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"Sixty8 Comeback" The Mixtape Release By Singer Songwriter Frank Anthony Pushed Back 1 Week

Singleton Entertainment announced today that the anticipated mixtape music release by singer songwriter Frank Anthony "Sixty 8 Comeback" has been moved to July 31st. The release date change allowed for some additional clearances.

"Frank is disappointed, his fans are disappointed, however when you're preparing a release for success in today's global music market, and you're featuring the kinds of producers and guest artists that he has on Sixty 8 Comeback, you really must make sure that everything is just right!" says Ernie Singleton, President of Singleton Entertainment. "Frank's part is done, the video is done, however as time passed, you begin to rush and trying to make today's release hurriedly was going to be totally unfair to our media partners in Japan, Italy and the UK, with the time differences, and we need their help too. When rushed, you often make mistakes."

Sixty8 Comeback by Frank Anthony takes music from classic songs from 1968 and other years which happen to be one of Frank Anthony's favorite time periods of music.

Singleton continued, "Frank has assembled a great team spread both here in the US and Canada and as we spoke today on our conference call, we all felt that an extra week would help us deliver Sixty 8 Comeback to his fans the way that they deserve! Unfortunately it includes more anticipation."

For more on Frank Anthony:
About Singleton Entertainment: Music/Media/Marketing/Entertainment
Contact: - 818 774-0818

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aurovine Announce $1000 Accelerator Programme For All Bands/Artists

Aurovine is a brand new music platform offering the best payouts in the industry to registered artists. Aurovine homepage

The Aurovine $1000 Accelerator Award has been specially devised to help independent artists who perform well in the aurovine charts and includes a CD package, stage banner, paid promotional package, press release and band badges.

What is the prize?

The winner will receive:
  • A full cd package of 250 professionally duplicated CDs in full colour printed card wallets (value $637) in association with Gillies Audio

  • A full colour stage banner size 3ft x 6ft with your band/artist custom design (value $109) in association with Gillies Audio

  • A full bespoke press release to promote your release or to promote you as an artist (value $78)

  • A professional PR Gold promotional package courtesy of Mi2N (value $69.95)

  • A package of 50 x 1" metal pin badges with your artist/bands custom design (value $31)

  • 2 days social networking promotion (value $75)

How do artists/bands enter?

Any artist registered with Aurovine before August 12th, 2012 will automatically be entered into the accelerator programme competition. Artists can register at this registration page

How do artists/bands earn points?

Points will be counted from midnight on August 12th until midnight on September 30th, 2012

For every 5 full streams artists recieve 1 point

For every free download artists recieve 2 points

For every paid download artists recieve 12 points

The winner of the package will be the artist at the top of the Aurovine charts on September 30th, 2012

Points will be accrued from August 12th at midnight but the first accelerator charts will be published at the Aurovine chart page on August 17th at 9pm

Kublakai Releases His Newest Video, TOP 5

In hip-hop, many things can be debated. What is the difference between hip-hop vs. Rap? What is the best direction for the future of the culture? How did it begin? Who was the real father of hip-hop? But there is one subject that tends to get tempers flaring and emotions higher than any other… Who are the top 5 best rappers to ever pick up the mic?

Today, dynamic, Northwest born MC, Kublakai, fresh off his tour with half of the legendary Binary Star rapper One Be Lo, poses that question to you with his new video, Top 5. In it, Kublakai waxes poetic about his favorite moments learning of this culture we all so deeply love and debate over.

The video, directed by Zac McConnell (director for other Northwest up-and-comers, Sol (2020) & Grynch (Perspective)) has a tone similar to the song; nostalgic and personal. There is a dreamlike quality to McConnell’s past work and this is no different. Well framed with lots of up-close and personal shots of Kublakai while he shares his stories and seemingly never-ending hip-hop collection.

This is Kublakai’s FOURTH video (previous videos: The Basics 2, One of a Kind & Rock that $#!+) from his sophomore album, The Basics 2 released independently. It is available via his bandcamp page and on Itunes. Kublakai tours consistently around the country and you can find show dates on his website He is currently working on new material and is throwing his first ever festival, Noisemaker Fest, which will take place at Nectar Lounge in Seattle, Wa on Saturday, September 8th.

Be sure to catch Kublakai Live on stage in your city after checking out his new video.

Who’s in your Top 5?

For Booking and all other inquiries contact:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sennheiser's RF Wireless Sound Academy Seminar Comes To New York City August 6th

Audio specialist Sennheiser announced that it will be offering its highly regarded RF Wireless Sound Academy Seminar in New York City on Monday, August 6th in mid-town Manhattan. The seminar costs $199 and includes continental breakfast, full lunch, workshop materials, and a $50 rebate coupon good for Sennheiser and Neumann products. Participants who complete the seminar will earn 6 RU CTS credits.

This single-day workshop is designed to teach attendees how to plan for trouble-free operation of multi-channel wireless microphones and wireless personal monitoring systems in even the toughest environments. Topics will include:

- RF theory plus practical tips and tricks to maximize reliability

- Reserving TV channels for events on the new FCC spectrum database system

- Best practices for system planning and frequency coordination

- Working with wireless monitoring systems

- New developments in digital RF systems

The event will feature several experts in the field including host and presenter Joe Ciaudelli and special guest Volker Schmitt: the RF engineer who spearheaded the creation of Sennheiser’s most successful and innovative products, including the popular evolution wired, evolution wireless, MKH, MKE, and 3000 and 5000 series.

Other highly qualified guest speakers include Uwe Sattler and Ben Escobedo of Sennheiser, Broadway RF and audio engineer, Andrew Funk and Henry Cohen, president and senior RF engineer at Production Radio - an RF engineering, consulting and event services firm serving entertainment, production and corporate clients. Following are details on the event and how to register:

- Where: Musicians Union Local 802, 322 W 48th St., New York City

- When: Monday, August 6th 2012 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

- Cost/registration: $199 per participant (register before July 27th and receive a $20 discount). Complete registration details, bios of guest speakers and more information at


At Skaggs Place Studio In Nashville, Ricky Skaggs Depends On Neumann KH 120 Monitors To 'Tell The Truth'

Once again, multiple GRAMMY winner and Christian artist Ricky Skaggs has been hard at work with "the boys" — his longtime band Kentucky Thunder, which have been playing bluegrass music alongside him for over 15 years. Each time Skaggs and his band enter the studio — usually at his own "Skaggs Place Studio" — the resulting music pays homage to the early trailblazers of bluegrass music, while forging entirely new paths within the seemingly timeless genre.

As an artist, Skaggs is wholly committed to authenticity and detail in his recordings. He is an avid collector of vintage microphones and esoteric gear, and constantly in pursuit of the latest sonic building blocks that will help make his recordings stand the test of time. The latest addition to his studio? The new Neumann KH 120 studio monitors. We chatted with Ricky to learn more about his recent projects, and why it's important to have a loudspeaker that tells the truth.....

What have you been up to lately?
"Me and the boys [Kentucky Thunder] have gotten together and will be putting out a bluegrass record — the first one since Honoring the Fathers, which we recorded several years ago. We've cut two days of tracks, about six songs on which we are now working on overdubs. In the coming weeks, we will be doing more tracks, as well as singing and overdubs. For this record, which will have a lot of variety, I've brought in Gordon Kennedy [producer] for moral support. I really wanted him involved because I didn't want it to be just another bluegrass record. Gordon is able to bring some input and creativity that I wouldn't necessarily think to bring to the project. Beyond this, I've been working on a live CD of Bruce Hornsby and myself. Last time we toured, we did a lot of live recordings on the road and we've been going through those live shows and hope to get a record out soon."

Tell us about your first experiences with the Neumann KH 120 monitors

"When I found out that Neumann was doing monitors, I knew they wouldn't do anything unless it was excellent — because they have never done anything outside of excellence. If it was Neumann, it was going to be great. I first heard the KH 120s out at Winter NAMM and I was just blown away. I really loved what I was hearing. There is something in the midrange that highlights the acoustic instruments and strings, and the highs are not too bright or harsh. Finally, I just can't believe how small they are and how great they sound."

How about the low end?
"Typically it is a little bit harder to define the low end, but everything translates great through the KH 120s. In general, I was really impressed and surprised with their performance given their small size, and could not believe that that such clarity in the low end could be achieved without a subwoofer. The low end of my mixes sound tighter now — and in bluegrass, this is important on instruments like the upright bass and the acoustic guitar. We know that when we get to the mastering facility, that the entire low end will be nice and tight.

Why is the crossover important and how does the KH 120 perform in this regard?
"For any instrument that occupies the midrange, you've got to have crossovers that are extremely quick, smooth and transparent. The crossover on the Neumanns is very smooth and you can really hear this on acoustic guitars and mandolins. This is exactly what I hear from the KH 120s, and highlights the thing that I love most about them: the midrange. My instruments sound like I know they should."

Why have the KH 120s earned a place at Skaggs Place Studio?
"I want the safety net of having a great monitor system — it takes the guesswork out of recording and mixing, and you can be more confident in what you are putting down to tape. I know the low end is there, as well as the mids and the highs. Nothing is falsified and it is the real thing. I don't like cutting any corners — especially in the recording studio. Once you cut something and put it out, it is out there forever. As an artist, I want to make sure that the recording represented the best that I could be at that moment in time."

You are no stranger to Neumann. Tell us about your collection of Neumann microphones

"My history with Neumann goes back a long way, and to me, the company's microphones represent the gold standard. I have a U 47 that was once used by folks like Dolly Parton, George Jones and Johnny Cash. I also have two U 69s, which we use on everything including the piano on the recent Bruce Hornsby recording. I bought some KM 64s years ago that had been owned by a traveling gospel band, The Happy Goodman Family. My Neumann KM 66, an early version of the KM 86, is our all-time favorite guitar mic. I also use and appreciate the newer Neumann microphone models such as the TLM 102, TLM 103 and of course the M 149 and U 87."


Photo captions:
1. Ricky Skaggs, pictured alongside the Neumann KH 120 monitor
2. The Neumann KH 120 monitors are the latest edition to Nashville's Skaggs Place Studio

Pro Soul Alliance Launches Music Production, Mixing, Mastering, Promotion & Distribution Services In China

China is a huge, emerging market for the music industry, but currently in it’s infancy, and still immature. Professional assistance is desperately needed due to crippling discouragement Chinese artists have, attributed to the pervasive downloading of music. There is also a huge lack of ‘official’ presence for foreign artists who are becoming very popular in China. partly due to the challenges of representing themselves in this daunting market. That means huge opportunity for those willing to support, develop and nurture music in China.

At the end of 2011, Pro Soul Alliance announced a new world class recording and production studio in Beijing as our first step. Now we are offering promotion, marketing, sales and distribution both within China and outside to our existing artists and Chinese artists through our local office in Beijing. Unlike other companies offering music services in China, we are based within China, and our local office is staffed with bilingual locals who know the market and culture, and have experience working with Chinese and international artists here.

Our company has been legally registered as a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China under the name ‘敬真堂(北京)文化咨询有限公司’ Which translates to ‘Respect Truth (Beijing) Culture Consultancy Co. Ltd.’

Because China is a complex and daunting market for a foreign company, we are starting out with the following basic range of services:

For Chinese artists:
- Focusing on getting Chinese artists who are ready exposure internationally
- Getting international distribution and sales for Chinese music (iTunes, Spotify, Nokia)
- Promotion and marketing for Chinese artists overseas by connecting with interested markets and fans

For International Artists:
- Digital distribution for international artists in China (including essential mobile stores China Mobile, Unicom, Telecom)
- Promotion and marketing in China focusing on key social networking sites like Weibo, Douban, Youku
- Collaboration with Chinese artists and recording traditional Chinese instruments with local professionals

As we continue researching the industry and experimenting with new techniques for promotion and marketing music in China, we will also be offering licensing for Chinese music internationally in Film, TV, and online, expanding their revenue sources. We will also assist Chinese artists who are ready to create their own business and develop music career in China to maximize their profit and control. Of course we will also be able to assist international artists book shows and organize tours in China in future.

We have already begun assisting international artists Elika Mahony, and Hart as well as Chinese artist Abominati get exposure in China.

You can sign up right now for promotion, marketing and distribution in China with the ‘Professional Artist Management and Consulting Asia’ option on the Get Started section of our website at For artists within China, we have a new website in Chinese with a helpful blog focused on the local market.

For more information, please contact our China artist services manager BeiBei Lei:

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Don't Say It's Tony Adamo And The Headhunters

Mike Clark, legendary drummer and former member of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters band, can now add another name to his illustrious music career as the Funk Wizard of Manhattan. In addition to producing his new discovery, singer/nu-hip spoken word artist Tony Adamo's CD, Clark brought in four members of the Headhunters - Bill Summers, percussion; Rob Dixon, horns; Richie Goods, Bass; Derrick Gardner, trumpet - to play and finish out the recording. Final mix day on Tony Adamo's new CD is in late July 2012. Mike Clark producing Tim Ouimette mixing and pushing buttons. It is a really new concept--Oakland Funk and New York throw-down meets vocal/hip spoken word.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Indie-Rock Outfit, Automatik Eden Make Strong Headway In LA's Competitive Rock Music Scene...And Beyond!

We have all been exposed to well-known rock artists that are talented in music and are also endowed with other gifts. It seems that as time goes by -- and technology advances -- artists are expanding their horizons. Composer David Crocco (vocals, guitar, bass, drums) and fellow singer, songwriter and guitarist Cela Scott of Automatik Eden are prime examples.

David’s post-production engineering skills have been in demand for a while now, having worked with a plethora of contemporary music icons, in various genres. Performers include everyone from Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes to Nickelback and System Of A Down…not an easy feat.

Cela also has an impressive history. As a tween, she joined the prestigious Nashville Children’s Choir and toured the US for several years. The choir made TV appearances and were featured on recordings with singers such as Reba McIntyre.

Later, Cela auditioned for the impressive University of Southern California’s BFA Acting program and landed a spot in the conservatory school. She was chosen to participate in master classes in Shakespeare with guest instructors that included Alfred Molina (Spiderman 2, The Da Vinci Code, Raiders of the Lost Ark).

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre, she began performing in independent films and plays in Los Angeles and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the short Inseparable Hearts. David and Cela, who met years earlier in Nashville, decided to join talents and form Automatik Eden.

While listening to songs such as “Citadel” and “Chimera,” on their self-titled EP, one can hear the refrains of a little Pretenders with a dash of the White Stripes, The Kills and Garbage. But make no mistake, their music is distinctly their own.

The EP was produced by Herwig Maurer (Hypernova, Simone White and sound designer for King of the Hill, Hostel, and Apocalypto) and mixed by Sean Beavan (Guns N’ Roses, No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down).

In their recent July, 2012 issue, the noted LA based music magazine, Music Connection paid tribute to the act, stating, “What the pair truly excel at is…atmospheric fare such as “Citadel,” whose edgy dynamics and vocals by Crocco are just a preview to “Chimera,” on which Scott shows a striking voice.” MC goes on by saying, “In the dreamy, eerie outing, mixed by Sean Beavan (NIN), you can practically hear the song in a David Fincher soundtrack. AE seem to have the potential to exceed their influences.” Not bad!!!

“The common thread to the artists we love is that they all found a way to be original and approach their music more as an art form than a formula. That is our tactic.” states David. Cela adds, “The music and musicians we admire had a vision and expressed a way of life…a certain freedom on a higher level.”

Visually, Automatik Eden has a lot to offer. Both Cela and Dave have put a lot of thought and effort into both their personal and stage appearance. “We felt we didn’t want to come off as just another jeans and t-shirt band,” says Cela. “And besides that, it’s fun!”

When it comes to their live show, the duo generate a huge sound. It’s the perfect combination of organic and electronic. “I am sure we will, at some point, perform with a full band but right now, it’s great to experiment!” says Dave. “We’re learning a lot and it’s exciting…and the audience seems to pick up on it!”

In helping to sum up Automatik Eden’s philosophy and sound, Dave affirms, “In all of our media, from music and beyond, we focus on the human condition in this insane age of information.” Cela adds, “We enjoy exploring, both in our music and in our lives, the on-going interaction that exists between the mind and the heart.”

The two strive to keep an open dialogue with their audience. They make a sincere effort not only to provoke and test, but to inspire. With their strong musical foundation and great perspective, success for Automatik Eden is just around the corner. (

Dan Del Campos
Media / Consultant
Pop Culture Image
2554 Lincoln Blvd. #731
Venice, CA 90291

Disney Chooses KC Jockey's Single “Toast To The Dads" For Latest Game "Tap Tap Revenge Tour"

Pop/R&B artist KC Jockey seems to be on quite a streak of success, in many areas of the entertainment industry including modeling, film, and music, or perhaps it’s just good karma returning. Either way, the Jamaican born singer/songwriter’s single, “Toast To The Dads” has been chosen by Disney for inclusion on it new iPhone app, Tap Tap Revenge: Tour. The app is the most recent in the game’s series, and will be released on Wednesday, July 18th. The original version, Tap Tap Revolution was released in September 2007. The series has continued to be one of the most popular games available to iPhone users.

KC Jockey’s other recent accomplishments include his song, “A Better Jamaica” being considered as the theme song for Jamaica’s Post Independent 50th Anniversary Celebration. Delivering another solid record reflecting a topic near and dear to his heart – domestic violence – KC Jockey’s single “Girl You’re Free,” ranked in the top 40 of Top 40’s R&B charts on May 22, 2012. The song also took the top spot on WXAC 91.3's Urban - Reggae Charts for the week ending September 25, 2011 and has been quite popular with domestic violence advocacy groups.

Commenting on “Toast To The Dads,” Paul Anderson of The Entertainment Bank said, “Much respect goes out to KC Jockey for his very hip and happening tribute to all of the great fathers and dads of the world. There are many men who are providing for and nurturing their children, yet all we seem to hear about are those who aren’t so great. With “Toast To The Dads,” KC Jockey sings a passionate tribute to his own father and all others who are striving to do the right thing. It’s a strong single with positive, heartfelt lyrics that will touch any real dad’s heart, and make those who are failing for whatever reason rethink their positions and remember the honor that comes with this responsibility. This is such a great message, and like all of KC Jockey’s songs, it’s set to an up tempo pop/R&B beat infused with reggae that is great for dancing or just listening to. The music is excellent, and as always, I’m impressed by KC Jockey’s commitment to all things positive. He doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk as well.”

KC Jockey attributes the success of his music to his unique style of combining pop, R&B, and reggae with a topic that will have meaning and relevance for a lifetime. "The music I make is timeless and significant. It's deep, and when you have a good sound and a good message, people are drawn to it." KC Jockey owns his own record label, Sweet Sadie’s Records.

"Toast To The Dads" is available for purchase at iTunes or

KC Jockey's Official Website

Michele Wilson-Morris
The Entertainment Bank
(718) 619-8554
Email Michele

The Making Of A Hit Song

You won't have to wait much longer to get your music-loving hands on the new collaboration from Emmy-nominated T.O.N.E-z and the incomparable Moksha Sommer of HuDost. Their hauntingly beautiful collaborative version of T.O.N.E-z’ hit Sittin' In My Room is due for release soon, but music reviewers who have been given a sneak peek love it!

“...A hit!” says Michael Peacock of Indie Outbreak. “Breathtaking!”

The reviewers at are more effusive:

“Compelling, breathtaking, mysterious, and game-changing are a few of the thoughts that came to mind when we first heard “Sittin' In My Room” by T.O.N.E-z, featuring the incredible songstress Moksha. ...A must-hear for any true fan of the art of music.”

Or take the words of Michael Friedman at Skope Magazine:

“T.O.N.E-z gets real on this smooth and soulful track. This is what people need right now: truth in music. Really feeling this track; can't wait to buy it!”

Anyone familiar with the Hip Hop style of T.O.N.E-z and the World Music style of Moksha might wonder how these two accomplished performers ever got together, but T.O.N.E-z is a master of blending styles. His vocals on the genre-busting hit song “Long Hard Times to Come,” the Bluegrass-based theme song from the first season of the FX hit TV series Justified, earned him an Emmy nomination. T.O.N.E-z and Moksha were introduced through their manager, Laurena Marrone of Grit, LLC.

Says Moksha, “We come from totally different musical angles that can be wonderfully complementary. Truthfully, I think it was a very solid track on its own without my vocal harmonies. I was delighted to add some sprinkles to the sundae.”

Says T.O.N.E-z, “The passion and integrity came from my soul when I created the verses and chorus, and with Moksha's incredible contribution, listeners will feel the power.”

T.O.N.E-z has been very busy with the release of his highly successful new album, High Voltage, and with preparation for the 4th season of Justified.

Moksha is booked through the summer, touring with her band HuDost. The prolific songwriter is currently working on additional collaborations with Steve Kilbey of The Church and Jon Anderson of Yes. For HuDost, what lies ahead promises to be a cutting edge album featuring folk-oriented music with splashes of Middle Eastern and Eastern European influences.

The remix of Sittin' In My Room featuring Moksha is available now via itunes and Amazon: or

For more information about the artists, please visit their websites: and

For media inquiries, mp3s of the track for airplay and interview requests, please contact Laurena Marrone at Grit, LLC: