Friday, November 13, 2015

MusicDish*China Brings Japan-Bound Canadian Bands To China

Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) will be leading the 4th Music Export Canada Music Mission To Japan and MusicDish*China has booked tours in China for two of the showcasing bands. The Jessica Stuart Few will be giving a series of master classes and playing shows in four cities while Lyric Dubee will be performing in over a dozen cities along China's eastern coast.

11/5/2015 -- Taiyuan 太原 -- Music House 音乐房子
11/6/2015 -- Shijiazhuang 石家庄 -- TVU 地下丝绒
11/7/2015 -- Tianjin 天津 -- Vision Hill 智慧山文化产业园
11/8/2015 -- Beijing 北京 -- DDC 黄昏黎明

11/21/2015 -- Suzhou 苏州 -- Hill House 山丘
11/22/2015 -- Changzhou 常州 -- Maze 迷宫
11/23/2015 -- Hangzhou 杭州 -- 9 Club 酒球会
11/24/2015 -- Nanjing 南京 -- 61 House
11/25/2015 -- Shanghai 上海 -- YYT 育音堂
11/26/2015 -- Wuxi 无锡 -- Piston Livehouse 活塞
11/27/2015 -- Wuhan 武汉 -- Coast Line 海岸线酒吧
11/28/2015 -- Changsha 长沙 -- Red 红咖俱乐部
11/29/2015 -- Beijing 北京 -- Temple Bar
12/1/2015 -- Langfang 廊坊 -- Show Club 麒麟livehouse
12/2/2015 -- Beijing 北京 -- Mao Livehouse
12/3/2015 -- Tianjin天津 -- Pai 派
12/4/2015 -- Shijiazhuang 石家庄 -- Brown Sugar 红糖俱乐部
12/5/2015 -- Baoding 保定 -- Anxiang 暗香咖啡

On November 17, Music Export Canada will present The Jessica Stuart Few at an invitation-only show at the Oscar Peterson Theatre in the Embassy of Canada to Japan. On November 19, Lyric Dubee will perform at the duo MUSIC EXCHANGE, an event promoted by one of Japan's largest promoters, Creativeman Productions.

MusicDish*China has enlisted a variety of partners on the tour, including artist agency Asian Art Works, music portal Kanjian and online ticketing platform ShowStart. MusicDish*China has developed the bands' respective social media presence in China and is distributing their albums through Chinese music services such as Xiami and QQMusic. Western social media such as Facebook and YouTube are blocked in China and Apple Music is the only non-Chinese music service operating in China.

Launched in 2010, MusicDish*China has been providing marketing, digital distribution and social media promotion in China as well as representation through its network and partnerships. We've booked bands to several festivals such as OCT-LOFT, Taihu Music, UNITY Festival and SOTX as well as events like Beijing Music Day, Shanghai Formula 1 and HitFM Live Series. We've organized/managed several multi-city tours each year for acts from various countries such as France (Voodoo, Clotilde), Australia (PlanB) and Canada (Soulier, Eagle I Stallian, Jessica Stuart Few,...).

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