Friday, October 7, 2011

Jarrell Guitars Endorses Monte Pittman

Monte Pittman, is in the Artist Spotlight at Jarrell Guitars, with full bio, the latest news about Monte and his trail blazing projects. He is on the new October Homepage of Jarrell, and currently playing three Jarrell models, the JZH-1 Flamz Pr, JZS-1 Gold, and newest addition, the JZS-1 MPS Proto type. Jarrell Guitars home page features a soaring solo from (I am) The Black Rabbit, from " Pain, Love and Destiny".

Also, in celebration of the release of his new CD,“ Pain, Love & Destiny ”, which has just been released October 3, 2011, on CD Baby, and i Tunes, Monte Pittman will be performing live at the famed Whisky A Go Go, on W. Sunset Blvd., October 13, 2011.

Monte was interviewed on Friday September 30th, on the "Sheena Metal Experience", when she debuted tracks from the new CD, Monte is also featured in this month's issue of Rising Magazine. (Page 29)

Award winning designer Phillip Jarrell says " Monte Pittman is a multi faceted artist, writer, guitarist, who's new CD "Pain,Love and Destiny" brings forth some of the best new music I have heard in years".,,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dr. Kenneth Love Opens Musicians Consulting Service

Music industry veteran and executive Dr. Kenneth Love AKA Jazz recording artist "Kenny Love" has recently opened his music consulting firm in the effort and interest of enabling independent musicians and recording artists to proactively compete at the highest levels within the industry, in respect to their music careers.

Dr. Love has been a staple in both the traditional and music business industries as a marketer for over thirty years, with over twenty of those years simultaneously spent as an international radio/video promoter and media publicist who has represented hundreds of musical artists. He has also served several stints at broadcast radio stations as a music director, program director, program producer, and radio host.

"In terms of competitive marketing and rising above the fray, so to speak, the music industry, in many ways, has become far more difficult for today's crop of musicians and recording artists to navigate, career wise, due to the ease of access and amount of talent within the promotional channels," says Dr. Love. "And, as such, I am responding to that difficulty by assisting artists with obtaining, meeting, and even exceeding their career goals."

Dr. Love informs that there are people in the music industry today who offer theory-only advice, which is often outdated as a result of their being currently inactive as artists themselves and going through day-to-day trials, errors, and experiences personally. "In addition to my consulting service, I am still active today as a musician and recording artist as well. As such, I feel that my active status as an artist who implements current practical applications with his own music releases in order to meet today's industrial and consumer demands serves to establish confidence in potential consulting clients," he concludes.

Dr. Love's own new compact disc release, titled "cAsE sEnSiTiVe," has been entered in eight nominating categories of the upcoming 2012 54th GRAMMY Awards, as well as has been entered in the 2012 international Independent Music Awards and the 2012 All Independent Music Awards.

To get more details regarding Dr. Love's consulting service, as well as review more details about his music career as a recording artist, visit his website at

Contact: Dr. Kenneth Love
T: (972)330-4083

Gospel Takeover

“Gospel Takeover” packs a whole week’s worth of worship into 30 minutes with non-stop praise (with no commercials) shown musical form, by video, and through powerful messages. The star power alone is amazing, but it is the sincerity and fervor with which the praise is being offered that is so uplifting. This show is truly a blessing to any who seek to serve the Lord as they will surely be renewed and strengthened for the trials and tribulations of this life. It is clearly evident why “Gospel Takeover” has been the most watched Gospel program for the past 2 weeks in its time slot. Season One, Episode 2 of the show features Myron Butler & Levi performing “Stronger,” Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers featuring Daryl Coley performing “When Sunday Comes,” Kanye West’s video “Jesus Walks,” Bishop T.D. Jakes & The Potter’s House Mass Choir featuring D’Atra Hicks performing “Time Is Short,” and also “Marvelous” featuring Beverly Crawford. The prayer and message by T.D. Jakes, one of the most charismatic and influential pastors of our time, followed by a call to Christ (to which many responded) was touching and thought provoking. “Gospel Takeover” is aptly named, as this reviewer believes that it will continue to ‘take over’ television ratings (in addition to hearts, minds and souls). You can watch the full episode at:

Gospel Takeover

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Latonas - "Protoro"

The Latonas’ video “Protoro” starts off foggy, but then it becomes crystal clear that this group really rocks and is powerful and professional. With a crazy great drummer pounding the beat, the new millennium has arrived in the form of alternative rock and this group is on the cutting edge of it. The guitarist and drummer really deliver a standout performance along with the lead singer. “Protoro” is a fast paced video and shows the group doing a live performance in a high energy show that is second to none along with their message. Watching the video gives you the sense that alternative rock has found its place, and the Latonas are definitely earning their spot in it out in front and right on top. This is what alternative rock in 2011 is all about. You’ll love the song and video if you have enough energy to keep pace with them, but even if you can’t, you’ll have a great time trying!

The Latonas - "Protoro"

UK Electronic Rock Act Paris And The Hiltons Releases First Single "A Pervading Of Wisteria"

Phil Jourdan of Paris and the Hiltons announced the release of his new single, "A Pervading of Wisteria" from the LP, "Reading Journals, Part One: Puzzles of Ithaca." "Reading Journals" is being released in three stages, and upon completion will boast 22 tracks. The first installment, "Reading Journals, Part One: Puzzles of Ithaca" features 7 songs that are based loosely on William Faulkner's book Absalom, Absalom.

Jourdan commented, "It's one of our favorite tracks on the album. The lyrics come straight from the novel on which we've based most of the songs, Absalom Absalom. There's a chapter where an old lady talks about her youth and her repressed sexuality, and I thought it would be interesting to find a soundtrack for that chapter. Sam's composition is great, and the novel is great, so the whole thing works well."

"A Pervading of Wisteria" is available for purchase at

The mostly instrumental track begins with a beautiful piano introduction, which is quickly joined by a jazzy percussion rhythm, bass, drums, organ, and the glockenspiel, which provide an interesting backdrop for the use of spoken word along with harmonic singing. "A Pervading Of Wisteria" is a very upbeat mid-tempo song, which is pleasantly original and instantly likeable. Music lovers of any genre will be able to appreciate its uniqueness.

Phil Jourdan formed the electronic-rock solo act Paris and the Hiltons in 2007, and has officially released three albums since that time. "Prettyface Tinybruise," a record of how he dealt with his mother's death in 2009, was released in March 2011. "Fracture and Slice" followed in June 2011, and "Reading Journals, Part One: Puzzles of Ithaca," the third and most recent album, was just released. Jourdan, who began playing the guitar and bass in high school, is also a singer and songwriter. Fellow band member Sam Folkes from the electronic-cabaret rock group Dawn of the Gecko is featured on piano on "Reading Journals, Part One: Puzzles of Ithaca" as well as the two prior albums. Jourdan insists, however, that the two acts are quite different. "Paris and the Hiltons isn't about making funny music. Sometimes it sounds that way, because either the songs have silly lyrics or the music is silly. But it's a much more serious project. Paris and the Hiltons is kind of depressing sometimes. Other times it's moronic. I wouldn't call Dawn of the Gecko moronic — just good fun."

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goldman Rockstar King - "Sexy Thing"

Goldman Rockstar King exudes musical energy with his unique remake of "Sexy Thing," originally performed by Hot Chocolate. Written by Errol Brown, the video "Sexy Thing," which was directed by Paul Gervasi is created with the new sounds and scenes of today. The King's charisma and star power shines brightly as he makes this song his own. Some innovative swap outs with lyrics along with other changes make this a very interesting song and video that are able to stand on their own merits. While there are some similarities to the original, this pop artist's energy and sound along with his presence and presentation make him impossible to ignore. The music is a hard pounding rock R&B mix with a hard hitting bass that holds it all together quite nicely along with the sassy group backing him up. This is a perfect example of how ole school isn't always necessarily better.

Goldman Rockstar King - "Sexy Thing"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

KC Jockey's New Single "Girl, You're Free" Takes The Number One Spot On The Urban Reggae Charts

Pop/R&B/Reggae artist KC Jockey’s latest single, “Girl, You’re Free” has taken the top spot on WXAC 91.3’s Urban – Reggae Charts for the week ending September 25th. “Girl, You’re Free” was released on August 27th, and a video for the track will be shot next month in Atlanta. KC Jockey attributes the success of the track to his unique style of combining pop, R&B, and reggae with a topic that will have meaning and relevance for a lifetime. “The music I make is timeless and significant. It’s deep, and when you have a good sound and a good message, people are drawn to it.”

He stated, “I wrote this song because there are so many people who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence and/or abuse to give them hope. What many don’t realize is that abuse isn’t necessarily just physical – it’s mental and emotional as well. It’s a way of taking away someone’s power and invalidating their self-worth. Almost everyone knows someone who has been in an abusive relationship whether they’re aware of it or not because many people are so ashamed that they hide it from others. But for those who don’t, it touches everyone around them and it’s devastating. My personal experience with it through friends and family compelled me to express through music the fact that these situations don’t have to be permanent, and I hope this song gives people the courage they need to leave these unhealthy relationships because there’s a better life out there if they are willing to take that first step and leave.”

Continuing, he said, “We must all watch our thoughts before they become words, watch our words before they become actions, watch our actions, or they become habits, and watch our habits, for they become our destiny. Being abusive to another human being is a choice that one makes. But you can also make the choice not to abuse as well.”

In “Girl, You’re Free,” KC Jockey sings to the women of the world who have been or are currently in abusive relationships, showing them in a musical format that on the other side of a bad affair , there’s freedom, happiness, love, and self-esteem. “Girl, You’re Free” is an attention grabbing and thought provoking presentation that seems to build and grow as he delivers his message with a great pop/R&B beat with a strong reggae influence. With a captivating and strong vocal performance and motivating lyrics, KC Jockey easily accomplishes his goal of delivering a song that is not only entertaining, danceable, and likeable, but deep and thought provoking. This is a song that both men and women can relate to, and should be appreciated en masse. Some will want to play it often as a source of strength and comfort. “Girl, You’re Free” scores a perfect 10 on every level, and music lovers of all genres will want to add this track to their collection.

“Girl, You’re Free” is available at iTunes: .


Karl-Marx White
Sweet Sadie’s Records

2-Time Award Winning Guitarist And Boosweet CEO Tours Brasil, Argentina

The award winning, small independent label based in Los Angeles, California “Boosweet Records” is about to embark on another historical first for the label, and for the country of Argentina. Boosweet in conjunction with Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine of Argentina, with support from Seymour Duncan(USA), Ernie Ball(Slap Music Argentina), Morley(Slap Music Argentina), Xotic Effects(USA, Japan), Tecniforte Cables(Brazil), and Meteoro Amps(Brazil) will host the first ever guitar competition in the history of the music industry in Argentina.

The guitar competition aptly named “Guitar Power” was the brainchild of award winning guitarist, and actor Vernon Neilly who is also the CEO and President of Boosweet Enterprises LLC the parent company of Boosweet Records, and the owner of Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine, Marcelo Roascio. The competition will look for the most talented future guitar stars in Argentina, who will all be trying to the win the “Grand Prize” of a full recording contract with Boosweet, which will distribute and sell the winners music globally.

Vernon, Marcelo, and a couple more esteemed people from the music community in Argentina will judge the ‘live” finals in Buenos Aires on October 12 at Auditorio Bauen Theater. Neilly commented, “Argentina is a country known for producing talented people in the sports world, and it equally has amazing guitar and musical talent that we felt we had to tap into. This is going to be a great event, and I am just happy that I could be instrumental in bringing this opportunity to a musically talent rich country.”

During this time Vernon Neilly will also be doing a tour of Brazil and Argentina, starting off with his featured performance at the annual “Tagima Dream Team” Day event at “Moinho” in Sao Paulo Brazil on September 20, 2011. Vernon will also perform for “Tagima” and other sponsors during “Expo Music” during the week of September 21-25, 2011. Expo Music is the largest music retailer event on the continent of South America, that brings major musical equipment manufactures from all over the world to showcase and sell their new products, as well as many live performances. Vernon will be touring Argentina during the dates of September 26 through October 17, 2011.

For any press inquiries or information contact