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Worldwide Groove Corporation Complete Impressive "Year of the Groove"

If you look up "overachiever" in the dictionary, you may not find a photo of Worldwide Groove Corporation, but they certainly epitomize the very definition of that word. In a span of 12 months, Worldwide Groove Corporation put out a total of 13 individual music releases, increased their social media following tenfold, gave 16 interviews, landed on compilations and a magazine cover in Europe, helped promote ballot initiatives in 2 states, started a global social media movement, and got featured on Huffington Post. And the most mind-blowing part: this was all just a side project.

Beginning in July 2014, Worldwide Groove Corporation, comprised of Ellen Tift and Kurt Goebel, kicked things off by simultaneously putting out two singles: an electronic chillout reconstruction of the Gershwin classic "Summertime" and their angst filled epic electronica original "Come To Me." Their August release "Kiss Me Slow" was a slow and steamy original dubbed their "sexy monogamy song." In September, their metaphorical dubstep song "The Legend of the Fall" caught the attention of the Oregon Right to Know organization, and WGC partnered with them and Right to Know Colorado to promote their ballot initiative for the labeling of genetically modified foods.

Worldwide Groove Corporation then launched the Supermodel Astronaut Challenge around their October release, the quirky electropop song "Supermodel Astronaut." This social media event was sparked by their Supermodel Astronaut music video, and involved people as far away as Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. The social movement caught enough momentum to gain coverage by Huffington Post and Nashville news stations. Included in their October release was a bonus track of their hip hop tune "Freak the Beat," which was featured on TV ads for Grey's Anatomy and Scandal on ABC.

While the Supermodel Astronaut phenomenon was still in high gear, they put out their November release called "Flow," an EP of mainly instrumental chillout tracks. They wrote a brand new sweetly sentimental Christmas song called "When the Holiday Brings You Home" for December, and started 2015 with their January release "Glitter & Bliss," a metaphorical chillout tune, one of their best received tracks in the collection. From February to May, they impressively released 12 more tracks ranging from cool chillout to haunting epic electronica. And finally in June, they ended the Year of the Groove with a stunning show of diversity in their maxi-single of "Make Me Free." This release offers up 5 completely different versions of their original song, in the styles of deep house, chillout, melodic dubstep, electro, and an acoustic piano/cello ballad.

In all, WGC put out 32 tracks for this "side project." "The Year of the Groove has been immensely challenging and rewarding," says Ellen Tift. "I never imagined we could accomplish so much in 12 months. We actually had to take on more music production work from our clients to be able to afford this endeavor, so we were working quadruple time for a whole year." Worldwide Groove Corporation have been in the music production business for many years, and both members have jobs on top of their indie music releases and working for their own clients. Kurt Goebel works as creative director for iv Audio Branding, and Tift is an adjunct instructor of commercial music composition at Belmont University.

So now that the Year of the Groove is complete, what's next for WGC? "More work, and hopefully a little down time," says Goebel. "We've already written and produced another song for a pitch opportunity just this past week. As long as opportunities exist, we've got work to do."

For more information about Worldwide Groove Corporation, go to their website and join the mailing list to stay updated.

About WGC: Worldwide Groove Corporation are Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift, specializing in electronic pop and downtempo chillout music production, string arranging, and remixes. Their music has been featured on national television shows, in independent films, and used in major brand advertising campaigns in the U.S. and Europe. Both members of WGC have a Master of Music degree in Media Writing and Production from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL. See their full bios on their website.

"Nights Like These" Album From Doug Osborne To Be Released September 4, 2015

Nights Like These is an all-new 12-song album. "These songs come straight from my heart, and I'm very proud of these recordings that take me back to my acoustic roots with unprecedented quality and some great guests." Nights Like These features the title song, the moody instrumental Zar-Ptak, and a cover of Lucinda Williams' Burning Bridges. Song styles include Singer/Songwriter balladry, Americana, Folk and Acoustic Rock. Radio and podcast formats include AAA, Modern AC, Roots, and Americana.

Nights Like These is the fourth album from Doug Osborne's project to release ten albums over the next few years, standing beside his collaboration with Casey Fallen. Special guests include Kristen King on Drums, Howard Weisbrot on Drums, John Kibler (We Are The West) on Acoustic Bass, Pop Cautious recording artist Devin O'Rourke (Punch Drunks) on background vocals, and Bruce Dumes on piano. Doug sings all songs, wrote all except for Burning Bridges, played acoustic and electric guitar, cello, electric bass, keyboards, harmonica, banjo, and percussion, as well as recording, producing, mixing and mastering the album.

Doug has played on stages all across America, from The Paradise, Bunrattys and The Rat in Boston, to The Whiskey, Troubadour and Club Lingerie in Los Angeles, with shows planned in the Los Angeles soon. His recordings have been played on radio from WBCN, WERS and WFNX in Boston to in Chicago, and KCRW, KXLU, and LA Talk Radio in Los Angeles.

Doug Osborne's other recent projects include:
-Casey Fallen - Orbis Pictus (co-wrote, co-produced, mixed, played guitar and bass)
-Serious Fun EP and Remastered Singles
-Casey Fallen - Atmospheric Disturbances
-Love Takes a Long Time - 10-song album released January 6, 2015
-Take a Look - 10-song album released April 3, 2015
-Red Red Moon (tentative title) - New Rock and Blues album scheduled for release in 2016


"NIGHTS LIKE THESE" redandslow 1504 889211020324 ###

Music From The Heart Of The Andorran Mountains

Landry Riba (Principality of Andorra, 1975) is an Andorran wildlife veterinarian and bass player. After several years involved in jazz, pop-rock or funk bands, he decided, in early 2013 to start a very personal project mixing mountain's field recordings, classical strings, bass lines and some electronica… The result is a second self-released album called "Tales from behind the mirror" produced and mixed at Overhear Studio in Berlin (Germany) by Federico Albanese and mastered at Störung Studio in Badalona (Spain) by Alex Gámez.

Some will say it's "soft instrumental music", others will call it "modern classical" or "ambient music"… But it's only music and it's only to make people have a pause in their hurried lives! The main ingredients of the receipt are:
-Some field recordings performed in the woods, near a river or during a snowy day in the Pyrenean Mountains…
-A bass guitar base, giving the harmonic line of the pieces, playing chords or arpeggios
-A cello, going on with the melodies, with the help of some piano notes
-Some electronic samplers and synths, providing a particular background and blending all the other ingredients together…

Landry started writing nine new pieces on September 2014 and several months of hard but amazing work after that, this new album is on the street, under the title "Tales from behind the mirror". It's a musical tale about how easy it is to have a different look at everything around us, about the need of having different points of view in any matter. Mirrors can show us hidden corners, they can bring light, they can create new spaces… and that's the way the new tracks were written: searching for light melodies, opened harmonic spaces, and instruments that are repeating the musical message as reflected in a mirror. Even Charlie Chaplin appears in the last track of the album sharing his voice with bass and piano and playing with the reflections!

The album is distributed via TuneCore and Bandcamp on its digital and CD versions.

You can listen to the whole album at, purchase a CD or download a digital pack at or subscribe to the newsletter and get great discounts at

Contact: Landry Riba / / / phone: (00 376) 342026

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jazz Suite Just Released The Debut Sizzling Single Entitled "Lady Di Has A Guy Of Her Own"

Just released and available on cd baby, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. "Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own" features the smooth voice of the one and only recording artist, pianist and composer Denise Stewart and the undeniable trumpet voice of musician, singer and producer Vincent Bates.

The unique and cool Jazz Suite sound began in 2007, and is the vision of Vincent Bates. In 2008, the addition of Denise's voice has only enhanced the Jazz Suite sound and today it has become an emotionally transformative musical experience with each new release.

"Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own" was first conceived when I was in college, but never completed. While I was performing in a stage play as the late great Ms. Billie Holiday, I was moved to pick the song back up again. As I was performing "You Go to My Head" in the play, I was inspired to use "Lady Di" as a theme song to tell Ms. Holiday's story, but it never happened." Denise Stewart said. "So I put it back on the shelf and vowed to record and release it one day. A few years later after pitching it to a few trumpet players (to no avail), in walked Vincent Bates with his horn and he played it flawlessly on the first try. I was hooked! He could feel where I was emotionally with this song and it reflected in his playing. I've always wanted to live in that time so I could sing that music, and now I do."

"Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own" is a reflection of our mutual love and great respect for Miles Davis and Billie Holiday". Said Vincent Bates "The collaboration process between myself and Denise is for us, a journey with no end, just an ebb and flow of our love of God, music, and each other."

Craig T. Cooper, of "Quality Time" is also featured playing guitar. "Craig and I have been collaborating for years on many songs, so I knew Craig would add something elegant and fresh to this song. He not only played for us, but he also mixed and mastered "Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own", giving it that special "Craig T signature sound." Denise added.

"Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own" is the first release of their new album entitled "Let Love Happen". The music of Jazz Suite is a powerful mix of compelling, healing, and transformative rhythmic tones and melodious shades of love driving life into the listeners' soul.

"Lady Di Has a Guy of Her Own" is now available for your listening enjoyment on, cdBaby, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, SoundCloud and Spotify.

Media Contact
Name: Rosa Lee, Manager
Phone: (512) 815-2082
Radio Airplay:

Yani X Shares New Track 'Lit'

Listen here:

With a steady stream of championing support already to her name Atlanta's Yani X is gearing up for her hotly anticipated debut album: Thriving in a World of Dangerous Men set for release via Outliers Music Group.

Leading the way is the album's first single is "Lit". Deep vocals, driving synths, heavy percussion, and urban-pop inspired atmospheres set the tone. This Atlanta girl turns out a sophisticated style only a well seasoned pro can accomplish.

With praise still lingering on everyone's lips, Yani X's forthcoming album is destined to have you running to the closest dance floor. Yani's perfect measure of the urban mainstream sound produces edgy, yet smooth vocals, saucy vibes and a rich texture, that's both dynamic and classy. "Lit" does exactly what it says on the tin, leaving you with an intuition of what's to come from her. Stay tuned!

Remixes by Jeremy Sylvester & Oliver Twizt


Blachawk Records Signs Pop Artist Ravoshia

Blachawk Records has announced Ravoshia as the new artist to its roster. The Texas-based pop/dancehall artist will celebrate with the release of their label debut single, "Dip & Wine." Coming August 2015. Ravoshia's has developed a unique sound blend of hip hop, pop, reggae and soul. 2014 saw Ravoshia break into Industry with the single "Drop It" a certifiable online blockbuster and social media phenomenon with over 100,000 views on YouTube. The native Texan, studied ballet at the United Dance production in Bermuda. After high school, Ravoshia focused on honing her craft and pursuing music fulltime.

About Blachawk Records:
Blachawk Records is a full independent record label in Atlanta, GA Distributed by Caroline Music – a division of Capitol Music Group owned by Universal Music Group via The ILS Group/Universal Music Canada. Blachawk Records has acquired an impressive roster of talent. Anthony (Ace) Ratliff played a key role in the label's success during his 6 year career as owner and award winning producer. He has also worked with several mainstream artists such as Ne-Yo, Cassie, Lil Scrappy, and Beanie Sigel to name a few.

For More, please visit

PDP Entertainment Group Proudly Announces Akon's Canadian Pre-Stadium Album Release "Promo" Tour

Grammy-nominated singer/rapper/producer Akon has announced that he will be embarking on a 16 + city Canadian "PROMO" Tour starting August 31 to September 19 featuring official support from Canadian platinum recording artist Karl Wolf & his new group BAE with Special Guest Peter Jackson. Akon will be touring in support of his upcoming new album 'Stadium'. Five albums, five genres of music equals the long anticipated album "STADIUM" which will be his first album since he released 'Freedom' in 2008.

Akon will also be on tour throughout Canada promoting his Akon Lighting Africa program, which has successfully brought electricity to millions of households in Africa with solar energy. More than 1.3 billion Africans have no access to electricity; and only 5 percent living in sub-Saharan Africa have electricity. Those staggering figures prompted the certified platinum recording artist to launch the Akon Lighting Africa (ALA) initiative in 2014, which aims to bring solar power to nearly half - 600 million - of the Africans who live without power. Akon's shimmering, soulful voice has propelled countless hits across genres from pop to hip hop and dance. With over 35 million albums sold worldwide, five Grammy Award Nominations, 45 Billboard Hot 100 Songs, and to many numerous music industry awards under his belt to mention, he's simply unstoppable. As soon as you hear Akon's voice you know it's him, he is iconic.

All Cities & Venues for Akon's 16 + city Canadian Pre- Stadium Album Release "Promo" Tour will be announced JULY 27th everywhere.

WEBSITE: For more info contact: PDP Entertainment Group - Pratik Ruparell – Pre – Stadium Album Release Canadian "Promo" Tour Publicity contact: James Wright -

DJ Katch X Freedo "Saturday"

DJ Katch x Freedo
Release date: June 29th 2015
Label: Ching Zeng

Today, we present you with the latest offering from rising Frankfurt’s DJ Katch. This latest release comes in the shape of the uplifting "Saturday" alongside Swiss hit producer Freedo.

Let the pair take on their uplifting journey which is infused with trap, electronic and bass sounds.

Get ready to come deep into the depths of Katch and co’s soundboard, as summer atmospheres and collided with clubland energy. Alongside the single, Katch also presents a remix from 6 times DJ world champion Rafik.


Award-Winning Songwriter And Fun. Frontman Nate Ruess Extends Agreement With ASCAP

ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, the world leader in performing rights and advocacy for music creators, today announced that Nate Ruess, songwriter and vocalist for the GRAMMY-winning group fun., has extended his agreement for representation of public performances of his songwriting catalog. Ruess recently released his first solo album, Grand Romantic, and received the prestigious Hal David Starlight Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

"Nate writes big songs that capture universal emotions and bring us all along for the ride," said John Titta, ASCAP Executive Vice President of Membership. "That's a combination that will always win listeners and fans. Nate's success with fun. is only the first chapter of what we are sure will be a long career as one of the great songwriters of his generation."

"I'm very happy to be re-upping my membership with ASCAP," said Ruess. They've taken care of me since as far back as I've been writing songs."

As frontman for fun., Ruess has achieved incredible success by any measure. With the band he collected two GRAMMYs, critical praise, platinum sales of their second album Some Nights and a ubiquitous, record-breaking lead single in "We Are Young" (named ASCAP's Pop Song of the Year in 2013). The following year, Ruess earned an additional GRAMMY nomination for "Just Give Me A Reason," his writing and performance collaboration with P!nk. More recently, Ruess collaborated with Eminem on his song "Headlights," with Ke$ha on "Die Young," Zedd on "Stay The Night" featuring Hayley Williams, and co-wrote on projects with Maroon 5 and Ellie Goulding.

Now, Ruess is striking out on his own with Grand Romantic, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart and No. 7 on the Billboard 200. The first single from the album, "Nothing Without Love," hit number 6 on the Hot Rock Songs chart on May 30. Ruess is now on tour through November 21 with dates in the U.S., Canada, Japan and South Korea.

ASCAP also recently renewed agreements with Max Martin (Pink, Katy Perry, Britney Spears), 2 Chainz, Lenny Kravitz, Garth Brooks, The Doors, Rick James, Richie Sambora, Sara Bareilles and Diplo, among others.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is a professional membership organization of songwriters, composers and music publishers of every kind of music. ASCAP's mission is to license and promote the music of its members and foreign affiliates, obtain fair compensation for the public performance of their works and to distribute the royalties that it collects based upon those performances. ASCAP members write the world's best-loved music and ASCAP has pioneered the efficient licensing of that music to hundreds of thousands of enterprises who use it to add value to their business – from bars, restaurants and retail, to radio, TV and cable, to Internet, mobile services and more. The ASCAP license offers an efficient solution for businesses to legally perform ASCAP music while respecting the right of songwriters and composers to be paid fairly. With 530,000 members representing more than 10 million copyrighted works, ASCAP is the worldwide leader in performance royalties, service and advocacy for songwriters and composers, and the only American performing rights organization (PRO) owned and governed by its writer and publisher members.


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