Friday, September 25, 2009

The Next Step In Recording Technology

Every musician has been there. You’re trying to record a track in your home studio and it just never sounds quite right. The tone is thin, the effects plastic, and music sounds choked. It sounds as if it were recorded in, well, your bedroom. Home recordings, as well as many professional studio recordings, lack the full rich sound of a live concert. Home recording environments simply don’t have the acoustics or the equipment to record a vibrant, full, real sounding performance, until now. Born To Rock solves these frustrating problems with their latest release, Rockster+ Pro.

Born To Rock is an innovative music company that brings new technologies to bear on the world of rock and roll. They produce widely used electric guitars and basses made out of metal instead of the traditional wood and develop software geared toward the ever-growing digital recording paradigm.

Rockster+ Pro is an important innovation in home recording. This software allows artists to pack warm analog drive and concert hall ambience into digital recordings and turn dead tracks into big live-sounding mixes without the expensive equipment found at professional recording studios. With Rockster+ Pro, recording artists can use one of seven presets or create their own unique production setting. A GUI panel provides controls for factory and user presets, reverb time, decay and mix, heat, drive, space and dither. Reverb controls are independently adjustable for reflections from rear, side, ceiling and audience so you can design your own concert hall's size, shape, and liveliness. With this program an artist can place a recording in any venue from a small club to a giant opera hall.

A key feature that sets this software apart is file analysis. Rockster+ Pro does not work in real-time like most recording and production software. Instead, the program analyzes the entire sound file before applying any effects or modifications. This prevents ugly noises from clipping and blends all of the parameters at once instead of piping the signal through a chain of compressors and processors. Rockster+ Pro will also warn you of any overages before it processes modifications so you have the option to re-record the track.

Rockster+ Pro takes all of the expensive equipment and engineering of a professional recording studio and shrinks it into an affordable piece of software. Now the home studio recording can compete with the professional effort and every musician can achieve the same high quality, full bore, live sound on their tracks. This application levels the playing field for home recording artists and is a must have for any serious home studio.

Bethany & Rufus To Perform Two Shows With Peter Yarrow In Ridgefield

Folk music legend Peter Yarrow will bring his vocal and guitar magic to The Ridgefield Playhouse on Saturday, October 17, with two performances: a children's concert at 4 p.m., and an evening show for adults at 8 p.m.

At the children's concert, Yarrow will sing with his daughter Bethany Yarrow and cellist Rufus Cappadocia, the duo know as 'Bethany & Rufus'. "I always invite the kids to come on stage to help lead 'Puff, The Magic Dragon,'" said Yarrow, "and I always find out, much to my delight, that even the three and four-year olds know the words."

The trio Peter, Bethany and Rufus recently released the 11- song CD "Puff & Other Family Classics." Yarrow's children's concert is part of the Pepsi Children's Series and underwritten by Wooster School in Danbury. This show's Union Savings Bank "Arts for Everyone" recipient is Escape to the Arts, which will receive a number of complimentary tickets for their constituents underwritten by the Bank.

The evening concert, which is part of the Doyle Coffin Singer Songwriter Series, will offer selections from Yarrow's repertoire that demonstrates folk music's potency as a social, cultural and political force with its message of humanity, hope and activism.

Peter Yarrow found fame with the 1960s folk music trio Peter, Paul and Mary. Yarrow met Noel "Paul" Stookey and the late Mary Travers in New York City's Greenwich Village, center of the mid-20th century American folk music revival. By 1962, Warner Bros. Records released the trio's first album, the eponymous "Peter, Paul & Mary." The album remained in the Top Ten for 10 months, in the Top Twenty for two years, and sold more than two million copies. The group has toured extensively and recorded numerous albums, both live and in the studio. Yarrow has appeared as a performer on 61 various albums, including his daughter Bethany's 2003 CD, "Rock Island."

Drawing from the roots music traditions of America, Niger, and Haiti; Bethany & Rufus with Yacouba Moumouni and Bonga Jean-Baptiste come together to create an unexpected tapestry, weaving the desert winds of Africa with Vodou traditions of the new world and the folk music of America.

For tickets ($25 at 4 p.m.; $37.50 at 8 p.m.) and further information about The Ridgefield Playhouse, call the box office at 203-438-5795; tickets may be also purchased online at The Playhouse is located at 80 East Ridge, parallel to Main Street.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Panda Transport Releases Plush Mechanique, Including "Transmission" As Heard On Grey's Anatomy

Panda Transport is set to make a big splash in the US this fall, releasing "Plush Mechanique", their latest LP with a new distribution deal with IODA. With the single "Transmission" already featured on Grey's Anatomy, it's just a matter of time before Panda Transport rises to prominence. After seeing success in Europe with multiple hit songs, glowing reviews and prominent placements on television, Panda Transport is pushing into the American market with "Plush Mechanique" and a new EP, "Monorail", to be released this fall.

"Wondrous music!!!!!! They were so good, so sweet, so darn good! I'm still smiling...really." -NME

"Plush Mechanique" defines the Panda Transport sound - a melange of electronic and natural instrumentation utilizing vocal harmonies, theremin, flute, vocoder, wooden and wired guitars, handmade percussion, synths and a trolley full of toys and light! A bit more natural sunlight than well- placed studio lighting; it is human music for human people.

Panda Transport was conceived in September of 2006 by Kathy Compton and Thierry Holweck. After meeting and becoming friends via the Information Super Highway, pen pal style, they began work in earnest to record material for the debut album, "Plush Mechanique".

Kathy wanted to be a pussycat, a witch, or an astronaut; Thierry, alone in a boat or a shepherd in the Alps. She became a chanteuse and writer of jazz and pop; he, a punk electro-experimental musician and virtual faders master. They are polar opposites drawn together by their shared desire to explore the unknown. Their meeting was a twist of fate; their musical creation is a twist of cultures, experiences, influences and personalities.

A by-product of the global village, Panda Transport creates music where jazz phrasing, coupled with engaging melodies is set within a soundscape of harmony and fleeting sounds; astral lounge. Their passion for Voyaging remains central to their bi-continental lifestyle, most compositions being created on the road in Europe or The States, in yurts and ancient silk factories, utilizing a dilapidated laptop with its organs busting out.

Be on the lookout for Panda Transport's new EP "Monorail" this fall, as well as upcoming tour dates in the US!

To learn more about Panda Transport visit them at: or

Pioneer Of Latin-Indian Fusion Music Giju Premieres Two New Videos

Multi-talented world music and Latin dance artist Giju, and Beyond Dreamz Entertainment announced today the global release of his much anticipated new video projects. The first, a beautiful ballad titled "Dil Ko Kya (Unto My Heart)" and the second, "Dhoondun Tujhe (Searching for You)", Giju's innovative Latin dance single is the first ever Latin-Indian cross-over Cha-Cha-Cha. The videos which feature some of the world's most talented dancers were shot on location in Mumbai, Delhi and the beautiful waterways of Kerala, Giju's native home. Directed by Sandeep Mohan, Pradipto Nandi respectively, this release marks a milestone in Giju's progression on the world stage as an accomplished vocalist, choreographer and dancer who has traveled throughout the U.S., Europe and India to bring his unique brand of entertainment.

The videos and complete music CD are being released simultaneously worldwide. Both videos can be viewed immediately at the link posted below. Buy the album today on iTunes, CDBaby, and other major online outlets. Check out his official website for more information and news on upcoming events.

(Video Premiere:
(Song Lyrics:

"Giju is one of the most talented performers I have ever worked with -- at once, dynamic, hard working and quite charismatic! His ability to sing and perform the genre of Latin-Indian fusion is amazing. He masterfully delivers true Indian elements in his lyrics and melody, while he retains the authentic music style being showcased whether that be Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Reggae or another genre," said Shibani Kashyap, Bollywood Singer, Musician, Music Composer.

Additionally, Giju has recently signed a contract for two upcoming Bollywood film projects, utilizing his singing, acting and choreography talents.

"For me, fusion music is a reflection on how the world and its many cultures are coming together; and that serves as the source of inspiration for all of my songs. Following the encouraging response to my first Latin-Indian Salsa video project, I wanted to showcase another very personal favorite music style of mine - Cha Cha Cha. I believe that the "Dhoondun Tujhe" video has successfully captured the vibrancy and playfulness my audience seeks. "Dil Ko Kiya" is a ballad which has been close to my heart - that truly reflects the nostalgic feel of love and love lost. I hope the audience takes them to heart as well," said Giju.

About Beyond Dreamz Entertainment
Beyond Dreamz Entertainment was founded by Giju John in 2006 with the mission of developing and producing innovative music, video and dance choreography that fuses both novel and ingenious ideas. The company, based in the San Francisco, California Bay Area, has a unique ability to attract a broad range of eclectic talents and skills that are specific to the entertainment industry. Giju's music is available now and digitally distributed via the Beyond Dreamz Entertainment website and at all major online music outlets including iTunes, CDBaby, Rhapsody and Napster.

Alternative Indie Rocker Kirsten DeHaan Readies Her Latest EP

Alternative Rock singer-songwriter Kirsten DeHaan has confirmed her latest release on SirLady Records: a five song EP dubbed "Thorns On A Crown" that is by far her most mature work to date. The new EP encompasses the sweetness of Liz Phair, a soft, airy quality like that of Sia, and the rich alto of Fiona Apple. Digital music distributor and licensing company Oseao Media Group will be making the EP available through major online retail stores on October 6th, 2009.

When describing her latest offering," Thorns On A Crown" Kirsten notes, "This record, without exception, finally exemplifies who I am as an artist...Its alive, clear, and gripping. I wanted to make a very raw record, one that can't hide, I think that goal has been accomplished."

Kirsten has a lovely vocal range layered over innovative melodies and catchy chord progressions. The songs on her five-track EP extend over a range of toe-tapping to somber. The melody of the track "1984" coupled with the guitar wah pedal effect gives it a 60's psychedelic feel. The guitar intro then serves as an excellent backdrop through the entire song. Music lovers can download a free MP3 of "1984" from her website at

The single string guitar riff in "Double or Nothing" meshes in with the bass line very nicely giving it a Dave Matthews Band groove. The track "The Night Shift" has a Pink Floyd feel to it, which midway through introduces a samba like rhythm. In the track "I'm Coming Home," Kirsten stays true to some of her influences like Bob Dylan evidenced by the use of the harmonica. This track also captures Kirsten exhibiting a decent vibrato. While at first inconspicuous and gentle, "Ms. Daisy" easily works its way into the listener’s subconscious through Kirsten's melodious and colorful voice.

"My primary goal as a singer/songwriter and for 'Thorns On A Crown' is to make my music as tight as possible," explained Kirsten. "After many years of writing my own work and playing with various musicians, I'm working with my guys, which, in my view, has created the ultimate band recording with just five instruments. Paul Amorese on drums, Jamie Sturm on guitar, Shawn Setaro on bass, and myself on guitar, vocals, and harmonica."

DeHaan stomped onto the indie music scene in 2004 when she released her first album "Conform." Reviewers compared her music to that of Nirvana, U2, and Belly. MTV struck licensing deals to play her songs Commotion and Saved on hit reality shows Made and My Super Sweet Sixteen. Garageband rated her #16 Best Female Vocals in Pop/Rock, all time, and declared "Conform" one of the most popular records next to the Killers and Ashlee Simpson. In addition, Kirsten was one of five artists chosen for Men's Vogue/Hennessey Flaunt Your Taste Critics Choice Awards this past year.

DeHaan also strives to promote and foster the indie music scene in New York City. She started the New York Indie Rock Launch in early 2006 to bring the best New York artists of various rock genres together under one roof. Promoting entirely on a grass roots level (a flyer to flyer basis), the first Launch sold out quickly and found tremendous success. DeHaan continued the series in 2007 and again in July 2008 at the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn.

For CD or mp3 tracks as well as interview request, contact: Eric de Fontenay MusicDish +1 718 278 0662

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fanbridge Teams Up With ArtistData For New Tour Calendar Feature

FANBRIDGE has teamed up with ARTISTDATA to launch a new Tour Calendar feature that allows musicians to sync their tour date data between the two sites.

The Tour Calendar feature unifies FanBridge's email campaign creation platform with ArtistData's automated tour date manager and social media synchronization tools. Tour dates that are entered into ArtistsData can now be synced with FanBridge's Tour Calendar feature, enabling ArtistData users to take advantage of the direct-to-fan marketing tools offered by FanBridge without having to enter their tour date information multiple times.

In addition to the time savings, this unique feature also allows artists to automatically include all important show information in the footer of their FanBridge newsletters including dates, locations, and direct links to purchase tickets. Additionally, this feature is integrated with Google Maps to provide fans with easy to read maps and directions on how to get to a particular venue.

Other innovative benefits of the Tour Calendar feature include enabling fans to self opt into receiving reminders about future shows, along with full integration of tour information on FanBridge artists custom fan subdomains/landing pages.

FanBridge co-founder, Spencer Richardson notes, "We are very excited to be launching this highly demanded Tour Calendar feature, and look forward to working with a great company like ArtistData who is equally dedicated to providing tools that not only save artists time but that also empower artists to generate greater value from their music marketing initiatives."

Brenden Mulligan, ArtistData founder and CEO, adds, "A lot of our artists love using FanBridge to manage their email lists and we're thrilled to be able to make their lives one step easier. We look forward to continuing to work with FanBridge in new and exciting ways as we open up our system even more.

With the intention of helping artists increase ticket sales and fan awareness of upcoming shows and events, FanBridge indicates that much of the development of the new feature has been centered on ensuring that fans have consistent exposure to simple and clear calls to action across artists' fan outreach.


FanBridge, Inc. is the leading provider of fan relationship management technology designed to give bands the tools and resources need to easily build their email and mobile fan lists and create/send customizable and targeted campaigns and newsletters via email, mobile and social network channels. To find out more, please visit


ArtistData is a leading provider of solutions designed to automate and centralize the process of updating tour date information across artist websites, social network profiles, concert databases, Twitter, official news feeds, iCal, local press, fan newsletters, and tour books. To find out more, please visit

Amy Speace Says It's "A Huge Honor" To Open For Nanci Griffith On Upcoming Northeast Shows

This October, Amy Speace can add a new highlight to her ever-growing list of accomplishments this year: a string of dates with legendary songstress Nanci Griffith.

"Of the many artists that I look up to Nanci Griffith surely is high up on my list of influences," says Speace, "and it will be a huge honor to share the stage with her on these shows. Nanci paved the way for the rest of us trying to bridge the gap between folk and roots and country music."

Delivering a perfectly matched opening for Griffith, Speace will play songs from her new album 'The Killer In Me,' "an edgy brew of roots rock, folk and pop" (Arizona Republic, 8.11.09) out now on Judy Collins' Wildflower Records. On stage and on her album, Speace knows how to "rock just right" (Washington Post, 6.12.09), sharing stories between her narrative songs with support from the "deft musicianship of her band, the Tearjerks" (Arizona Republic).

Catch Speace opening for Nanci Griffith on the following dates:

October 22 - Ridgefield, CT - The Ridgefield Playhouse
October 23 - New York, NY - Town Hall
October 24 - North Hampton, MA - The Calvin Theatre

Speace has earned glowing reviews for 'The Killer In Me,' an "effortlessly intimate" album where "the seduction in Speace's voice and the smooth sound of background horns and organs make you feel exposed and susceptible" (, 7.6.09). She'll be backed by the Tearjerks at her showcase at the Americana Music Festival and Conference in Nashville on September 16.

Exotic Erotic Ball Celebrates 30th Halloween With Great Deals On Travel

Exotic Erotic Ball Celebrates 30th Halloween with Great Deals on Travel

Famous Freedom-Fest takes over Radisson, Offers $669 Package, Announces Amazing Entertainment Line-up

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Perry Mann's Exotic Erotic Ball, the legendary San Francisco event which is celebrating its 30th Anniversary October 23 and 24 at the Cow Palace Arena, has announced the best travel values in its history.

The Radisson Hotel Bay Front in Brisbane - only a few short miles from the venue, and featuring a heated indoor pool and an award-winning restaurant on premises - has blocked entire floors for Exotic Erotic Ball guests at discounted rates of $109. But the real value is in the package: For a package price of $669, two guests can get three nights at the Radisson (double occupancy, including all taxes), a meet and greet session, free shuttle to and from the airport, free shuttle to and from the event both days, unlimited entry for the Expo on Friday and Saturday afternoon, two VIP tickets to the Ball ($300 value), and in honor of the 30th Anniversary - $30.00 in "Ball Bills", per person, to spend on any item(s) of their choice from any vendor at the show.

"The party starts at the Radisson and ends at the Ball," remarks Ball founder Perry Mann. "If you're looking for a sexy and memorable vacation in a great city at a great price - you can't do better than this!" Mann also announced that the 30th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball will bring back The Blue Room, a couples-only room with extra-erotic activities and ambience, perfect for lifestyle encounters.

Perry Mann's Exotic Erotic Ball has been called "The World's #1 Wildest and Sexiest Party" by E! Entertainment TV, the "#1 Adult Festival in the World," by, "The #1 Party Event on the Planet" by HDTV, and "The Greatest Costume Party of All Time" by KTLA. Over three decades of history, "The Ball" has regaled half a million attendees, featured a thousand live performances, and received 50 awards.

Live performances confirmed for next month's Anniversary show include DJ Skribble, Missing Persons, The Frail, CR Gruve, LZ Love, Super Geek League, and the return of the Impotent Sea Snakes. Reality show superstar Tila Tequila will celebrate her birthday at the show, and judge the costume contests along with Danny Bonaduce and a mystery third judge. Over $10,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded.

The Exotic Erotic Ball fills six acres of space, hosts 65 performances, features erotic artists, exotic dancers, and wild circus sideshows, plus fantasy themed halls, BDSM demos, fetish fashions, all sorts of sexy shenanigans, and the tantalizingly offbeat. The event draws a plethora of adult stars and celebrity guests, and contains over 100 exhibits showcasing the latest and newest in exotic, erotic, and adult goods and services. Despite all this, it's the Halloween costumes and outfits worn by the 20,000+ attendees - colorful, creative, and captivating - that make the show truly unrivaled.

The Festival Hotline is: 1-415-567-BALL (2255). The website is Consumers can visit the Travel and Hotels page, or contact the event's official travel trollop at