Friday, November 13, 2015

MarilynMusic Upgrades Their Website While Continuing To Bring Exciting New Talent Into The Fold

MarilynMusic is happy to announce we have just upgraded our website, incorporating a great looking new audio player that provides a more user friendly experience. Like everyone else we had to abandon Flash, and rewrite the site using HTML 5. The new player has a very convenient seek function and volume controls. In addition, our licensing page has been streamlined, simplifying the process. We encourage all of our fans to visit, check out the site, and let us know what you think.

We have recently taken a step in a new direction by adding several Country songs to our catalogue. "You Loved Me Best" and "By Your Side", feature the great country singer/songwriter Sera Burus. "Coulda Fooled Me" and "Don't Let Em Kick The Hick Outta You" are two fun, crossover Pop Country hits that just need the right country artist. So we're heading down to Nashville to meet with and record some up and coming talented country singers.

We've also just added several tracks featuring a great new young artist named Brennyn Lark, who is currently starring in "Les Miserables" on Broadway. " Brennyn is an amazingly mature and gifted talent with real superstar potential," says MarilynMusic's Casey Conrad.

We've also been working with New York singer/songwriter Jay Stolar who has a great solo career including a Billboard top 50 charting song and over five hundred thousand views on You Tube of his song "My Own Way". "His tremendous stage presence, along with a powerful and commercial voice make him an artist we wanted to work with," says Michael Gaines of MarilynMusic. " "I saw him perform at the Hotel Cafe in L.A. and he had the whole club on their feet, singing to his music." Gaines says. He can be heard on two new Gaines/Conrad songs, "I'm Gonna Hold You" and "Can You Love Me Better."

MarilynMusic continues to expand our catalogue, writing and producing the best songs, working with the best talent.

MusicDish*China Brings Japan-Bound Canadian Bands To China

Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) will be leading the 4th Music Export Canada Music Mission To Japan and MusicDish*China has booked tours in China for two of the showcasing bands. The Jessica Stuart Few will be giving a series of master classes and playing shows in four cities while Lyric Dubee will be performing in over a dozen cities along China's eastern coast.

11/5/2015 -- Taiyuan 太原 -- Music House 音乐房子
11/6/2015 -- Shijiazhuang 石家庄 -- TVU 地下丝绒
11/7/2015 -- Tianjin 天津 -- Vision Hill 智慧山文化产业园
11/8/2015 -- Beijing 北京 -- DDC 黄昏黎明

11/21/2015 -- Suzhou 苏州 -- Hill House 山丘
11/22/2015 -- Changzhou 常州 -- Maze 迷宫
11/23/2015 -- Hangzhou 杭州 -- 9 Club 酒球会
11/24/2015 -- Nanjing 南京 -- 61 House
11/25/2015 -- Shanghai 上海 -- YYT 育音堂
11/26/2015 -- Wuxi 无锡 -- Piston Livehouse 活塞
11/27/2015 -- Wuhan 武汉 -- Coast Line 海岸线酒吧
11/28/2015 -- Changsha 长沙 -- Red 红咖俱乐部
11/29/2015 -- Beijing 北京 -- Temple Bar
12/1/2015 -- Langfang 廊坊 -- Show Club 麒麟livehouse
12/2/2015 -- Beijing 北京 -- Mao Livehouse
12/3/2015 -- Tianjin天津 -- Pai 派
12/4/2015 -- Shijiazhuang 石家庄 -- Brown Sugar 红糖俱乐部
12/5/2015 -- Baoding 保定 -- Anxiang 暗香咖啡

On November 17, Music Export Canada will present The Jessica Stuart Few at an invitation-only show at the Oscar Peterson Theatre in the Embassy of Canada to Japan. On November 19, Lyric Dubee will perform at the duo MUSIC EXCHANGE, an event promoted by one of Japan's largest promoters, Creativeman Productions.

MusicDish*China has enlisted a variety of partners on the tour, including artist agency Asian Art Works, music portal Kanjian and online ticketing platform ShowStart. MusicDish*China has developed the bands' respective social media presence in China and is distributing their albums through Chinese music services such as Xiami and QQMusic. Western social media such as Facebook and YouTube are blocked in China and Apple Music is the only non-Chinese music service operating in China.

Launched in 2010, MusicDish*China has been providing marketing, digital distribution and social media promotion in China as well as representation through its network and partnerships. We've booked bands to several festivals such as OCT-LOFT, Taihu Music, UNITY Festival and SOTX as well as events like Beijing Music Day, Shanghai Formula 1 and HitFM Live Series. We've organized/managed several multi-city tours each year for acts from various countries such as France (Voodoo, Clotilde), Australia (PlanB) and Canada (Soulier, Eagle I Stallian, Jessica Stuart Few,...).

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

MusicDish And LittleE Studio Launch Crowdfunding Campaign In Support Of BodyMemory

MusicDish and LittleE Studio announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign through crowdfunding platform RocketHub. The campaign called "Sharing the Spirit of Beijing with New York Through BodyMemory" will help fund Beijing-based artist/designer and founder of LittleE Studio Yi Zhou's artist in residency at New York's Flux Factory. LittleE Studio will hold crowdfunding launch events in collaboration with Beijing eatery White Tiger Village on October 30th and Beijing Flea Market for a special Halloween BodyMemory Clinic.

The crowdfunding campaign will help Yi Zhou share the BodyMemory project with New Yorkers through a series of ready-made pieces, the "Make Your Own Finger" DIY Kit and BodyMemory Clinic customized service to cast a person's own body part into an accessory. BodyMemory creates duplicate cast models of body parts that are transformed into accessories, including fingers, nose, mouth, belly button and etc... Featured in leading press outlets such as Timeout Beijing, Cool Hunting, and Huffington Post, BodyMemory events has been held over twenty times in the past year in New York, Taiwan, Hong Kong and across China.

The crowdfunding also opens the launch of MusicDish Yaogun, the company's latest brand representing some of China's top and emerging music and visual artists. In addition to Yi Zhou, MusicDish Yaogun has signed top Chinese rock acts Second Hand Rose, Iron Kite and Gemini. MusicDish Yaogun will also be hosting a BodyMemory workshop at Manhattan's China Institute this coming January.

The RocketHub crowdfunding campaign can be found at

Born and raised in Beijing, Yi Zhou is an artist, independent designer and founder of LittleE Studio. She received her MA in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and moved back to her hometown. Her work has covered a broad range including art, design and fashion. Most of Yi’s projects are drawn from daily life, focusing primarily on the interrelation between human relations and behavior. She takes inspiration from social issues through observation and categorization, transferring those insights and analysis into playful artistic manifestations.

MusicDish Yaogun is an agency that represents some of China's top and up-&-coming artists that embody the spirit and attitude of Yaogun. Yaogun refers to Chinese rock, which was born mere 30 years ago and has since grown into a movement, melding rock 'n roll with its own unique characteristics and opening a new chapter in the long history of the global genre. From Iron Kite, the veteran of Yaogun’s 'Golden Age' to the iconic Second Hand Rose and groundbreaking Sino-Franco rock duo Gemini, each reflects a different facet of this unique genre. And because the 'Spirit of Chinese Rock' is not confined to music, we're also signing promising artists/designers such as Zhou Yi and her BodyMemory Project.

Eric de Fontenay
tel: +1 718 278 0662

CD Baby and Source3 Partner to Create Customized On-Demand Merchandise for 400,000 Independent Artists

Source3, the platform for licensing and distribution of 3D content, and CD Baby, the leading distributor of independent music, announced today a partnership to develop personalized merchandise for CD Baby's 400,000+ artists utilizing 3D printing technology and Source3's licensing platform. The partnership will enable CD Baby artists to produce short runs of personalized merchandise without the substantial upfront financial investment typically required to launch merchandise campaigns. The program is the latest in a series of CD Baby efforts to expand revenue opportunities for artists.

"We are always looking for innovative ways to help our artists engage their fans and generate more revenue," says Tracy Maddux, CEO of CD Baby. "By working with Source3, we can explore unique customizable merchandise for our artist roster. That's a dream for artists and fans alike."

Because each 3D print begins with a digital file and each digital file can be algorithmically modified prior to printing production, 3D printing enables creators to produce on-demand branded products without having to expend huge advance sums producing inventory that may or may not sell.

"Source3's mission is to deliver the promise of 3D printing to content owners at scale," says Patrick Sullivan, Co-Founder and CEO of Source3. "Source3 provides artists with access to best-in-class digital merchandise designs as well as the leading and most cost-effective 3D printing manufacturers. We have always believed that independent artists would be early adopters of 3D technology and CD Baby was the obvious partner in reaching such artists."

About Source3
Source3 is a large-scale licensing and distribution platform for 3D content. Based in NYC, Source3 was founded by veterans of Google and 3D Systems. The team's experience includes the founding of RightsFlow, an enterprise licensing technology for the music industry acquired by YouTube in 2011. Source3 brings premium branded content to the 3D ecosystem.

About CD Baby
CD Baby is the largest digital distributor of independent music in the world. CD Baby distributes over 5 million tracks to dozens of music retailers including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, and Spotify. From their Portland, OR headquarters, CD Baby warehouses and ships almost half a million independent CD titles to a customer base that spans the entire globe. The company also offers other services to musicians such as sync licensing, publishing administration, a Facebook music store, and web hosting through their sister company HostBaby.

About Disc Makers
In business since 1946, Disc Makers is the nation's leading independent CD & DVD manufacturer, offering a wide variety of products and services, including state-of-the-art automated printers and duplication systems as well as complete CD & DVD duplication, CD & DVD replication and custom disc packaging for independent musicians, filmmakers, and businesses. Disc Makers also offers a variety of additional services including download cards, posters, custom USB Flash drives, music distribution, and their Disc Makers' Echoes Blog, which offers free tools and professional advice from industry experts. Disc Makers' main office and plant is located near Philadelphia in Pennsauken, NJ, and the company has regional offices in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Nashville, and Puerto Rico.

Adva Mobile integrates Email Marketing into Fan Relationship Platform for Musicians

Adva Mobile, the leading mobile marketing portal for Artists using mobile technology to acquire, engage, and sell to fans, announced today the launch of their email marketing service for Artists. Through the Adva Mobile Fan Engagement Marketing Platform, Artists can create marketing activities and campaigns and reach fans with a combination of SMS text, email, web, mobile and social media outreach. The Adva Mobile platform uses multiple outreach services to drive engagement across multiple digital channels, and, as Fans engage the Artist on these channels, the fan discovery engine helps Artists collect, analyze and act on Fan data.

Artists want to be Fan-centric; however they lack the tools and technical ability to do it. The Adva Mobile platform helps Artists collect and analyze Fan data, and act on it, optimizing the relationship between Artist and Fan. Incorporating email into the existing Adva Mobile service helps Artists better understand Fan behavior at an individual level, and empowers Artists to be Fan-Centric across web, social, email, text, and mobile channels.

"Artists have Fan data, but it's difficult for Artists to truly separate and target their outreach campaigns from Fan to Fan – until now." said Jack Kelly, CEO of Adva Mobile. Across the integrated service platform offered by Adva Mobile, Artists can now stitch together behavior and activity across engagement channels, helping Artists understand who their "True Fans" are, how many they have, and how many they potentially could have. "By understanding what works to engage their best Fans at an individual level, Artists can replicate their best Fans."

At shows, or through social media, Fans Text In to the Artist and are automatically opted in to receive texts and emails. The new email service provides template designs for Artists to create custom emails that reflect their brand, and different layouts optimized for newsletters, show dates or music release announcements, and other Fan engagement news. As with the text service, emails drive Fans to the Artist's Mobile Web App that provides Fans with a rich media experience on their phones, including news, music, videos, pictures, concert dates and tickets, a mobile store (and links to web stores including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, etc.), and contests, surveys and exclusive content. By capturing Fan engagement levels and behaviors through these digital channels, the relationship between Fan and Artist can be optimized.

Artists on the Adva Mobile platform can set up their own marketing automation schedules, adjusting the frequency of text and emails to fans based upon what's most relevant to fans. The email marketing service is bundled into Adva Mobile's existing pricing models, which starts with a Free service for emerging Artists.

About Adva Mobile
Adva Mobile is a marketing services and technology company dedicated to helping Touring Bands, Recording Artists, Labels and music industry professionals acquire, market and sell to their fans on mobile devices. The Adva Mobile suite of products includes Text Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Web Apps, Fan Database management and mobile engagement tools designed to help Artists build relationships with fans. More information can be found at

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Simmer Down Sound featuring Fada Dougou Saturday 11/14

Simmer Down Sound gives big thanks to our ever-growing movement both for giving us the opportunity to bring you the "Dancehall Godfather," Johnny Osbourne, and for the amazing reception you gave us at the debut of the Select Series! Johnny blazed the stage with pure mastery and grace! We promise you that we will continue to bring you the best and to light the fire at all Simmer Down Sound events!

In keeping with this promise, on November 14th we bring you the fiery vocalist Fada Dougou, live and direct from Burkina Faso, playing alongside Akasha! Do not miss one of the fiercest and most energetic artists in Chicago playing in the hottest reggae scene in the city! Mark your calendar, as this is not to be missed!

Selection will be provided in a fine style by The Graduate, Rad Brian and MarcusIyah, strictly vinyl and always royal! Films will be provided by Odd Obsession Movies, and there will be Ska Brewing can specials all night!

See you at the Double Door’s Door No. 3 on November 14th!

One Love,

Conceptz Video "Funky 5" accepted on the ballot for consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards for Best Video

Just when everyone thought the Buzz was over regarding Hydra Management Artist Conceptz's latest single "Funky 5", word is now out the video has been accepted on the ballot for consideration as a Grammy Award nominee for Best Video.

"Funky 5" which released on iTunes on June 9th 2015 reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. The video released on July 19th and immediately went Gold, then Platinum then Double Platinum on Trilla TV and is now the most viewed video in the history of Trilla TV. The video made it's Network TV debut on Bongo Boy TV and within weeks was airing on MTV, Aspire, VH1, Centric, Music Choice, CMT, Video City TV, Fuse and just about anywhere videos are shown. In addition, both Foot Locker and Sheik Stores featured not only "Funky 5" but also Conceptz earlier video releases "The Purest One" and "Love Jones" in their retail stores worldwide.

"Funky 5" which features MeloDream Entertainment/Universal/Fontana CEO and Artist MelodiQ aka: Michael Walker, was a hit before it was even released. During the recording session and Mix & Master process anyone who heard the track jumped on the bandwagon and confirmed that it was going to be a hit! While on location in Los Angeles during the "Love Jones" video shoot, which was filmed by Christian Strickland of Third Eye Films, Hydra Management's CEO played the Funky 5 track during a break in the action. After the entire set went wild the decision was made on the spot that both parties would work together to shoot the video. The video was shot at the Alhambra Ballroom in New York City in May 2015.

Conceptz had just settled back into home life and was preparing to go back into the studio after having completed a number of show dates with Earl Sweatshirt and Lil Durk in September. The team was preparing for the release of their newest work "Grandpa's Whiskey" which debuted on Sound cloud and Reverb Nation on October 21st 2015 when word of the Grammy consideration came. The Hydra Team had just completed shooting the video for Grandpa's Whiskey, which is in editing and is scheduled to release before the end of October 2015. Another single, most likely the last for 2015, "Multiply" will be released right after the New Year. The video for "Multiply" has been completed and will be released immediately following the single release.

2015 has already proven to be an exemplary year for this team consisting of independent artist Conceptz and their Management Team and Label Hydra Management. Conceptz aka Darealconceptz( consists of two members Short Fuze and HighRow who hail from Orange County, NY via The Bronx NY. The group was formed in 2011 and has released multiple CD Mix Tapes and dozens of singles. The last two "Love Jones" and "Funky 5" both reached the Billboard Top 100 Singles Charts. Conceptz has also collaborated with the likes of Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa and Tony Toni Tone to name a few!

Hydra Management LLC was founded in 2008 and is one of the most successful independent management companies and record labels. Hydra is self contained, and without the assistance of investors or loans have managed to push Conceptz to an extraordinary level of success without any support from a Major Record Company, Investor or Record Label. The music created by Conceptz and Hydra Management can be found on iTunes, Tidal, Rhapsody and anywhere music is sold!

For for more information Contact:
Roy Charles Brown, CEO
Hydra Management Services, LLC
914 443 1265

Monday, November 9, 2015

Punk trio MARY & THE IMMACULATE REJECTIONS release new EP; performances scheduled for November

In the early days, punk rock was many things: loud, fast, unrefined, rebellious and obnoxious, all in defiance of what was popular at the time. While that influence has never entirely faded, 2015 sees few bands embrace the gospel of the Germs or the Cramps quite as dearly as Mary & the Immaculate Rejections.

Singer/guitarist Mary Lemanski started her professional music career at age 11, playing the pipe organ, of all things. Since then, she's released multiple albums' worth of original music online, placing in various songwriting contests and earning showcases all over the country for her works in various genres. And all the subtlety and nuance she's spent the last 16 years mastering are promptly thrown out the window from the time the first buzzsaw guitar roars through the speakers on her band's new EP.

Actually, "You're My #1," muscular riffing aside, is a very sweet love song, showing kinship with The Damned's undeniable sense of both melody and harmony. The sweetness of the opener leads nicely into the PG-lechery of "Stoplight Romance," a Fleshtones-inspired romp about the fun of flirtation.

But it's with "Telemarketing Song" that Lemanski's sardonic side comes out. "I hate people / 'cuz people suck" she helpfully explains during the song's chorus, and it's not at first clear which end of a telemarketing call she's speaking from. While the song may end on a positive note, it's a delightfully snotty singalong and sets up the EP's three final tracks.

"Living Free" is equal parts bittersweet remembrance of a past relationship and winking self-deprecation. "Not cool then and still not now / It's just emo," Lemanski drolly intones as bass and drums send the song into a swing-beat breakdown. "Just like me, not cool then, not cool now."

Finally, "All I Need Is Myself" closes the album on a defiant, aggressive note. "You think you're something," Lemanski spits, "But I'd rather be all alone / than spend more time with you." The song oozes classic punk rock attitude and panche, and when the vocal slides off pitch in the last chorus, it's the icing on the cake.

With Lemanski having opened for the likes of Marky Ramone & the Speed Kings, D.I., Val Emmich, and Rev. Norb & The Onions, and bassist Harold Bertolis and drummer Andy Trello having served as the powerhouse rhythm section from Springfield bands Rotten Monster and The Stifs, both Mary and her Immaculate Rejections are no strangers to the stage. On November 14, they will hold an EP release show at Springfield's suitably grimy Black Sheep Cafe, bringing the full weight of decades of obnoxiously catchy rebellion onto their audience. Lemanski will also do a solo electric performance in Chicago at Elbo Room the following evening.

SAT 11/14 @ Black Sheep Cafe, 1320 S. 11th Street (Springfield, IL)
Mary & The Immaculate Rejections (EP release show)
with SAP, Los Injectors and Rotten Monster
7pm // $5

SUN 11/15 @ Elbo Room, 2871 N. Lincoln (Chicago, IL)
Mary Lemanski solo set
7pm // $9

SAT 11/28 @ Eagle's Club, 1035 N Vanderbraak Rd. (Green Bay, WI)
Rev. Norb and the Onions, Mary & The Immaculate Rejections, Phylums, Beach Patrol, Sons of Kong, Urban Descent.
7pm // $6