Friday, March 19, 2010

Avenue Ty And Breezo Of Jersey Bounce Productions Release Video For Soundscan Charting Hip Hop Single "Snake Chama"


Denver based Jersey Bounce Productions has released the controversial video for the hit hip-hop single "Snake Chama" featuring Avenue Ty and Breezo. The erotically charged video features both Avenue Ty and Breezo as well as some of the hottest belly dancers in the world. Choreographed by Kaya and Sadie of prominent Groove du Mond, the video was filmed on location at the stunningly beautiful Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Alamosa. Weaving exotic Middle Eastern wardrobes, set design and the desert setting with underground hip-hop, Jersey Bounce Productions has created a video worthy of the underground hit single "Snake Chama".

The Snake Chama Video was released on March 1st on youtube and picked up over 20,000 views in the first 3 days. The video has also been released to 150 network and cable television music video shows and should begin airing in the next couple of weeks. The video has already drawn some controversy among the belly dancing community. Most of this controversy is aimed at the video's obvious sexuality and the erotic choreography performed by Kaya and Sadie of Groove du Mond.

About Jersey Bounce Productions

Jersey Bounce is a Full Spectrum Music production company who've worked with some of the best talent in the world including George Clinton, Bootsy, KRS-one, The P-Funk clan, and more. Based out of Denver, the Jersey Bounce team specializes in beats of all types and genres. The Jersey Bounce crew is supported by Disciples of Bass, the host band for the Bounce Lounge, Count D on drums, Timdizzle on guitar, Marco Boykins, and Chris Harris on Bass. The rest of the crew is; No Coast, Tony Rome, Avenue, Young Vito, and Cash.

About the Artists
Avenue Ty (Julius Williams)
Julius Williams, AKA Avenue Ty, was born into the street Hip- Hop culture of south-side Chicago and began writing lyrics at the age of twelve. After high school he hooked up with a few local producers, recording in the studio with other local rappers and singers—the studio being the main focus of Joe's career. His vocal style is smooth and laid back in the pocket—he is versatile and adapts to many different styles of production, working well with various producers and entertainers. Avenue Ty is scheduled to release a six-song EP with Jersey Bounce. Avenue Ty is currently finishing up his soon to be released EP with producers Timdizl and Count D of Jersey Bounce productions at Alley Studios in Denver, CO.

Breezo (Corey Cranford)
AKA Corey Cranford, Breezo grew up around a wide variety of music from spirituals to Blues to R&B to Opera. With both parents involved in all genres of music, Breezo couldn't help but get caught up in it. From a young age he participated in choirs, music theater, and other cultural activities that enhanced his talents as a rapper, singer, writer and dancer. While working on a radio, film and television major at Clark Atlanta University [CAU] '98 -'01, Breezo was able to hone his producing and rapping skills. In 2001, Breezo co-founded NoCoast Cliq, the premier rap group of Wichita, and has been the guiding force in taking the group to commendable success.

Check out the video here:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tax Reeaaally Doesn't Need To Be Taxing!


Kaya's new music video!

Live Urban Pop specialists Kaya have uploaded their new music video for forthcoming single Rat Race with an amazing initial response..

The video has a comical feel with a unique approach, shot by young Japanese director Taichi Kimura entirely in 1 day and in 1 small room; the infamous backstage area of the Tunbridge Well's Forum. Its a fine example that a video doesn't need a big budget to be entertaining; the ideas are creative, the vibe is fun and upbeat, an all-round suitable accompaniment for the song itself.

Taken from the groups forthcoming album 'Look Beneath The Surface' due out mid-summer, Rat Race is an up-tempo Ska Pop song slightly reminiscent of early Madness but with a modern urban slant. Lyrically it takes a satirical look at the financial responsibilities we all face in modern day life; cheekily poking fun at a frustrating subject to which most of us can relate, and aiming to bring a smile to the face of those who hear it.. It certainly coins a new meaning to the phrase Tax Doesn't Need To Be Taxing, very true when spoken about in this context!

The 5-piece live group consist of Guitarist Matt, Bassist Tom Y, Drummer Tom H, songstress Aina and rapper Natty, an Ambassador Of The Prince's Trust. Most of them had already worked together in a previous band which was voted BBC Radio 1's Unsigned Band Of The Year. They know each other well, and it shows..

Together they blend infectious instrumental hooks, catchy vocal melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. The band fuse and perform a mix of genres including Hip Hop, Soul, Ska, Dubstep, Jazz and Reggae resulting in a new live Urban Pop sound that is gaining popularity.

Kaya have remained quietly focused on developing their sound and are now putting the finishing touches to their debut album, due for release in summer this year. Though despite their under-the-radar status they have been booked for performances all over Europe and shared the stage with chart-topping acts such as Sugababes and Ne-Yo. Kaya's live exploits have seen them perform at the Sony Radio Academy Awards, a BBC 1Xtra University tour and international events such as Berlin Fashion Week on multiple occasions.

With Rat Race due out in June this year and with such a strong buzz building around the group already, the early signs are indicating that Kaya and their unique sound are most definitely ones to watch for 2010.

Comedy At Gonzalez Y Gonzalez Presents Andrew Kennedy, Erik Rivera, Angel Salazar, Luis Gomez And Kenny Ortega On Wednesday, March 31st



Come join us at Gonzalez y Gonzalez to experience New York City's newest comedy night sensation. The last Wednesday of every month, Gonzalez y Gonzalez and Comix bring you five of the funniest NYC-area comedians for a night of great laughs and fantastic food & drinks. Our next show on Wednesday, March 31st has confirmed to the lineup host Erik Rivera, Luis Gomez, Kenny Ortega, Angel Salazar and Andrew Kennedy. And speaking of drinks, our friends at Riazul Premium Tequila will be offering drinks mixed with Riazul Silver Tequila for only $5.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Doors open at 6:00pm; performances start at 7:30pm.

Gonzalez y Gonzalez
625 Broadway, NYC
(bet. Bleecker & Houston Streets)
Tel: 212-473-8787

$10 at the door
$5 if you have dinner at the restaurant
RSVP now as seats are limited. First come, first served.

Erik Rivera (host) -
Since bursting onto to the NYC comedy scene in 2004, Erik Rivera's name has become synonymous with comedy. His “boy next door” good looks and unique perspective make him one of New York's fastest rising young comedians. His quick wit along with his commanding stage presence, charisma and infectious smile make him a favorite act at comedy clubs and colleges throughout the country.

Luis J. Gomez –
Luis began performing stand-up comedy as the house MC for the PosterDog Comedy Series, an edgy NY show that featured the heaviest hitting comics in the city. Luis quickly climbed up the food chain and started being booked regularly at clubs throughout NYC. He was recently a featured performer at the NYC Underground Comedy Festival. He played a Puerto Rican guy in the pilot episode of 'Flawed'. He was featured on Philadelphia's ComCast OnDemand Channel,, and the IFC channel. Luis has most recently been seen in a national commercial for The People's Court Raw and he regularly performs at Comedy Clubs, Festivals, and Colleges all throughout the Country.

Kenny Ortega -
Kenny Ortega is a native of Spanish Harlem, A stand up comedian and although he has been a comedian for under 6 years he has grown up fast by working along side some of the best Latino comedians out there today. Kenny like any other kid always found himself getting into mischief, which now reflects his comedic style of story telling on stage. Kenny enjoys helping those starting out in the comedy field by organizing shows to make the transition on to the comedy club stage a lot easier. He worked in venues like "The Dave Chappelle show" the second season and Metro TV. Kenny takes great pleasure in putting a laugh into everyone's day.

Angel Salazar -
Mr. Check It Out! is the half pint with the gigantic boom box on his shoulder. Comedian Angel's Cuban/Puerto Rican heritage and penchant for sporting mini-skirts not withstanding, this manic human laugh factory is rather difficult to describe. Comedian Angel Salazar has not only launched a successful career as a comedian, but also an established actor. Comedian Angel Salazar has appeared in such noteworthy films. As, Scarface, Punchline, and Carlito's Way. He headlines across the country at The Comedy Store, The Dunes Hotel and Catch a Rising Star. Comedian Angel Salazar's has the wildest act you can ever imagine. The diminutive comic is achieving success on a grand scale. "Check It Out!"

Andrew Kennedy -
Andrew Kennedy was 12 in this year's "Top Twenty Countdown" on Comedy Central, behind Dane Cook (11). He has a half hour special currently airing on Comedy Central, did Comedy Central's "Premium Blend" six years ago, been on Don Fransisco Presenta (Univision), Si TV and of course it all began with the standing ovation he received on BET's "Comic View" after singing "Amazing Grace."

About Gonzalez y Gonzalez
Located just steps from Soho and great shopping, Gonzalez y Gonzalez serves authentic, South-of-the-Border cuisine in a festive downtown location. NYC's longest bar is always buzzing, and you can drop by for live Latin music 3 nights a week.

About Comix
Comix is New York's hottest new comedy nightclub featuring headline comedians and established New York-area comics, the best of cutting edge alternative comedy, improv and sketch comedy as well as music and variety programming.

About Riazul Premium Tequila
In the desert Highlands of Mexico, 250 acres of land has been handed down from generation to generation for more than 200 years. This land stood as a pivotal battlefront in the war for Mexican independence. Land where determination and pride prevailed in the struggle for freedom. Today, this is the land of Riazul -- a silky, smooth tequila made from 100% blue agave, honoring the heritage of the land and celebrating the independent spirit of its people.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zimbalam's Digital Music Distribution Service Launches In North America


Paris, France - March 11, 2010 - Zimbalam, the largest digital music distribution and marketing network, today announced the launch of the US version of its distribution network. Zimbalam, owned by independent music distributor and service provider Believe Digital, provides artists with access to 25 of the most popular music stores such as iTunes and Spotify and unprecedented global reach through several hundred additional stores worldwide.

Zimbalam delivers transparency and marketing control to artists with real-time daily sales data, CRM tools such as email newsletters and social networking promotional widgets. Zimbalam's widgets make global marketing easy by automatically detecting a person's location and then promoting to the most popular music stores for that region.

To maximize artist revenues, Zimbalam simply charges an industry-low annual fee so artists can keep 100% of royalties. Zimbalam's nominal fee is $29.99 in year one then $19.98 per year after for an EP or album. Once the fee is recouped, artists keep 100% of royalties generated from sales. After the initial year, artists are only charged if they have sold enough music to cover the low fees, essentially eliminating financial risk.

To celebrate the South by Southwest ( festival, Zimbalam is offering a special rate through the end of March, with distribution of the first album at a reduced rate of $5.99. Artists taking advantage of the special rate can effectively start making money after only one album is sold. Artists can take advantage of this offer by using the code SXSW when signing up at

"With Zimbalam, our goal is to bring the largest distribution network, the strongest marketing tool set and the greatest revenue potential, all at the lowest price point, to the US independent music community, " said Believe Digital and Zimbalam CEO Denis Ladegaillerie. "We want to make sure that independent artists have the chance to not just realize the best business opportunities, but also to realize the opportunity to break through on a global basis."

Bridging the gap between the independent music community and major labels, Zimbalam also gives artists with breakout potential the opportunity to benefit from the A&R team of parent company Believe Digital ( Artists with strong performance on the Zimbalam network are assigned a personal A&R manager to provide valuable advice and support on release strategy, marketing and promotion investment and to ensure they are receiving the greatest exposure while maximizing monetization opportunities.

About Zimbalam and Believe Digital

Believe Digital is the largest distributor for independent music community, based on both geographic reach and number of distribution outlets. Founded by top music executives from companies including Vivendi Universal,, eMusic, BMG Entertainment and Sony, the company has received support from top VCs XAnge and Ventech. Internationally, Believe is supported by a staff of 70 dedicated employees in six countries across Europe (the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal) and the United States.

Monday, March 15, 2010

MusicDishTV presents: Pennan Brae - Goin' Down

Pennan Brae - Goin' Down

Singer/songwriter Pennan Brae released two full-length works in 2009, one of which is called 'Amber Glow' and features, among other brilliant songs, Goin' Down. The tune is as soft and laid-back as all Brae's repertoire. But the track soon unveils its distinctive edgy sound, spiced with blues. The video was released on March 1, 2010. Brae's songs have been widely appreciated last year, receiving airplays and charts placements not only in North America, but also in Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The video of Goin' Down was directed by Thomas Smith and stars actress Raquel Riskin.

Pennan Brae's voice is soft and gentle. His songwriting quite often involves romance and love. Instrumentally, he's a master on keyboards, having played the piano since the age of 5. He is also a great guitarist and on many tracks you can hear him playing harmonica. Find out more on his music at

MXP4 Editor Software Allows Artists To Create "MAX IT" Enabled Interactive Music Singles And Album Web Apps


Paris, France - March 10, 2010 - MXP4, developer of interactive music solutions, today announced the official launch of the MXP4 Editor, postproduction software that to create MAX ITenabled interactive music applications. The MAX IT technology delivers dynamic, on-the-fly arrangements of music in one file that acts as an interactive single or album. The editor is being released for the Mac OS, with a PC version coming soon.

The MXP4 Editor works by importing the separate instrument tracks, which artists then can organize to create a MAX IT enabled interactive music app. The MAX IT technology takes the elements of individual songs and automatically re-combines them in hundreds of different ways each time the song is played
The song or album app is delivered as a single MXP4 file that also includes embedding and social media features designed to drive viral distribution of music as web apps. To date, artists usingMAX IT to create interactive, auto-remixing albums include Michael Jackson, The Bravery, Basement Jaxx, Passion Pit, The Grouch & Eligh and Pep's.

"Musicians are looking to more closely engage with fans by providing them with new music experiences and MAX IT delivers on that goal," said Albin Serviant, CEOof MXP4. By creating a new music listening experience with each play, fans will more closely engage with each music track and be converted from listeners into purchasers."

Recent MXP4 data showed that fans played with an average of 2.6 tracks for an average of 9.1 minutes on each MXP4-powered Web app. Fans also made heavy use of the built in viral tools with 75% of the traffic to the Web apps being of viral origin.

Play with Max It singles at

About MXP4

MXP4 develops interactive music solutions that are changing the music experience for consumers by allowing them to play with the music. MXP4 to engage more closely with consumers and enables the music industry to explore new revenue opportunities. The company founders and board members were previous senior executives of Musiwave, Vivendi Mobile Entertainment, EMIMusic and DivX. The company is backed by Sofinnova Partners and Ventech.