Friday, June 3, 2011 Opening Doors For Independent Musicians

With the recent decline of Major US labels the playing field is rapidly changing for musicians and up for sale. Due to the internet, gone are the days of landing a “record deal”. So where does that place artists? Directly in the driver’s seat.

The name of the game right now appears to be do-it-yourself, but that doesn’t have to mean “BY” yourself. Opportunities are opening that were never before available to musicians. While the “big dogs” are duking it out over royalty and copyright issues, the back door has been left wide open for artists who may not have otherwise been given a chance.

Joe Consumer is starving for new music, and a new social networking site called is going to give it to them. “Every day is a challenge for artists and musicians around the world. It´s hard trying to make money out of something you love doing so much, but all the major record labels just keep pushing you down”, says Patrick Edvard, lead singer for “Against the Day”, who were recently announced as the winners of’s video contest, hosted by Against The Day is a four piece Swedish Alternative Rock band that has what it takes to make it, but are without a major record label in the US. ML is there to help bridge the gap by offering exposure and resources to get the word out.

The online social website is ready to launch some unprecedented opportunities that were previously reserved for those high atop the “industry” hierarchy... music video and radio promotion. They have announced a partnership with PlayMPE, which allows them to directly submit artists’ music to major radio stations around the country, broadcast, satellite, and online included. They have also set-up key relationships to ensure that high quality music videos get into the hands of producers at MTV, Vh1, and affiliated networks. “Never before has the independent musician been so in control of where their music is going” says Jennifer Rodriguez, Vice President of Musiclunge. “Fans can watch artists become stars before their eyes. “

It’s time that musicians had a platform of their own, indie and major. gives the tools to emerge from the current “jungle” called the music industry.

Jason Thomas
Senior VP of Communications

Jupiter Express Releases New Music Following Successful Headline Appearance On BET's 106 & Park

Hip Hop newcomers Jupiter Express aka @JoopTroop, fresh off their recent headline appearance on BET's 106 & Park "Wild Out Wednesday", unleashed their new musical monster "Up Up and Away" (mixed by DJ Ykcor) via Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes on May 27th. Jupiter Express' much anticipated full length release follows their hugely successful single "Crowd Control", which launched them onto the national stage.

"Up Up And Away" has received over 70,000 impressions on the web in its first week (including downloads, plays and views) and has been picked up by more than 1,300 music related web sites in the same time span. Jupiter Express is proving not to be a one-hit-wonder, as they continue to wow the industry with fresh and innovative music, along with their increasing fan support. "Boom", one of the more popular cuts from "Up Up And Away", is going viral via the web, YouTube and the mixtape community worldwide. Jupiter Express kept the features on this project to a minimum, with key appearances by Aaron Reid (Son of L.A. Reid) on "Hold Me Down"; Harmony Muzik on "Stay in the Light" and Chris Barz on "Not The Same".

Bringing the final polish to the project is DJ YKCOR, an internationally respected DJ personality, affiliated with the powerhouse Core DJ's as well as Coast 2 Coast DJ's. DJ YKCOR has had several of his mixtapes obtain cult status among his followers. His "F%&# Your Mixtape" project, with artist Whitefolkz, received the 2009 award for best mixtape in the DMV, while his "Vintage Vault" project, with Baltimore artist Wordsmith, quickly reached one million downloads within a month of release. During DJ YKCOR's first six months creating mixtapes for artists, he saw his projects downloaded over three million times. Joop Troop definitely went the extra mile to ensure the quality of "Up Up And Away" met their standards!

Jupiter Express (or the Joop Troop for short)is a BRAND NEW group with a BRAND NEW sound! This group was not planned, it just sort of happened. The group consists of Stealf Soulja, Swayz and Dizzy The Punk Rapper, three random solo artists that just happen to fit perfectly together. Even the name Jupiter Express is random. Dizzy saw the two words next to each other in a facebook capture. It seemed catchy. Then the meaning came later, Jupiter Express is basically saying "Next stop... somewhere new..."

This group is still in its infancy, it has only been together since the beginning of February 2010 yet things already look and sound very promising for them. After rocking the New Voices Tour in Washington, DC, they've found themselves with an artist development deal with the world's biggest record label, Def Jam Records! In January 2011 Jupiter Express performed live on BET's 106 & Park "Wild Out Wednesday", with Casting Director, Pat Charles calling the group "Dope". So get on board while there are still seats available. Next stop, Jupiter!

For interviews and media inquiries on Jupiter Express, email

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Singer Tony Adamo On USNEWJAZZ Jazz Infusion 2 Compilation

Tony Adamo
A beat poet for the new generation? Or a jazz-funk crooner? Take your pick.

I think that either one of these characterizations could easily describe Tony Adamo. Tony comes to with two tracks from his recently released CD – “What is Hip?”

“What Is Hip”
When I first heard this cover of this Tower of Power song from 1973, it brought back memories of other spoken word songs. However, Tony’s offering is not as “gimmicky” as these other songs. There is a strong sense of cool sophistication in the way he delivers the lyrics. It doesn’t hurt that he has a set of smooth pipes. It also doesn’t hurt that a great group of musicians that add so much to this song backs him. A special “thumbs up” to Sandy Griffith, whose background vocals give this song a real (for lack of a better reference) “Motown Feel”.

“Cold Duck Time”
Tony does a laid-back and funky version of this Eddie Harris and Les McCann song from their 1969 album - “Swiss Movement”. On this track, Tony shows (once again) his smooth vocals. Melecio Magdalugo on sax is a great foil for Tony’s vocals. Neil Larsen on organ brings an undercurrent of soul to the party. This is without a doubt a fine tribute to one of jazz’s classic tracks.
Jeff’s Favorite: “What is Hip?”

Jeff’s Final Thought: For me, Tony’s renditions conjure up visions of the classic “cocktail party”. Others have called his music a combination of the big band and sound with a seasoned Vegas lounge singer. I agree with those comparisons. However, it is much more than that for me. Taking a quick tour of this CD, you will find a number of good versions of classic songs. Some of the standouts include “Make a Memory”, “Calling” and an interesting version of the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”. The combination of smooth vocals, spoken word and, solid arrangements make this album complete. I am really having a hard time thinking of contemporary comparisons for Tony. I think that he is without a true equal. Others have said that you could compare him to Tom Jones or Lou Rawls. I’ll throw Dean Martin into that mix.

Still, there really is no comparison.
Jeff Niziol

Venue Change: Pet Conspiracy Album Release Party At Tango 3F

Come celebrate the end of the human race with the release of Pet Conspiracy's long-awaited first full-length album on June 4th, 2011. Due to the recent closing of Yugong Yishan, the Pet Consipracy album release party will be held at Tango 3F (formerly Star live, 79 Hepingli Xijie, Dongcheng district).

Join the Pets and their friends for an alchemical synthesis of sounds, lights and creepy puppets, This is not just music, not just performance. This is not creation... it's just destruction!

The catastrophe is final. Don't be afraid. The Pets are back!

Sponsored by We are not invited (France)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

R&B Sensation, J.T. "Ba'Bro" Johnson, Brings Memphis Flava Back With CD Release

J.T. "Ba'Bro" Johnson is rekindling the Memphis flavored, classic R&B sound with his latest heart throbbing sophomoric release, "I'm Doing Me," released on his own J.T. Productions. Positioned to revive the old school while stirring the airwaves, Johnson delivers a bold, seductive, down home sound that calls to Hip-Hop and R&B alike.

Infectious originals such as "Playas Life" a gripping, fast-paced jazz-tinged song that clears up the difference between a playa and a true Romeo and "Got It," featuring rap intermixed with smooth vocals, reveal a collection of tunes that appeal for the dance floor and the bedroom. The hypnotic, "I Want it All," is a duet that expresses the singer's passion for a woman while the sexy "Love Is," is a seductive tale about a woman he wants, but just can't have!

Hailing from Memphis, J.T. is an R&B crooner with real roots. He has worked with and is influenced by the legendary Stax Records singer, songwriter Homer Banks, credited for hits such as "Who's Making Love (To your Old Lady While You are Out Making Love)" and "(If Loving You is Wrong) I Don't Want to be Right."

A burgeoning artist who is breathing new life in vintage R&B music with his own soulful lyrics and catchy beats, Ba'Bro captivates listeners by infusing catchy hip hop lyrics into his classic style. Having collaborated with notables such as Queen Ann Hines, Ben Cauley (original member of the Otis Redding band, and the Bar-Kays), Phillis Duncan, Erica L. Orange, Clara M. King, Gerry Banks, Andre Banks, Lester Snell (Isaac Hayes' Keyboardist), Robert Jackson (Isaac Hayes' engineer), and many others, J.T. is ready to put the Memphis sound back on top of the charts.

A driven artist, J.T.'s passion for music began early on. "I was influenced by artists of the '80s and decided to pursue my own musical career. I spent many nights at ARP Productions, a small studio owned by Cazeari in Memphis. I began to pay my dues and was determined to record an album, so I made many sacrifices," states Johnson. A car salesman by day, Johnson's average day is much busier than his fellow co-workers, with long nights spent in the studio recording. But with the rising interest in his latest project however, J.T.'s sacrifices are now paying off.

The dedicated singer and producer credits Stax Records and its many recording artists for his start in the industry. "I truly thank Stax Records and other major artists before me who put Memphis on the map. The legacy is already established, I am just trying to add to it," adds Johnson.

With the success of his debut album, and now the addition of his latest CD, "I'm Doing Me," J.T. "BA'BRO" JOHNSON will be enchanting music lovers for many years to come! For more information about J..T. "BA'BRO" JOHNSON party on over to and catch his video releases on YOUTUBE by typing in J.T. JOHNSON I'M DOING ME LIVE.

Missing Link Music Releases Debut Single By Recording Artist Ms. Mone't

Missing Link Music is proud to release the debut single by hit songwriter and world renowned vocalist, Ms. Mone't. Missing Link Music will be releasing Ms. Mone't's cover of "At This Moment" on May 24th, which was originally written and recorded by Billy Vera and The Beaters and was most recently covered by Michael Buble in 2009. Ms. Mone't has written for artists like Lucy Pearl, Leela James, and Booty Luv; her music has also been featured in "So You Think You Can Dance" and she has toured extensively with Boz Scaggs and most recently with Raphael Saadiq, providing backup vocals for both artists.

"At This Moment" is the first song to be released through Missing Link Music, which is also a rights management, publishing, label services and administration company. "We have represented Ms. Mone't as a songwriter for over ten years. Now that we are also offering label services, it's great to work with her in that capacity as well," said the President of Missing Link Music, JD Dallam. "Missing Link Music has been a long time supporter of Ms Mone't and it's a great privilege for us to release her debut single which will launch her solo career," said A&R Todd Schefflin.

"At This Moment" will be released to iTunes on March 24th through Missing Link Music, and can be purchased here: Click here to preview the song on YouTube:


Missing Link Music, LLC is a full service rights management, publishing, label services and administration company which represents close to 400 songwriters and producers, many of whom have written for artists like David Bowie, Prince, Nine Inch Nails, Drake, Lil Wayne, Erykah Badu, R. Kelly, Joss Stone, Mary J. Blige, Luther Vandross, Al Green and many others.

Recent hits administered by Missing Link Music include "Mr. Carter" and "I'm Single" by Lil Wayne, "Shut It Down" by Drake featuring The-Dream, "I Like The Way She Do It" by G-Unit, "Playa Cardz Right" by Keyshia Cole, "Stay With Me (By The Sea)" by Al Green and "Women Lie, Men Lie" by Yo Gotti featuring Lil Wayne.

In 2011, Missing Link Music launched Missing Link Recordings to offer label services and release master recordings. Missing Link Music will release the debut single by Ms. Mone't, "At This Moment" on May 24th which also serves as the debut release from Missing Link Recordings.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seth Glier To Open For Folk Icon Ani DiFranco On June 5th And 7th

Singer-songwriter Seth Glier has just confirmed two opening slots with Ani DiFranco for Sunday, June 5th at The Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown, NY and Tuesday, June 7th at The Oneonta Theatre in Oneonta, NY.

Glier is thrilled to be performing with Ani DiFranco, as he recalls, "I remember my father taking me to an Ani show when I was 12 years old. It's incredible to think what 10 years can do. I'm pinching myself."

Feminist folk icon, Ani DiFranco is a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist perpetually on the move. From the raw "folk punk" of her early albums through the jazz/funk grooves she created during her years touring with a five-piece band to the twists and turns of her current work as a solo artist, Ani's restless creativity continually leads her and her listeners into ever more exciting territory.

Tarrytown Music Hall |
13 Main Street
Tarrytown, NY 10591 (877) 840-0457

Sunday, June 5, 2011
Showtime: 8:00 PM
Opening for Ani DiFranco

The Oneonta Theatre |
47 Chestnut Street
Oneonta, NY 13820

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Showtime: 8:00 PM
Opening for Ani DiFranco
Buy Tickets Online

About Seth Glier:
"The greatest pop songwriting since Billy Joel." - Livingston Taylor

Seth Glier will grab you...if not with his powerful falsetto or his melodic prowess, then with what Performer Magazine calls his "intoxicating groove." The 22-year-old singer, pianist and guitarist – who abandoned studies at The Berklee College of Music after one year because he "decided I should be playing for people and not for grades" – aims straight for the gut & has quickly established himself on the national scene performing over 250 shows a year.

In 2010, Glier shared stages with such diverse artists as James Taylor, Mark Knopfler, The Verve Pipe, and Edwin McCain. He has appeared as a mainstage artist at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (NY) and the Kerrville Folk Festival (TX). USA Today recently compared Seth to Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel and recommended his track "Lauralee" on their "Listen Up Playlist" (Feb 2011).

The only musical member of his family, Seth was raised on the music of Joni Mitchell, Martin Sexton and Randy Newman, but considers his brother to be his greatest influence. "My brother is autistic and non-verbal. I learned to communicate with words better once I realized how to communicate to someone without them." Maybe the term 'old soul' has meaning after all…

On Tour Now
May 27th Kerrville Folk Festival Kerrville, TX
Jun 4th Benefit for Cystic Fibrosis Andover, MA
Jun 5th Tarrytown Music Hall (w/ Ani DiFranco) Tarrytown, NY
Jun 7th The Oneonta Theatre (w/ Ani DiFranco) Oneonta, NY
Jun 10th House Concert Rutland, MA Jun 11th Union Hall (w/ Livingston Taylor) Carlisle, MA
Jun 16th Hard Rock Cafe Gatlinburg, TN
Jun 17th Daniel Sargent's House Concert Morrisville, NC
Jun 18th The Knight Theatre (@ Levine Center for Arts) Charlotte, NC
Jun 19th Jammin Java (w/ David Berkley) Vienna, VA
Jun 23rd WAPS 91.3 FM Benefit Akron, OH
Jun 24th The Ark (w/ Livingston Taylor) Ann Arbor, MI
Jun 25th Evening Muse Charlotte, NC
Jul 16th Green River Festival (w/ Emmylou Harris & more) Greenfield, MA
Jul 17th Green River Festival (w/ Emmylou Harris & more) Greenfield, MA
Jul 22nd Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Hillsdale, NY
Jul 23rd Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Hillsdale, NY
Jul 24th Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Hillsdale, NY
Jul 28th New Hampshire House Concert Middleton, NH
Jul 29th Rivermill at Dover Landing Dover, NH
Jul 30th Boothbay Harbor Opera House (w/ Liz Longely) Boothbay Harbor, ME
Jul 31st Rockwood Stage 2 New York, NY
Aug 12th One Longfellow Square (w/ David Wilcox) Portland, ME
Aug 26th Grounds for Sculpture Hamilton Township, NY
Aug 27th The Sanctuary (w/ Julie Gold & Amy Speace) Chatham, NJ
Sept 3rd Kerrville Wine & Music Festival Kerrville, TX
Sept 10th Driftwood Folk Cafe (w/ Liz Longley) Plymouth, MA
Sept 30th One Night Stand – Annapolis Area House Concert Davidsonville, MD
Oct 1st Rams Head Tavern (w/ Livingston Taylor) Annapolis, MD
Oct 8th Burlap & Bean Newtown Square, PA Oct 9th The Enoteca Kingston, NJ
Oct 14th Me & Thee Coffeehouse (w/ Liz Longley) Marblehead, MA
Oct 15th Monadnock Waldorf School Kenne, NH
Dec 9th Cactus Cafe (w/ Ellis Paul) Austin, TX
Dec 10th Jefferson Freedom Cafe (w/ Ellis Paul) Fort Worth, TX
Dec 11th McGonigel's Mucky Duck (w/ Ellis Paul) Houston, TX

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cutting Edge - "Judas of D.C."

The video "Judas of D.C." by rock/alternative band Cutting Edge is a musical and visual protest against the betrayal of the American people by Washington, D.C. politicians. No one is spared as it gets the message across with rock and rap that we have chosen those who are currently in office, but they're not carrying on the people's business. Images of the band begin the video, but are quickly replaced by pictures of well- known politicians and political cartoon features. With hard hitting lyrics like, "A few of the people decided you started out as good/You were chosen among the many/And we thought you understood/Then we sent you to D.C. to represent our state/And that's when you betrayed us and we all lost faith/Your insane betrayal, guess who paid for all the cost?/You turned your back on us when we needed you the most/We knew the place you were headed and it was so plain to see/You became one of them -- a Judas of D.C./, it's quite clear that this band isn't timid about speaking their minds on this subject. Fast paced, fun, and clean with a great rock vibe, this video addresses a very serious subject in an innovative and entertaining way.

Cutting Edge - "Judas of D.C."

Joe Hamgeri Releases Debut E.P. "Violet"

Singer-songwriter, and guitarist Joe Hamgeri brings melodically charged pop-rock to the masses with the his new E.P. "Violet!" to be released on May 24. "Violet" will be available through iTunes, Amazon, and Joe's website.

"I'm very excited about this release. A lot of people have been asking when the EP would be available, so I'm glad to be able to finally release it."

Coinciding with the EP release, Joe will also be releasing a video, "The Making of The Violet! EP" through major video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. "Documenting the process of recording and producing the record was a good idea. People can get a feel for what happened behind the scenes of making The Violet! EP."

"Violet!" commands immediate attention from the very beginning. "Love, Love, Love" ushers in the album with a lively drum beat that sets the backdrop for Hamgeri's fluid, precise guitar riffs. Joe's guitar prowess is a constant focal point throughout the E.P., continuously appearing throughout, in the form of bluesy fills and inspired blues/rock solos. "The Cost of Love" and "Trouble" showcase Hamgeri's acute ability to craft highly original melodies lyrics that one can instantly relate to. From the first electric guitar riff of "Love, Love, Love" to the last acoustic strum of "The Cost of Love," "Violet" is a lush and intimate view into the complex but wonderful world of Joe Hamgeri.

Joe Hamgeri is currently living in Indianapolis. His musical career started to blossom in 2007 after he won the Taylor University Battle of the Bands. Truly a songwriters' songwriter, Hamgeri's lyrical approach grew out of his love for poetry, and has developed into an evocative, highly personalized style all his own. Joe has spent years cultivating his craft, and his captivating lyrics and melodies are sure to capture the hearts and minds of many.