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Esteemed New Wave Rock Band, Wang Chung Announces US Tour To Coincide With The Release Of CD "Abducted By The 80's"


Los Angeles, CA - May 10, 2010 - In the current state of rock music, there are not many bands that are likely to see the kind of success achieved by veterans, Wang Chung.

Coming out of the post-punk era of the 1980's UK music scene, the band – throughout their 30 year career – has released 5 albums, 2 greatest hits compilations and has had 6 US Top 40 hits.

In the process, Wang Chung has become part of the vernacular of modern-day pop culture. The smash hit, "Everybody Have Fun Tonight," brought to the forefront the creation of a new verb utilized by everyone from Homer Simpson and Frasier Crane to Austin Powers (check out the web site for some great samples).

Their current upcoming release, "Abducted By The '80's," is comprised of a double CD package. CD One, also known as "Wang," consists of the band's biggest hits, including re-recorded versions "Everybody Have Fun Tonight," "Dance Hall Days," "Let's Go" and an acoustic version of "To Live and Die in LA," CD Two, or "Chung," features brand new material. The lead track, "Rent Free" is an homage to the band's history of catchy pop tunes with "Stargazing" and "London Orbital" also connecting to that legacy.

During the interim of the post Wang Chung era, founders Nick Feldman and Jack Hues have certainly maintained busy schedules. In 1995, Nick co-wrote "I Am A Man," with Suggs, (lead singer of the group, Madness) for the film remake of the hit British television series, The Avengers. The song became a top UK hit.

Feldman then went on to an A&R position at Warner UK and later, head of A&R for Sony Europe / Sony BMG, signing Bullet For My Valentine, amongst others.

Jack Hues worked on various soundtracks in the 1990's, including the William Friedkin film, The Guardian. He later teamed up with Tony Banks (Genesis) to form the one-off group, Strictly Inc. The band released a self-titled album in 1995.

Following this, Hues formed the hybrid-jazz unit, The Quartet. They recorded two albums, Illuminated (2007) and Shattering (2008). Both CDs were released through producer, Chris Hughes' (Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel) label, Helium.

Interest in "Abducted By The '80s," arose as the result of Wang Chung's featured involvement in the "Regeneration Tour" with British pop act, ABC. Since then, Feldman and Hues have been honing material for the new CD.

The 2010 tour will begin at Anthology in San Diego, CA on June 10th and finish at Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA on July 10th. For complete itinerary, please check schedule below.

Initial response to "Abducted By The '80s," has been very favorable and by the looks of things, houses are likely to fill quickly. For a free download and ongoing details, check out


Dan Del Campos / Pop Culture Image

Tour Schedule:

Thursday, June 10, 2010 San Diego – Anthology

Friday, June 11, 2010 San Juan Capistrano, CA - Coach House

Saturday, June 12, 2010 Redondo Beach, CA - Brixton

Sunday, June 13, 2010 Woodland Hills, CA - Lou Bredlow Pavilion - FREE SHOW!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 Phoenix, AZ - Skye

Thursday, June 17, 2010 TBA

Friday, June 18, 2010 San Francisco, CA - Slims

Saturday, June 19, 2010 Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge

Sunday, June 20, 2010 Victoria, BC - Logan's Pub

Monday, June 21, 2010 Seattle, WA - El Corazon

Thursday, June 24, 2010 Oshkoshh, WI - Waterfest - Leach Amphitheatre - FREE SHOW

Friday, June 25, 2010 Chicago, IL - CANS Stage - Chicagofest FREE SHOW

Saturday, June 26, 2010 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest (tentative)

Sunday, June 27, 2010 Detroit, MI - Magic Bag

Monday, June 28, 2010 Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater (or 29th)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 - Akron, OH Musica

Thursday, July 01, 2010 Buffalo, NY - Sunset Bay Beach Club

Friday, July 02, 2010 Kokomo, IN - Hayes Apperton Festival

Saturday, July 03, 2010 Cleveland, OH - The Winchester

Wednesday, July 07, 2010 NYC, NY - BB Kings

Thursday, July 08, 2010 – Mohegan, CT - Wolf Den/Mohegan Sun Casino

Friday, July 09, 2010 Boston, MA - Showcase Live

Saturday, July 10, 2010 Sellersville, PA - Sellersville Theatre

MusicDish*China Sounds Pod5 - One-on-One With Music Matters Asia's Jasper Donat

Listen To MusicDish*China Sounds Pod5:
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By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher)


This edition of the MusicDish*China Sounds podcast, presented by Metal Postcard Records, features an interview with Japser Donat, founder of Music Matters being held in central Hong Kong's Grand Hyatt on May 26 - 28. I attended my first Music Matters in 2009 and it would have a lasting effect, being one of the factors that inspired MusicDish*China - you can read about that trip here.

Since then, Jasper has broadened Music Matters reach to the shores of Mumbai with Nokia Music Connects as well as Singapore where they hold the Advertising Forum. Jasper can also be found trekking around the world promoting the Asian music industry - whether leading an indian delegation at Toronto's Canadian Music Week or presenting the results from the Synovate survey on music consumers buying habits at Cannes' MIDEM conference.

In this podcast, Jasper covers some of the highlights of Music Matters 2010, including:
- booking Jason Mraz to this year's "Audience With..." session featuring an exclusive, intimate performance and interview with his legendary manager, Bill Silva.
- the participation of major brands in the conference, including Coca Cola, HP, Tiger Beer and South Gobi Energy Resources
- the inaugural launch of "Music Matters Live" - Hong Kong's first ever streetside, urban music festival
- the state of Hong Kong's live music scene in the face of city-rivals such as Macau and Singapore, not to mention Beijing and Shanghai
- the leading trends shaping Asia's music industry

Jasper also introduces three bands that will be performing at this year's conference, including:
- Mongolian-based Altan Urag - Ikh Mongol / Great Mongolia
- Singapore-based Electrico (Coldplay meets Muse) - We Satellites
- Vancouver-based (and CMW discovery) Deli to Dublin - Celtic Dub

See you in Hong Kong!

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Reginald MaGee "Pressing On"

Reginald MaGee Reverbnation page:

Stand Up, the latest single from gospel singer Reggie Magee's debut album "Pressing On" showcases Magee's unique style. His unique ability to fuse traditional gospel themes and vocal styles with distinctly urban beats and grooves makes this artist one worth listening to. In "Stand Up," Magee sings about the hardships everyone faces in life and how faith can blaze a path through the hardest times. "You've got to be strong," croons Magee, "and keep your head up to the sky." Faith is the prevailing theme in this, and most, of Magee's music and his distinctive style and funky sensibility are truly special.


Sing And Sign A Language: Spanish Opens Up A World Of Spanish Language Learning


Sunset Strategic Marketing (SSM) is setting up their first release that will tap into the children's marketplace with the Sign and Sign a Language: Spanish three (3) CD Set.

The "Sing And Sign A Language: Spanish" CD Set is not only a specially packaged three (3) CD set, the initial concept for this type of a release was also produced to create a learning kit for children in their greatest development years. The entire set was then developed by Susan Dezenhall Schwartz along with sound man, Eric Aubrey at his Red Armadillo recording facility outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The entire project was produced, performed and recorded by (Susan Dezenhall) Schwartz, a linguist, composer, vocalist, educator and mother.

(Susan Dezenhall) Schwartz, unimpressed with the educational programs available for children's learning, decided to create a learning program herself and for the students she teaches every day. Starting this inevitable series of language learning products with Spanish became the obvious choice considering the ethnicity of children in her classes. However, Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Records / SSM says that there are "plans to franchise this concept with more languages like Hebrew and French," and that was always "the plan with Susan and me from day one."

After three years of study, research and development, this very special set comes out as a CD and the label has already made way for the entire set to be available as downloads and ringtones. Lichterman goes on to say that "Susan (Dezenhall Schwartz) seems thrilled to have this be placed in stores," and "I am thrilled to be working a project for kids." This is first educational related product released at the Sunset/SSM company and the launch of this premier Spanish set "Sing and Sign A Language: Spanish" is perfect to educate and the songs are a great listen. The set includes not only lyric's in Spanish, there is also a translation to English in the nicely packaged inside booklet and there are lesson plans for kids to follow along with too. The label; has these booklets available online (pdf) for everyone to download and print them out for free.

What is now called, The Sing and Sign a Language Series as a concept takes a unique approach at teaching the Spanish language to children and after hearing the Spanish CD set from beginning to end, it is easy to see how teaching and learning languages can be fun, colorful, easy and enjoyable. The "Sing And Sign" approach is set up to simulate a fun learning environment by introducing easy words to learn in every day conversations, introducing vocabulary through a story, keying on commonly spoken words, terms, sentences, phrases for easy use every day, uses an array of teaching resources and materials for children's and parents to learn these lessons in an efficient way, and most of all, the goal is to keep things fun while learning. Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset said that "the best part of about this project is the overall reaction to it, and I am confidant by the pre sales at Amazon, let alone that initial reaction to the set, that this will be a great teaching and learning tool for kids and parents."Not only do I feel this set help people teach and learn Espanol, the songs are great to listen to in general," says (Don) Lichterman about the three CD set.

The CD includes songs that sound like classics/standards like the "Bienvenidos" and "Adios" intro and outré to each lesson plan, is not only accessible to people, it is also recognizable in some ways. And, there are a total of thirty seven (37) Spanish versions of songs that sound like there is choir of kids singing behind the lead vocals. The songs are also set up in ways for children to learn in a chronological way and to be able to follow along with throughout the entire Set. Disc one is Lesson I / Level I while the second disc is for Lesson/Level Plan II and then the third disc is the Level II lesson plan. Consumers will be able to buy all three (3) CDs in one set from retail stores that sell CDs and DVDs, and consumers will also be able to buy individual songs and the individual Discs at stores that sell downloads and streams. The overall sound is very colorful and the CD is perfect to listen to at home, in a car, as well as with teachers and parents.

Moreover, "Sing and Sign a Language" is a multi purpose type of a CD release that is to be used at home and the label also will be working with Alibris to get the product into libraries and educational facilities around the world. The label plans to work this into school programs and/or educational enrichment programs that teach the languages. And, teachers, educators and parents do not need to know the Spanish language to use this product in an effective and efficient way. Parents and teachers will learn the language too as they teach it. Both English and Spanish are translated as part of the special packaging. The lesson plans are also included in that special packaging.

The "Sing and Sign A Language: SPANISH" is the debut release and there are plans to create more multimedia educational projects at SSM. The content on the CD set tells a story in a way to help you learn every day things about life.
For more information about the "Sing And Sign A Language: Spanish" CD Set and language series, please visit

About Sunset Records
Sunset is a privately owned Don Lichterman Company. Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels and entertainment companies in the world. The Sunset Group of Entertainment Companies, and its global operation, acquire, develop, and distribute major music recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment technologies and music and filmed entertainment worldwide. Sunset's four major divisions are the Sunset Distributed Label Group, the Sunset Strategic Marketing and Licensing Division, the Radio

MarilynMusic Lands Track On Dorie Colangelo's Album '63rd Street Recordings'


MarilynMusic, a new music company leveraging decades of experience in both music and film/TV, announced that their song "To The Party" was featured on Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Dorie Colangelo's album '63rd Street Recordings', released this month. The album is a collection of big, rocked-out, yet poignant songs from this americana/country/folk/pop musician.

"Dorie is an extremely talented singer and we felt that her voice was perfect for this song," said MarilynMusic's Casey Conrad. "Once we recorded "To The Party," Dorie liked it so much that she decided to add it to her album."

Casey, who co-wrote the song with partner Michael Gaines, produced the album with Joanne Perica, also playing the drums and bass on the track. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered at Casey's Manhattan studio, the Vertical Room.

MarilynMusic recently announced the release of their upcoming "Pure Music" series. The genre-based EP series will showcase Conrad and Gaines' growing and diverse catalogue, encompassing everything from pop to R&B and country, with the series debut release of "Pure Rock" in May 2010. Oseao Media Group will be working closely with major digital retailers, including iTunes, Amazon and eMusic as well as TV/film and advertising agencies.

'63rd Street Recordings' is available for sale on CD Baby

About MarilynMusic
Listening to MarilynMusic, one hears everything from rock, to pop, R&B and jazz. The range of styles in this duo's musical catalogue is almost as vast as the experience of the composers themselves. Casey Conrad and Michael Gaines, the two men behind MarilynMusic, each draw inspiration and knowledge from a lifetime spent in the music and entertainment industry that began in early childhood. Between the two of them, they have worked in every aspect of the entertainment industry including television, film, theatre, and the performance of music. In recent years, MarilynMusic has shifted their focus to composing and producing music, leveraging their longtime experience working with big-name talent from Bo Diddley to Ruben Blades to Chaka Khan.

With decades of combined experience in both music, film and TV, MarilynMusic is well prepared to expertly execute any project from songs, to film, to commercial jingles. While they are both the products of a family whose roots are in the entertainment industry, they learned their trade the old fashioned way - by vigorously working with the goal of perfection in mind.

Eric de Fontenay

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Mac Dividinz Gets Set Up With Sunset Urban With Their Debut International Release Of Hypersonic!


Mac Dividinz gets set up with Sunset Urban with their debut international release of Hypersonic!

Hypersonic is the debut CD by Mac Dividinz being released at Sunset Urban.

Some veteran rap and hip-hop aficionados have articulated many concerns over the direction of hardcore rap in the recent years and dating back to the early 90's. Their argument is that hardcore rap told a story with a heavy conscience in the '80s, and then rap segued to talking about their own bling while they dove in sports cars pitting east coast and west coast rappers proudly referring to their own selves as, a "thug" while smoking blunts surrounded by "bitches, hoes, and hotties shaking big booties." However, in today's world, rap can be very positive and uplifting with MCs and popular rap bands like the Roots, Too $hort, Public Enemy, Common, Eminem, Ice T, Blackalicious as well as other rappers that sing with that hardcore and style that is very much in your face. Mac Dividinz's debut album, Hypersonic, is no doubt hardcore and no doubt in your face from beginning to end of this CD. The Oklahoma-based rapper was a teen when he initially started rapping music while today; his songs have grown to be very accessible to any audience that loves rap music. He speaks about socio concerns in a very severe way.

For instance with the initial single being worked to the urban radio format to stations all over the world, "I Got This" communicates an accessible story geared to grab anyone from any socio environment. Hypersonic is not an album filled with songs with words that are making an attempt to save the world, "but he is no doubt sending a huge message to the world," says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Urban. (Don) Lichterman goes on to say that it's a "tribute to his (Mac Dividinz) talent and that he loves what he does with rapping his music" and that Sunset Urban is releasing a "serious rap album that is an unprecedented 67 minutes long CD." The Mac Dividinz debut album a quintessential down and dirty rap album that will overwhelm rap music lovers with the "in your face" style and "in your face" music theme. "(Mac) Dividinz is not reinventing the wheel so to speak," says (Don Lichterman from Sunset, "it is one the best rap albums from beginning to end in a very long time and I mean every song on Hypersonic is a top level." The overall beat coupled with his rap, is contagious, deep and is very strong music. (Mac) Dividinz has great melodies with catchy hooks on every song. The sixteen (16) songs on the Hypersonic CD is an entertaining example of down home hardcore rap music.

Born David Jones and raised in Oklahoma, USA, (Mac) Dividinz grew up with an eye on his artist career. As a teen, he followed the lead of his influences growing up by writing and performing on his own, until he eventually sent in the "raps" to (Don) Lichterman at Sunset Urban. Bothe Sunset and Dividinz feel this is the perfect fit considering the career of Mac (Dividinz) and with Sunset Urban, the hip hop and rap label at Sunset. "I was so impressed with his rap, it took me days to close that deal," says Lichterman whom signed the up and coming rap artist to his Sunset Urban Record label. The label had initially hope to get it out this year but considering the length of the full length CD and its sixteen (16) songs; it was worth waiting until the street day in 2010 on January 26th.

Sunset Urban Records
Sunset is a privately owned Don Lichterman Company. Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels and entertainment companies in the world. The Sunset Group of Entertainment Companies, and its global operation, acquire, develop, and distribute major music recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment technologies and music and filmed entertainment worldwide. Sunset's four major divisions are the Sunset Distributed Label Group, the Sunset Strategic Marketing and Licensing Division, the Radio Sunset Network and the Sunset Filmed Entertainment Division.

MusicDish*China Joins Beijing's INTRO 2010 As An Official Media Sponsor


MusicDish*China announced its role as an official media sponsor of INTRO 2010 - Beijing Electronic Music Festival being held on May 22th. Organized by Acupuncture Records, the festival, in its second year, will once again welcome and delight over ten thousand of China's electronic music fans by presenting world-renowned DJs, producers, and visual artists along with China's favorite local talent.

China has seen a thriving electronic music culture in the past decade and is gradually developing a strong local scene, especially in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. INTRO 2010 is set as a showcase for this growth, with a mixed line-up reflecting "who's who" in the industry.

"As the name suggests, INTRO festival is an introduction, a two-way introduction," said Acupuncture Records Managing Director Miao Wong. "It's an introduction to the Chinese audience as to what an electronic dance music festival is, as well as the spirit and culture behind it. Also, by bringing over international artists, overseas media and our industry counterparts, it's an introduction to the rest of the world of China's thriving scene and dedicated people making it happen... and eventually, will put China on the world's map of electronic dance music."

MusicDish LLC will be leveraging all its online properties - MusicDish, MusicDish*China and Mi2N - to raise international awareness about the festival and China's electronic music scene, including on-site coverage of the stages, performers and audiovisual shows. Mr. de Fontenay will then be flying to Hong Kong for the annual Music Matters conference, which MusicDish also sponsors.

"We are proud to be supporting the work being done by Acupuncture Records to promote and nurture China's independent electronic music scene through INTRO 2010," said MusicDish*China Founder Eric de Fontenay. "The festival provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with music professionals, performers and fans in what is arguably the fastest growing market in the world."

On May 22nd, 2010 Acupuncture Records will once again welcome and delight over ten thousand of China’s electronic music fans by presenting INTRO 2010 – Beijing Electronic Music Festival. As the motto says -- "Ideas Need To Reach Out" -- INTRO is designed as a platform to express the belief in music as a vital element of connecting people; to showcase and support innovation in electronic music and digital art. It is run by people who love life, music, freedom, art and alternative culture for people who share that same love.

Launched at MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France, MusicDish*China is the latest online brand from MusicDish LLC, a digital music company, focused on the transforming music market in China. Leveraging its various online properties and growing network of Asian partners, MusicDish*China capitalizes on the growing interest in the Chinese market to educate and influence music executives and professionals worldwide. MusicDish*China also co-produces a monthly podcast in association with Hong Kong based Metal Postcard Records that covers the music and artists shaping the independent scene in China and Mandarin-speaking Asia.

Eric de Fontenay
chinasounds [at] musicdish [dot] com
skype: musicdish

Miao Wong
Managing Director
Acupuncture Records
miao [at] acupuncture-records [dot] com

The Blood Of Heroes - Blinded

The Blood Of Heroes - Blinded:

The world is laid to waste; a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Bands of armed looters scurry across the ash-strewn landscape, locked in constant battle with enemies seen and unseen. What was once a functioning society is now a lawless land, kill or be killed. This is the vision of the world that is created by the "The Blood of Heroes" with the song "Blinded," their debut track from their first record, "The Blood of Heroes." A crashing beat of electronic drums, found sounds and distorted guitar coalesce into an intense end-of-the-world stew. All fans of dub, drum and bass and ambient music will enjoy this new group.


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British R&B Star, Mark Morrison, Returns With Club Anthem B’DAY, From New Album


Multi-platinum singer/songwriter Mark Morrison returns this summer, with B'DAY, a 2010 funk-infected anthem, the first leak from the upcoming release of his hugely anticipated new album, 'I Am What I Am.'

His breakthrough single Return of the Mack became a top ten hit around the world in 1996, paving the way for four more top ten hits; Crazy, Trippin', Horny and Moan and Groan, making him the first artist in British pop history to have five Top-10s from their debut album. This cemented his position as one of the most successful British R&B singers of the '90s. A raft of awards followed as Mark was nominated for four Brit Awards, a Mercury Music Prize nomination, an MTV Europe Music Awards nomination and five MOBO Awards nominations, where he took home Best R&B Act.

Mark's last outing was Innocent Man featuring DMX, the lead track from his 2006 album, which also appeared in sample form on Innocent Man (Misunderstood) by Cassidy, reaching #3 on Billboard's Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart in November 2007.

B'DAY showcases Morrison's distinctive, soulful vocals. The track, which features Warren G, a pioneer for the G-Funk genre, is a fantastic summer R&B/pop crossover anthem.

Mark Morrison feat. Warren G - B'DAY


Iraq Suicide Bombers Are Not The Only Thing 'Blowing Up' In Baghdad: Could This U.S. Army Soldier Be The Next Hip Hop Phenom?


MAY 09, 2010 (Baghdad, Iraq)

Everyone around the world knows that the United States Military is supporting the Iraqi Government as they rebuild their country. What everyone doesn't know is... What do the soldiers do in their free time (if they ever have any)? Some soldiers may do the occasional online class courses in order to get one step closer to their degree. Then, there's one soldier in particular that the only course he is on, is the course to 'Take Ova' the HipHop/Rap game. He is known in the United States Army as SPC Peltier (age 22), but when it comes to his music he likes to be called KPee. While in Iraq, KPee has put together his '6th Man' Mixtape (you can download it here ) and the newly released 'The Take Ova' album. (you can buy it here ) Although his tour in Iraq is almost coming to an end, we can only imagine what his plans are when he returns to the United States. "Aside from going on my trip to Las Vegas, I plan on really trying to get my music heard.. and not just in Iraq..." KPee states as he smiles. Take it from KPee, this just shows that anywhere in the world people can work towards making their dreams come true... even on the battlefield!

For further information contact Kendall Peltier (

Redneck Song To Be Perfomed At Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Michael Desselle will perform his new singles "Low Tech Red Neck","Goin' Back To Tennessee" and "Thank a Soldier" at the upcoming Music Strategies event that is put on by Tim Sweeney, at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The event runs from June 3 - 6, 2010.

"I am excited to be going to Las Vegas and showcasing my new singles" said Michael Desselle during a recent recording session. "I have performed all over the Country and have toured Australia twice, however, I have never played Las Vegas and so this event will be another high point in my already incredible journey as a musician. Performing "Low Tech Red Neck" along with the other songs in Vegas is like a dream come true. This song has brought humor and laughter to everyone who has heard it." Concluded Michael.

"I am proud to be traveling with Mike to see him perform at Caesars, and I am looking forward to networking with other Industry Professionals, Talent Buyers, Publishers, Producers, Labels and Musicians." said Randall Ierna, of Ranluron Music, BMI. We have produced 5 full length CD's for Michael under the brand name "Molten Mike" and 4 of his CD's "Chameleon", "The Movie", "Genuine Bluesman" and "Blues Meltdown" were voted number 1 in 5 catagories at MP3TUNES. Michael has also received 19 awards and nominations including awards for "Best Songwriter" , "Best Entertainer", "Best Singer" and "Best Guitarist".
The new CD we are producing "I'm All In" will be all country and will feature 12 songs, 4 of which have already been released as singles.

"I am pleased to be traveling with Michael and Randall to Las Vegas" said Sparky Ierna, Michaels International Fan Club President. "Michael has really worked hard and I can feel great things coming out of this trip. I have been Michaels #1 Fan since 1999 and I will be developing a new strategy for his fans to be able to connect with him." concluded Sparky.

For more information just go to

To listen to Michael's music just go to, I-tunes, fairtylizer, mp3tunes and many other download sites.

For more information on Tim Sweeney's Music Strategies go to

DJ's can download Michaels music including his 4 new singles at or at

Ranluron Music is interviewing Talent Agencies for Michael Deselle's next tour.

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The Sunset Curse - Flavor

The Sunset Curse - Flavor:

"Flavor," by the up-and-coming Colorado indie-rockers Sunset Curse, is infused with influences from a wide range of styles. This debut track has the dancy sound of Phoenix mixed with punk and prog-rock sensibilities. Crunchy synths give way to a reverberant guitar melody and deft drumming. The singer laments the choice he must ultimately make between two lovers. It's a predicament he communicates with vocal and emotional clarity. This new group puts a unique spin on indie rock and is absolutely a band to watch out for.


Rondo Brothers Release New Album "Foreign Globester" With Motion Man On June 1st


Los Angeles - The Rondo Brothers have joined creative forces with Motion Man to launch The Foreign Globester on June 1st, 2010, their new album from DMAFT/Oglio Records, a Fontana (Universal) distributed label. The San Francisco based Rondo Brothers are Jim Greer and Brandon Arnovick, genre-bending producers, composers, remixers and multi-instrumentalists musicians known for their quirky independent releases as well as their collaborations and performances with artists such as Galactic, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Crudo (Mike Patton and Dan The Automator), Daryl Palumbo, Prince Paul, and many more.

The new album is preceded by the first single, "Tumbling Down", available now for download and as a ring tone. The Foreign Globester spotlights the talents of underground hip hop legend Motion Man, who narrates the trek of the Globester and his escapades with the audiotopia of aliens, bigfoot, vegas debauchery, latte-wielding bombshell supermodels, cult leaders and mad lovers. The Foreign Globester also features appearances from MC Lars, Krazy Glue, Madison, Beefy, DJ Quest. Latrice Barnett, Poach Stevens, K-Flay, Ben Ellman from Galactic and will be available on vinyl.

The Rondo Brothers have toured extensively with project such as Head Automatica, Deltron 3030, Lovage, The Lovemakers, and Handsome Boy Modeling School. They are currently in a DJ residency at San Francisco’s Coda and will kick off the summer with a June 10th appearance at San Francisco’s The Independent. The Rondo Brothers have also enlisted the aid of the Topspin direct to consumer platform as a way to deliver exclusive material to fellow music lovers. Recent winners of the Yoko Ono Remix Contest, they will be launching a remix contest of their own to coincide with The Foreign Globester street date on June 1st, 2010.

The Foreign Globester track listing and featured artists
1) Quiet Room
2) Tumbling Down featuring Motion Man
3) Legend Has It featuring Krazy Glue
4) Bohemian Grove featuring K-Flay & MC Lars
5) You Got It. I Want It. featuring Madison & Motion Man
6) Foreign Globester featuring Motion Man
7) Roketship Flossin featuring Poach Stevens
8) Last Night Ruled featuring Motion Man
9) TipToe featuring Madison & Motion Man
10) Cult Leader featuring Beefy & MC Lars
11) Bigfoot featuring Poach Stevens
12) Bikini Body featuring Latrice Barnett & Motion Man

For all things Rondo Brothers, including press photos, cover art and tour dates, visit:
Official: and
Social: and