided to choose these six and give them the best production we could manage instead of twelve songs with a watered down effort. Since this would be our calling card I think this was the best way to make a good impression right from the start.” It's High Time brings forth a wave of emotion, where the listener is transported to a place where tears of joy or sadness can hardly be controlled.

www.karlwdavis.com • karlwdavis.churchillnashrecords.com
radio: powderfinger promotions 800.356.1155 radio@powderfingerpromo.com

19th annual Millennium Music Conference is February 19-21, 2015


The 19th Annual Millennium Music Conference & Showcase will be held February 19 - 21, 2015 at the Best Western Premier - The Central Hotel & Conference Center, Harrisburg, PA MMC will feature 2 full days of music business keynotes, panels, clinics, workshops, day stage, mentoring & demo listening sessions and trade show. At night over 300 selected acts and artists will showcase at over 30 showcase venues.

Music industry professionals attend as sponsors, speakers, mentors, exhibitors and talent scouts. Musicians that submit to showcase all get Free registration credentials whether selected or not. The deadline for artist showcase submissions is November 30. Interested speakers and industry professionals and encouraged to contact the conference director John Harris at 717-221-1124.

Atlanta Rapper *L.O.* Drops New Debut Album - The Good, The Bad, And The Gifted The Bad Volume 1


Atlanta rapper/performer (Cortney Isaiah French) LITES OUT better known as L.O., has officially stepped into the big game with an album that is going to be crashing over the radio waves in no time.

With his recent development and co-founding of Atlanta urban music label LAVISH HUSTLE FAMILY, he is showing everyone out there that he's coming up fast and big. Big in the sense that everyone is going to be hearing all of the countless hours he's put away working in the studio, writing his bars/material, working on the boards to put out some of the most quality music production and pounding the pavement non-stop getting the word out that he's not going to stop until he reaches the top of the charts.

The proof is there and it's showing big stats climbing up on his Soundcloud page already with his single "SITUATION" already reaching over 16,000+ plays along with the single "WHO" which features local Harlem area rapper YOUNG SCHEME on the guest verses topping over 4,000+ views in less than 2 months. This shows that the fans are eating up what L.O., has to offer and that is going to be the same hunger for new music with his latest album release.

L.O.'s hard-hitting and amped-up music is a key reason Majid "Chi" Hasan partnered with him to bring Lavish Hustle Family into something bigger than just a dream. This album will be the first that the label drops, in whats to be a monumental release on a label that is already showing to have a bright future in the hip-hop/rap industry.

Along with Young Scheme playing part as a guest on the album L.O., is happy to announce an array of talented artists supporting him with their rap talents such as Trey Poundlayemdown, Guelly Gunz, Marlee Major, Jmike, Sinsear, and Juss Joose. You can be sure that you'll also see L.O., doing some major guest sports on their albums as well, so keep your eyes peeled because L.O., is always hard at work in every aspect of his profession.

At this time we welcome interviews and booking requests. If you are interested in talking more with management you can please contact us at the following information:


Check out L.O. - http://www.reverbnation.com/litesout01
https://itun.es/i6BF2V6 #iTunes