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Indie-Rock Outfit, Automatik Eden Make Strong Headway In LA's Competitive Rock Music Scene...And Beyond!

We have all been exposed to well-known rock artists that are talented in music and are also endowed with other gifts. It seems that as time goes by -- and technology advances -- artists are expanding their horizons. Composer David Crocco (vocals, guitar, bass, drums) and fellow singer, songwriter and guitarist Cela Scott of Automatik Eden are prime examples.

David’s post-production engineering skills have been in demand for a while now, having worked with a plethora of contemporary music icons, in various genres. Performers include everyone from Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes to Nickelback and System Of A Down…not an easy feat.

Cela also has an impressive history. As a tween, she joined the prestigious Nashville Children’s Choir and toured the US for several years. The choir made TV appearances and were featured on recordings with singers such as Reba McIntyre.

Later, Cela auditioned for the impressive University of Southern California’s BFA Acting program and landed a spot in the conservatory school. She was chosen to participate in master classes in Shakespeare with guest instructors that included Alfred Molina (Spiderman 2, The Da Vinci Code, Raiders of the Lost Ark).

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre, she began performing in independent films and plays in Los Angeles and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the short Inseparable Hearts. David and Cela, who met years earlier in Nashville, decided to join talents and form Automatik Eden.

While listening to songs such as “Citadel” and “Chimera,” on their self-titled EP, one can hear the refrains of a little Pretenders with a dash of the White Stripes, The Kills and Garbage. But make no mistake, their music is distinctly their own.

The EP was produced by Herwig Maurer (Hypernova, Simone White and sound designer for King of the Hill, Hostel, and Apocalypto) and mixed by Sean Beavan (Guns N’ Roses, No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down).

In their recent July, 2012 issue, the noted LA based music magazine, Music Connection paid tribute to the act, stating, “What the pair truly excel at is…atmospheric fare such as “Citadel,” whose edgy dynamics and vocals by Crocco are just a preview to “Chimera,” on which Scott shows a striking voice.” MC goes on by saying, “In the dreamy, eerie outing, mixed by Sean Beavan (NIN), you can practically hear the song in a David Fincher soundtrack. AE seem to have the potential to exceed their influences.” Not bad!!!

“The common thread to the artists we love is that they all found a way to be original and approach their music more as an art form than a formula. That is our tactic.” states David. Cela adds, “The music and musicians we admire had a vision and expressed a way of life…a certain freedom on a higher level.”

Visually, Automatik Eden has a lot to offer. Both Cela and Dave have put a lot of thought and effort into both their personal and stage appearance. “We felt we didn’t want to come off as just another jeans and t-shirt band,” says Cela. “And besides that, it’s fun!”

When it comes to their live show, the duo generate a huge sound. It’s the perfect combination of organic and electronic. “I am sure we will, at some point, perform with a full band but right now, it’s great to experiment!” says Dave. “We’re learning a lot and it’s exciting…and the audience seems to pick up on it!”

In helping to sum up Automatik Eden’s philosophy and sound, Dave affirms, “In all of our media, from music and beyond, we focus on the human condition in this insane age of information.” Cela adds, “We enjoy exploring, both in our music and in our lives, the on-going interaction that exists between the mind and the heart.”

The two strive to keep an open dialogue with their audience. They make a sincere effort not only to provoke and test, but to inspire. With their strong musical foundation and great perspective, success for Automatik Eden is just around the corner. (

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