Friday, April 3, 2015

Lou Ruiz Kicks Off Spring With New Tour Dates - Announces Live Texas Concert Dates

Singer-songwriter Lou Ruiz whose latest EP release, "The Screen Door" offers stunning, soulful sounds and stories that take listeners on an amazing journey has just announced some new spring tour dates in Texas. With a sound similar to the style of popular Americana singer-songwriters like Ed Sheeran & John Mayer, Lou Ruiz delivers a unique soulful folk-rock experience. Lou will kick off spring with a performance at the SHxSW music festival in Fort Worth, Texas on March 28th to benefit Young Life Camp.

Lou Ruiz collaborated with Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley (Johnny Cash, Bebe and Cece Winans) on his latest EP release, "The Screen Door". Lou has a beautiful, soulful voice that resonates the heartfelt emotions of his beautiful, self-penned original songs. From the edgy strong licks of "Nowhere Train" to the ethereal "Meet Me Here", Lou's American Roots songs offer many journeys and musical experiences.

The 25-year old Texas native who studied songwriting and voice at the prestigious Songwriting School of Los Angeles under the tutelage of Rob Seals and had the privilege of learning from hit writers like John Keller (songwriter for Rickie Lee Jones, Aaron Neville, Al Green, Etta James, and Wynonna), Phil Cody (songwriter with Neil Sedaka, Huey Lewis), and Ryan Toby (songwriter for Usher, Will Smith) is excited to be performing in his home state this Spring.

"I'm way excited about getting out on the road and playing all these dates in my home state of Texas," says Lou Ruiz. "I love that the songs from the record are going to fall on ears in such an intimate venue as a house show."

Concert dates for Spring 2015 are listed below. Fans can visit for more details and updated tour information.

Mar 28 Fort Worth, TX – The Yoke SHxSW benefit for Young Life Camp
Apr 16 San Marcos, TX – House Show
Apr 17 San Antonio, TX – House Show
Apr 18 Austin, TX – House Show

"The Screen Door" EP is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

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Matt Coleman's New Single

Following hot on the heels of being signed up to Tommcat Records, Matt Coleman's new single, Love You Like I Do is proving a great success on the radio circuit, and is confident that he'll soon achieve his dream of becoming a great artist who will accomplish his life ambition to achieve many great feats.

"My favorite artists are Vanessa Carlton, mainly her Be Not Nobody album, with songs that to this day help me to relax with and cope with death, and through my trials and tribulations. It brings back memories of when I graduated high school and went to college to better my life—now I want to achieve this with my music"

His style is a mixture of hip hop, rap with a pop edge that is proving popular with fans looking for great music with a riff.

Coleman also featured on two mgunz mixtapes, Chronicles (2009) and Chronicles 2 (2010). His current single can be purchased on iTunes and all other good online music retailers.

About Matt Coleman
Rapper and hip hop artist Matt Colman is a solo artist who writes, records and raps his own material except for hook ready tracks. The ambitious rapper has big plans for his future, and is already played worldwide. For more information, please visit Matt Coleman's website.

Paranormal Love Pervades Worldwide Groove Corporation's Newest Release

Don't bother locking up your daughters because this randy apparition can go through walls. What began as a fast paced pitch opportunity ended up yielding one of Worldwide Groove Corporation's most creative musical creations as of late. Their newest release "It's You I Love" chronicles the impossible longing between a creeping ghost and his human object of desire in such a way that it might leave listeners both "turned on and grossed out at the same time" according to Ellen Tift, songwriter and vocalist for WGC. Gritty synths set the dark and haunting tone of the track, soon joined by retro guitars over a mid tempo groove. This is topped off by a smoldering intimate performance by guest vocalist Nathan Barlowe, band member of the industrial rock band Five Knives, who joined Tift for the steamy duet.

"Sometimes we have opportunities to pitch songs for film and TV placement, and we might decide to see what we can come up with before the deadline if we are able to set aside our other work for a couple of days," says Kurt Goebel, programmer and producer for Worldwide Groove Corporation. "I started the track on a Tuesday morning, and by mid-afternoon I had something for Ellen to write a lyric and melody over. I had planned to have a writing appointment with Nathan Barlowe the next morning, but when he showed up we informed him that he would be singing on our track, and he was gracious enough to oblige. Then the song was mixed, mastered, and turned in by Wednesday afternoon."

Writing and recording songs in 1 or 2 days is not unusual for many songwriter/producers when licensing opportunities arise, and often there is a specific target they must try to hit. "With this pitch, the reference track was an eerie love song with a really low male vocal kind of droning the melody, so when I sat down to flow out the lyric, I knew my concept needed to have some sort of built in creepiness to it," says Tift. "Choosing to make the song from a phantom made the whole thing come together quickly. Later, when we decided this song would be our own release, I had to go back and write a second verse from the love interest of the ghost telling her side of it. That galvanized the concept, and it worked out beautifully." Tift intentionally took the lyrics beyond the safety zone of mainstream pop music with phrases like "the taste of my kiss is ethereal bliss on your tongue" to evoke a greater emotional response from the listener. "I purposely used words like that because it sort of jolts the listener a little, which is what this song is intended to do," states Tift.

The otherworldly lyrics combined with the altered notes of the scale in the song make this one of Worldwide Groove Corporation's most moody and harmonically dark songs to date. "It's You I Love" is the 9th consecutive monthly music release since their Year of the Groove began in July of 2014. The other singles and EPs released for this collection have ranged from ominous broods to easy mindless chillout to fun and quirky electropop. No matter what the emotional tone of their tracks, Worldwide Groove Corporation keep it all glued together with their love of electronic elements and hypnotic beats. For more information, go to their official homepage at Mailing list members receive access to free downloads and other privileges.

ABOUT WGC: Worldwide Groove Corporation are Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift, specializing in electronic pop and downtempo chillout music production, string arranging, and remixes. Their music has been featured on national television shows, in independent films, and used in major brand advertising campaigns in the U.S. and Europe. Both members of WGC have a Master of Music degree in Media Writing and Production from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL.;s_You_I

J Metro Releases New Single "Magic"

J Metro has been working hard lately, preparing for the release of his new EP, and in doing so he has recently unveiled new single "Magic" as the lead for his debut project. With so much being put into his latest project J expects this new album to be his most successful release to date.

Magic has been said to be a true work of art by many industry professionals and djs, as they all give their opinions of the record. CPG gave "Magic" a 8 out of 10 for it being one of the best songs they have heard. With the song catching the attention of so many "Magic" is sure to become one of the top songs of 2015.

J Metro, had his latest break, with single "Bodyguard", peaking at number 12 on the hot singles chart for Billboard Magazine. Also at the same time having one of his previous released singles "Frosty" being considered for a Grammy Nomination. Having a successful streak continuing to come for the artist is really proving to be exactly what he needs to break into today's enormous entertainment industry.

His new single has so much soul and creativity, it gives you more of look into his artistry, and him being a musician. Magic will officially released on March 24 through The Orchard, and a distribution platform by Sony Music Entertainment.

L'Marco Smith's Feels Like A Dream Giving Eternal Life in Film, on Runways, and Dance Clubs

L'Marco Smith is breaking social and creative barriers with his eclectic new album, "​Feels Like A Dream​."​ The 11 track LP provides reflections of L'Marco​'s ​joys and pains cultivated harmoniously with ​Pop​, R&B​, Soul​, and Experimental genres. The title track Feels Like A Dream​ is bold, and provocative with mysterious and intoxicating undertones.

​​His widely favoured ballad "Love Is" made its debut on the soundtrack of Paul D. Hannah's ​psychological thriller "The Last Letter" showing L'Marco as a serious contender. Other upbeat R&B singles like "Come On" and "Happy Song" exude a soulful pop culture vibe that turns any moment any day of the week into a fabulous soirĂ©e​.

Praised for his electrifying stage presence​, and charismatic personality, L'Marco ​​skillfully injects this album with equally dynamic appeal. ​Exciting dance clubs around the world with a its unique sound, Feels Like A Dream ​is culturally boundless. DJs are mashing singles with House, Deep House, and even EDM, and the crowds love it! An excellent addition to your work or play music library, available on iTunes and Amazon now.