Friday, September 19, 2014

Jey Gibbs Offers A Party Anthem With His Latest Video "Twerk"

The feeling is unlike any other. You're ready to hit the hottest party; the music is bumping so loud you can feel it through your whole body. You come up to the dance floor just to see the sexiest women at the spot, just mesmerizing you with her movements. She's not your typical partygoer, she's a lady; accustomed to finer things in life with expensive taste. But to you, she's Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and you've falling in a trance with how she moves.

This is the portrait R&B singer Jey Gibbs emphatically sings about in his latest music video aptly entitled "Twerk". The song is a thumping, club-banger that can have ladies reporting to the dance floor and the fellas awestruck. With serenading vocals, Jey Gibbs describes how he feels about a particular woman that has captured his attention in an otherwise perfect party, making him obsess about how tempting his love interest is.

The music video for "Twerk" is set in what appears to be an underground, or basement party. The grunge look laced with flashing lights offers an iconoclastic vision of how Hip-Hop and R&B has incorporated itself in every facet of party life; with the grudge being a metaphor for old views on life while the lights add the stylistic and modern party appeal Hip-Hop brings. The party setting almost makes it feel like it's an exclusive party, only the elite and the prestigious attend these parties and rightfully so, Gibbs' love interest is only interested in a lavish lifestyle. The music video progresses into Gibbs yearning for the beautiful lady while dancing and seducing other women that are formidable competition for her, but not nearly as close as the one he wants. A sure fire hit at any party, Jey Gibb's "Twerk" is a great song to get any party jumping and create a massive, sing-a-long appeal for the ladies. While the music video is visually stunning, the real driving force is the storyline between two different worlds and the pursuit to get the women of his dreams.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cecilia Gault Gets Sexy And Sultry In Her New Music Video "Red Mustang"

The environment a person lives in can change them; shape them. From a calm, sandy beach to a field of blinding streetlights in a fast paced metropolis, every environment will bring out the best or the worst in someone trying to survive and make something out of their lives. Such deep commentary, yet 15-year-old songstress Cecilia Gault eloquently captures her environment with her new music video "Red Mustang".

The dark, pop-infused track takes the listener to a different path down Manhattan where not everything you see is what it seems. Looks can be appealing, but in a world where you have to survive other people's judgments and criticisms, only a beast can make it through with, and in the case, with style. Gault has a unique take on empowerment, opting to stay flawless in her designer fashion without letting it affect her persona and character. With sultry visuals and a film noire aspect to her video, it's no surprise that "Red Mustang" is painted vividly through her lyrics and her music video.

The music video depicts a lonely albeit solemn Cecilia, exhibiting her fragile, feminine character whilst holding strong to her core and her mindset. The metaphor implied that although she is still a young woman, she can still hold her own, and on her terms. There is a lot of use with lighting techniques and coloring technique. Often times, only her bright, ruby lipstick is seen in an otherwise black and white visual of her music video. A passionate color, this only reinforces the energy she has concealed cruising down Manhattan ready to take on the world.

Cecilia Gault's new music video is a new anthem for young girls living in a busy lifestyle that can chant down negativity and live life with a sense of power. She aptly describes what thousands of young women want to experience when trying to make life decisions with a sexy appeal. Her music video is sure to garner a lot of attention for her blossoming career that can only help her move forward in her red mustang.

Sonick Plague Reunites And Teams With Grammy-Winning Recording Studio Legends At Carriage House Studios On New Project

Connecticut's Sonick Plague, known for their 1987 release "What's the Purpose" and subsequent national tour have dusted off the gear and are heading back into the studios after a 26 year hiatus! Original members Ken Cuccaro and Sean Donnelly, together with Chuck Crilly (replaced original guitarist Tim Meehan in 1987) and newcomer Matt Dupre (who replaces Tony Teodoro who lost his battle with cancer in Sep of 2012) have been grinding away and polishing off that vintage metal/thrash sound with modest aspirations.

"We are a shoo in for a Grammy" smirked Cuccaro as he sipped some moonshine out of a canning jar from his native West Virginia after rehearsal. "Basically, since Ian [Callanan] got one before - that makes us a lock."

Ian Callanan is indeed a Grammy Award winning engineer at Carriage House Studios in Stamford, CT. The studio itself has a long and storied history with an impressive client list inclusive of (but certainly not limited to); Ronnie James Dio, Pantera, Gary Moore, Meatloaf, Government Mule, Johnny Winter, Fates Warning, Deftones, Derek Trucks and many more.

Regardless of the impressive history, the newly reformed Plague boys are just fired up to get back at it and record in a studio that is known for both the Analog and Digital capabilities. "As a studio we have a Focus on the analog/digital blend, our gear reflects an obsession for that classic sound", remarks John Monatagnese on Carriage House Studios website.

These reformed Plague boys are themselves obsessed with their own ‘classic' sound. Their success in the late 80's was marked by regionally sold out shows, a strong East Coast presence and a successful national tour. Who knows what lies ahead for them now? According to Sean Donnelly, original member (bass and vocals) "This {reunion} originally started out as a project for Tony, and it just seemed to just make sense. There is still a lot of good chemistry here."

For more information contact Sonick Plague at . Also please visit

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Today, Eventide announced the immediate availability of the UltraReverb™ plug-in featuring reverbs from the H8000, plus compression, EQ, and delay integrated for the most flexible reverb plug-in available. UltraReverb is compatible with AU, VST, or AAX64 for Mac or Windows packed with over 300 killer presets*. For more information about the Eventide UltraReverb plug-in go to

UltraReverb is available for only $79 through midnight Eastern Standard Time, October 17, 2014 from or through Eventide plug-in dealers worldwide. After this promotion ends, UltraReverb native plug-in will retail for $199.

UltraReverb is a full-featured, integrated reverb plug-in with unsurpassed sonic flexibility featuring:
¬ 9 Reverbs including Ambience, Rooms, Plates, Halls, Chambers derived from the H8000 Ultra-Harmonizer®
¬ Stereo delays (pre or post reverb) with Tempo sync to lock delays in time with your session
¬ Compressor (pre or post reverb) with key input
¬ Four independent three band EQs
¬ Modulation rate and depth controls
¬ Session compatible with Eventide Reverb HD/TDM from the Anthology II bundle
¬ LoFi control for bit reduction
¬ *Includes presets from Andrew Scheps, Brian Montgomery, Charlie May, Chris Carter, Chris Tabron, Chris Zane, Colin Newman, Damian Taylor, Dan Gillespie, Eventide, Gary Hall, Matt Lange, Peter Bischoff, Richard Devine, Richard X, Roca Sound, and Sasha & Dave Gardener

About Eventide
Eventide was founded in 1971 in New York City. Eventide is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital audio processing products for recording, broadcast, and live performance. Headquartered in Little Ferry, NJ, Eventide invented the H910, the first Harmonizer effects processor in 1975, followed in 1977 by the H949, the first de-glitched Harmonizer with additional delay. Visit Eventide online at

Eventide and Harmonizer are registered trademarks; UltraReverb is a trademark of Eventide Inc. ©2014 Eventide Inc.

Skylab Take You On A Musical Journey Into Outer Space With Their Brand New EP 'For The Ones Gone'

Skylab take you on a musical journey into outer space with their brand new EP 'For The Ones Gone'

Skylab has released their brand new EP 'For The Ones Gone'. Teaming up with Bikini Tracks and in collaboration with the Delft Tech University, they take you on a 3-track outer space musical journey from house and disco to funk and rock in a 20-minute long mix of truly earthly vibes.

Impossible to point out the exact moment that the Skylab collective was born; their spiritual energy of funky vibes has been around for light years. However, in their secret Lab somewhere in the universe, the search for the right sound had a turning point in 2010. That was the moment when they received unidentified sound waves from space.

'For The Ones Gone' by Skylab is now available to download via Beatport and iTunes.

For more information, visit:







Since its inception in 2008, 825 Records, Inc., has allowed founding producer & songwriter Matty Amendola to become one of the most hands-on producers around and an "artist development specialist.” Following month's of designing by Amendola himself, it was decided to move 825's existing studio and offices one floor above the private location where his father, Billy Amendola and fellow local musicians had been producing music for over 30 years.

Combining the expertise of two industry specialists, studio builder Chris Harmaty (Converse Rubber Tracks/Jungle City Studios) and technical consultant Brian Dorfman (Orchard Design, LLC) the new 825 Records facility is a premier, state of the art, full service production establishment. It is an upgraded, private home-base for Grammy Award winning engineer Butch Jones, Producer Matty Amendola, and all of their current and future clients alike.

With significant gear upgrades, including that classic super-analogue SSL sound on every channel, as well as other modern and boutique outboard equipment, 825 studio’s new control room driven by a true modular hybrid design; this is only the tip of the iceberg. The dedicated live room holds Amendola's personal collection of drums, vintage guitars, and microphones. An added photography/video suite with built in ceiling lighting, backdrops of all sorts, and a wide array of lenses and other accessories will be setup at all times for any visual project. Clients from out of town will be happy to know the facility will now provide room and board services, including an eat-in kitchen, bathroom, private bedroom, and backyard.

825 Records, Inc., has most recently been developing artists such as sultry pop singer Katie Lee, a 15-year-old burgeoning rocker Eddy Davis III, as well as producing original music for corporate clients including MetLife and various advertising agencies. Ex-guitarist of Vanity Theft, Brittany Hill (Kerchief), has also announced an upcoming visit to 825 Records to record and market her sophomore solo release.

Joined by a group of experienced industry veterans and consultants, Amendola and his team are dedicated to providing a finished product for independent artists or corporations' media needs worldwide. 825 Records, Inc. is your one-stop-shop; From the Studio, To the Masses ™.

(photo by Paul Gelsobello)

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