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Bongo Boy Records Gospel Blues Volume One By Various Artists A Must Have

Review by – The Grouch | Sweden
July 18, 2017
Record Label: Bongo Boy Records
Territory: Worldwide

Godmorgon från Sweden America!
As it is currently morning here in Sweden I thought there would be no better time than now to give a listen and share my thoughts about Bongo Boy’s first Gospel Blues album. As anyone who has read my reviews knows, I really like the blues and growing up in Detroit I was heavily influenced by Motown. Given that the vast majority of the Motown greats learned to sing in church, it stands to reason that I would dig Gospel Blues. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to review the first album Bongo Boy has released that is comprised of exclusively Gospel Blues tracks.

1. Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band - When Your Time Comes 2:48 - I like this song. I have head Big Chris on other Bongo Boy albums and know that he has a great voice for this type of music. There is something ominous, yet very cool about the guitar. This song actually strikes me as clos-er to the Crossroads than the Church, but there is no denying that this band has soul. I am groov-ing to the stings as Chris’ thundering voice tells me that I had better get everything worked out with Jesus before it is too late. This song is a great way to start the album.

2. Barb Maxey - Day by Day 4:14 - Oh yeah! I love that funky walkdown that starts the song. This song is a very standard blues progression and I love it. The thing about Barb is that while there is no doubt her band can smoke, the thing that blows my mind is her voice. I have heard Barb before and can say I am still amazed. When Barb is not singing she lets her band just groove. The guy playing keys really makes me smile! Then the guitar comes in with a huge bolt of lightning and I think it simply cannot get any better, but it does. A second guitar comes in for a duel that ends in a draw when Barb takes the song into the ending with her fantastic voice.

3. Bob Birthisel - Walkin' (To The Beat Of The Lord) 3:46 - The intro is killer! The thump of the bass drum sets the groove while Bob comes in with some fantastically soul filled vocals. Then the band hits its stride and all funk breaks loose. The background singers just add to the utter coolness of this track. All I can say is if Reverend Bob is preaching, I am there every Sunday morning! The Grouchette and I are going to a place about an hour away this afternoon, she doesn’t know it yet, but we will be driving to the beat of the Lord.

4. Mandy Brooks - God Don't Ever Change 3:18 - Man, Oh man I am such a sucker for slide guitar. This song is pure gold. This is a blend of Country and Blues filled with a huge dose of lyrics which are sung in an utterly stunning twang. I have not been this moved by, what I would call old-school Country music since Hank III showed me the light. Well done, Mandy, well done!

5. Terry Fellers - Lay Your Hands Upon The Rock 3:13 - Oh WOW! This reminds me of the old Messiah Prophet Band. Simply put, this is blues based metal that rocks for Jesus. What would Jesus do? He’d rip it up on a Stratocaster with a Marshall stack. I dig this song! Terry sounds like Bon Scott would have, if he had found religion.

6. Terry Fellers - He's Alive He's Alive 2:25 - Terry is back and this time the track starts out with a bit more mellowness, but no less intensity. I am digging the string work as Terry tells the story of the Resurrection. He manages to throw in a little slide and the song just explodes with soul-filled emotion. Terry, you are a very good player! I am truly impressed.

7. Wily Bo Walker - Long Way To Heaven ft. The Brown Sisters of Chicago 4:12 - This track starts out with some beautiful piano and then some angelic voices come in. This is followed by a slow grind of horns, the rhythm section and the prototypical blues voice of Wily Bo Walker.
The only way to describe this song is spellbinding. I am not even moving in time with the drum-mer. All I can do is sit her totally stunned and amazed. If you want to hear soul music the way it should be done - LISTEN to this track.

8. The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - Pray For Me 3:56 - I dig the keys and the organ that start out while the drummer keeps a mellow beat with his brushes. I grew up Lutheran and I always wish our church had music like this. The Reverend has managed to pack an entire sermon inside some very moving, and wickedly played, blues based music.

9. Bill Irwin - Jonah 4:45 - We are back to the funky grind as we swing to the story of Jonah. I just dig this song. The guitar is one bolt of lightning after another as the band moves through a simple blues progression. The blues is not complex, but that does not mean it is easy. Bill has managed to take a story almost everyone in the Western world has heard a thousand times and spiced it up with some really cool licks! Put another way, had the stories in church been presented this way, I might have paid attention.

10. Blind Dawg Ben Miller - I Need To Pray 5:18 - I first heard the Dawg on another Bongo Boy release and I really liked what I heard. I feel the same way about this track. I really like the harp. As an amateur harp player myself, all I can say is this guy is wicked! Then there is the gui-tar which is simply sublime while the bass and drums lock in - combine this with the Dawg’s absolutely killer voice and you wind up with a track that really should go gold. I defy anyone to listen to this song and not be blown away. When they hit that break and the vocals go into the repetition of “I need to pray” at a gradually increasing tempo, all I can think is YES! I’ve got that goofy grin I get when I totally dig what I am hearing. Fantastic work!

11. Gar Francis - God's On My Side 3:30 - Sir Gar chimes in with a funky groove that makes me smile. Gar Francis is one of my favorite musicians and this track is a great example of why. Gar is playing no-holds barred old school rock and roll with a heavy nod to the blues. The slide work rocks and the guy on keys is just jamming! I love it when you can tell the band is playing for themselves. I really dig the drummer’s groove as he tries to take a bit of attention away from the slide guitar and the keys. Then boom the bass pops in and says check this out - all of this leads to the inevitable end. They could have kept going, but in the words of John Belushi “Noooooooooooo”.

12. The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - One Rock 3:34 - The Good Reverend is back with another track. This time he cranks up the volume a bit and lets his ax man blast out some truly divinely inspired licks. The background singers, in combination with Jimmie’s vocals and that wickedly smoking lead guitar make me thing they might just be able to actually move that mountain. Amen brother!

13. The Hallelujah Blues Band - Saved From Hell 3:11 = With a name like this, you know this band is going to rock! Rock they do! Can I get another two string lick for Jesus? Amen! All I can do is smile and think we all own a debt to Chuck. Man, I really want to see this band live. I have a feeling they may be akin of a religious Ram Jam.
14. Mandy Brooks - You Gotta Move 3:15 - Mandy is back with her slide guitar and stunning voice. This is pure and simple heartfelt Gospel Blues. Musically I am in love. The band can jam in a slow smoldering sort of way that really hits me hard. This combined with Mandy’s voice is nothing less than simply incredible! You really *must* listen to this track! All I can say is: WOW.

15. Bill Irwin - Standing On The Rock 4:04 - Bill is back and standing on The Rock. I know the Rock is meant to be Jesus, but it very well could be Jimmy Page. I hear a heavy Zeppelin vibe here. This really reminds me of when Zeppelin did heavy blues. I like Bill’s music; I like it a lot!
I would really like to see Bill’s live show.

16. K.L. Williams and Rebel Soul - If You Don't Have Jesus 4:40 - The old school electric blues is alive and well This is a blues band through and through. I could listen to this stuff all day long. Eric Clapton has nothing on the guitarist from Rebel Soul. The man is fantastic!! If you dig Clapton you will love this band.

So folks, what is the bottom line? The bottom line is this: Bongo Boy has outdone itself. This is, hands down, a fantastic album that is more than worth the purchase price. I am going to keep my promo copy for a very very long time! Thank you Bongo Boy!

Gospel Blues Volume One album by Various Artists release on Bongo Boy Records on 7.14.17 WORLDWIDE WEBSITE:
1. Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band - When Your Time Comes 2:48
2. Barb Maxey - Day by Day 4:14
3. Bob Birthisel - Walkin' (To The Beat Of The Lord) 3:46
4. Mandy Brooks - God Don't Ever Change 3:18
5. Terry Fellers - Lay Your Hands Upon The Rock 3:13
6. Terry Fellers - He's Alive He's Alive 2:25
7. Wily Bo Walker - Long Way To Heaven ft. The Brown Sisters of Chicago 4:12
8. The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - Pray For Me 3:56
9. Bill Irwin - Jonah 4:45
10. Blind Dawg Ben Miller - I Need To Pray 5:18
11. Gar Francis - God's On My Side 3:30
12. The Rev Jimmie Bratcher - One Rock 3:34
13. The Hallelujah Blues Band - Saved From Hell 3:11
14. Mandy Brooks - You Gotta Move 3:15
15. Bill Irwin - Standing On The Rock 4:04
16. K.L. Williams and Rebel Soul - If You Don't Have Jesus 4:40



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GoDigital Media Group Completes 20mm Series B Funding For Cinq Music

GoDigital Media Group, a media and technology company focused on intellectual property rights management, has infused Los Angeles based Cinq Music with $20mm in series B funding. The announcement was made by GoDigital Chairman Jason Peterson. Cinq Music will use the funding to purchase music rights, both masters and publishing, and to further expand internationally. Additional details of the funding were not disclosed.

"We're ecstatic about our ability to fund Cinq Music for its acquisitions," says Peterson. "Cinq is now strategically complete, having the ability to scale both its label, distribution, and publishing capabilities with our proven business model for global music rights management."

Cinq President Barry Daffurn added, "Up until now our growth has been primarily organic, so we are extremely excited to hit the throttle, bring on some additional catalogs, and sign new talent. Over the past few years we have built a music company for the future, a place for mid-to-high level talent to grow outside of the major label system." Although Cinq has been most notably associated with Latin music to-date, Daffurn confirmed the funds will be used to acquire rights from all genres.

About GoDigital Media Group:
GDMG is a leader in technology enabled intellectual property rights management and monetization. Its funding to Cinq will further the objectives of all the GoDigital family of companies, including ContentBridge, AdShare and VidaPrimo. For more information go to

About Cinq Music:
Cinq Music is a data-driven record label, distribution, and rights management company. In the last year, Cinq released five number one Indie records on the Billboard Urban and Tropical Charts and was nominated for Latin Rhythm Label of The Year at the 2016 Latin Billboards.


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Escape To Tranzotica

Pamela Davis's musical legacy continues with her third instrumental album "Escape To Tranzotica", set for release. Her third release to her mythical island named Tranzotica. Skope Magazine writer William sums of the new music with, "You will feel like smiling from the first note to the last."

Davis has been charting new musical territory since entering the New Age, World music arena. Tranzotica is a peaceful place, that soothes the listeners ears into a tranquil and relaxing state of mind. Her music sports a complexity of ethic string instruments & the complexity of synth sounds woven together in an integral way that focuses the instrumentals in a new refreshing way.

Singout Magazine reviewer Harris wrote: "Pamela Davis had a surprise hit when she switched to atmospheric instrumentals for her outing, Welcome To Tranzotica, in 2009. Featuring real world string instruments set to rolling waves of synthesized textures (with Davis playing all of the instruments), it reached number one in a dozen countries, including Nicaragua, Turkey, and Vietnam and topped iTunes' chart of "Health and Fitness" bestsellers.

The new album "Escape To Tranzotica" continues it spiritual journey where the first two album, "Welcome To Tranzotica" & "Return To Tranzotica", left off, creating sonic imagery for an overpoweringly enlightening experience. 



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Sound Behavior Troupe Take A Swipe At Bay Area PC Culture In Latest Single

While Trump's anti-PC tweets and behavior have grabbed headlines and driven discussion around the water cooler, least we forget that political correctness in the San Francisco's Bay Area can often be just as vexing. Local music production company Sound Behavior Troupe take a humorous jab at the PC Capital's unique culture where individuals often self-select themselves into PC pre-defined identity categories.

"East Bay Chubby Luv" harkens back to the social satire of Frank Zappa's 'Valley Girl', against an energetic background of traditional rhythm and blues. Written and composed by guitarist Paul Kelley, the track features such accomplished musicians as Jimmy Hobson on drums (Hall and Oates, Celine Dion, Billy Preston,...) and bassist Steve Evans (Elvin Bishop, Petula Clark, Roy Rogers with The Doors' Ray Manzarek, Pat Travers).

"We create new music that is innovative and marketable, while being rebelliously challenging, that speaks more to liberation than cloning," explained Paul Kelley. "Take the energy of early American roots rock and roll, add the complexity of fusion/classical/odd timings, but maintain soul and rhythm. That's the Sound Behavior Troupe sound."

"East Bay Chubby Luv" can be purchased at CD Baby:

About Real Value Productions
Real Value Productions is a San Francisco Bay Area music production company utilizing a revolving troupe of San Francisco Bay Area studio musicians led by guitarist and composer Paul Kelley. This collaborative ensemble has been creating new music for CD sales and mp3 downloads, along with soundtracks for film projects, under the motto: "Where American roots music meets Beethoven and Bela Bartok, providing soundtracks for the next american economic renaissance."
(415) 686-1053


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Roger D'arcy Release 'Ordinary Man' As The First Track From His New Album The House Of Heads On August 24

Folk singer/songwriter Roger D'Arcy releases ORDINARY MAN on August 24th 2017 - the first track from his sophomore album - HOUSE OF HEADS - and a personal tribute to his hero, legendary Canadian singer/songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot.

Featuring the acapella bass talents of Pieter Snapper and produced by Peter Snapper and Mirko Ettore D'Agostino 'Ordinary Man' is released alongside a video recorded at Babajim Studios in Istanbul, Turkey where the entire HOUSE OF HEADS album was recorded during the Spring of 2017

HOUSE OF HEADS is due for release worldwide on September 8th and is already getting a big response from radio stations around the world.

Praising not only the thought-evoking collection of original songs (plus Ordinary Man) but also the superb production quality of HOUSE OF HEADS, radio stations in Australia, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain and the UK are not only adding tracks from the album to their playlists but are also lining up promotional activities with Roger D'Arcy, including on-air interviews and promotions.

Check out limited tracks at:

For full album access plus more information and interview opportunities please contact:

Kevin Fetterplace at Mojo Working


Roger D'Arcy's music career started at the tail end of university when he formed the label Longsongs Music which went on to sign other artists and received some critical acclaim for bands The 6ix - Radio 1 Best New Band of the Year, The Gift ("It'll end in tears" and "Crashing down") - John Peel, BBC Radio 1 airplay and local TV and radio exposure for Go!"

He later went on to form the world renowned Recording Architecture which saw Roger design and build recording studios for the likes of The Kinks, Ronnie Wood, Sade, Annie Lennox, The Waterboys, The Cure, UB40 and literally hundreds of the world's finest studios.

He now returns to his first love: Making music



Atlanta Hip Hop Artist Shows Raw Potential

Atlanta Georgia's "Joe Da Pro" shows raw potential on his freshman EP set for release on July 15th, 2017. The album titled "R.A.W" will be distributed by Tunecore, available for purchase on ITunes and available for streaming on all major networks.

Last year the artist created quite a buzz on the Atlanta scene with the release of his first mixtape "Social Rehab" hosted by Dj Noise. Now the hip hop artist is planning on making more than just a buzz with the release of "R.A.W."
The Song "Best Smoke" will be the album's first single and debuts also on July 15th 2017. A pre release listening session has been set up for media purposes. A private link can be provided for media and radio to listen and download per request via email at:

Listen to: "Best Smoke"

When asked why people should care about his music "Joe Da Pro" is quick to respond, "I can't put that in words, honestly don't care if they do. But my work ethic and determination will give them no choice but to respect everything I have going on."

He differentiates himself from other indie artist as an "artist who refuses to sell out for a quick buck with a commitment to sounding different and better than the next." As of now the forecast looks bright for this artist to have his moment in the sun this summer.




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Versatile Haitian American Singer/Songwriter Natalie Jean Releases New World Album

Natalie Jean is excited to announce the much-anticipated release of her fifth album, titled, 'Haiti Mwen Renmenw.' Natalie, would often times, see the negative portrayal of "Haiti", wanted to create an album, that demonstrated the depth and beauty of the country.

Produced by Alexi Von Guggenberg, the album offers up 10 tracks and is readily available for purchase nationwide at the iTunes Store,, Google Play, and various digital online stores.

Natalie Jean is an award winning singer/songwriter performer and a dynamic artist who grew up loving music. She enjoyed singing with her Haitian father, Guy Robert Jean - who was also an artist. She writes for many genres, which would include Jazz, R&B, Dance, Pop, Country, Rap, Heavy Metal, Contemporary, etc. She can also sing in French and Spanish.

From 2014-2017, Natalie Jean's songs have received over 60 nominations and several wins, including the American Tracks Music Awards, Artists in Music Awards, LA Music Awards, The Indie Music Channel Awards, The Indees, American Songwriting Awards, Hollywood Music and Media Awards, The International Music and Entertainment Association, Australian Independent Music Awards, the Akademia Music Awards Josie Music Awards, International Music Video Underground, International Songwriting Competition, Australian Songwriting Contest, Global Music Awards, Libera Music Awards, Wammies, World Wide Music Contest, Hollywood Songwriting Contest, and UK Songwriting Contest. She was named one of the Top Five Vocalists in the Singer Universe Vocalist of the Month for June 2014. Most recently she was awarded the Gold Medal in the Global Music Awards for Female Pop Vocalist, for one of the songs currently on the album, titled "L'Amour a L'Infini, which is a co-write with Lyssabelle. Also, she won Best Dance Song, in the American Songwriting Awards for her song, "Red Room – The Remix".

Her album 'Haiti Mwen Renmenw', is vibrant, energetic, and soothing to the soul. She offers an array of different styles, that depicts the essence and beauty of Haiti. Inspired by Lena Horne, Celine Dion, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Ella Fitzgerald, her beautiful voice and melodies will surely leave you wanting for more!

Currently, she is working on several musical collaborations. She is also a spokesmodel for a new cosmetic line called 'Confidently Ready,' by Josie Passantino, and a columnist for the magazine Fairplay Country Music Magazine.

Be sure to check her out live in upcoming shows near you.

Itunes Link -

Official Website :