Friday, March 20, 2009

Mary Margaret Park Releases March 2009 Feature, "I Dreamt Redemption".

Mary Margaret Park has released her March 2009 feature titled, "I Dreamt Redemption"; a short-story from the 'Devil'z Hide' universe. A synopsis of the installment can be read below:

- It was a bitter hour, and everything piling up in Dale's head was rocking his nerves. He could relax with a beer and watch some TV, but what was the point; he'd still have to overcome his fears; he'd still have to consider all the alternatives and bring everything to a place where normalcy could be his friend again.

- Dale couldn't get comfortable; he was restless and needed an escape. He headed to his bedroom and plopped on the bed, secretly hoping that everything was merely a bad dream. When he later awoke, everything in his backyard was covered by a huge plume of fog. When he tried opening his windows to peer beyond, he discovered that they'd been sealed shut...

To learn more and to interact with this feature, visit

Readers will need a PC or Mac capable of displaying PDF files and are encouraged to join Mary Margaret Park's demo-club.

About "I Dreamt Redemption":

'I Dreamt Redemption' is a short-story from the larger body of work known as, "Devil'z Hide"; a psychological/survival horror series authored by Mary Margaret Park and co-produced by Sekrett Scilensce. It is highly recommended for fans of David Lynch and Silent Hill (video-games 1 and 2, not the Chris Gans film).

Kerchoonz Live Sessions Invites Band's To Get Paid

Social networking site has once again set the bar for independent music by paying artists each time fans listen to their music through its latest Kerchoonz Live Sessions. The online competition encourages artists to upload their music, get paid for their streams, and perform for a live studio audience to be broadcasted across the web (instructions below).

The site was launched in beta following a dispute between independent artist Indiana Gregg and illegal torrent website "The Pirate Bay" after the site refused to remove a link to her debut album. The Pirate Bay are currently being sued by the IFPI for inciting illegal infringement of copyright.

"Kerchoonz has been formed as an alternative to piracy" states co-founder Ian Morrow. "We don't wish to comment on the proceedings taking place against The Pirate Bay at the moment, however, we believe that there must be an alternative to piracy that makes music lovers' happy while compensating musicians for their work. That's what Kerchoonz is all about. Kerchoonz Live Sessions' mission to help promote bands and artists who are, especially in these recessionary times, struggling to earn a living from their art."

This month, four top bands were invited to perform at the House of Rock Studios in Glasgow, UK after participating in the Kerchoonz Live December Christmas download/streams contest. The event, which was filmed before a live studio audience, will be used in a online campaign to promote and boost the winning bands:

* Donna Marie
* Helicopter Girl
* Darnell
* The Fortunate Sons

Bands who participate in Kerchoonz Live Sessions will benefit by receiving promotion in hard press, world-wide blog networking, professional live studio recordings and interview sessions with top journalists around the globe and cash prizes. The next session is scheduled for April 2009 and will feature top songwriting from bands and artists across the globe chosen by a panel of nine industry judges.

Artists and songwriters can participate in Kerchoonz Live Sessions in 3 easy steps:
* Join the community,
* Upload your music to Kerchoonz
* Send a comment link with the song title that you would like to enter to:

About Kerchoonz, currently live in beta and scheduled for official launch in June, is a revolutionary social networking site which allows musicians to upload their music and be paid for every stream and every download of their music. Bands can opt to offer their music either for free download, or simply allow it to be heard through streaming on the site with 'buy' buttons next to every track.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Introducing Eric Margan And The Red Lions: Debut Release Midnight Book

New York-based indie-chamber rock musicians, Eric Margan & the Red Lions, present their debut release Midnight Book (March 17, 2009/Self-Released). Drawing from years of classical training and a personal devotion to modern jazz and classic rock, the talented songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/front man, Eric Margan, makes an original and sophisticated entrance with an impressive collection of 12 incredible tracks in Midnight Book.

The debut album for 22-year-old Margan resonates as a somber, theatrical novel - complete with love, tragedy, heartbreak, and revival. Midnight Book, as the title might imply, is best experienced from "cover to cover." Midnight Book delivers stellar and distinctive compositions, augmented by ensnaring and intriguing lyrical poetry, leading the listener into an introspective musical journey.

The album opens with "An Ocean Blue", a swirling, seductive tapestry of orchestral grandeur, seemingly emerging from the darkest depths of the piano and sets the stage for a colossal, metaphor-laden song cycle. As the pages of Midnight Book turn, the love story that began so triumphantly begins to unravel in Margan's "A Speckled Mind." It is here that Margan displays the delicate touch of an impressionist painter, through the juxtaposition of orchestral strings combined with a powerful yet poignant drum and bass polyrhythm.

The album's standout "Old Man River" is the turning point in the story, full of grandiose and massively cinematic crescendo. Margan's colorful plot thickens to a soaring climax, telling a story of an estranged marriage - complete with twists, turns, murder and revenge.

Margan appropriately concludes his heavy narrative with the relatively bare instrumentation of strings, piano, voice and guitar. The last notes are imminent, chords that are prepared to leave their final impression - but not without a last fighting chance.

Born and raised in Columbia County of Upstate New York, Eric Margan's musical endeavors started at just nine years old when he began studying flute. It was when he turned 14 that the hobby had become a potential career. He began treading new waters with the formation of his first band - a three-piece rock group in which he was a co-songwriter, bassist, and singer. Margan furthered his bass skills by participating in various jazz ensembles and combos throughout his high school years. Furthering his music studies, he brought together his classical training with his passion for modern rock and live performance with the addition of the talented musicians that make up the Red Lions.

A stellar line-up of musicians was assembled to augment Margan's music on stage, including drummer Jim Bertini, bassists Scott Kellerhouse and Vince Chiarito, keyboardist Zachary Seman and guitarist/flutist/vocalist Johanna Warren. Live performances and Midnight Book also feature various string, woodwind and brass players.

Eric Margan and the Red Lions are rapidly earning the respect and admiration of fans and bands alike, from opening for such acts as the Benevento Russo Duo and L.A.-based Bittersweet, to recording sessions with Pete Seeger and Richie Havens, as well as playing a multitude of shows in the Northeastern United States.

What critics have been saying about Eric Margan and the Red Lions:

"There are a number of acts that are currently creating music right now that I would call good, but I would have to downgrade them to "passable" just so I could get the proper amount of distance to the "great" that I would assess to Eric Margan & The Red Lions. "Midnight Book" should be seen as a "must-have" album…"-NeuFutur Magazine

"Elegant, sophisticated and refreshingly open-hearted, singer-guitarist Margan pens wonderfully literate and melodically inventive songs that he has orchestrated for a most unusual but oh-so effective ensemble of musicians featuring drums, bass, keyboards, violin, cello, clarinet and flute. This is Chamber music for the 21st Century, and it simply sparkles."-Greg Haymes, The Times Union

"Eric Margan's songs and aesthetic are from another time: His musical influences seem drawn entirely from before he was born. His jazz-leaning, ornate, orchestral pop is unlike anything that's come out of the Capital Region in as long as we can remember, and the band's busy gig schedule has amassed them a devoted, even defensive, fan base. Trust us: This band will be going places."-John Brodeur, Metroland

Eric Margan and the Red Lions will begin touring this spring in support of Midnight Book. The confirmed list of shows is as follows:

February 13, The College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY
February 21, (PRE-CD RELEASE SHOW) The Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY
March 5, Muddy Cup, Albany, NY
March 13, (CD RELEASE SHOW) Valentines, Albany, NY
March 17, Banjo Jims, New York, NY
March 18-22, SXSW Music Festival, Austin, TX
March 30, The Living Room, New York, NY
April 3, Valentines Upstairs, Albany, NY
April 4, Bard College, Annadale-on-Hudson, NY

More dates will be released at'll%20Never%20Know.mp3

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: Triptych. Alexander Shulgin's Songbook Part 1

By Michele Wilson-Morris, MusicDish e-Journal

A good massage, aromatherapy, sipping on a glass of chardonnay as you sit by the fireplace reading a book by your favorite author, and Triptych, Shulgin's Songbook Part 1. You might be asking yourself what these have in common. Here's your answer - they can all transform you into an oasis of blissful relaxation.

As I prepared myself to review the first of the three album compilation 'Triptych, Shulgin's Songbook' by Russian icon Alexander Shulgin, I really wasn't sure what to expect. He's certainly accomplished, having been part of the Soviet-era rock band "The Cruise" that sold 20 million copies of their debut album in 1985. Shulgin went on to work with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, compose music for various films and TV series, and collaborate with artists such as Valeria, Mumiy Troll, Dima Malikov and

But when I sat down to take a listen, I had just had a very frustrating day, and to be perfectly honest, was not particularly anxious to critique anything. But, like a good girl, I sat back and began to listen to the CD. All I can say is, my mood totally and instantly changed from being stressed out to being totally relaxed.

'Triptych, Shulgin's Songbook, Part 1' is simply a phenomenal album! It's a jazz lover's paradise. While it's close to American jazz, it maintains its own distinct sound. This album is a fusion between jazz and easy listening, suitable for every situation - background music, cozying up with your lover, or just chilling out and relaxing. This is, of course, a tribute to the notable line-up of artists including guitarist Paul Drew, drummer John Howeels, keyboardist Simon Rushby, bassist Steve King, saxophonist Chris 'Beebe' Aldridge, and backing vocalist Laura Whittel. Shulgin rallied these talented artists to perform his compositions for Triptych, and let me tell you, they didn't disappoint.

My personal favorites off the 13 track album include "Primadonna", "Whether Was or Was Not", "Herself", and "My Moscow." Primadonna is the first track and whets your appetite for the remaining songs. With a smooth, melodic, and sometimes dual guitar lead, the song is funky to the very last note. It's classy and a bit provocative - teasing and taunting. Whether Was or Was Not romances you and reminds me of one's search for love in all its intensity and splendor. The keyboards, guitar, drums, and bass start off with a nice simple rhythm and become more intertwined and complex as they build into a very rich climax, complementing each other nicely.

Chris Aldridge's warm and raspy sax lead in and solo improvisations add a unique and colorful hue to My Moscow, all the while carrying the listener to a fresh and unexpected, yet somehow familiar destination. John Howells on drums provides a solid, yet sensitive and integrated foundation for the flowing counterpoint of Simon Rushby's keyboard and Steve King's bass on Herself. The last track, "Only You," has a Spanish feel to it and the music really reminds you of someone who is in "amore". This track has a beautiful piano solo and is so romantic, it should be rated LWL (listen with lover). Shulgin's style is somewhat similar to that of Lee Ritenour, of whom I am a big fan.

'Triptych, Shulgin's Songbook, Part 1' is so mellow, so relaxing and smooth, that I was and am still truly impressed. From the first track to the last, I was mesmerized. I closed my eyes and sometimes felt as if I were sitting in a jazz club with cozy lighting, my favorite drink in my hand, and my man by my side. At other times, I was taken away to the beach with the sound of the ocean and the wind blowing lightly across my face. I can't wait to hear the other two albums, and will definitely be adding it to my CD collection.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SXSW Alert: Amy Speace To Play MPress Records & Organic Entertainment Showcases

Grassy Hill Entertainment singer-songwriter Amy Speace and the Tearjerks will be performing at two different showcases during this year's South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival in Austin, TX. Amy will be performing material from her upcoming record "The Killer in Me" at the Organic Entertainment Party and MPress Records Annual Party.

The announcement follows news that the audience at last year's Falcon Ridge Folk Festival voted Amy as their most favorite artist at the annual Emerging Artist Showcase. She will return to Falcon Ridge this summer to participate in the "Most Wanted" performance on Saturday July 25 alongside runner-ups Blue Moose & the Unbuttoned Zippers, Abi Tapia and Lucy Wainwright Roche

Wednesday, March 18, 3:15 PM
Threadgills Restaurant
301 W Riverside Dr.
Austin, Texas
(512) 472-9304

Saturday, March 21, 1:55 - 2:40 PM
Soho Lounge
217 E 6th St.
Austin, Texas
(512) 236-1705

Named by WFUV to its "Top 16 To Watch" list last year, Amy Speace is an Americana-rock artist who draws comparisons to Roseanne Cash, Lucinda Williams and Neko Case. Her sophomore album "The Killer In Me", produced by James Mastro and engineered by Mitch Easter, features 12 new songs and 2 duets with Ian Hunter and "is a collection of alt-country gems, a little dark around the edges. As a singer, she's got a soulful voice that grabs your ears. Take note, Amy is one artist you won't want to miss." (John Platt, host of "The Sunday Breakfast " WFUV).

What they're saying about "The Killer In Me":

"If you thought that "Songs For Bright Street", her previous effort was already worth your attention, then this "Killer In Me" (released early March) will certainly be an album you have to ad to your collection!" - Mr Blue Boogie, BillyBop

"If you're on to the newest trends in music country you must certainly knock at the door of Amy Speace. Those looking for honest and personal work have come to the right address." - Keys & Chords

"There's more than nerve and creativity noticeable on the meanwhile fourth album of this singer - songwriter, already the title track "the Killer In Me" and "This Love" feature vintage Lucinda Williams." -

"Speace knows how to make a beautifully varied CD that builds a coherent unit through a wonderful balance of pop, rock and blues, ballads and up-tempo numbers that never bore you for a minute. A truly excellent and grown-up album." - MOORS MAGAZINE