Friday, September 22, 2017

Carl Thornton Prepares To Light Up The Dancefloor With His Summer Anthem 'Let's Go Crazy'

Carl Thornton will bring joy to dancefloors around the world with his jubilant new single, 'Let's Go Crazy.' Having already displayed his vocal talents in fantastic, soulful RnB records such as 'I Remember' Carl chose funkier vibes as the inspiration for his latest hit. As soon as 'Let's Go Crazy' is played anywhere, your feet will start moving to Carl's groove. No other track sounds like one of Carl's songs. His truly unique sound will captivate and delight your eardrums.

Studies at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and The Broadway Dance Center, left Carl well trained in owning the spotlight, a skill he transferred to his music, which owns the dancefloor. Not content with selling out venues across America, Carl has toured across Europe, China, Hong Kong and Dubai. A series of notable blogs have already covered his music as the scale of his talent dawns on the wider music community.

Carl injects all of his music with a passion which is evident in the deep soulful notes of 'Let's Go Crazy.' The song describes a man who is utterly captivated by a woman he has seen on the dancefloor. The strength of his desire is expressed through the song's powerful bass. Vocally, Carl luxuriates on significant notes throughout the song to create a deep, soulful, bassy sound reminiscent of the legend Donnie Hathaway, who greatly influenced Carl's development as a musician.

Carl looks to broaden his global appeal even further through 'Let's Go Crazy.' His distinctive, funky vibes will float past your ear very, very soon.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Blue Martinez

Blue Martinez a Hip-Hop artist from Brooklyn, NY. His flow, delivery, and cadence is everything the games been missing. Every song from introspective is thought provoking and heartfelt tracks like "RNS Pt.1". He has several projects in development so keep on the lookout for him this fall. He believes in keeping everything in house. He has built is own team called The Champagne Room, which consist of 2 producers, a new cinematographer, an audio engineer, and 2 in house social media marketers. He is keeping his finger on the pulse with everything that's moving in Hip-Hop, while continuing to stay true to his own sound. He is, and will be the one to bring back the lost sound and feel of New York's Hip-Hop scene.

Check out the lead single "RNS Pt 1"


Monday, September 18, 2017

Broken2th And Crystal Sun Release "Castaliah"

The electronic indie pop album "Castaliah," a collaboration between Broken2th and Crystal Sun, released digitally on July 17th. Mixed and mastered by Broken2th (Brian Frederick) at Hybrid Studios in Orange County, the record already has over three thousand plays on Spotify in its first two weeks. In addition to Broken2th and Crystal Sun, the album features artists like Donald Clay (The Pharcide) on keys, John Patrick Seedborg (Ronnie King) on trombone, and Vanessa Acosta (Bootleg Orchestra) on trumpet.

"I've been known primarily as an engineer for a long time, and with this project I wanted to step out of that shadow and into the role of composer / producer. Its important for an album to have continuity, to have a producer and an artist locked in sync to create a combined effort, and to create a work of art that represents what both want to say," said Frederick, "This album took a few years to create, and we went through a lot of ups and downs. I think you can really hear that in the music."

"Castaliah" has been in the works since 2012, with songs tracked around the country at various studios and locations along the way and finalized at Hybrid Studios. Crystal Sun and Broken2th are planning to release at least two more songs before the end of 2017 and have many more currently in the writing process. Frederick also plans on releasing a full-length album this year from Subtle Smiles, a collaboration with Marley Rae from Long Beach electronic soul band Bootleg Orchestra.

You can hear "Castaliah" now on iTunes at

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