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Artist Management Conference 2010 Highlights Important Roles Played By Managers In A Shifting Music Industry Landscape


Gaithersburg, MD May 3, 2010 -- The Artist Management Conference 2010 (AMCON2010), taking place in New York October 14-15, 2010, aims to highlight the important roles played by artist managers in a shifting music industry landscape, and provides a forum for networking, learning, showcasing, and conducting business.

"In an era of 'do-it-yourself' (D.I.Y) and vertical integration, stand-alone artist managers are becoming both under-appreciated and over-hyped by some in the music industry", says Jeremy Rwakaara, conference producer at the Artist Management Resource and author of the Artist Management Manual. With relatively few people having direct contact and interaction with managers, many urban myths and legends have been allowed to take root, resulting in extreme misrepresentations by some in the music industry of managers as either unscrupulous con artists of yesteryear, or omnipotent deal-makers of tomorrow.

To be sure, the behavior of some managers has helped to perpetuate the stereotypes upon which the urban legends have been built. Negative perceptions of managers have caused some music industry professionals to view managers as adversaries on a battlefield eager to extort unjustifiable concessions from them for their artists. Some artists view managers as opportunists who simply want to collect a commission for doing nothing and putting in nothing. Additionally, many independent musicians and some industry professionals believe that management representation should be reserved strictly for artists on major labels.

Yet even as the music landscape shifts and new music business models emerge, artist managers continue to play important roles in the careers of artists, and the conference serves as a forum to highlight some of those roles and re-calibrate the image of artist managers. For artists and companies within the music industry, "quality" artist managers continue to play important roles in the following ways:

• Managers help to craft winning game plans and provide effective solutions for artists, and their objective analysis helps to unearth crucial opportunities at a time when everyone is trying to figure out ways to make money in a shifting music industry landscape.
• Managers see the big picture. Musicians are often too close to their own projects to step back and see things from an outside perspective - undistorted by emotion or personal bias - and managers can help them make the right decisions for their careers based on realistic facts.
• Managers can be strong advocates for artists in communications with labels, agents, publishers, licensees, brand partners, sponsors, promoters, radio stations, etc.; and help to keep them all accountable, interested, and energized. Managers also help to translate the "band language" into "brand language" while speaking to members of the music business community.
• Managers help to encourage artists through the many moments of frustration, disappointment, self-doubt, and fatigue that artists encounter as they go about their business.
• Managers help out with the workload. There are simply too many things to be done for most artists to effectively do themselves. Managers can spend time analyzing data and paperwork and monitoring progress so that artists can create and perform their music while interacting with and growing their fan base.
• Managers act as filters and buffers to protect artists from unscrupulous individuals.
• Managers can help bring credibility to an act in negotiations with labels, sponsors and brand partners, who believe that an artist is more likely to fulfill their obligations with a strong manager on board than without.

For those interested in the field of artist management, there has never been a better time to be an artist manager. With roughly 13 million artists worldwide on MySpace alone and a limit to how many acts a manager can effectively manage at one time, there is actually a shortage of quality artist managers out there, and many more need to be encouraged to join the ranks. New tools have made the job of finding artists and analyzing data easier than ever before. And even in this D.I.Y. era, most independent artists are failing to earn a comfortable and predictable living from their music alone. Success will be attained when principled, knowledgeable, and committed managers utilizing well crafted and executed game plans are teamed up with talented and hardworking musicians.

About the Artist Management Conference 2010:
The Artist Management Conference 2010 (AMCON2010) is billed as a unique music conference organized to bring together managers, artists, and other music industry professionals in a shifting music business landscape. For more information, visit the official conference website at

Band showcase submissions are being accepted until June 30, 2010 via Sonicbids. The Sonicbids EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is an easy-to-use, web-based graphic interface that contains all the basic information of a musical act such as music, photos, date calendar and riders and can either be emailed to anyone with a click of the mouse or submitted in online promoter accounts through a virtual "Drop Box". Register your band showcase submission here:

Contact Information:
Jeremy Rwakaara
Artist Management Resource
Tel: 240-813-2466

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Once Again Latinos Are Banging On The Industry's Door


Albuquerque, New Mexico (May, 3, 2010) For over 20 years, a movement has evolved throughout the United States and taken the rest of the world by storm. Today, this Urban Latino movement, this influence can be seen in the cultural and political fabric of America.

American Latinos have had limited success in all of American industries including music, fashion, sports, and entertainment. will offer a chance for the thousands of American Latinos to shine in the spotlight. We will strive to provide a national voice and platform for those American Latinos who are creating and succeeding in music, fashion, sports, movies and entertainment.

Launching on Cince De Mayo, May 5, 2010, will help promote musical artists, producers, record labels from different genres and regions and will later expand and promote American Latinos from other industries, with the goal of no longer waiting for Mainstream America to determine who we are and who we should see as successful. We will determine this for ourselves and raise the bar of excellence not only for Latino Entertainment but for every BARRIO, Neighborhood, and City in the United States!

For the Launch LatinBeatz has Interviews with the Godfather of Latino rap, Mellow Man Ace, The "Queen of the West", Diamonique, and two brothers who started a whole new genre of Latino Hip Hop, AKWID. All three talk about new projects and the politics of the industry and how much the internet is playing in helping the them get more exposure and fans. And there will be new videos and music from all three on the website. Along with an interview with actor Jessie Borrego, who along with Benjamin and Peter Bratt, is bringing a controversial and thought provoking movie to the Barrios of Aztlan. And this is just the beginning, in the coming weeks there will be more interviews and exclusive videos from American Latinos from Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, California, New York, colorado, Florida and yes even Arizona! is also a proud member of the Latino DJ Coalition, an organization of DJ's, websites, internet radio, writers, artists and producers, who are striving to bring new American Latino talent to the masses. For more information about the Latino DJ Coalition you can visit their or email them @

Artists, producers, DJ's, publicists, actors, directors, and the general public can reach out to and submit information about American Latinos who should be given a chance to shine by following @LatinoBeatz on and becoming a fan of Latinobeatz on Facebook.

For More information regarding submissions, advertsing or general information about
Please Contact
Joshua Melendez
Synbad Ontiveros

MusicDish*China Sounds Pod4 - From Underground Hong Kong To Singapore

Trip Hop/Downtempo DJ Chou Demmy

Pod4 - From Underground Hong Kong To Singapore

By Eric de Fontenay

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This edition of the MusicDish*China Sounds podcast, presented by Metal Postcard Records, features an interview with Chris B, founder of The Underground Hong Kong on the release of their 3rd compilation CD "#3 Life After Roots - Rock Beyond" with tracks from Killer Soap and In Love And Pain!, new releases from Singapore-based Inch Chua and Elyzia, Shanghai's Blur-inspired Sonnet and Changsa city's Trip Hop/Downtempo DJ Chou Demmy.

Before I go any further, I'd like to announce that in addition to sponsoring the upcoming Music Matters Asia 2010 conference being held in Hong Kong on May 26-28, We are also an official media sponsor of Beijing's INTRO 2010, China's biggest electronic festival held in Beijing's 798 art district's D-Park on May 22nd. Organized by Acupuncture Records, the event will once again welcome and delight over ten thousand of China's electronic music fans by presenting world-renowned DJs, producers, and visual artists joint with China's favorite local talent.

Now on to the music...

The podcast opens with a Singapore musician Inch Chua (@inchchua), whose tweet on scoring "the highest amount of six nominations at the AVIMA (Asian Independent Music Awards)" immediately attracted my attention. I mean who knew there was an Asian indie award? And Inch Chua has certainly earned her nominations. Better known as the frontwoman of upbeat alternative rock act Allura, she delivers a world class solo effort in 'The Bedroom' - available for download on her site under Creative Commons - combining an alluring voice with her unique blend of 'folk-tronic'. The EP lead track 'Rule The World' is a humorous and playful promise to a lover about growing old together.

Staying with Singapore, we now turn our ears to Elyzia which we first discovered through Dragon Radio. The name Elyzia is actually a word twist from Elysian Fields, which in mandarin would translate to "Yi Li Sha" meaning a grain of sand. In a new twist on giving away music, the band was offering their latest EP "Chapter One" for free (shipping included!), even sending a copy out to New York city - sorry people, they recently ran out of stock! Delivering their pop rock songs in mostly Mandarin, but also English and Cantonese, the band was recently selected to perform at the Spring Scream 2010, Taiwan earlier this month.

In Love And Pain!, the alternative music journey started when Kid, Henry, Satva and Marvin decided to make the noise in their heads come true. Without any concrete direction, the foursome started rehearsing and has kept finding their ideas, styles and forms, and giving as much energy as possible to all their songs. After having a very fruitful 2009, In Love And Pain! is becoming one of the most sought-after indie bands in Hong Kong. The track we're featuring on this pod, "On The Road Into The Wild," is actually the opening song from the Underground UK compilation.

Killer Soap has been tearing up the Hong Kong scene over the years, performed more than a hundred gigs in Hong Kong, including several appearances in local television. Four of their songs have been selected for inclusion in the computer game "Audition," an online music game with more than two million registered players. In winter 2008, they won the Global Battle of the Bands competition in China and went to London to compete in the World Final with 26 other talents from all around the globe as the representative of China. Chris B. chose one of their poppier songs called "The Choice That I've Made" that is also featured on the compilation.

Next is Shanghai-based Sonnet who seem to have downloaded the entire Blur oeuvre into their collective consciousness. While they call their sound 'Disco Garage Post-Punk,' we say imagine an electro pop "Parklife" style. The band has had several changes in their line-up since they initially formed in 2002 after guitarist Sun Ye reportedly downloaded perhaps one too many Brit-pop rock mp3s. According to Andy Best, they had to resort to samples at the recent Big Qiang Diao event in the Yuyitang as they had just lost another bass player. Don't worry - no samples in their song "Stupid Baby" from their 2009 EP "Studies of non-normal human Archives."

The podcast closes with the song "Extremity Counterattack" from Chou Demmy, a Trip Hop / Downtempo DJ and producer based in Changsa city, Hunan province. In what might seem to some as complete isolation, he produces beautifully lush downtempo trip hop with snatches of Drum n Bass, hip hop and the odd Chinese influence. Demmy will be releasing his debut CD outside mainland China on Hong Kong's Metal Postcard Records in May / June. Launches New Plans With Advanced Features Geared For Larger Publishers And Libraries To Easily Setup Their Rate Cards


LicenseQuote (, the music licensing e-commerce SAAS (Software As A Service) for independent music publishers, labels, composers and library owners, has launched a new set of flexible plans with powerful advanced features to enable its clients to cost effectively license their music directly from their own web sites while keeping 100% of all their sales revenues.

The new LicenseQuote subscription plans pricing has been lowered and adapted to accommodate smaller and much larger catalogs alike. Standard plan capacities include 200, 500, 1000 songs and custom quotes are provided for larger catalogs and libraries.

A new option includes LicenseQuote hosting the track files or letting clients host their music track files on their own servers or other storage solutions. This flexible approach makes it possible to add or import the track's links and make them available for preview and post-purchase downloading from the publisher's embedded licensing stores. It also saves publishers time by not needing to upload the same tracks (again) to another server and lowers price because LicenseQuote is not burdended with the storage and related bandwidth costs. This new plan option can save LQ clients about 60% of their subscription costs. LicenseQuote plans now also offer the choice of a yearly payment option which can save LQ subscribers another 25% compared to monthly payments.

Cost effective pricing is now available for catalogs of all sizes starting from 200 songs ($80/year) to 150,000 tracks catalogs and more. LQ has been working closely with several very large publishers and catalog owners in order to adjust its pricing and feature set to accommodate such large catalogs. "During private beta testing of the new plans and features, we've received excellent response along with a notable increase of mid and larger size catalog/library inquiries and new subscription sign-ups", said Michael Borges, co-owner and CEO of LicenseQuote.

Since our last major version upgrade, LicenseQuote has added many powerful new features for publishers and library owners of all sizes to use.

New features and benefits include:

- Mass import your songs/tracks catalog meta data for fast and efficient ingestion of tracks, to be used with the LicenseQuote powered private label Licensing Store. Any spreadsheet which can be saved in standard CSV format will work. A sample template, instructions and Import "wizard" makes the process easy to use.

- Export your complete music library for offline backup, or to make batch edits and prepare for an updated Import.

- Delete entire catalogs or libraries along with their associated track files. This mass deletion feature comes handy to manage important contract renewal changes and/or expiration deadlines, etc.

- Setup, add and manage an unlimited number of custom defined Brands, Genres, Licensing Types, Categories and Rate Card profiles with all LicenseQuote Plan offerings.

- New 'per copy' license pricing calculation mechanism which can calculate the price per copy for single or multiple tier rate card setups and buyer input/property selections.

- New customizable licensing types include a Mechanical Royalty License and Ring Tone licenses offerings.

- Expanded search features in the Store includes searching for tracks by full or partial titles, artist, composer, catalog brand, song/track description keywords, genres and subgenres (when available).

- Store presentation includes options to add and edit the store title, publisher name (with optional link to the publisher̢۪s website), a captcha protected email contact form and a graphic image at top of the licensing store.

- Support for offline and custom payment modes as well as streamlined online credit card payments from the license buyers.

- Support for free/demo licenses and ability for buyers to get quotes without registering.

- Improved contract editing and invoices, advanced negotiation means, improved reports, new friendly setup wizard, better Mac support, better handling of file formats and playback, improved scalability, faster loading licensing stores... and much more. is now offering a fully functional 30-day FREE Trial of its new subscription plans service. "This is the perfect opportunity for both new and established music publishers and library operators to join the e-commerce revolution while maintaining full control of their own publishing and licensing business future" said Doron Erblich, co-owner and CTO of

Based in Lake Elsinore California, is revolutionizing the way music is published for licensing. LicenseQuote is a leader in providing advanced licensing tools to independent publishers, labels, catalogs and libraries.

Contact Information
Tel: 951-678-5725 (GMT-08:00 Pacific time U.S & Canada)
Email: contact [at] licensequote [dot] com

Makarios Productions Announces The Release Of Gospel Artist Reginald MaGee's Album "Pressing On"


Urban/Contemporary Gospel artist Reginald MaGee has released his album, entitled "Pressing On." Although this is not his first recording, with 13 hard hitting tracks (available in both EP and CD formats), it is his first solo album.

MaGee began singing at age 4 in the Sunshine Band at Emanuel COGIC, his mother's church in northern Indiana, and credits his faith to "a God fearing mother and a hard working father." He continued to sing throughout his childhood, as a teen, in college, and in various other choirs, groups, and praise teams. Much of his adult experience has been as a praise and worship leader or music director in churches.

Commenting on why "Pressing On" is different than other gospel CDs, MaGee said, "Lyrically speaking, the CD is very broad. It deals with a lot of difference topics. In fact, one of the songs addresses domestic violence. There's a lot of compassion and grace in the songs. Musically speaking, it's very urban and is set against a very solid Christian theme, but it's not just a praise and worship album. It deals with life and relationships, both with one another and with God, but the foundation of it is love."

There's certainly no shortage of favorable press for the album. SingersUniverse recognized MaGee as one of February 2010's top five vocalists of the month, while Michael Friedman of Skope Magazine stated, "Reggie is one of Skope magazine's April 2010 Artists to watch." Critiquing the album, Jon Peritz of MusicDish stated, "Reggie Magee's debut album "Pressing On" is a unique mix of funky urban grooves and gospel love. His style is reminiscent of crooners like Jeffrey Osborne or Peabo Bryson, with a message of faith. Magee sings passionately about his love for God and sends a clear message to anyone searching to find the balance between everyday life and a life of faith. This CD is not one to be missed."

MaGee was recognized by Ebony Magazine in May 1992 for his debut album released on the TM Records label entitled, "He's Always Standing There". That album was released under the name Reggie MaGee and Company, which was a group he put together to make the album. MaGee was also nominated for a Gospel Excellence Ministries Award (GEMS) in October 1992, and was the Indiana Black Expo male vocal category winner in July 1991. He contributed two tracks to Dr. Leonard Scott's 1997 "Celebration Of Praise" album, released on the A&M label in 1997: Shower Down (which he co-wrote) and Behold Him. Behold Him was re-released on the 1998 album "Tyscot Live ‘Round Midnight".

Reggie MaGee will be performing on May 8th at 10:00 a.m. in Forest City, NC at IPraise. On June 7th, he will be a guest on the Divine LifeStyle Podcast at 7:00 p.m. ( "Pressing On" can be purchased online at iTunes, CD Baby,, and Amazon.

Reginald MaGee
Makarios Productions
82 Lindsey Court
Franklin Park, NJ 08823
(317) 250-6194

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Eclectic By Mary Lemanski To Be Released June 22, 2010 By Painted Girl Records


On June 22, 2010, Mary Lemanski will release her first full-length CD, "Eclectic." The album is a multifarious mix of pop, rock, dance, urban, and even, country. The listening experience is much like a personal mixtape. Throughout the album, Mary predominantly touches on many themes relating to relationships: losing touch with a best friend, difficult romances, the love of a parent for their child, finding that special someone, and the unity of all humanity in peace. She also shows a humorous side on the track, "Earworm," where she pokes some fun at the music industry. The album will be available through her website at, as well as iTunes, Zune, CDBaby, Digstation, and more. Eclectic has a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy!


Mary began playing professionally at age 11, playing pipe organ. For the past 12 years, Mary has released her original music as MP3s on the Internet. In 2004, she placed runner-up in the Song of the Year Contest, had a Top 10 Hit on's New Wave charts, and performed at the One World Festival in St. Cloud, MN. In 2005, she was showcased at Earth Mother Mind Jam in Tempe, AZ, the Putt Putt Pub Crawl in St. Louis, MO, and the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA. In May 2006, Mary won honorable mention in the R&B/Hip-Hop category of the Song of the Year Contest.

Mary earned a Music/Business Administration degree from Millikin University, a certification in audio engineering from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, and an MBA in e-Business from the University of Phoenix. She is the Chicago coordinator for Songsalive!, an international songwriting organization. Mary has worked widely in the music industry, including Epitaph Records, BMG Entertainment, Clear Channel Radio,, and Rhino Staging. Mary has done songwriting, marketing, and image consultation for many record labels and individual artists. She wrote columns for and LooseyLucy's Headquarters and opened for Marky Ramone & the Speed Kings, D.I., and Val Emmich. Mary currently teaches piano and performs classical and pop. Her other interests include spending time with her son, acting, dance, writing, and reading.

For more information, visit

To request a copy of Eclectic for review, please email

Pascal G's Back, Singing His "Tale Of Lola" On His English Debut CD Album With Tropical Records On May 11th!


Pascal G. is releasing his "Tale Of Lola" CD which comes with a very special music video with Tropical Records.

Pascal Mania is hitting the international music world with 16 songs, plus the "Tale Of Lola" music video on a very special CD set to hit stores on May 11. The first single, "Tale Of Lola" is a captivating, hip-swirling' hit song with that Pascal G. signature Latino style of music. The Spanish version of the single is also included on the CD, along with a very special remix of the song. Every song on this CD is composed in English and in Spanish with a couple remixes of one other remixes song (Chica Latina), along with the music video of "Tale Of Lola" (English Version). And, the teen heart throb shows his own heart with the song, "Come Make A Little Step Of Peace" (Official song for UNICEF Germany), which all proceeds and revenues from the sale of downloads, ringtones, streams and sales of the CD (pro rated) will go direct to UNICEF in Germany.

"Tale Of Lola" is the first English release by the Puerto Rican teen heartthrob - Pascal G. plans on expanding from his Latin American fan base and audience, to the expanding global market around the world with his Tropical Records (a Sunset Recordings, Inc. Company) release. Pascal can sing, write and his heartfelt lyrics are attracts that global audience. Pascal is making that transition from Spanish written and performed songs, to having versions made in English. The music video for "Tale Of Lola" is being released this week. Pascal and his new label, Tropical, are ready to release the CD and music video all over the world.

With a vocal range that sounds like a seasoned veteran, let alone an adult, the teen takes his signature 'Latino sound' to a higher level with this perfectly produced 16 song CD. And, what is evident on the album is an array of pop songs and accessible lyrics that Pascal delivers with his strong vocals. People can compare Pascal G. to be the next Ricky Martin and there is also a Shakira vibe heard in his songs. The album is one to make fans of pop music want to dance and sing along with the hip shaking pop superstar. This is an album that will no doubt lift the spirit of the listener while making you want to "shake your booty" on the dance floor.

Don Lichterman, the head of Tropical says that he is "thrilled to work this international styled music artist and that for such young aged performer, he is very adult like when it comes to his music." (Don) Lichterman goes on to say that "I also love the added value having his "Tale Of Lola" music video included on the specially priced CD." The idea to use the music video as part of the CD came from (Don) Lichterman although he is quick to give that credit to his manufacturing arm and partner, ELS Productions. "Honestly, the fact that Mark (McClelland) at ELS said it was a no brainer to release the new CD with the music video, made it an easy decision." The label does insist that the SRLP (Standard Retail List Price) will stay at the normal $15.98 although the label will mark it down further to a $9.99 retail base price for both digital downloads and for physical CDs. Tropical will release the "Tale Of Lola" CD worldwide to stores on May 11th!

About Tropical Records / Sunset Records
Tropical / Sunset is a privately owned Don Lichterman Company. Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels and entertainment companies in the world. The Sunset Group of Entertainment Companies, and its global operation, acquire, develop, and distribute major music recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment technologies and music and filmed entertainment worldwide. Sunset's four major divisions are the Sunset Distributed Label Group, the Sunset Strategic Marketing and Licensing Division, the Radio Sunset Network and the Sunset Filmed Entertainment Division.

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Valerie JanLois Releases New Video


San Francisco, CA singer/songwriter Valerie JanLois has just released a new video for the single "Sara/Miracles" off her debut album, No Drop of Love (Is Ever Wasted), which is out now. The video was shot by Headlight Films in the San Francisco Bay Area in mid-March 2010. When asked about the video, Valerie JanLois said, "I was very lucky to work with the highly talented and award-winning team at Headlight Films: Saleah Askia, producer; Brandy McNeal, director; Cisco Rivera, cinematographer; and Michelle Chan, production manager." The crew at Headlight Films have put together a video that captures the beauty of Valerie JanLois and focuses on her soothing vocals in this piano driven stand-out track from her new album. Valerie Janlois's new video for "Sara/Miracles" can be seen on her website

Since the release of her debut album, and her recent video, Valerie has been receiving an overwhelming amount of fan mail. "I just cannot believe the response I've been getting from new fans who have either heard me online, downloaded the album, or watched the Sara/Miracles video," says Valerie. "There have been hundreds of letters. It's been tremendously fulfilling." Valerie is already planning to do another video due to the success of "Sara/Miracles". Details for her next video will be posted on her website in May.

Valerie's new album, No Drop of Love (Is Ever Wasted) contains twelve original songs ranging from jazz/pop to world- influenced adult contemporary. To show her love and support for Transcendental Meditation, Valerie is donating 20% of all digital and physical album sales to the David Lynch Foundation. The foundation was established "to ensure that any child in America who wants to learn and practice the Transcendental Meditation program can do so." Valerie has been an advocate for Transcendental Meditation ever since she began practicing and, later teaching the technique years ago. Her hope is to help give children in schools the option to practice TM and benefit from it just as she has. "The TM program is the most thoroughly researched and widely practiced program in the world for developing the full creative potential of the brain and mind, improving health, reducing stress, and improving academic outcomes." (

Valerie JanLois's brand new album No Drop of Love (Is Ever Wasted) can be purchased through her site at, at, CD Baby and iTunes.
Valerie is also offering up a free download of the title track, "No Drop of Love (Is Ever Wasted)", which can be downloaded HERE.
For More Information:
Website/Press Resources:

Alternative Rock Group Soulspill Releases Debut Album "Last Mondays Storm" May 11th


SoulSpill, a new band hailing from Colorado, is poised to storm onto the alternative rock and grunge scene with their debut LP "Last Mondays Storm" on May 11th. The five member group includes Kevin McKinnie singing lead, Eric Taysom playing rhythm guitar and singing backup vocals, Jesse Howard on lead guitar, Josh Corbet on the bass guitar, and Joel Burns smashing the skins.

The compilation of SoulSpill's songs on this album foreshadows a prolific music career in the genres of rock and grunge, and their musical composition and style is a true testament to the skills each musician contributes to the band's competence. Lead singer Kevin McKinnie possesses a voice reminiscent of Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder or Staind's Aaron Lewis, captivating the listener's ears. The trio of guitars made up by Josh Corbett, Jesse Howard, and Eric Taysom is what provides their songs with that classic rock-and-roll feel. Playing the drums for almost a decade now, drummer Joel Burns completes the band's dynamic energy with his undeniable talent.

Every song by SoulSpill is crafted for an alternative rocker's enjoyment. From the expressive, vivacious guitars in "Don't Wait Too Long" and "Four Leaf Clover" to the relaxed, soulful vocals in "Alone and Broken" and "Wonderland" to the exemplary drumming in "Turned Around," there is something to be heard for all aspects of alternative rock no matter what your preference. Whether it's a ballad or song that makes you want to bob your head, this band will give you what you want and shows no signs of slowing down.

Though the group is Grunge/Alternative based, it has not stopped them from dabbling with other styles including some Bluesy and Funky grooves. SoulSpill displays the structure and chemistry of a band that can create waves in the Alternative Music scene.

Click on any of the sites below to connect with SoulSpill and listen to tracks from "Last Mondays Storm":

Eric de Fontenay
Music Dish LLC
18-14 Astoria Blvd.
Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 278-0662

New Release: The Blood Of Heroes "The Blood Of Heroes" (Ohm Resistance)


Seeking reviews, features, interview opportunities and radio airplay (add it to your RPM/Electronic, Loud rock or Dub programming ASAP!)

Artist: The Blood Of Heroes
Album: The Blood Of Heroes
Street: April 26, 2010
Record Label: Ohm Resistance /

The Blood Of Heroes
A year long recording process involving guitar genius Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu), bass superpower Bill Laswell (Material, Praxis, Painkiller), electronic artists Submerged and Enduser, vocalist Dr. Israel, and others has culminated in the self titled debut of The Blood of Heroes. Taking its name from the Rutger Hauer film that followed Bladerunner, the group delivers on all ends from rock to dub to drum n bass to spacious sounds and fills in all corners in between. Industrial Dancehall, Metal Dubstep, Ambient Drum n Bass, the album is the crossover of crossovers - musicians creating where their heart takes them without regard for limitations. Broadrick summons some of the absolute direst guitar dirges alongside the beauty that he now explores with his Jesu project. Enduser's glitch programming strides in territories previously undiscovered, and Submerged's blocky beat sound adds girth to the post-apocalyptic nightmare of The Blood of Heroes. Dr. Israel's vocals carry warlike dancehall vibes and add a narrative sense to the record, placing us firmly in post solar flare society. Live drumming appears on several tracks, provided by Seattle's KJ Sawka (Pendulum) and Budapest's Balazs Pandi (Merzbow, Venetian Snares). Additional sound design and guitars are provided by film sound editor and designer M. Gregor Filip, one of the original founders of Ohm Resistance.

Peripheral support coming in the form of gear wizard Joel Hamilton (Studio G, Book of Knots, BlacRock) on the mix controls, and artwork from Playboy cartoonist Khoma, rounding out a listening experience worth far more than the price of admission.

Label Contact:
Kurt Gluck

Press and Radio inquiries, contact:
Randall Frazier

Digital Music NY To Host Q&A With RightsFlow's President & CEO Patrick Sullivan


April 29, 2010 New York, NY - As the digital music marketplace has grown in importance, digital rights administration is central to music creators monetizing their works. In an upcoming Q&A on May 11 with MusicDish founder Eric de Fontenay, RightsFlow President and CEO Patrick Sullivan will discuss the process by which publishers and songwriters are getting paid in the era of online music services such as iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and Napster.

"While digital rights administration is at the core of today's music business, it is still an area largely misunderstood and neglected," noted Eric de Fontenay. "If you don't have a handle on your rights administration, all the marketing and social networking won't mean much to your bottom line. RightsFlow has been a leader in this field and we are honored to have Patrick share with our audience his extensive experience in industry negotiations, licensing and royalty payments."

Added Sullivan, "We are excited to be connected to the growing community of passionate music makers and shakers that Eric and the Digital Music NY team engage and represent. I’m looking forward to sharing a bit about our story as a company as well as our perspective on connecting the dots between licensees and licensors."

RightsFlow is a leading provider of mechanical licensing services and royalty payment technology for online music services, record companies, distributors and artists. Its Limelight service provides artists, labels, church choirs and college bands with a simple, easy method to licensing cover songs and third-party compositions for $15 or less. The portal allows users to obtain licenses for physical releases, digital downloads, and ringtones, reducing the complexity of licensing with publishers directly. Limelight offers several key features, including copyright compliance, licenses that don’t expire, minimal fees, and coverage of the broader publishing market not represented by mechanical rights societies.

Digital Music NY Q&A With Patrick Sullivan
Sponsored by Many Moods Productions & Limelight
Presented by MusicDish and Fortex Group
Drink Specials courtesy of Riazul Premium Tequila
Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Time: 6 - 9 PM
Q&A With Patrick Sullivan: 7:00 PM
location: Gonzalez y Gonzalez
625 Broadway, between Houston & Bleecker

About Digital Music NY
Digital Music NY is collaboration between Fortex Group and MusicDish Founders, Ephraim Cohen and Eric de Fontenay to build a community of New York area based professionals in the digital music sector, from singer/songwriter to app developer. Focused around a monthly event held at Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Digital Music NY features company announcements, presentations of the latest tech, and discussions on new business models, guest speakers and plenty of networking.

Eric de Fontenay
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Andy Fraser To Appear In BBC2 Documentary Series "I'm In A Rock 'N' Roll Band"


Narrated by British music show anchor, Mark Radcliffe, "I'm in a Rock 'N' Roll Band examines some of the greatest bands in the history of rock 'n' roll from the perspective of the singers and musicians who were part of them. Highlighted bands include the Who, Free, the Doors, Bon Jovi, the Foo Fighters and others.
Executive producer Mark Cooper was recently quoted in Variety talking about the show: "We've captured over 100 interviews with rock 'n' roll greats while making this series, from Sting, Roger Daltrey and Jon Bon Jovi talking about what it means to be lead singer, to Jeff Beck and Slash on the role of the guitarist and interviews with drummers Phil Collins and Chad Smith. It's crammed with great stories, brilliant archives and graphics that bring the mythological moments of the great rock' n' roll bands to life."
The series is scheduled to culminate in a live studio setting where fans will discuss their favorite musicians and create the "the ultimate fantasy band." Viewers will be able to cast a vote for their ultimate rock 'n' roll musician online.
Fraser states: "It was a real kick to be able to participate in this show. It is great to get the thoughts and humor of so many mutually respected musicians all talking about a rock band from the perspective of its individual members."

Currently, Fraser is busy preparing for the release his next album, Andy Fraser...On Assignment, on the new, McTrax Music Delivery System, a streaming / delivery, download music / video service (subdivision of McTrax International). The first single and video from the project is "This is the Big One," an anthem which focuses attention on the subject of global climate change. Fraser recently had one of his bass guitars go on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, while his daughter, Hannah, who appears as a mermaid in "This Is The Big One," has face time in the recent Academy Award-winning documentary film, The Cove.

About Andy Fraser:

Andy Fraser has a unique place in the canon of rock 'n' roll. In the late 1960's, under the guidance of Alexis Korner and John Mayall - both "Godfather's" of the British blues scene - Fraser, a classically trained pianist, revolutionized the art of bass playing by harnessing the raw energy of the blues, re-energizing it with a hard rock edge for a new generation of listeners.

As a founding member of Free, Fraser helped to draft the blueprint for - and was one of the chief architects of - the blues-rock style that spawned the likes of Led Zeppelin, Foreigner and Aerosmith. With Free, Fraser wrote and produced some of their most groundbreaking and best-loved songs, including the worldwide hit, "All Right Now," recently honored with BMI's "Million-Air" award for passing 3 million radio/television plays in the U.S., making it one of the most enduring classics of the rock 'n roll era.

A tireless creator and a perfectionist with an eye and ear for detail, Fraser has written a substantial body of works including Robert Palmer's smash hit, "Every Kinda People." His songs have been recorded by Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan, Rod Stewart, Three Dog Night, Etta James and Bob Seger among others. Fraser has also helmed several post-Free bands - notably Shark and the Andy Fraser Band - and has released several solo works, including the albums, Fine, Fine Line and Naked...and Finally Free.

A survivor of both cancer and AIDS, Fraser is a strong environmental and social activist, and defender of individual human rights.

Watch Andy Fraser's video for "This is the Big One" here:

Radio programmers may download a broadcast quality copy of "This is the Big One" via AirPlay Direct at:

Fans may download "This is the Big One" for free at:

To learn more about Andy Fraser, view his online Press Kit at: or visit his official website:

Publicity contact:
Clif Doyal
CDA Promotions-Nashville/OKC
(a division of the Clif Doyal Agency, LLC)
Office: 615.885.5998 Cell: 615.319.1863

Award Winning Artist Halie Loren Signs Distribution/License Deal With JVC/Victor Entertainment For The Japanese Market


Award winning jazz singer/songwriter Halie Loren recently signed a licensing and distribution deal with JVC/Victor Entertainment. The agreement will increase her music's exposure in Japan and the surrounding Asian markets, starting with the release of a deluxe edition of "They Oughta Write A Song" on May 19th. Commenting, JVC/Victor Entertainment's A&R Jazz Manager Sumio Jono stated, "Halie is truly a gifted singer and songwriter, and we at JVC/Victor look forward to introducing her in Japan. Her previous award-winning album "They Oughta Write A Song" is well done, and I am excited to work with her on future projects."

Halie Loren is an artist and songwriter known for both her extraordinary song interpretations and rich, emotive vocals. She covers a wide range of styles within the genre – everything from pure standard jazz to jazzified classics and originals in her recordings and live performances. "They Oughta Write A Song" was the third album released in the US under the independent label White Moon Productions. It received world-wide critical acclaim and won the 2009 Vocal Jazz Album of the Year award from the largest independent music awards organization in the world.

Loren has already begun preliminary work on her next full length CD, which JVC/Victor is set to release in Japan around late October, 2010 to coincide with several live performances there. JVC/Victor Entertainment will also handle the marketing, licensing and promotion of Halie and her music in the Asian market.

Loren stated, "It's an honor to work with a company as highly respected and diverse as JVC/Victor. I am thrilled about the opportunity, and eager to begin the process. I am especially looking forward to performing in Japan along with Matt Treder, a very talented pianist/arranger who has supported me along the way. We are elated about playing for the music fans we've heard so much about."

Keith Altomare, White Moon's Marketing Director, has worked closely with Loren to expand her distribution base over the past several months and will be coordinating the marketing/distribution efforts in Japan. "I am very pleased to work with JVC/Victor. By expanding distribution and marketing support with such a well rounded company, I'm confident that Halie Loren has many years of success ahead of her."

While Loren exudes enthusiasm for her music and performing, the optimism is certainly not one sided. Critiquing her music, the LA Jazz Scene Monthly said, "Halie Loren has displayed the rare ability of being able to make the most familiar song sound fresh and relevant, and has a talent for transforming unlikely material into jazz." Michael Fiegel of All About, stated, "The title track (of They Oughta Write a Song) sounds like a standard, and if there is any sense of fairness in the world, will be someday…a well-balanced mixture of classic jazz and modern sass."

Victor Entertainment, Inc. (JVC Victor) is a major independent record company wholly owned by Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (known as "JVC" in the international market). Founded in 1972, with its strength to produce hits in both international and domestic repertoires throughout the years, JVC Victor has always been one of the top record labels in the Japanese market.

Contact: Keith Altomare / (541-992-5399)
Company: White Moon Productions
Location: Eugene, Oregon

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Sunset Curse Signs With Helmet Room Recordings To Release Their Debut Full Length CD "Artificial Heart"


The Sunset Curse, one of Denver, Colorado's brightest up and coming bands, has signed with helmet room recordings for international promotion and distribution.

Seeking reviews, airplay, interviews and features NOW!

If you would like to receive a CD for review or airplay, or are interested in an interview with The Sunset Curse, please contact

Artist: The Sunset Curse
Album: Artificial Heart
Street Date: June 29, 2010

This Denver-based multi-instrumental trio infuse deep electronic roots strategically blended with tight, cutting drum work, melodic, spacious dual guitars, syncopated proggy synths, and raw emotional vocals.

Chris Nelson (vox, guitar, keys) Bradley Bakewell (bass, guitar, vox) and Cody York (drums, synth, programs) host a grab bag of instrumentation that coalesces to build ghostly, polyrhythmic perspectives on dance, rock, psychedelia and contemporary ambient excursions.

Standout track "Flavor," commands the most attention, pulling from every possible corner of the band's seemingly limitless creative well. A healthy dose of dance beats fused with punk-rock sensibilities spike the same vein as artist's like- At the Drive In, LCD Soundsystem, Muse and MGMT

About "Artificial Heart"

Artificial heart is the band's first attempt at writing and recording a full-length album, and though faced with hardships from many angles, The Sunset Curse embraced the difficulties and channeled their most heartfelt emotions into the honest piece of music you now hold in your hand.

There were many life-altering events that challenged the band during the recording process, which influenced the music directly; not the least of which was the loss of Christopher Owen Nelson's father, inspiring the heartfelt and hopeful song, "Finally Free".

This record is a journey through struggles with personal demons; learning to let go of the past; and a myriad of personal confrontations that all of the members, (and indeed, all of humanity) face head on. This record is the absolute truth. The Sunset Curse wear no masks, and the music you hear is an in depth portrait of each of their lives.

The title track, "Artificial Heart", tells the story of a sexy, but dangerous relationship with addiction, while "Flavor" speaks of a sensual, physical connection. "MSFBF" raises a middle finger to the soul-less drag-and-click relationships of our time, and hopes raise questions about how it will affect art and culture in the future.

The Sunset Curse is available for interviews and would also be thrilled to record station liners for your radio programming.

To hook that up, contact :

Randall Frazier @ helmet room recordings

Many Moods Joins Digital Music NY As Gift Bag Sponsor


Digital Music NY organizers MusicDish and Fortex Group are proud to announce that Brooklyn-based Many Moods Productions ( has joined as a sponsor of the upcoming May 11th networking event. Many Moods will be distributing an exclusive gift bag filled with many goodies available to all attendees. The May 11th event will also feature a Q&A on digital rights administration with RightsFlow President Patrick Sullivan.

Digital Music NY
Sponsored by Many Moods Productions & RightsFlow
Presented by MusicDish and Fortex Group
Drink Specials courtesy of Riazul Premium Tequila
Date: Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
Time: 6 - 9 PM
Tequila tasting: 7:00 PM
location: Gonzalez y Gonzalez
625 Broadway, between Houston & Bleecker

Many Moods founder Linda Felder will be on-hand to discuss with attendees and introduce social media site, a new resource for the entertainment industries, and the release of their 5th edition of 'The ABC's of Starting A Music Production Company', a web interactive and mobile ready publication. "We're excited to work with Eric and Ephraim on this venture, this is what networking and building synergistic relationships is all about," states Linda Felder. They will also be giving away specially designed shirts and hats and other prizes.

"Linda Felder has been very active supporting aspiring around the world make an easy transition from fledging to accomplished industry successes," said MusicDish Founder Eric de Fontenay. "We're proud to have their support in building our community."

Digital Music NY is collaboration between Fortex Group and MusicDish Founders, Ephraim Cohen and Eric de Fontenay to build a community of New York area based professionals in the digital music sector, from singer/songwriter to app developer. Focused around a monthly event held at Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Digital Music NY features company announcements, presentations of the latest tech, and discussions on new business models, guest speakers and plenty of networking.