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MPress Records Goes Global: To Launch Rachael Sage's Delancey Street Worldwide

New York City based independent record label MPress Records celebrates the global release of flagship artist and founder Rachael Sage's latest record, "Delancey Street". MPress recently partnered with international record distributor ADA Global, and on May 30th the"Delancey Street" Deluxe edition will be released throughout Continental Europe and other select territories. Sage will support the release with an international tour, including stops in London, Paris, Hamburg and Amsterdam. Full tour dates listed below.

On the deluxe version of Sage's critically acclaimed "Delancey Street", international music fans will enjoy brand new packaging, artwork and additional tracks produced by legendary 14-time Grammy® Winner Phil Ramone (Billy Joel, Elton John). The album will be released in European markets including France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and more!

Dates are still being added, so stay up to date by following Rachael on Twitter (@RachaelSage) or "Like" her Facebook fan page.

Delancey StreetAbout Rachael Sage & 'Delancey Street':

Self-taught pianist, poet and producer Rachael Sage radiates what MOJO Magazine calls "warm, intelligent...New York indie charm". An innovative, improvisational keyboardist, she performs over 150 dates a year throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Recommended as a "Top Pick" by both the New York Daily News and Time Out in 2010, The Wall Street Journal also chose to profile her in support of her new album Delancey Street. This past summer, Sage returned to the world's largest arts festival, Edinburgh Fringe, where she performed a 2 week-long run of her original one-woman show to rave reviews.

A Grand Prize Winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest as well as a two-time Independent Music Award and OUTMusic Award winner, Sage has shared the stage with Marc Cohn, Ani DiFranco, Colin Hay, The Animals, Shawn Colvin and Judy Collins.

Early ink on 'Delancey Street':

"*****...crystalline vocals and untamed craftsmanship." - Maverick (UK)

"gently surprising, singular touches that come across as effortless...instinctive" - Irish Times (IRE)

"Sage sounds exactly like she looks: glamourous, sincere, sparkly and intelligent." - Music Week (UK)

"distinctive urban charm... Sage constructs a deft soundtrack that echoes a supper club." - The Dubliner (IRE)

"The next right thing you should do in your life is catch this show." Five Stars - Fringe Review(UK)

"a woman of many talents... Sage's music is honest, from the heart and relatable." - Entertainment Focus (UK)

"slick, confident & insanely fun to be a part of." - The New Current (UK)

"sweet melodies... enjoyable songs." - Record Collector (UK)

"foxy wit and undeniable talent." - Herald Scotland (UK)

"'Delancey Street' is a gem." - MOBO (UK) On Tour Now!

Apr 26 The Forge (w/ Mark Aaron James & Ruth Hammond) London, UK
Apr 30 Camden Eye - London, UK
May 1 - 9 TBD - Israel
May 11 Swan Bar - Paris, FR
May 12 Astra-Stube (w/ Amber Rubarth) - Hamburg, DE
May 13 Venue TBA - Netherlands
May 14 Venue TBA - Netherlands
May 15 Canvas op de 7e - Amsterdam, NL
May 17 NBI [Kulturbrauerel] (w/ Amber Rubarth) - Berlin, DE
May 18 Club Barinton (w/ Amber Rubarth) - Köln, DE
May 19 Steinbruch (w/ Amber Rubarth) - Duisburg, DE
May 21 XL Kunstmanifestatie (XL Art Exhibition) - Dronten, NL
May 26 The Bird Cage - Norwich, UK
May 28 Shakey's Upstairs @ Feisty Flanagan's - Chelmsford, Essex, UK
May 30 Castle Hotel - Manchester, UK
May 31 The Enterprise - London, UK

For more details please visit | Twitter: @RachaelSage Media & VIP Contact: Melanie Rodriguez / Twitter: @MPressRecords

Pitch Your Original Song To A Brand

Founder of music crowdsourcing platform, Express In Music, Jerry Chen, 26, had seen many international musicians deprived of getting their songs engage by commercial brands. The difficulty of independent artistes reaching out to organizations for commercialization is a common sight.

Co-founder, Adriel Chan, 26, echoed his thoughts, "There are millions of artistes emerging year on year, each of them are trying to stand out and be recognized in their area of music, especially those who produces original songs. Where do these songs end up most of the time?"

In a bid to elevate opportunities for musicians of different spectrums from composers, lyricists to sound engineering, Express In Music online platform had been in constant pursuit to create jobs of such nature.

Recently some open projects were voiceover for international brand, Fisherman's Friend and a music rearrangement project for a Singapore primary school. These had all garnered good responses from fellow talents internationally which range from the USA, United Kingdom to South East Asia region.

This had prompted the company to hold a music competition, "Pitch Your Original Song to a Brand". The idea is in search for original songs to be match up with any brands internationally or locally known. Musicians can match the elements of their original music with a brand that have the same characteristics. It is in the pitch for brands to endorse and recognize that these music pieces sent in can be original theme song for their products or services in line with their communication needs.

Currently, the company had successfully clinched clients mainly in Asia such as GSK, Far East Organization, HSR Properties, Super Coffee and Bioskin.

"This unique approach allows musicians all over the world to customize songs for any brand they wish to highlight for endorsement. Commercial organizations are also then contacted to let them know of the availability of musicians having original pieces that can be used for the advertising and promotional needs," Mr Chen said.

Musicians can now write songs not only for leisure purposes but writing a song with an added commercial impact.

For this one-of-a-kind music contest, we had put up an attractive proposition of giving up to $1,000 of shopping spree to the winning musician. The winner will be able to buy any music-related items such as recording studio hours, music software or instruments, as long as it helps fulfill their music dreams.

Both founders of the online platform, believes that it will be exciting and interesting to see that eventually brands are aware that besides cover songs by well-known artistes, there are still many original musicians who are able to make the cut and create engaging music for their brands.

The contest had started on 10th April 2011 and will end 7th May 2011. In less than one week, the company's fan page on Facebook had increased by more than 1,500 due to this campaign. They believe that in the next few days, more than 10,000 fans will be on their social media page as a result of this contest.

Mr Chan said the approach is based on how musicians view certain brands. Their music can enhance this perception that best represent the brand or organization. He acknowledged that Express In Music platform is in its 2nd year as a humble start-up which bridges musicians with jingles, voiceovers and other music production opportunities on this crowdsourcing model.

For further details, you can visit their website at or enter the contest on their Facebook fan page at

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tony Adamo - "What Is Hip"

Tony Adamo's video "What Is Hip" brings both old school and new music together as it provides us with an Interesting view of the group Tower of Power performing their original hit "What Is Hip," and showcasing an incredibly impressive rhythm section in the process. Adamo does a great job speaking about the group and explaining the history of 70's music and the Oakland, California groove, and it's obvious that he has much respect for both. The video then segways to scenes of Adamo performing his version of "What Is Hip". It's always great to see today's musicians giving respect to those who came before them, and Adamo is deep in the groove with a new conception of voice n' funk with an infectious slice of soul. This track is a fantastic mid-tempo blending of jazz and funk, keeping you in its grasp from beginning to end. There are no computer tricks here – only real music from real musicians that will make you move to the bass, guitar, piano, trumpet, drums, sax and background vocals. Many props go out to both Tower Of Power and Tony Adamo on this one!

Tony Adamo - "What Is Hip"

Tony Adamo/ Dig The Listening Party On USNEWJAZZ

U S New Jazz
Two fantastic listning parties are now scheduled for May. Sunday, May 8th - Tony Roc Adamo with What Is Hip? "I love Tony's version of "What Is Hip?". He evokes the beatnik-bongo days of my youth and gives a whole new slant to a hard-charging funk tune. Congrats to both Tony Adamo and Jerry Stucker!" Stephen 'Doc' Kupka, Tower of Power co-founder
and Sunday May 15. get ready for Anthony James Baker and his new album Acoustic Window. Both will be re-broadcast on the following Tuesdays for those not in the US! More details soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robert Lauri - "Blueland"

Robert Lauri's avant-garde/experimental video and song "Blueland" off his new album "Power In Heaven" takes you to a place far, far away, allowing your mind to be free flowing along the avenues of adventure and imagination with instruments overlapping and swirling together to form a tranquil harmony and a feeling of peace and tranquility. But "Blueland" is perfect for many moods – relaxing, being contemplative and/or reflective, working, or cruising behind the wheel of your car on a picturesque day. The flute, synthesizer, guitar and percussion provide the perfect backdrop for the striking harmonic piano foundation which repeats throughout the track, keeping the song centered and the listener entranced. "Blueland" has a strong Asian sound and quality about it, which only adds to the serene and natural quality of the song. The percussion really comes to life in the end, taking the track to a new level, where dancers move their bodies in sync fervently in a beautiful and rhythmic way.

In keeping with the theme of the music, the video shows nature in all of its splendor and glory, pictures of seemingly prehistoric and medieval times, pyramids, and ancient and famous sites. "Blueland" is an extract from the album Power In Heaven, which is scheduled for release at the end of April. Music and arrangements are by Robert Lauri, and video editing was done by Anna Clara Passarelli.

Watch The Video On MusicDishTV:

New Release: Jesse Manley "Devil's Red" (Jesse Manley Music)

Genre: Folk, Americana
Label: Jesse Manley Music
For Listeners who like: Mason Jennings, Devandra Banhart
Digital Release Date: 04.26.2011
Digital Distribution: IRIS
Physical Distribution: Super D's

About Jesse Manley: Jesse Manley was born in Montana and spent his early childhood on an expansive ranch just north of Yellowstone National Park. Jesse's musical style was shaped by the history and raw folklore of Montana, as well as listening to his father both play traditional folk music and recite Robert Service's gritty tales of the west. In Jesse's writing, one can hear the influence of his youth in the expansive tales of toil and love, as well as poetic verses exploring love, death, and God.

Jesse created his debut album collaborating with multi-instrumentalist and producer Dave Willey (Thinking Plague/Hamster Theatre)

In addition, Jesse is partnering with some of Denver's most experienced and dynamic musicians to preview the album for audiences throughout Denver and Boulder.

Jesse will be performing live to celebrate the release of Devil's Red on April 29, 2011 at The Walnut Room in Denver, with Radical Knitting Circle and Rachael Pollard.

Advance tickets can be purchased at

An Inside Look Into Paris And The Hiltons' "Goodbye The Tyrants"

Phil Jourdan of the U.K. electronic/rock act Paris and the Hiltons recently sat down with MusicDish to discuss the track "Goodbye the Tyrants" off the band's debut album. Released in February, "Prettyface Tinybruise" is available for purchase at iTunes and as well as available for streaming at

Commenting on the track, Jourdan said, "I wanted to write a "heavy" synth-driven song. Originally the sound was a lot sparer and stripped-down, but eventually I settled on making it more musically complex and adding various bits to it to make it interesting. The lyrics weren't an issue at that point."

Describing the song's message, he continued, stating, "It's political to the extent that unlike most of the other songs on the album, it seems to show an awareness of the world outside my head. I suppose it's an exploration of my political stances, though that's probably giving it too much credit. I remember when writing the lyrics that I was going for self-contradiction. I find most people to be pretty self-contradictory when they talk about politics."

"Goodbye the Tyrants" takes on a confrontational tone: "I'm a fascist on the Left, the only hero you have left". The mostly synth-based song brings Phil Jourdan's original flavor to the music, yet bears the reminiscence of With Teeth and Year Zero-era Nine Inch Nails, combing the sound of an underground electro-indie act with Trent Reznor's angry, volatile sneer. The line, "Orwell's books were all the rage, but no one ever read past the first page" (among others) predicts the downfall of humanity under the storm of totalitarian dictatorship.

"Goodbye the Tyrants" can be purchased at iTunes and

Although Phil Jourdan formed the electronic-rock solo act Paris and the Hiltons in 2007 and has made several recordings since that time, he considers "Prettyface Tinybruise," released in March 2011, to be his debut album. Jourdan, who began playing the guitar and bass in high school, is also a singer and songwriter. "Prettyface Tinybruise" is a record of how he dealt with his mother's death in 2009. He enlisted the aid of fellow band member Sam Folkes from the electronic-cabaret rock group Dawn of the Gecko to play piano on "Prettyface Tinybruise," but insists the two acts are quite different. "Paris and the Hiltons isn't about making funny music. Sometimes it sounds that way, because either the songs have silly lyrics or the music is silly. But it's a much more serious project. Paris and the Hiltons is kind of depressing sometimes. Other times it's moronic. I wouldn't call Dawn of the Gecko moronic — just good fun." "Prettyface Tinybruise" is currently available for purchase at iTunes and Amazon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Magic Monster Launches Radio Station

Los Angeles resident and musician, Carisa Bianca Mellado, launched Magic Monster Radio and Magic Monster Records on March 7, 2011. The station has aired to listeners around the globe and is set to keep growing over the months ahead.

The Magic Monster Launch Party was held at renowned Hollywood Club "Three Clubs" on Sunday, March 6, 2011, featuring wild performances from The Cut Ups (now shut up), Bestial Mouths, Peppermint Pumpkin and Full Frontal. The evening was hosted by Subversion (LA), featuring notorious DJs Comrade Stallen and Wes Deraven.

The label is releasing acts such as underground icon, Harry Merry, singer/songwriter Justin Foulkes, as well as Los Angeles acts, Full Frontal, Peppermint Pumpkin and Treason, which is the newest band from ex-Centimeters artists, Greg Gomberg and Ray Day.

Magic Monster Radio is hosted by a variety of artists and musicians, who showcase a diversity of genres including goth, glam, psychedelic, new wave, and punk as well as other alternative styles such as art rock, indie rock, shoegaze, post punk, minimal, industrial, darkwave, and lo-fi.

The Radio Station features talk shows, live shows and radio shows as well as bizarrely themed shows, like a "Fairy Tale" show that plays darker music soundtracking a narrative and a show featuring only bird-themed music.

"I'm excited about the station and I'm really happy to be able to support and be part of a great creative and artistic community. That's inspiring for me" says Carisa Bianca Mellado on the launch of Magic Monster Radio.

Magic Monster is giving away a complementary downloadable CD that features a variety of music and Los Angeles-based acts for anyone who subscribes to the Magic Monster newsletter at the Magic Monster site (, which will give people a taste of the label and the radio station.

Radio Personality Levi Booker Is Back With "Radio Free Classic Saturday"

When veteran air personality Levi Booker rocked the Los Angeles airwaves back in the day with his "Rhythms of the Night" show on KJLH Radio, the town listened. His mellow resonance, coupled with soothing song selections, pampered the ears and swayed the heart. Better known as "Levi Who Loves You," his show ran ten consecutive years, from 1994 to 2004, with many loyal listeners.

Well, 'the Original OG of Los Angeles Radio' is back on the air, rocking the radio and internet waves with his distinctive rendition of "Radio Free Classic Saturday," from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on KJLH Radio Free 102.3 FM and A heat infused mix of old school hits from the '70's, '80's and 90's, the three-hour show is a visceral concoction of hot sounds, conjuring fond memories and fun!

As the current Director of New Media / Marketing and Promotions at Los Angeles' legendary KJLH Radio, Levi Booker is an institution himself. With four decades of radio history under his belt, Booker launched his career at the station in 1973. At the time, KJLH, now owned by Stevie Wonder, was under the auspices of the original owner, John Lamar Hill. The veteran radio personality went on to broadcast at numerous stations throughout his career. He was also one of the first African American DJ's at the Houston rock station, KLOL/K101, where he landed a historical impromptu in-studio interview with George Harrison of The Beatles.

Los Angeles has remained home base however and "Levi Who Loves You" is loved in return. While New Yorkers had radio icon Frankie Crocker, Angelenos revered Levi Booker. Before the hip hop generation knew about stuntin', Booker swayed the masses with the power behind his microphone. The larger than life personality fondly recalls the time he shut down Crenshaw Blvd. between Rodeo Rd. and Florence Ave, a span of over 10 city blocks. With a request to his listeners to "stop your cars, turn your radio up and let's party," traffic literally came to a stand still on the famous boulevard!

"Radio has transitioned and it is important that we transition with it," reflects Booker. "However you don't usurp the roots as you grow and expand, or you die. Sometimes it seems our music today has just died. 'Classic Saturday' is about revival, regeneration and renewal. I am uplifting the community with the hits they grew up listening and dancing to. There is power in the party and in the celebration. "Classic Saturday" on KJLH is the inspiration I bring with my unique programming and sequencing of the hits. There is nothing like it on the radio or internet right now! I am playing the music of your life!"

Tune in to Levi Booker every Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on KJLH Radio at 102.3 FM in Los Angeles or Party with Levi and celebrate your life!

Backstory: How NY's Sugar Bar Gave Birth To MarilynMusic's "IMA B A Celebrity"

MusicDish's Eric de Fontenay sat down with MarilynMusic founders Michael Gaines and Casey Conrad to discuss the story behind their latest song "IMA B A Celebrity." Taking a page from the expression coined by the Black Eyed Peas, they describe as poignant, satirical, and fun, but also a really great pop tune featuring vocalist Wallace Gary.

Casey & Michael met Wallace at the Sugar Bar, a venue owned by the legendary singer/songwriter team Ashford & Simpson one Thursday night while searching to replace a singer for the song. Casey notes "we needed someone with more chops and more power." Wallace, who has sung backup for Ashford & Simpson, Chaka Khan, and others, was performing that night... the rest was musical history.

When asked what their songwriting approach is, Casey states that "there really is no one approach to songwriting. Some songs are written instantly, while other songs take weeks or even longer to evolve. Each song defines its own set of circumstances and requires its own approach in the end."

"IMA B A Celebrity" is the first MarilynMusic single to be released in conjunction with a music video. "Wallace is a very visual guy with respect to fashion and entertainment, and his persona stands on its own," says Michael. "The video reflects that as well as the message of the song."

"IMA B A CELEBRITY" is available for purchase at iTunes at: and at at: The video can be viewed on the MusicDishTV YouTube channel at:

About MarilynMusic
MarilynMusic is the partnership of musicians/composers Michael Gaines and Casey Conrad. Gaines and Conrad created MarilynMusic to combine their knowledge and love of a broad range of musical genres with the tastes of today's pop audience. The prolific team has numerous tracks expertly produced, with new material constantly being created. Gaines and Conrad collaborate on every aspect of the music from the writing to the finished production.

Listen to the full interview at

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Somthin' Else Man! Tony Adamo On

"It's midnight... there's still possibility in the air and energy in your bones... you grab your iPod to search for the right soundtrack... Tony Adamo's WHAT IS HIP? will be the one you want for such a soulful night. A richly sophisticated, musky collection of 13 intoxicating tracks. The former radio announcer turned Hollywood agent turned singer/songwriter has gathered together his original seductive tunes with some of his favorites including The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby," Randy Crawford's classic "Rio de Janeiro Blue" and of course the album's namesake, Tower of Power's "What Is Hip?" It's a raw, sexy and funky blast alluding to the past with a scintillating jazz sensibility that heats up the vibe intensely... the word ‘smoldering' comes to mind. Organic ingredients include A-listers Jerry Stucker, Steve Gadd, Neil Larsen, Freddie Washington and TOP's Doc Kupka. Jazz lovers and unique vocal aficionados who appreciate edgy and interesting voices like Lou Reed and Tom Waits' will dig what Tony's laying down here... hipness is what it is!" ~SANDY SHORE

Robert Lauri Announces His New Album "Power In Heaven"

Robert Lauri continually creates and produces at a dizzying pace and is always offering up new harmonies. His new album is set for release in May.

Robert Lauri, an eclectic international musician, controls a wide variety of musical genres and the extent of his musical creativity truly characterizes him as an artist.

He knows how to build a melody into a unique musical work of art, a true canvas of harmonies and color variations that, upon hearing, will remain etched in the listener's memory. He always operates with the same mastery in terms of harmonies and musical arrangements. He is a melodic visionary, a unique creator within his genre in all musical styles that he offers his listeners.

He literally puts us in a state of expectation: what new musical journey will he take us on this week? What will be the cultural influences on his new musical creation? Each album releases a powerful and original force and opens the door of imagination and dreams for each listener.

The styles differ and are continually renewed and yet Robert Lauri always follows the same path, that of sincerity. The album "Power in Heaven" gives us a set of spellbinding songs that stir our heart and soul as well as sharpens our sensitivity. There is nothing surprising about that since Robert Lauri weaves his creations with heartfelt intelligence. He takes his audience on a musical journey that allows them to come back feeling more serene- and with a smile on their lips.

Each Robert Lauri song could illustrate scenes from silent movies: their expression is so fluid and colorful that the melody actually "speaks."

Robert Lauri's creativity is here to stay, as if the artist never sleeps and that his ideas and musical creations stay with him day and night. Creating for him is like breathing. The musical moods each carry his "personal stamp," the magic touch of Robert Lauri. He has golden fingers, a true talent that will surprise many who hear his music for the first time.

To discover the new album, video clips, and links:

The video achievements are from Anna Clara Passarelli, an Italian artist who has been passionate about video and dance since childhood. Anna Clara Passarelli absorbs music, letting her emotions emerge. She matches the images that carry his musical emotions and the feeling that music gives her. The result is a collection of beautiful images that are in complete harmony with the melody.

The album "Power in Heaven" will be available on download sites in May.

For more information about the availability of the albums:

Press contact : Linda Vranken