Saturday, June 25, 2016

SRI Records Celebrates Harry Nilsson's 75th Birthday With "Dream On Nilsson"

In celebration of Harry Nilsson's 75th birthday, SRI Records is pleased to release "Dream On Nilsson, a tribute to the great Harry Nilsson, who would have turned 75 on June 15th this year. Dream on Nilsson, (Kai Anders Stenlund - Vocals, Guitar, Bass; Joshua Parlanti - Piano, Guitar, Bass, Vocals; Kyle O'Brien - Percussion; Ian Stenlund - Guitar; Joe Downing - Electric Bass, Upright Bass), a talented group of musicians who recorded the album, are dedicated to the talents of Harry Nilsson and recorded this album in an effort to bring his great music to a new audience.

The interest in Dream On Nilsson's release was near and dear to CEO Shelly Liebowitz's heart. A long time close friend who spent lots or time with Harry and John Lennon, Liebowitz first met Dream on Nilsson when they joined the effort trying to convince the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame that Harry Nilsson should be inducted. According to Liebowitz, "I was very impressed with their love and respect for Harry's work and desire to bring it to a new young audience. The recordings show true respect to Harry's original renditions yet sound much more current. Harry's music is known to everyone even if you don't realize it. From 'Everybody's Talkin' At Me' from Midnight Cowboy, to writing hits for The Monkees, Three Dog Night and many other artists, to his animated children's story 'The Point' or the silliness of 'Lime In The Coconut', Harry is still very much with us. He was a very unique artist and person. He never toured or even performed live. His songs touched us in a way that most never do whether it's 'My Best Friend' from the television show The Courtship of Eddie's Father, 'Me And My Arrow', 'One Is The Loneliest Number', 'Gotta Get Up' or even the outrageous 'You're Breaking My Heart' - everyone has a Nilsson favorite. Harry was the first artist to decide to record an album of standards and I remember when I asked him why he just said, 'my voice is as good as it will ever be so now is the time.'"

"The group of us trying to get "Harry In The Hall" is quickly growing and includes many songwriters, rock stars, fans and friends. It is my hope that the release of Dream On Nilsson will help spread the word and showcase a few lesser known Nilsson originals," says Liebowitz

You can preview a selection of songs from the album on the SRI website and the album will be available for purchase on the website, on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and all major digital outlets.

SRI Jazz, SRI Records and Flamingo Jazz are all part of SRI Label Group providing quality, collectible Blues, Jazz, Country and Rock & Roll from major artists past and present. As one of the first websites on the internet to offer collectible music, established itself as a pioneer on the web since 1998. With industry veteran Shelly Liebowitz at the helm, SRI has strived to provide a standard of excellence in the world of music.

For additional information contact Shelly Liebowitz by email at or by phone at 818.299.6297.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

VersusMedia Launches New Cord Cutting Channels

The pioneering and successful networking business, which has helped to connect independent filmmakers with talented musicians for 15 years, is now launching its own cord cutting channels. The new stations feature some of the best independently produced films, documentaries, and music videos from VersusMedia's impressive client database.

Cord cutting is a growing trend in home entertainment whereby users cancel paid television subscriptions and leverage the benefits of high-speed internet connections to avail of cheaper web-based alternatives, such as internet television. VersusMedia is initially releasing its new channels to users of three popular media streaming devices - Roku, Amazon Fire Tv, and Android TV. The channels are available to a worldwide audience via a downloadable app and the company is planning to have Apple TV compatibility in place by Fall 2016.

Ryan Vinson, the founder of VersusMedia, is enthusiastic about the release. He has encouraged independent filmmakers and musicians to get in contact with him about having their content featured on the new channels. Ryan has always championed the value of original independent media. VersusMedia's extensive database of aspiring musicians has led to some collaborations for movies that have aired at world-renowned film festivals such as Cannes and Sundance, so viewers can be assured that the new channels are chock-full of quality entertainment.

"It seems today that the term 'independent film' is too broadly defined. The subsidiary companies of major film studios are masquerading as small studios, producing so-called 'independent films'. The end result of this is that real independent filmmakers aren't getting noticed. We are focusing on helping such artists make their content available to a worldwide audience. We're looking for additional independent films, shorts, documentaries, and music videos to add to our channel. All licenses are on a non-exclusive basis. We accept content from all genres and languages. You are welcome to contact us for more info. For people wanting to view our new channels, you can easily find the app by searching for 'VersusMedia' on your particular device."

The service provided by VersusMedia has been commended by filmmakers around the world. The company is unique in that it embraces producers of every budget, from film school students to larger independent studios. Producers who work with VersusMedia have a direct connection to a pool of talented musicians where they can seek out suitable music for their movies. Musicians have also praised the service for giving them a fantastic platform to market their talents.

The company has spent the last few months selecting the best films, documentaries, music videos and more from its extensive client database, so viewers can expect high-quality content from all over the world.

About VersusMedia
VersusMedia has been helping independent filmmakers work with musicians since 2001. To find out more about the new cord cutting channels, visit If you would like to find out more about the networking service that the company provides, head to the main website at