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Queen Nyoka An Urban Recording Artist Hailing From The San Francisco Bay Area Releases 1st Album With Indie Label Sonic Chimera Recordings

Queen Nyoka is a rising star recording artist hailing from the thriving music region of the San Francisco Bay Area and this upcoming November 2, 2010 she will grace us with her first album release being offered from the Sonic Chimera Recordings label catalog - featuring "The Bay's Finest" music artists.

She is climbing the ReverbNation local charts with a huge boost of new fan support this month. YES! We aim to reach the #1 spot.

Her sophisticated neo-soul vocal style includes elements of R&B, hip hop, reggae and World beat, not falling into any one genre of music and her unique songs capture meaningful messages which are delivered both true and compelling.

Queen Nyoka's vocals, grooves and production on the album are raw, smooth and at times bass-heavy. The songs are thought provoking and you will want to groove, chill, dance, snap your fingers and bop your head as you feel the enjoyable beats and harmonies. Her delicate phrasing sets her apart from the many cookie-cutter artists being released today. Her recording years span over a decade and though many demos have been produced by her in the past this album will be her first debut full release appropriately titled "Renaissance Woman".

Her singing and music production will embrace you with her mature, emotional, philosophical, sociopolitical writing style that is original, refreshing and the entire album offers a range of wonderfully produced tracks which also welcomes the outstanding vocals of Andre "Hollandosia" Jones from the popular beloved San Francisco band The Latrells, harmonies of Sweet T, smooth vocals and gifted production talent of Bluezy.

Currently a selection of demo un-mastered tracks of a few songs can be heard on various social network promotion sites until the completed studio "Mastered" album becomes available which will also include some new re-mixed versions of a few tracks.

Checkout her new singles "When The Weekend Comes" "Dance" "The Munchies" "Lift me up" - featuring presently on tour underground hip hop neo-soul artists The Reminders and more hot tracks, including a fresh new reggae vibe version of "F*%k Tha Police" - a Tribute to Oscar Grant accompanied by a radical, edgy rough cut video rotating on YouTube and a very special Intro and Outro compliments the whole album recorded live with Fred Hampton Jr.

Stay tuned for the hottest most anticipated single release that will shortly follow this album, it's bound for popularity and is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Especially written about the major BP oil spill tragedy and oil pollution incidents that have taken place all over the World.

She will also be recording a handful of song collaborations with some well known established music and rap artists based in both the Bay Area and other parts of the United States anxious to record alongside her.

Queen Nyoka is a songstress and producer driven by her desire to create and share music for the people of the World, not just for the money and not at all the fame - it's pride and self-empowerment that provokes her anthems and a growing dedicated fan base that continually expresses anticipation of her performing live shows - backed by a seasoned dedicated SCR label staff of music management professionals, including a fabulous promotion/production team from Def Pacific Communications also based in the SF-Bay Area.

Her talent is real, it's true and you just can't help but enjoy the experience of listening to her, appreciating her songwriting skills and then sharing her music with everyone that you know.

Check back for more news and info on the Official Sonic Chimera Recordings website or the newly launched The Bay's Finest Music Network.

Queen Nyoka's 1st Album is titled "Renaissance Woman" and will be available for sale on iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody, Amazon mp3 and CD Freedom.

Music Press please contact Def Pacific for EPK.

BECOME A PART OF THE STREET TEAM: Join other Queen Nyoka fans and supporters on ReverbNation TuneWidget,, Facebook, Myspace and many more popular widgets and links.

MEMBERS: Queen Nyoka( producer,lead vocalist),Hollandosia (vocalist),Sweet T (harmonies) Bluesy (vocalist and co- producer)



ReverbNation: SF/Bay Area Charts at #7 as of [10/07/2010]



"DJ's Queen Nyoka songs deserve a spin on the radio and in the clubs!" - from Queen Nyoka "with love to all my fans...put me on!!" - Queen Nyoka

"Her sophisticated neo-soul vocal style includes elements of R&B, hip hop, reggae and world beat and her unique songs capture meaningful messages which are delivered both true and lighthearted. " - NoeyG, DEF Pacific Communications

"Lift me up"... another winner off the upcoming Queen Nyoka album, this is talent, just what you need, it's lovely - the music press is about to BUZZZZZZZ - Sonic Chimera Recordings A&R

"Wonderfully produced album...all I gotta say is two words "QUEEN NYOKA" - this is a new music artist to keep your eye on!" - Def Pacific Communications

"Sonic Chimera represents the finest underground Indie Bay Area Musicians, Producers and Hip-Hop Urban Artists"

**Sonic Chimera Recordings and Def Pacific Communications is currently accepting considerations from serious record label financial investors and physical distribution deals.

Various Artists Make Up The "How Weed Won The West" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sunset Records Soundtracks) CD Which Hits Stores On October 19

Various Artists make up the "How Weed Won The West" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (Sunset Records Soundtracks) CD which hits stores on October 19.

"How Weed Won The West" takes its message to the music by releasing an eclectic soundtrack CD with Sunset Records for the film that is opening in theaters this month.

Award Winning Film Documentarian Kevin Booth also makes his solo music career debut as a participant on the Sunset Records film's soundtrack featuring an all-star various artist title compilation CD, very naturally, and the filmmaker opens and closes the soundtrack CD with his songs. His electronic ballad "Baby Kush" stars as the album's opening track with the album telling a story through to the closer "Drug War 2," a Kevin Booth collaboration with Nick Knoc, with twelve (12) songs made up of rock, hip-hop, reggae, quirky, rap and electronic tunes on the compilation Soundtrack CD. (Kevin) Booth isn't the only eclectic artist that makes a contribution to the soundtrack, 3 All Mighty, Panjoma offer up quintessential mood driven songs also from the film with "Dangerous Dragon Fly," and "Reel" accordingly, while Travis Warren adds a blast of Southern down home rock n roll rock to the album with "I-40 Blues."

More highlights on the CD are rap and hip-hop driven with topical songs, and quintessential partying tunes, from Los Marijuanos (recently signed to Sunset Urban Records) with their hit song, "Summertime", along with Sunset Urban Recording act, Mista Latex with his "Let It Burn" song and Philadelphia native, Neele Scar with the song that also dawns the name of the film, "Weed Won The West," are the perfect blend of raucous, melodic hip-hop / rap tunes that do tell this story and send its' messages, on this full length Soundtrack CD. The Ronnell Sessions neo-soul rendition of "N-Day" effortlessly seeps in its Spanish influences, while at the same time, the quirky, pop artist, Norman A. Norman brings his "The Vapo Song (Vapo Vapo Vapo) song to the CD, and is "must hear" while the roots reggae legend, I Kong (Tropical Records) adds his reggae style to the Soundtrack, with the inclusion of his popular world music song, "A Soldier Went To War."

"The soundtrack is not only a favorite of mine," says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Records, "it also tells a story just like the film would tell its story." (Don) Lichterman goes on to say "The songs on the soundtrack are all dramatic in their own way," and "the CD is not only fun, I also want people to be able to leave the CD on at parties without having to change it. Plus, every song sends a message related to the documentary film made by Kevin (Booth)."

All in all, the How Weed Won The West soundtrack CD is compiled very well while having songs on it, be able to send a message related to the subject matter in the documentary film (in theatres this month). Sunset put this soundtrack together and compiled the artists on the CD in a very eclectic way. All music fans in all genres and all styles make the CD a sure "buy it now" after it hits stores on October 19th this year.

About Sunset Urban Records
Sunset is a privately owned Don Lichterman Company. Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels and entertainment companies in the world. Sunset's Entertainment Companies, and its global operation, acquire, develop, and distribute major music recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment technologies and music and filmed entertainment worldwide. Sunset's four major divisions are the Sunset Distributed Label Group, the Sunset Strategic Marketing and Licensing Division, the Radio Sunset Network and the Sunset Filmed Entertainment Division.

The "Musicians As Entrepreneurs" Official CMJ Music Marathon Networking & Showcase Event

MusicDish, Women in Music & RocketHub are proud to present a very special and official CMJ networking and showcase. Themed around "Musicians As Entrepreneurs," the showcase will feature a Q&A and performance by three entrepreneuring artists: Maya Solovey, Niall Connolly and Tomas Doncker. Digital Music NY, a monthly music business networking event series, will open the showcase with a free drink special courtesy of DonQ Rum.

Presented by Digital Music NY, Women in Music, RocketHub & MusicDish
LOCATION: Gonzalez y Gonzalez (GYG)
625 Broadway (bet. Bleecker & Houston), NY
DATE: Wednesday, October 20
TIME: 6-10pm
6-7pm - Digital Music NY networking hour, sponsored by DonQ Rum supplying free rum drink - RSVP required
7-7:45 - Maya Solovey Q&A and performance
8-8:45 - Niall Connolly Q&A and performance
9-9:45 - Tomas Doncker Q&A and performance
RSVP REQUIRED (include free DonQ Rum drink) -

Each artist will open with a short Q&A on their specific entrepreneurial project, followed by a performance with their band. Women in Music President Evangelia Livanos will discuss new business models with Maya Solovey, focusing on the launch of Maya's Culinary Concerts. RocketHub President Brian Meece will chat with Niall Connolly on his successful use of crowdfunding to generate capital for the band. MusicDish*China Founder Eric de Fontenay will question Tomas Doncker on his recent Shanghai tour, including financial sponsorship and challenges in international touring.

As an international artist and a trilingual songwriter, Maya Solovey has merged the acoustic/folk songwriting tradition into the territories of pop, bossa nova, and even the high drama of cinematic scoring. Her music is a surprising, yet rational marriage between many cultures as she sings in Portuguese, Spanish and her native English tongue. Her new self-titled album, Maya Solovey, released July 15th, has already gathered notice from journalists and music critics. Her song "Eu Vi" was featured in a Ralph Lauren runway video for winter fashion week, while her song "Como Yo Lloro Por Ti" will be featured on a in a FIFA World Cup compilation, and another 3 songs will be featured in an upcoming shark documentary called "Shark Allies". Tom Moon, on air critic for NPR, and journalist for Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine said, "Here's a rarity: An original voice who really is original! Drawing inspiration from all over the map, Maya Solovey has developed a deep, enchanting sound that's unlike anything else out there right now."

Niall Connolly is widely regarded among his peers as one of Ireland's most promising young songwriters. His debut album, 'songs from a corner' (2001), went to number one in the Hot Press indie charts and helped Connolly build a loyal fan base in Ireland as well as affording him the opportunity to tour Britain and mainland Europe. His follow up, 'as tomorrow creeps from the east' (2003), opened further doors and brought him to North America for three tours. Niall's music has already received airplay in Ireland, New York, Toronto and Sydney. 'as tomorrow creeps from the east' has also bizarrely recorded internet sales in as yet untoured territories including Japan and New Zealand.

Producer, Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist Tomas Doncker has been a mainstay on the New York music scene for over twenty years. He cut his teeth hanging out downtown in the fertile punk-funk explosion of the 1980s. He quickly found himself among the ranks of New York's groundbreaking musical elite. Tomas has amassed performance and recording credits with a diverse list of musical luminaries including: Bootsy Collins, Ivan Neville, Yoko Ono, Amp Fiddler, Bonnie Raitt, Meshell Ndegeocello, Corey Glover, folk-pop-diva Morley, Japanese saxophonist Sadao Watanabe, Grammy winner Prince Charles Alexander's City Beat Band and Pulitzer prize winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa. In 2009, he released his Global/Soul CD titled "Small World" with guest appearances from world music legends Bill Laswell, Gigi, Selam Woldermariam,and Martha Redbone.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Digital Music NY And Women In Music Present "Music Law In The Digital Age"

Digital Music NY, in association with Women In Music and RightsFlow, is proud to present "Music Law In The Digital Age," a book launch and reception with the authors Allen Bargfrede and Cecily Mak. Cecily Mak is the VP & General Counsel of Rhapsody International Inc., while Allen Bargfrede is an entertainment and technology attorney and an assistant professor of Music Business at the Berklee College of Music.

DMNY Presents Music Law In The Digital Age
In association with Women In Music and RightsFlow
WHEN: Wednesday October 13, 6 - 9PM
WHERE: Gonzalez y Gonzalez
625 Broadway (Bet Bleecker & Houston), New York
Drink specials provided by Riazul Tequila
RSVP Required

The first 20 people to register will receive a copy of the book at the event courtesy of RightsFlow and Riazul Tequila will be offering drinks specials throughout the night.

Music Law in the Digital Age
Learn copyright essentials in order to succeed in today's music industry. With the free-form exchange of music files and musical ideas online, understanding copyright laws has become essential to career success in the new music marketplace. This cutting-edge, plain-language guide shows you how copyright law drives the contemporary music industry. Whether you are an artist, lawyer, entertainment Web site administrator, record label executive, student, or other participant in the music industry, this book will help you understand how copyright law affects you, helping you use the law to your benefit. Topics include basic copyright law, the Copyright Act, proper licenses for the legal online delivery of music, high profile court decisions related to copyright violations, using music on sites like MySpace and YouTube, and much more.

Allen Bargfrede
Allen Bargfrede is an entertainment and technology attorney and an assistant professor of Music Business at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has experience advising music artists, record labels, managers, publishers, and producers, as well as content distribution and technology companies. He is also currently coordinating Berklee's Rethink Music event in conjunction with MIDEM and Harvard University.

Allen is the co-author of the book "Music Law in the Digital Age," published in early 2010. He serves on the Board of Trustees for the Boston Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, and holds a JD and a BA from the University of Texas and an MA from Northwestern University.

Cecily Mak, VP & General Counsel, Rhapsody International Inc.
Mak is an intellectual property and entertainment attorney with senior in-house and top-tier law firm experience. She has been with Rhapsody since 2004, initially as part of RealNetworks, Inc. and then in connection with Rhapsody America LLC, its joint venture with Viacom’s MTV Networks. She played a key role in Rhapsody’s spinoff into an independent company, Rhapsody International Inc. in early 2010.

A fifth-generation San Franciscan and a graduate of UC Hastings College of the Law, Mak is a frequent public speaker and regular contributor to a range of music magazines, legal periodicals, and releases from the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers. She is an adjunct professor at UC Hastings where she has taught Digital Media Law since 2007.

About Digital Music NY
Digital Music NY is collaboration between Fortex Group and MusicDish Founders, Ephraim Cohen and Eric de Fontenay to build a community of New York area based professionals in the digital music sector, from singer/songwriter to app developer. Focused around a monthly event held at Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Digital Music NY features company announcements, presentations of the latest tech, and discussions on new business models, guest speakers and plenty of networking.

Eric de Fontenay
Digital Music NY

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rachel McDonald: The Return Of Soul

It's no secret that Rachel McDonald a/k/a "The Quick Hotness" can sing. But her latest video, "Return of Soul" gives Ms. McDonald a 5-minute opportunity to show off her acting talents as well. Looking like a short version of a 70's era blaxploitation film, the video features McDonald, director Biblical Jones, and a cast of characters acting out a Kung Fu themed intro. As the music plays, scenes coincide with the lyrics taking us back to a time when humankind was much...well, kinder and soul music was society's soundtrack. Winding up with a visual and vocal tribute to the long-running music show 'Soul Train,' Rachel McDonald's video is just as captivating as the artist herself.

Watch the video on Youtube:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Become An Overnight Urban Music Star - Open Live For Snoop Dogg and Snoop Dogg invite all musicians and vocalists nationwide to enter the Urban Music Contest. The Grand Prize includes opening live on stage for the legendary Snoop Dogg on November 3, 2010 at the Universal Studios' Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

The contest winner will open the concert just before Big Snoop Dogg gets on the stage. The Grand Prize winner will be flown to Los Angeles and will participate in the meet-and-greet with Snoop Dogg and other celebrities present at the event. Following the meet-and-greet, the winner will perform on stage to kickoff the concert. The winner will be performing in front of 6,000 fans and share the stage with Urban Music icons. There will be two runner-up prizes awarded as well. The first runner-up will receive an all-access pass to the event and the second runner-up will receive a premium ticket to the show.

To enter the contest, all Urban Artists, R&B, Rappers and Hip Hop musicians upload your best track at

Established in 2003, is the largest online talent community in America, with over 4.5 million members. Explore Talent provides aspiring actors, models, dancers, and musicians with auditions and casting calls, entertainment-related social networking tools, and other free resources. Explore Talent also delivers thousands of entertainment jobs each month in the acting, modeling, music and dance industries. To learn more, visit

Singer Tony Adamo Reviewed By Ken Spellman - Soundcheckny Radio

Singer/songwriter Tony Adamo and his producer/guitarist Jerry Stucker have re-grooved the Tower of Power (TOP) songs "What Is Hip" and "This Time It's Real," and have added their unmistakable smooth groove to these TOP hit classics. Adamo and Stucker have reimagined "What Is Hip" in a totally fresh and hip style that pays homage to, but never attempts to duplicate, the classic Tower of Power original.

"What Is Hip" is a pleasant and refreshing project that reflects back on a legendary time in music history where REAL INSTRUMENTS were played. No Garage Band, Live, Fruity loops here buddy!

On top of that Tony and Jerry dared to cover one of the most famous songs to garner appeal from jazz enthusiasts, lovers of funk, and R&B. This is the type of music that SHOULD be on the radio as it was when "Tower Of Power" initially released it.

As I listened I was rewound back in time to pleasant summer days of my youth refining my skills as a percussionist. It was a time to be HIP and this was the anthem.

The song opens with funky percussion, light keys and spoken word which immediately grab your attention. The horn sections softly remind you of the "Tower Of Power" horns and the overall flow casts you back into the street scenes of movies like "Superfly, Car Wash, and Lady Sings the Blues". The song progresses at a hip pace, no rush, no pressure, we'll get there when we get there!

When we got to the end of the song I had to play it again until I finally downloaded it to my IPhone, got in my baby Benz and took to the streets of Manhattan, from The Trade Center in complex in lower Manhattan, up the West Side highway to 125th Street and i was Hip".

This one gets lot's of Stars **** out of five and I encourage you to visit their sites and buy both their current projects.

Urban AC radio and the few Jazz stations out there get on this one! You can believe we're playing it on Soundcheck!

Ken "Special K" Spellman
Founder / CEO - Soundcheck Incorporated
Ken Spellman - Founder / CEO - Soundcheck Incorporated


Monday, October 4, 2010

Dean Shoultz - "Cradle of Able"

With his six-string clenched firmly in his fist, guitarist Dean Shoultz is on the frontlines of a revolution to bring back instrumental rock. Fast-fingered licks breathe new life into a guitar-driven genre, once led by riffmasters such as Malmsteen, Satriani and Vai. "Cradle of Able" is one of the many tracks on his 5 free song EP off his latest CD "Suite Emotions." No vocals needed here. Shoultz's fingers do all of the proverbial talking with an orchestra of bass, guitars, and electronic drums adding to the conversation. The undulating wails of Shoultz's powerful picking make "Cradle of Able" a track worth adding to any power rock playlist.

Website: /

Dean Shoultz - "Cradle of Able" :

3's A Charm, 4 To Be Sure

For Brooklyn raised hip hop artist MYNORiTY (known to friends and fans as Myno), 3 was not a charm. In the midst of recording towards his full length debut LP "The Commencement", which is due out in 2011, he suddenly had an epiphany that Myno's Way 3 wasn't strong enough to end the series. With the release of the 4th and final installment to his Myno's Way mixtape series, entitled "Child's Play", he's left people wondering "why not a 5th installment?".

Unlike the previous releases this mixtape has no skits, which subtly contradicts it's title "Child's Play". The CD has 18 tracks of both original and cover song freestyles that boasts a swaggered-out confidence and even a slight arrogance that Myno has become known for. He says, "Child's Play didn't really have as much to do with the content of the project. It was more related to the ease and comfort that I felt while doing it."

The opening track "Havin' Some Fun" sets the stage for the diverse yet very urban feel of the project. The mixtape features a certified dance hall reggae/hip hop collaboration in the song "Bad Girl" that will get any club or party jumping. The song "My Everything" is a hidden gem on the project that can do the talking for a lot of men with long time girlfriends on the verge of true commitment. The last song "Reaching for the Stars" is a seriously powerful song where Myno discusses where's he been, where's he headed, and why he feels so strongly about it. These 4 songs, combined with the other for 14 tracks provides any hip hop listener with 60 minutes of various sounds and styles you can't help but to enjoy.

All in all, Myno's Way 4 leaves off the series in a great way...with you wanting more and anticipating what's next to come. The mixtape can be downloaded exclusively on the MYNORiTY facebook page (

Music: - Havin Some Fun.mp3

Studio Concert: Country Goes Global For Cancer Awareness

Global cancer awareness and education is the focus of the Studio Concert "Country Goes Global for Cancer Awareness" by Country Music Association Artist H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow. The 192 country global grassroots communication campaign is a part of the Millennium Medicine Project Global Cancer Initiative, promoting collaboration, unmet needs analysis and strategic planning for cancer prevention and control.

Soundtracks from the Studio Concert, are now streaming online on AirPlay Direct:


For additional information on the Millennium Medicine Project Global Cancer Initiative, visit:

HRI:UNArts - Millennium Medicine Project

Never Give Up: Cancer Journal & Resources
Facebook: Never Give Up

Country Music Association Artist H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow is founder of the Humanitarian Resource Institute and United Nations Arts Initiative. Since 1989, national project development and advocacy work included the formation of Humanitarian Resource Institute (, to "Bridge Unmet Needs to Untapped Resources." Today, this work continues through the United Nations Arts Initiative ( and global promotion of "Arts Integration Into Education." He is also a Member/Publisher: American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).


October 2nd is LIVESTRONG Day! Find LIVESTRONG Day events in your community. Show your support, celebrate survivorship and commit to working towards a world without cancer. --


This Saturday October 2nd, friends and families across America and the world are making plans to gather and wear yellow in support of LIVESTRONG Day. SU2C stands with the LIVESTRONG Foundation and Lance Armstrong in encouraging everyone to wear yellow to raise awareness and support for the over 28 million people living with cancer worldwide. -- Wear Yellow as we Stand with Lance: LIVESTRONG Day 2010:

Joint One Radio, Tokyo Featured On Number One American Urban Site

Tokyo, Japan - Joint One Radio, Tokyo has been recognized for its worldwide impact on the Urban music market with a feature on St. Louis, MO based Joint One Radio and Record Pool have consistently held the #1 spot in its market since 2000 and have been dubbed "Japan's Official Urban Radio Legend". , launched in 2000 on the "old", not only brings over 10 years of online, digital, mobile and social networking experience to independent artists, the site has also received endorsements from figures at BMI, Interscope Records and the world renowned Wu Tang Clan. also provides "official" content for Windows Media, ITunes, Nokia and other online, digital and mobile networks.

Joint One Radio has been the key urban media outlet in Japan for multiple high level product releases such as Michael Jackson MOBILE "For the Children" cell phone in Japan, . Launched on 29 August 2010, Michael Jackson's birthday, via the Joint One web site, orders for the exclusive product immediately proved the effectiveness and reach of the show and its web presence. Joint One's production arm J.Stillton productions, has also provided soundtrack material for Sega of America, inc., in its Nintendo Wii version of the popular game, MadWorld. Sega's MadWorld soundtrack also includes music from Joint One's roster of artists from America, Japan and the UK.

Joint One's founder, DJ Joey Slick, formerly a live mix show DJ on Los Angeles' Power 106 (KPWR 105.9) and the world renowned Baka Boyz, Friday Night Flavaz mix show, was signed as the instructional DJ for Pioneer's CDJ system. In 2001 he was recruited away from Los Angeles to create and headline the premier urban radio show in all of Japan, Joint One Radio and 2002 saw Joey inducted into the West Coast Hip Hop Hall of Fame by its founder Alonzo "The Grandmaster" Williams, of World Class Wreckin' Cru fame.

Dark Shadow Magazine says, "When it comes to music of this genre, Joint One Radio and Record Pool is the pipeline to all of Japan. When you think of where the heartbeat of American music is today, thoughts of Los Angeles or New York may cross your mind. At the very least, we may think that our radio stations should be playing the most current music in the industry. Think twice because most likely, these same songs were first aired on InterFM 76.1 Tokyo."

With this type of history, it's no surprise that Joint One stands as the "Gateway to Japan" and helps set the stage for new phases of development in urban music culture around the world. Major and independent labels, established and upcoming artists seek out the show and the Joint One Record pool both in the United States and Japan, as respected team mates in accomplishing their music mission and often, the Joint One Family has advance copies of new projects even before American outlets. Joint One Radio and Record Pool are proven international tastemakers, having a worldwide impact in the urban music culture.