Saturday, December 5, 2009

Paris' Legendary New Morning Welcomes The Bethany And Rufus Roots Quartet


New World/Folk/Roots group The Bethany and Rufus Roots Quartet will be performing songs from their live 12 track CD "Live À Fip" on December 8th at Paris' most reputable jazz-club, the New Morning. The quartet was invited to perform live on Radio France's Live À Fip radio series following a promotional radio spot for the Les Nuits Atypique festival. The Roots Quartet includes the duo Bethany and Rufus (Bethany Yarrow and Rufus Cappadocia), along with Fulani flutist Yacouba "Denke Denke" and Afro Haitian drummer 'Bonga' Jean-Baptiste.

Bethany And Rufus Roots Quartet
Tuesday, December 8th at 9:00 PM
7 Rue des Petites Ecuries, Paris
01 45 23 51 41

The Bethany & Rufus Roots Quartet's Live À Fip CD's strength lies not just in each artist's singular talents, but in their capacity to combine their abilities in a way that complements each member of the group to bring about a sound that is unique and groundbreaking, while incorporating concerns about global injustices, violence, and inequalities. Live À Fip is the product of a world where people and societies are interconnected, converging, and in turmoil.

"A diabolically funky bass is joined by the song of a fulani flute and the cadence of a voodoo drum, and the cello bows under an incantation of the ancestors... a revelation of Les Nuits Atypiques Festival of Langon and the love at first listen of studio 105 of Radio France, the folk duo Bethany & Rufus have transformed themselves into a post-modern quartet for an evening of spellbinding music." - MONDOMIX

About Bethany And Rufus Roots Quartet
Bethany as the daughter of legendary 60's Folk singer Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary) draws from the many songs that her father collected as part of the seminal folk movement of the 60s. Yacouba has dug deeply into the folkloric Hausa, Djerma, Peul and Songhai traditions of Niger and Bonga is the descendant of a very rich lineage of Vodou ceremonial drumming and song. Bonga has also traveled extensively through Haiti collecting and learning the different manifestations of Haitian song and folklore. Rufus has taken the cello into previously unknown realms and is noted for his collaborations in African, Arabic, and American music forms and also has a solo CD Songs for Cello on the Daqui label. Individually all of the members of the group have been instrumental in expanding the role of traditional forms in their respective musics. It is with this background that they have come together to create a sound that although based around the song forms of American traditional music reaches back to a common root that has inspired everyone involved.

To request mp3 tracks for review as well as interview requests, contact:
Eric de Fontenay

Friday, December 4, 2009

Crazy Aunt Mary's Christmas video

Both successful musicians, Michelle Holmes and Steve Pinkney have teamed up to form Crazy Aunt Mary, a Los Angeles-based modern rock and blues band that aims at always having a good time. The duo has put together a video called "A Little Bit Better This Christmas" which is sure to make you smile and get into the holiday spirit.

Watch the MusicDishTV video on YouTube

Hope might really be possible in this jazz holiday classic by Crazy Aunt Mary. Holmes (vocals, bass, and keys) and Pinkney (guitar) are sure to give a bright start to your holiday season this year. This music video was directed by Bob Kent.

For artist biographies, more music, and contact information:

WINTER 2010 CHICAGO BLUES TOUR™ 8 Clubs 10 Bands Jan. 16


Blues University® and the City of Chicago invite music fans to celebrate the vitality of the blues, from Chicago and beyond, on Saturday, January 16th. Join the Chicago Blues Tour™, a "pub crawl" event, connecting 8 of Chicago's famous lounges featuring live blues as it departs from the "hub" of the tour, Lizzie McNeill's, at 400 N. McClurg Ct. Tickets ($45) include all transportation and admission charges for a nightlong blues adventure, with 12 live blues bands performing all night long. Buses depart from Lizzie's every ten to twenty minutes from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m., and then begin shuttling between clubs until 2:00 a.m. Tickets are available through the Chicago Blues Tour website,, or by phone via Ticketweb at 866.468.3401. A limited supply of tickets may be available at the door, but advance tickets are strongly recommended, as the tour often sells out. For further information, visit the website or call the toll-free BluesLine at 866-LIVEBLUES (866-548-3258). Maps, schedules, and an FAQ are also updated frequently at the website.

The Tour continues its tradition of featuring emerging blues artists and the dynamic evolution of blues, with "young gun" guitarists Travis Feaster, Noah Wotherspoon, and Samantha Fish, who write original songs that push the idiom in new directions, from Feaster's blues-rock twist on Southern Soul, to Wotherspoon's psychedelic-glam spin on Delta rhythms and narrative. Rising guitar stars like "Chicago Blues Challenge" finalists Chainsaw Dupont and Toronzo Cannon, as well as favorites of Chicago's soul-blues underground, Super Percy and Fantastic L-Roy, and even Chicago veterans like Killer Ray Allison and Vance Kelly, infuse their blues with inventive hybrids of jazz, rock, soul, funk, and even hip-hop elements. The Tour emphasizes off-the-beaten-path, classic lounges on Chicago's south and west side blues circuits, with audiences drawn from the neighborhood, who favor entertaining variety over purity of tradition.

The Chicago BluesTour™, now entering its 20th anniversary year, is part of a slate of "Chicago Blues Weekend" events ( that are anchored by Buddy Guy's legendary annual stand at Legends. The events also include weekend "Blues Shuttles" to clubs featuring West Side Soul, South Side guitarists, Blues Women, and Chicago's famed "Blues Alley" on the North Side, as well as a visit from a traveling showcase, the Kansas City Blues Caravan, at Rosa's.

Blues University® sponsors classes and events that expand the understanding and audience for blues music. The Chicago Blues Tour™, which showcases the wide variety of modern blues talent on display in Chicago, began in 1990 as the West Side Blues Tour and has expanded in scope to include live blues venues throughout Chicago, and has helped promote blues with assistance from the Mayor's Office of Special Events since 1998. Blues U.® maintains an online archive of blues information and also launched a blues news service, BluesWire, in 2008.

Winter 2010 Chicago Blues Tour™

LIZZIE MC NEILL'S, 400 N. McCLURG, 312- 467-1992
(continuous music from 8:30 p.m.) ("Young Guns of Blues Guitar")
• WT FEASTER BAND (from Indianapolis)
• NOAH WOTHERSPOON BAND (from Cincinnati)

(continuous music from 8 p.m.)
• SAMANTHA FISH BAND featuring special guests Lewis Cowdrey & John Paul Drum
("Kansas City Blues Caravan")

(9:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.)


(8:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.)
with special guest MZ. PEACHEZ

LINDA'S PLACE 1044 W. 51ST ST., 773-373-2351
(8:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.)


THE WATER HOLE, 1400 S. WESTERN AVE., 312-243-7988
(7:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.)
(continuous music from 7:30 p.m.)


(8:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.)

ROSA'S LOUNGE, 3420 ARMITAGE AVE., 773-342-0452
(continuous music from 8 p.m.)



Friday, Jan. 15

Buddy Guy appears at Legends
Buddy Guy's Legends, 754 S. Wabash
Advance Tickets required:, $40

Congress Hotel Tap, 520 S. Michigan
Advance Tickets required:, $55
departs 8:50, 9:50, 10:50 PM (returns you to Congress Hotel)
3- 1/2 hour Blues Shuttle departs from the Congress Hotel and includes admission & transport to the following shows

• Kansas City Blues Caravan at Rosa's Lounge
• West Side All-Stars at Catfish Corner
• Blues Women Showcase at Blue Chicago

Saturday, Jan. 16

Congress Hotel Tap, 520 S. Michigan
5PM to 7PM
8 blues guitarists meet and greet fans before the start of Chicago Blues Tour:

Vance Kelly, Toronzo Cannon, Noah Wotherspoon, Travis Feaster, Samantha Fish, Chainsaw Dupont, Killer Ray Allison, Lewis Cowdrey

Chicago Blues Tour: 8 CLUBS, 12 BANDS pub crawl
Advance Tickets recommended:, $45
Lizzie McNeill's, 400 N. McClurg Ct.

Sunday, Jan. 17

Gospel Brunch

House of Blues, 329 N Dearborn St.
Advance Tickets required: (312) 923–2000, $37.50, (buy 3, get one free)
10 AM

Buddy Guy appears at Legends
Buddy Guy's Legends, 754 S. Wabash
Advance Tickets required:, $40


Congress Hotel Tap, 520 S. Michigan
Advance Tickets required:, $55
departs 6:45, 8:00PM (returns you to Congress Hotel)
5- hour Blues Shuttle departs from the Congress Hotel and includes admission & transport to the following shows
• Smilin' Bobby / Elmo James Jr. at Keynote Lounge
• Killer Ray Allison at For The Good Times Lounge
• Shorty's West Side All-Stars/Willie White at Gene's Playmate Lounge


Congress Hotel Tap, 520 S. Michigan
Advance Tickets required:, $55
departs 8:50, 9:50 PM (returns you to Congress Hotel)
5- hour Blues Shuttle departs from the Congress Hotel and includes admission & transport to 3 of Chicago's premier blues clubs
• Peaches Staten / Blues divas at B.L.U.E.S.
• Charlie Love & the Silky Smooth Blues Band at Kingston Mines
• Lindsey Alexander & L.A.B.B. at Kingston Mines
• Blues Women Showcase at Blue Chicago

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Give The Gift Of Music Promotion This Season With Mi2N Music PR


As part of Mi2N's continuing efforts to make its services available to more artists/musicians, the company will begin offering the purchase of its Mi2N press release distribution services in the form of gift certificates for the upcoming holiday season. The decision to do so was quite logical, partially due to Mi2N's popularity as well as the current economic climate.

"People love giving gifts to their friends and family for the holidays, but during economically challenging times, they tend to choose gifts that are more practical than fun. By giving an Mi2N PR Gift Certificate, you can do both. We offer several PR distribution packages to choose from, so you can support your favorite artist and without breaking the bank," said Eric de Fontenay, Mi2N's Founder and CEO.

Ideal for artists and labels, as well as supporting promoters and agencies, the Mi2N Music PR service provides guaranteed press release placements through a network of newswires, eGroups, blog communities, boards and forums, as well as MP3 and video distribution. In addition to guaranteed PR placement, the packages provide exposure through the Mi2N website, and multiple other sources with target based distribution. Through Mi2N's penetration in the music industry as well as its diverse and substantial delivery network, your giftee's PR announcement will be seen by prospective fans, promoters, labels - everyone who's anyone in the music industry.

"You can be the best artist/musician in the world, but if you aren't able to get news out about your music, upcoming releases, or performances to music industry professionals, it really doesn't matter. Waiting to be discovered based on talent alone is like trying to find a needle in a haystack," de Fontenay continued. "There are lots of talented artists who know that visibility and exposure are critical to their success. It's what separates them from the rest. They have a better chance at being successful, not necessarily because they are more talented, but because they know that publicity is a need, not a luxury, and they make the investments accordingly to acquire as much exposure as possible. We're proud to play a role in making that happen."

If the person you love is a talented musician, then you probably know how hard they work on making their music the best it can be. This holiday season, you can help them to tell the world about it by giving them something they'll thank you for: a seasonal gift certificate for the Mi2N Music PR marketing service.

Mi2N gift certificates will be available for purchase beginning December 1st. Get yours at

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MusicDish presents: Stephen Michael Apatow - Nessun Dorma

Not only is Stephen Michael Apatow the President, Founder, and Director of Research and Development of the Humanitarian Resource Institute, he is now able to credit himself as an accomplished recording artist. He is promoting his most recent track, "Nessun Dorma (None Shall Sleep)" - an aria from the Puccini opera, Turnadot. Apatow does a splendid job of conveying the emotions of Puccini's original composition and considering this piece is not an easy one to sing, his version is something to be heard. Apatow has certainly been blessed with a powerful tenor voice and "Nessun Dorma" is surely the beginning of an outlet through which this humanitarian will inspire his listeners.

Listen to the track on Fairtilizer!

Check out "Nessun Dorma" and soundtracks from the Country Goes Global album compilation through AirPlay Direct:

The Seven Essentials To Writing A Press Release

By Michele Wilson-Morris
(more articles from this author)

Working in the music industry has its perks, privileges, and pains as anyone who works in it knows. No matter what your genre is, one thing remains the same for all artists: You need to bring attention to yourself, your music, and your events. And while there are several ways to do so, few are as effective (in terms of cost or exposure) as a well written press release.

Writing a press release may prove to be a challenge to those whose focus is solely on their musical ability and efforts, but it doesn't have to be. There's an art to writing a good press release just like there's an art to making good music. In fact, a well written press release is simply you on paper. There are many tricks to the trade, and I'm going to share some of several of them with you: The Seven Essentials of Press Release Writing.

Essential #1: "Who, What, When, Where, and Why?"
A good press release must clearly convey who is doing what and when, where it's happening, and why. Your target audience is much more likely to be responsive if you included answers to all of the above. When I write press releases for Mi2N-PRESS, I never leave room for "guesswork." Plain and simple: If people have to guess about any information that should be included in the press release, then you haven't done your work.

Essential #2: "Less Is More"
When you're writing a press release and answering the what, where, when and why, remember that less is more. Not less information, but fewer words. Short, detailed sentences are best. Think about it. If you're running from one performance to another, meeting with your agent, writing lyrics or music, talking with your promoter AND trying to squeeze 3 square meals, family, and far too few hours of sleep into your the day as most of us are, then you know that time is precious. Your press release should take into account the fact people are a lot less likely to read a press release that's much longer than one page. As President Thomas Jefferson said, "The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do." And if neither of those reasons convinces you, just know this: media professionals (like most of us) are fundamentally lazy. They don't want to do any more research than they have to.

Essential #3: "The Early Bird Gets The Worm"
If you haven't grabbed your target audience's attention by the end of paragraph one, you've probably lost the opportunity to do so. People simply don't have time to wait for fluff. If they want more information than what you've given them in the first paragraph about that CD that you are releasing in January, 2010 in Europe (because you performed live on a famous radio show and were so well liked, the rest was history), then you've put out a good "hook" and now they've "taken the bait". Now you need to "real them in."

Essential #4: "Thou Shalt Not Lie"
One thing that writers and music professionals are able to do is to quickly spot a press release that has been, shall we say "highly exaggerated". It's just as important to be known for being credible than it is for making great music. Submitting a press release that contains false or misleading information is just as bad as lip syncing at your "live performance." If you don't believe me, just ask Milli Vanilli.

Essential #5: "Spice, Please"
Use audio and video links whenever possible. While press releases are most certainly a business document, that doesn't mean it has to be a boring document. Capture your reader's attention with a photograph or an audio URL. People like to be entertained. We like our food, cars, and homes to be aesthetically pleasing, and we like our press releases that way as well.

Essential #6: "Quotes: He Said, She Said...
One way to infuse life into your press release is to incorporate a quote. Find a good quote that is relevant to your press release and use it. Remember the favorable press you received by that infamous reviewer who has critiqued your CD or been to your concert and written about it favorably? Dig it out, and quote them. It's an endorsement of you and your music.

Essential #7: "In The Beginning..."
The title of your press release is especially important as it is the first thing one sees and the scale that will be used to measure their interest in actually reading your press release or moving on to the next one. A good title is as important as having an M.C. who can get the crowd fired up about you before you even hit the stage. It has to be both interesting and informative.

Obviously, a lot of work goes into writing a great press release. But it's definitely within your reach if you utilize the essentials outlined above. With online marketing being more important than ever before because of social networking sites, blogs, and countless other sources of music buzz, you have to put your best foot forward with your press release. It's your connection to your audience: conveying your brand, your music, and your story. It's also important to have it distributed to your target audience and as many appropriate sites as possible within the industry. Choose your distribution service carefully. Make sure that they have a reputation for being a trusted news source and a large enough dissemination to make it worth your investment.

Quite applicable to this topic, I'll leave you with this quote: "It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult." Seneca (3 BC - 65 AD)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Perform Live! In Front Of Jackson Thriller Exec. Chance Of A Lifetime Talent Search


Ismael records in association with world music and independent film festival/ MJD Productions and Blendzville Global presents chance of a lifetime talent search featuring Mr. TC Thompkins!, marketing & promotions executive of Michael Jackson's Thriller, Bad & Off The Wall albums and former acting vice president of marketing and promotions for Epic Records/President of Thompkins Marketing.

Pop, Gospel, R & B, Rap/ Hip Hop artist!, win! win! win! marketing & promotions, national distribution, soundscan! & radio airplay personally from Mr. TC Thompkins!. Only a limited amount of artist will be chosen for this event with only a limited amount of tickets for paying fans and public. This event will be held in the hampton roads virginia area of the 757 so sign up now!. Winners will also perform live at the red carpet world music and independent film festival in Washington DC! TC Thompkins! marketing & promotions executive of such great powerhouse recording artist as Alicia Keys!, Tyrese, Sade, Jaheim, Richard Pryor, Ghetto Boyz, Steely Dan!, Luther Vandross, The Great! Quincy Jones!, Patti La Belle, Ed Montgomery, Pastor Rudy Rasmus, Scarface, Big Mike!, Angie Stone, Teddy Riley & Guy, Earth Wind And Fire!, Nappy Roots, Wuan, Novox and many more!.

Contact and for more details. chance of a lifetime talent search!

UM2N Provides Complete PR Solution For Urban Artists And Labels


Urban Music News Network (UM2N) has followed in the footsteps of its parent Mi2N by launching a complete PR solution for today's urban artists and labels. Serving the specific needs of the Hip Hop/Rap, R&B and Soul communities, Mi2N-PRESS URBAN provides independent artists, labels and music companies with a professional press release writing service combined with UM2N's PR URBAN distribution package.

Everyone knows that the music industry isn't just about music; it's about business as well. Now, more than ever, urban artists must be able to successfully express their unique brand and convey news about upcoming performances or music release to their target audiences. As the leading music news source and major online artist marketer, Mi2N has over a decade's experience working with people on both sides of the PR sector and knows what it takes to get results.

Mi2N-PRESS URBAN includes:
* A professionally written 400-450 word press release within 2 days of your paid submission (all details must be provided) including images, URLs, a sound link, and your complete contact information
* Automatic submission of your press release to the Mi2N and UM2N newswires and express submission to over 35 Mi2N syndicated newswires
* PR URBAN distribution campaign
* A money back guarantee that your press release will be error free and delivered on time

"Online PR has proven to be one of the most effective and affordable ways for independent artists and labels to reach out to new fans and industry professionals," commented Eric de Fontenay, UM2N's Founder and Editor. "This is an especially important tool for artists in the hip hop and rap genres, as these are some of the fastest growing and most competitive sectors in the music market today. As the editor of UM2N, I've seen what a smart PR campaign can do to increase an artist's exposure"

What people are saying about Mi2N, UM2N, and Mi2N-PRESS:

"The Mi2N-PRESS URBAN service is great. The people that I worked with were very professional, yet down to earth. I am definitely going to use the service in the future and would recommend Mi2N-PRESS and UM2N to anyone in the music industry who needs exposure for a hip hop or rap artist." Eric Carwell, Llewrac Entertainment

"[Mi2N] is a trusted resource I use all the time to get information. I strongly recommend Mi2N Music PR" Robert Morrison, President, Chart Noise

"I've used Mi2N to increase exposure into my press releases for my company (WaTunes). I highly recommend that you use Mi2N for your press distribution as it is one of the most cost effective solutions out there!" Kevin Rivers, CEO

"[Mi2N PR] has been easy and effective for our a great price! We all highly recommend Mi2N PR services to everyone we know!" Kathy Douglas, Indie Extreme

"Mi2N is an essential service for PR." Chris Jones, 2SPR

About Mi2N
Mi2N (Music Industry News Network) is the largest online daily newswire serving the music industry. Since 1998, Mi2N has kept professionals worldwide informed on the latest developments shaping their sector by covering nearly every facet of the industry, from new business models and technological innovations to up-&-coming artists and emerging trends. Through its Mi2N Music PR service, it has become a leading PR resource for major and independent music companies around the world.

For more information, please contact:
Eric de Fontenay
Mi2N Founder/Editor
(718) 278-0662