Friday, May 4, 2012

Canadian Music Artist Marcome Releases "Yeku Remixed"

Tantalizing Canadian music maker and singer Marcome is proud to announce the release of Yeku Remixed! The Yeku Trance music video has won the "Captain Award best music video" at the Yosemite Film Festival. It's been selected in other Festivals and has been presented on April 18th at the London Independent Film Festival and in Mexico as well. Yeku Remixed comes in four musical flavors: A feel-good AC vocal version, a sassy lounge remix with a highly sensual saxophone performance by Richard Beaudet (Gino Vanelli, Cirque du Soleil), a festive ambient version featuring the country-ish guitars of Michel Robidoux (Leonard Cohen, Jean-Pierre Ferland) and the ecstatic Trance music remix in which the Spirit can unleash its passion for life! About Marcomé: While her main instrument is her voice, Marcomé blends her lyrics with a unique wordless language that brings us in an atmospheric universe. She carefully carefully fuses different world music influences with jazz style and classical vocals, creating an entirely different New World music genre. She also is a keyboardist and proficient percussionist and produces, arranges, remixes and engineers all her musical works. She has collaborated with many artists, including Diana Krall, Cecilia Bartoli, Le Cirque du Soleil, Branford Marsalis, Sir George Martin, Tom Waits, Daniel Lanois, Pat Metheny and Yes. For further information please contact or visit

Pop Country Singer Lexie Hofer Featured On FanLaLa, "Love Sick" On ITunes

Multi-talented musician Lexie Hofer has been keeping busy these days. A rising star of country pop, Lexie is doing what she loves: connecting with others through her music. With the buzz continuing to build for this young singer/songwriter, Lexie's highly anticipated single “Love Sick” is now available on iTunes. She is also currently a featured artist on FanLaLa. Lexie is a charming, charismatic musician with a unique voice and message. In her exclusive interview with teen favorite entertainment site FanLaLa, Lexie shares a clip of her new music video for “Love Sick.” The interview gives fans a chance to see more of Lexie’s genuine, carefree personality. Lexie is busy writing and recording new songs, and preparing for upcoming live performances. She is quickly building an enthusiastic fan following, and a solid reputation as a gifted singer with a lot to say. Pop country fans are going to love her new single from the very first listen. New singles and special cover performances will be coming up soon, so stay tuned. Be sure to check out Lexie’s exclusive FanLaLa interview and grab her new single “Love Sick,” now available on iTunes! For more information on Lexie Hofer check out the following sites: ">Facebook Twitter Bridegroom & Bitney Public Relations is a Music and Entertainment Publicity and Marketing Firm based in Los Angeles, CA founded by Shane Bitney Crone and Thomas Lee Bridegroom. For more information, contact

ON SOME SERIOUS SWERP: Chicago's Swerp Records Announces Launch Lineup, Record Releases May 22nd

Swerp Records announced today their official launch lineup and collective release date of May 22nd, in an advance video at Much like a indie-rock Odd Future, the artists of Swerp Records share members, musical virtuosity, collaborative shows, and a warped sense of humor. The label, featuring a collection of seven of Chicago's finest underground artists, represents the first formal releases from any of these groups. "I had never heard of any of these bands before but after listening to their soundcloud sampler reel I knew there was something special going on here. There is an unusually high percentage of awesomeness, and I found that the ambition and energy apparent [...] extended to these other bands." said Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi of Soapbox Music ( "What really grabbed me was the raw energy and musical exploration I was hearing." Swerp Records comes from the little-known Chicago south suburban musical community, a lost branch of the city's musical family tree. For the last six years, the bands of the south suburban scene built a rich history of exceptional musicianship and infamous shows, yet functioned entirely without promotion or representation. Loosely guided by multi-instrumentalist Nnamdi Ogbonnaya (The Para-Medics, Water House, Nervous Passenger, Sooper Secret Side Project) and drummer Brendan Smyth (Water House, Freudian Slip, Nervous Passenger), Swerp's launch includes three all-new albums, two remastered albums, and new forthcoming releases. Swerp's launch releases consist of: - THE PARA-MEDICS - PATSY CLINE GUN SQUID (new) - dizzying instrumental math-prog trio - ( - over 30,000 views) - WATER HOUSE - ROSIE GUADALUPE WILMA MARY ANN (new) - self-described "miasma rock", with jazz, rock, metal, and folk influences - FREUDIAN SLIP - (TWO)BE TIED (new) - intense four-piece Midwest-style math rock - RATBOYS - RATBOY (remastered) - clever, female-fronted experimental-folk duet - NERVOUS PASSENGER - NERVOUS PASSENGER EP (remastered) - balls-to-the-wall suburban punk ( - JT ROYSTER - HANGIN' BY THE SOUNDS (forthcoming) - warm, rural, Michigan-influenced folk - NNAMDI'S SOOPER DOOPER SECRET SIDE PROJECT - BOOTY SLICES // ROTISSABOOTY - incredibly catchy, impossibly warped hip-hop, featuring contributions from every Swerp artist and beyond ( The three new albums were recorded in Chicago's historic Pieholden Suite Sound, a studio founded in part by the late Jay Bennett of Wilco. The albums were engineered by Che Arthur (Atombompocketknife, Che Arthur Trio, Past/Future Records) and produced by Jonathan Mondragon (The Island of Misfit Toys). Swerp also launches with the back catalogues of seven additional classic South Suburban bands for streaming and download. Swerp Records is hosting a public listening party May 6th via, with launch shows to follow shortly after the May 22nd release though For any inquiries, please contact J Matthew Nix at, or by phone at 219.616.6973 -- Swerp Records is a Chicago-based record label, devoted to badass music for awesome people. With a history going back to 2006, the artists on Swerp Records all have roots in the rich history of our Chicago South Suburban music scene - featuring The Para-Medics, Water House, Freudian Slip, Ratboys, Nervous Passenger, jt royster, Nnamdi's Sooper-Dooper Secret Side Project, and more! For more info, visit us online at Email:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

MusicDish*China To Represent 5X Muay Thai World Champion In Asia

Music media and marketing company MusicDish LLC announced that its Asian brand MusicDish*China will be representing 5-time World Muay Thai/Thai Boxing Champion Bryan 'Crazy Eyes' Cohen as his entertainment agent in Asia. In addition to martial arts, Bryan is also slated to act in upcoming feature films as well as develop programming for Asian TV viewers. "Bryan is already an accomplished athlete with 5 World and one Intercontinental titles," said MusicDish*China founder Eric de Fontenay. "We will leverage this and connect it with his broader personae in the cultural and entertainment world where we see huge potential for him in Asia. And of course, music will also be a key element in or branding strategy." Starting at the tender age of five, fighting has always been a part of Bryan Cohen's life. At 19 years old, Bryan started fighting in amateur league, and two years later he fought his first professional fight. Although he took a three-year break from professional fighting, he never gave up on his training and returned in 2011. In August 2011, he won the WPKA (World Pan-Amateur Kickboxing Association), UKC (Ultimate Knockout Challenge), WFK (World Federation of Known M.M.A.) and WOF (World O-Sport Federation) Super Welterweight World Muay Thai/Thai Boxing Champion titles, as well as the KICK Super Welterweight Intercontinental Champion title. In March 2012, he won his fifth Super Welterweight World title by unanimous decision, becoming the IMC (International Muaythai Council) World Champion. Bryan is now looking forward to stepping out and focusing on East Asia, particularly Thailand, the home of Muay Thai. Besides fighting, Bryan also has many other interests, including acting, hosting, TV licensing, and even clothing line. BR>Part media company, part marketing agency, MusicDish*China connects live entertainment and social media to reach and interact with today's Chinese music fans. Through partnerships with major festivals, such as Midi (biggest and longest-running rock festival), JZ Shanghai and Jue Festivals, MusicDish*China engage fans through cutting edge content, brands and interactive platforms. MusicDish*China represents a growing network of worldclass talent, from Italy's Industrial Goth band The Medullary Paralysis, Riviera-based Angel Sweet Records or Muay Thai Champion Bryan 'Crazy Eyes' Cohen.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Level Room Hosts A New Night For Dark Music

On Saturday May 26th the Level Room in Philadelphia and Michael Sky brings you : "the next dark day", an evening of live Gothic, Industrial & EBM music with DJ Mr. Manic spinning post punk and death rock throughout the night,as well as drinking specials all night long. Live performances by Philadelphia's own death rock icons Nekromantik Sunshine, as well NYC's bands: Imbolg, Bitter Grace and Nekronet performing that evening as well. The Level Room is located at 2021st Market Street in Philadelphia,PA Doors at 8:30pm $8.00 Admission for patrons 21 and over for More Information please call (215) 564-4202 or visit :

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Italy's Medullary Paralysis Returns To China With 5-City Tour

The Medullary Paralysis announced their return to China with the "You Need Leaders" Tour. Their first China tour in the summer of 2010 introduces Chinese audiences to the Italian trio's indie industrial glam sound and love of purple latex. The 2012 tour will bring the band across China through some of its top music cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Chengdu. The "You Need Leaders" tour is sponsored by Droplay, an Italian company based near Padua that creates special, easy-to-use and custom-tailored guitar cases, and music media brand MusicDish*China. In addition to coordinating tour press and marketing, MusicDish*China will run a series of crowdsourcing campaign through major Chinese social media sites like weibo and douban. Droplay will provide a custom-tailored guitar case as a grand prize to a lucky fan. "This industrial heads are the nuts.They manage to create something very interesting and more importantly something you can dance to!" Shanghai Stuff "DJ Photon F*cking Torpedos drew our attention to this one. We don't normally profile bands, but we thought these guys deserve super props." China Radar About The Medullary Paralysis Fans will experience an out-of-body experience as they mix The Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson and Tears for Fears. They are working on our upcoming album, recorded in London, Ontario, Canada with Andre Doucette, studio engineer who participated on the last release by 30 Seconds to Mars titled "This Is War." The Medullary Paralysis is not just a band but an idiosyncratic lifestyle. "We don't drink, we don't take drugs, we don't have sex, we feel compassion. We have a different vision about how to enjoy life, we repudiate mechanical sex, we hate victimism and we practice compassion."

Monday, April 30, 2012

Singer/Songwriter Ann Kelly Debut Recording 'Petals And Thorns' Produced By Emmy Winning Composer Mark Ross

California based singer/songwriter/performer Ann Kelly and her indie label October Daze Records announce the release to radio and retail of her debut recording 'Petals and Thorns' comprised of six tracks. The first single is "It Must Be Good To Be King," which features a catchy beat and strong vocal delivery. The other five original songs are, "Who Do You Think You're Foolin", "She Dances Alone," "Between The Lines," "Won't Let Me Love Again," and "Undone Without You." The recording was produced by two-time Emmy award-winning composer Mark Ross (Mark/Almond Band, Dream Patrol) and features a supporting band of Los Angeles session notables. Ann Kelly's sound and lyrics were recently compared to British artists Rumer, Adele, and Amy Winehouse. Her look embodies the classic film noir of Peggy Lee, Julie London, Lauren Bacall, or Rita Hayworth. "Kelly’s performances strike the right notes of assertiveness, playfulness and hurt -- a femme fatale undermined by a vulnerable heart," wrote Music Critic Russ Buchanan in the The first full-length video from the album, "Who Do You Think You're Foolin", is now featured at the singers website More videos are expected to be added throughout the year. Ann Kelly and October Daze Records have retained the services of David Bean at BeanBag1 Entertainment and subsidiary Artist Airplay Advisors, led by VP of Promotion J. P. Mosoff, for radio, marketing, and business development. Located in Monterey, CA, AAA radio promotion has been successful over the past four years placing unsigned indie bands on broadcast, internet, and satellite radio. In addition to Ann Kelly, the company is currently promoting new CD releases from Escape Club, Tina Vero, Denny Brown, and Feverwalk. website information: Ann Kelly BeanBag1 Entertainment Artist Airplay Advisors

Two Independent Hip Hop Producers From Brooklyn 11223 Utilize Breakthrough Technology That Enables Rappers Across The Globe To Get Instant Beats

Lucky Lukie and Andie Starz of Cash Castle Productions founded in 2010 have adopted a lightning fast digital delivery system to download beats to their customers’ email. The breakthrough technology is fully automated and makes browsing and selecting beats a user-friendly experience. When a client downloads an instrumental, they receive the license and download link instantly. The variety of Hip Hop beats in their online catalog is high-octane fuel for beat seekers. The sound of this producer duo has a grainy analog vibe, as if they recorded on that good ole Ampex Two-inch tape from the classic years of Hip Hop. They set the tone for an authentic and rugged soundscape. Each instrumental has an original sound and gives the client the comfort of knowing that their beats are unique. Lucky Lukie and Andie Starz offer a vast catalog of rap instrumentals. Their primary objective is to create a backbone of support for clients who need original and sample free beats. The duo is devoted to making the best quality beats for all aspiring artist and works hard 24/7 to give every customer their best. They also license their instrumentals globally for television, film and media production companies. Email: Website: Music:

Sunday, April 29, 2012

NC Handcrafted Custom Guitar Played By The Winner Of Japan’s 2012 National Finger-picking Competition, Shohei Toyoda

Shohei Toyoda is a professional guitarist and a guitar instructor, which makes having a high quality instrument extremely important. He worked closely during the custom guitar design process with luthier Jay Lichty to ensure the finished instrument would be the perfect fit for his style of playing. His custom Lichty guitar is a Cuban mahogany OM-style guitar with Lutz spruce top, Mahogany neck, side sound port, Curly maple binding, redwood burl rosette and headplate, LR Baggs Anthem pick-up, and Gotoh 510 tuners. Shohei Toyoda was born in Japan, raised in Ohio and now resides back in Japan. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music. In 2010 he was chosen as one of the top 16 guitarists to compete in Japan’s National Finger Picking Contest and he followed this with a two month / 30 show tour in Japan. In 2011 he landed two prestigious awards: Placement in the top five at the 2011 International Finger-style Championship in Kansas and Grand Champion at the International Thumb Picking Contest in Central City, Kentucky. His most recent achievement is winning 1st place and best arrangement in Japan’s 2012 National Finger-picking Competition. Shohei Toyoda joins the ranks of top guitarists who play and praise Lichty Guitars. Other professionals who play custom Lichty guitars include: brothers Tom and Mike Gossin of top country band Gloriana, Australian blues/root artist Geoff Achison, Doug Lancio, Nashville producer and lead guitarist for John Hiatt and Patty Griffin, Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne and Haley Dreis, singer/songwriter. ### About Lichty Guitars Luthier Jay Lichty builds handmade acoustic guitars and ukuleles in Tryon, NC. He was the winner of the 2010 Made in the South Award and has top performing artists playing his guitars from Australia to Japan to Nashville. He specializes in working with clients to build heirloom quality custom instruments. Learn more at