Friday, June 23, 2017

Seay Wins Vocal Album Of The Year In The ZMR Awards

Award-Winning Vocalist and Composer SEAY won the coveted Vocal Album Of The Year for her album In The Garden at the Zone Music Reporter Awards in New Orleans on May 13, 2017. Seay was also a featured performer showcasing selections from the album with her gorgeous 11 piece orchestra of renowned instrumentalists.
An award-winning vocalist/composer who has become a global sensation, SEAY won ZMR's prestigious prize Best Vocal Album Of The Year, with her hit recording 'In The Garden' which spent 5 weeks on the Billboard New Age Charts peaking at #3 alongside Enya and Vangelis and in the Global airplay chart for 9 months ranking at #3 for the year. The album released by Tuscan Sun Music is a culmination of 4 years working across the continents from Nashville, Los Angeles and India. The album was born of collaborations from the across the globe and features Seay's extraordinary voice and uplifting compositions alongside several grammy winning and renowned instrumentalists. Seay was joined in the Vocal Album of the Year Category by Enya (Dark Sky Island), 2002 (Celtic Fairy Lullaby), Rebekah Eden (Rowing In Eden) and Candice Night (Starlight Starbright).

ZoneMusicReporter hosted the 13th Annual ZMR Music Awards live in New Orleans on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Roussel Hall on the campus of Loyola University. In addition to The ZMR Music Award, the concert featured performances by Seay and luminaries and nominees including Al Jewer and Andy Mitran, Amy Faith, Sarah Copus, Michele McLaughlin, Vin Downes, Jill Haley and Michael Whalen. Visit Zone Music Reporter at

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TMA Signs Turkessa Mais To Management

Turkessa Mais (Boston, MA) is an award-winning writer (EditorÕs Choice Award from the National Library of Congress) with poetry published in the National Anthology with the National Library of Congress. She is also an accomplished songwriter and CCM/Gospel Recording Artist.

She was previously signed with DreamWorks Records by the late Jheryl Busby, former CEO/President of Motown Records. She is now an Independent Artist with her current album #Saltnation available on all digital outlets. Based on Matthew 5:13 #Saltnation takes the listener on a journey of remembrance, empowerment and inspiration. Several singles from the album have been released to radio both domestically and internationally.

Turkessa has appeared on television specials from Jamaica to the United States and Europe on TV stations including ÒAtlanta LiveÓ and a performance at the Annual Vatican Christmas Concert in Rome, Italy aired on EuropeÕs #1 TV Station RAI TV.

Currently nominated in five categories in the Prayze Factor People's Choice Awards Season 10 Ballot, Turkessa writes all her songs and sings them with conviction and anointing in her efforts to win souls for Christ and to remind us that God Is Love.

Turkessa Mais Management:
The Management Agency | Gary Stripling
Office - 904.745.9151
Online -

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

IndieNinja, An Artist Services Marketplace, Launches At A2IM Indie Week In NYC

Today at A2IM Indie Week, a team of music and tech veterans announced the launch of IndieNinja, the artist services marketplace for the independent music community, into private beta. The marketplace connects "indies" (music artists, managers, labels) to a curated list of "ninja" experts in fields ranging from live gig road crew, marketing & promotion teams, to accountants, attorneys, and more. In this initial phase, IndieNinja is now open to potential Ninjas and Indies to register at IndieNinja is based in New York City, and will initially focus on providing connections to Ninjas in North America and Europe, adding other markets as demand requires.

IndieNinja grew from a direct need the company co-founders, Bill Wilson and Laurens Kusters together with Technical Co-Founder Constantine "Gus" Mavromoustakos, saw in their own interactions in the industry. Wilson is a well-known major label and music startup veteran who got his start in the business when he founded NYC indie label Blackout! Records in the late 80's. Kusters is a label executive and music publisher turned artist manager, who founded I Scream Records in Brussels, Belgium in 1994, and now manages the hardcore and punk bands Sick Of It All and Street Dogs. Mavromoustakos has over 20 years of tech and mobile development experience, including in-house positions at The Lathe, Consumer Reports, and CrowdTap.

"We saw lots of friends posting on social media about needing help for publicity, legal and other essentials, and decided to do something about it to create a proper marketplace to connect verified experts to those that need their services," said Kusters. "Knowing that you have a qualified rock publicist in North America, a guitar tech in Germany or a t-shirt designer that understands metal - that's where IndieNinja comes to the rescue."

"The evolution of the DIY mentality has been enhanced by crowdfunding platforms and easy access to distribution, but the independent community is often still overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done to rise above the noise," said Wilson. "Further, the 'Ninja' community gets a platform through which they can be hired and paid in a secure way, solving a major pain point on the services side."

In addition to the deep experience of the founding team, IndieNinja's Advisory Board includes Aileen Atkins (Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard), Jake Beaumont-Nesbit (International Music Managers Forum),Bryan Calhoun (Freeform Development), Bill Campbell (Bigfoot Media), Doug Keogh, Larry Miller (Associate Professor & Director Music Business NYU Steinhardt), Neeta Ragoowansi, Benji Rogers (Co-Founder at Pledgemusic & CEO at dotBlockchain), Tom Sarig (President at Esther Creative Group), Kurt Soto (Operations Manager at Coachella), and Ken Umezaki (Co-Founder at dotBlockchain).

"Feel The Heat"

After departing the Plasmatics, Jean Beauvoir shot to multiplatinum recording status as a solo artist when Sylvester Stallone walked by a Hollywood studio one day and happened to see and hear his "Feel The Heat" video being edited by famed director Mary Lambert. It led to the single "Feel the Heat" from Beauvoir's debut solo album "Drums Along the Mohawk" being personally selected by Stallone as the lead song for his film Cobra. Stallone's decision for personally selecting music for the film was instrumental, eventually proving choosing the right music matters and fans agreed supporting both the film and Stallone's choice of music.

The initial response for Cobra was harsh by critics enticing the public to believe the film a failure. Fans responded slaying critics when Cobra debuted Memorial Day weekend #1 at the box office taking in over $15.6-million, more than double it's contender Top Gun and broke the previous years record held by Rambo Pt 2.

"Feel the Heat" entered Billboard's Hot 100 in the US, hit the "Top 10" charts across Europe and Australia and was featured in heavy rotation on MTV and VH1 for months upon release. Cobra went on to become a huge financial success taking in over $160-million, over six times its original $25-million budget. The movie and soundtrack are still selling today with both receiving high reviews through Amazon and other outlets.

Since Cobra, music by Jean Beauvoir has been in other successful films including Pet Sematary (Stephen King) School of Rock (Jack Black) Christmas with The Kranks (Tim Allen & Jamie Curtis) and Rock 'n Roll High School Forever to name a few.

Originally with the Plasmatics, the most outrageous, controversial and successful Punk Rock | Metal band ever who influenced generations of up and coming artist's and fashion icons; whose influences are still being seen and talked about today by such diverse artist's ranging from Mikey Cyrus to CeeLo Green, Jean Beauvoir continues writing and producing hit music for himself as well as other artist's.

His iconic look with the Blonde Mohawk has been featured in various outlets including cartoons and his trademark look is still growing in new, up and coming artist's. Even NFL Superstar Odell Beckham Jr. Is sporting a trademark Blonde Mohawk.

Beauvoir talks about his career, Stallone selecting his music for his film Cobra, his thoughts on the recent rumors Stallone is considering bringing Cobra back, The Plasmatics, and his future endeavors with Debbie Mazella, Program Director for Magic 98.3.

Jean Beauvoir | Feel The Heat | COBRA (Official Music Video)


One Of The Best Albums Bongo Boy Has Released To Date - New Release Worldwide - HOMESTEAD VOLUME ONE By Various Artists

The good folks at Bongo Boy are soon releasing a new album called HOMESTEAD VOLUME ONE. The name intrigued me and when I read that this album is comprised of tracks that fall under the genre of Americana I knew I had to give this a listen. When I think of Americana I think of The Band (even though I do believe some of their members were Canadian eh). Songs like Simon and Garfunkel's The Boxer also come to mind. The icing on the cake was when I read that a couple of tracks on this LP are by Gar Francis. Gar is a killer player. So with hopes of songs reminiscent of The Band and the brilliance of Sir Gar I cued up the MP3s in my trusty audio player and sat down to enjoy.

Track 1 - Kathryn Shipley - Shine Your Love - Kathryn starts out with some really nice soulful keys. I really am feeling a Band groove here. Then the vocals come in. Man, she has a great voice! The background singers definitely add to the soulful vibe. Then it dawns on me this is the stuff all the great Motown singers grew up singing. This song could be from a church service, albeit not the kind I attended as a kid. This song would fit into a church service where the people rock out. You have to listen to the piano runs in this track. The piano, with the organ in the background, the wicked guitar on the edge, the backup singers all provide an outstanding platform for Kathryn to absolutely wail! I dig it.

Track 2 - Hunter Sealy - One Family Strong - This folks is what makes American culture
dominate worldwide. Hunter has penned a very soulful tune that extols the virtues of America.
The name says it all, Americans should be one family. The image brought to mind is in the aftermath of 911. America was one country united, which is a far cry from today when half the country believes Obama was from Kenya and had the goal of destroying the United States and the other half of the country believes that Trump is a Nazi who wants to bring back the gas chambers. As a general rule, I try to avoid politics, but anything that can help heal a divided nation is, indeed, worthwhile. When you add the fact that Hunter has a killer voice and the music just rocks, you have something that everyone should listen to. Thank you Hunter.

Track 3 - Tammi T & Klyve with Keith Hines Production - The Runaways - Okay, I have to admit when I first saw the name The Runaways I thought this might be a track from Joan Jett's old band. It isn't. Nevertheless this is a good track. The music is well played and the vocals are outstanding. The artillery sound effects are interesting.

Track 4 - Bobby Rue - I Like The Days - I dig this song! It is just such a massive hillbilly rant. The guitar smokes in a twangy sort of way. I can imagine Grandpa Jones (Does anyone else remember Hee Haw?) getting down to this groove. Music aside, Bobby does make some valid social commentary when he attacks the beast of political correctness. Being naturally grouchy myself I can say wholeheartedly that I too like the days when you could insult someone and not get sued! Bobby, I would love to see your live show.

Track 5 - Gar Francis - Step X Step - Sir Gar opens up with a catchy, yet soulful jam. What is that instrument that is popping in and out with lightning leads? Is it a guitar or a mandolin?
The constant, basic beat keeps the listeners head moving while the strings and keys entertain themselves. Over the top is Gar's voice which is both melancholy and menacing at the same time.

Track 6 - Deborah Henriksson - Trains - I first heard Deborah on a New Age album and her voice blew me away. Deborah, I am still blown away. You have a beautiful voice that I could listen to for hours. Your voice combined with the exceptional players behind you create a memorizing track. Thank you.

Track 7 - JD Carroll - I Guess I'll Never Know - I like this song. I am reminded of the story telling of Jim Croce. The music is good, but what really attracts me to this song is the story. I find myself wondering how it will end. The lyrics sung over what sounds like a violin are nothing short of haunting.

Track 8 - Nick Marr - Hold Over - This track has a huge Tom Petty groove. That's cool, I like Tom Petty. There is no question that Nick is putting his heart and soul into this track. All in all this is a very strong effort that deserves a listen.

Track 9 - Paul Michael Tondreau - Keep The Fire Burning - This track starts out with an acoustic guitar setting the tempo. The drums and bass pick up the vibe while Paul's unique voice blasts over the top. I find myself drawn to the rhythm section. (I can't help it, as an old drummer I can tell this guy is just grooving and grinning with every fill.)

Track 10 - STEEL - Love Is - My first impression of this song is that there is a Gordon
Lightfoot vibe here. The main difference is I cannot stand Gordon Lightfoot's music and I really like this song. Steel (Is that the singer's name?) has a powerful voice; he not only sounds good, but his voice demands your attention. Steel isn't just a voice though, whoever is playing the strings is a monster player! All in all, this is an excellent track!

Track 11 - Bobby Rue - Country Living - Bobby is back! I dig this guy. Tell me he isn't just having a blast. I am a sucker for twangy guitar. Full disclosure: I used to hate Country music. I was a Punk rock snob. Then Hank 3 showed me the error of my ways. I really like some Country now and include Bobby Rue on the list. Bobby, if you have a full LP out, I would love to review it.

Track 12 - Greg Guba - Only Me - Greg is a soulful cat. I like the minimalist aspects of this track. The guitar is simply pretty. The drummer is spot on, no flash, but rock solid. The vocals are good. The Dylanesque harp puts it over the top in my book. It is so simple, yet there it is taking a lead as if the harp player is saying “So what? It's only me.” Great song Greg, I really enjoyed listening to your music.

Track 13 - Barley Station - Just Begun - Barley Station is a mellow bunch. For some reason I am reminded of Bread. This is a very pretty song. It would be great driving music when you know you will be going through a speed trap. The vocals are good and the music beautiful. I like the percussion work. I feel relaxed after listening to this song.

Track 14 - Michael Resin - Send Me To My Grave - Watch out! The massive grinding energy of this song will hit you like a punch from Floyd Mayweather. The best way to describe this song is WICKED.
Imagine the scene in Crossroads where Ralph Macchio is battling Steve Vai, this song has that much intensity! Michael, you rock brother!

Track 15 -Lisa Coppola - Stuck To My Shoe - Good God I love women who rock! I have said it before and will say it again anyone who thinks women can't rock is an idiot. Man, I love Lisa's voice. As good as her voice is her attitude is even better. Combine her pipes with a massively jamming band and you have a blues based/Country anthem! I REALLY want to see Lisa's live show.

Track 16 - Bobby Rue - Come Along Baby - Bobby is back and this time his ax man is opening up. What can I say? This is a great band. I find myself keeping time with his drummer. The breaks are all exactly where you expect to find them and they allow a space for the guitar to scream. The only thing I don't like about the song is that it fades out during a jam. C'mon man, couldn't you have let him wail a bit more?

So folks, what is the bottom line? Simply put this is one of the best albums Bongo Boy has released to date. I hope to hear full length albums from many of these artists in the future. This album is a worthy addition to any collection, I know I will be listening to this in the car. - The Grouch

UPC 700191991957

Justin Hibbert [i] Drops The Unforgettable New Album "What [i] Am"

"What [i] Am" by Justin Hibbert [i] is a truly mind expanding statement from a talented young musician who isn't bound by the limits of genre. Inspired by a diverse array of music, "What [i] Am" like the artist behind it, is not easy to pin down. With guest appearances from Riff Raff, Mike Jones, Project Pat, Troy Ave, Lola Monroe, Sole and more, "What [i] Am" will be available worldwide on May 7th. Spanning a rich tapestry of Hip-Hop infused with Rock, Pop, RnB, Reggae, Dubstep, Electronica, Horror-Core and more, "What [i] Am" is a unique statement and unforgettable journey into Justin Hibbert [i]'s world.

The story of "What [i] Am" is the first chapter in the story of Justin Hibbert [i]'s musical journey. As the album cover indicates the album is the sum of all different types of colors and musical hues. Covering virtually every genre and mood, Justin navigates his own mind to show how well rounded the new world artist can be. "What [i] Am" is an album designed to reach people of all colors and nationalities through it's widely varied sound. The track order also points to a day in the life of Justin Hibbert [i] from the 1st track "Wake Up" all the way to the outro of "Say Yes & Rest" and all the songs in between tell of the process of getting from point A to point B.

Justin Hibbert [i] is a consummate professional, Justin produces and engineers all of his own tracks creating a singular and unforgettable sound. Born on the east coast and raised in the west coast, Justin picked up on all types of music, fashion and culture from an early age. Originally playing in bands as a drummer, Justin has innovatively made the Roland SPD-SX electronic drum machine his main instrument much like Jimi Hendrix was synonymous with his guitar. Hot on the heels of releasing singles with established artists like Troy Ave and Mike Jones, Justin is proud to unveil his debut album "What [i] Am".

Justin cites Kanye West, K-os, Gym Class Heroes, Pharrell, Kid Cudi, Gorillaz, Born Of Osiris, Circa Survive, Envy On The Coast, Cutty Ranks, Prince Far I, Peter Tosh, Lenny Kravitz, Jason Mraz, RX Bandits, and Jeff Buckley as influences though when you hear his music you will know he has defined a sound completely of his own. Music designed to break down barriers and bring people of all nationalities together, Justin represents a new world of opportunity and the best of what the future can offer.

Available May 7th be sure to check out Justin Hibbert [i]'s debut album"What [i] Am"!

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Apple Music-


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Baserock Launches Immersive Bass-Frequency Backpack

Baserock, Inc. today announced, the Baserock, a versatile hydration backpack that allows users to physically feel music by vibrating bass frequencies throughout the body. The company has just launched a Kickstarter campaign (June 13th). The $15,000 Kickstarter campaign will be used to fund Baserock's initial run of manufacturing, offering music enthusiasts and adventurers the opportunity to be the first to receive the first bass-frequency backpack at a discounted price.

"We designed the Baserock Backpack to optimize our physical experience of bass frequencies at music festivals," said Jared Becker, Baserock Co-Founder and CEO. "We've been encouraged by the feedback we've received from our early testers who found many ways to use the product - on hikes, at work, on the slopes, walking downtown, mountain biking, you name it."

The state-of-the-art backpack is equipped with a microphone input for use at a live show, as well as an auxiliary input, so it can be used with a phone/computer and headphones/speakers. It runs on an eight-hour rechargeable battery and has an easily accessible user interface on the shoulder strap of the backpack.

Baserock is designed for the active lifestyle, complete with a 2-Liter hydration reservoir, two large storage pockets and five secure zipper pockets organized in a compact 19-inch water resistant backpack. Baserock is ready for a three-day music festival, shredding some powder on the slopes, a trek across town, and everything in between.

The Baserock experience can be viewed here -

For additional information on Baserock and to view their campaign, please visit

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Randy Moore's "Sunshine" Radio A1A's Trop 40 Song Of The Year

Texas Music Artist, Randy Moore, like many, has always enjoyed the pleasures and peacefulness of spending time at the beach. But it wasn't until recently that his love for the sand, the sea, the sun, and the waves produced his most successful and widely heralded recording to date, "Sunshine State of Mind". Now, Radio A1A Trop Jock and CEO for the Trop Rock Association's Radio Station Of The Year Harry Teaford officially announces, "Randy Moore's "Sunshine State Of Mind" has captured to hearts of "Trop Rock Music" Fans everywhere and has been chosen by them as the Number One song in the Radio A1A "Weekly Trop 40" many times. It is with great pleasure that we announce that "Sunshine State of Mind" has been selected by the Trop Rock Fans as the Number One song of 2016." So, for those who may be less than familiar with the term ‘Trop Rock' music, Harry offers his insight, "Trop Rock Music is a positive, fun and uncomplicated style of music that celebrates the relaxing Island lifestyle of tropical weather and comfortable surroundings where the beach, sun and water create a stress-free paradise on earth." Randy Moore's "Sunshine" exemplifies that description to a T. The song, tells of a subconscious tropical trip away from the bills, the blues, and the blistering blizzard conditions of someone who longs for that ‘Sunshine State' and all the pleasures that it offers. Randy Moore's Trop Rocking tunes are alongside a new collection of musical offerings on his new album "HWY 59". Randy's album to date is a feature of over 250 radio stations world-wide and domestic.

He was also PHlockers Magazaine Trop Rock Artist of the Month for March 2017. Hall of Fame Songwriter Dallas Frazier (Elvira, There Goes My Everything) has this to say about Randy's music, "I listened for the marriage of melody and lyric that give birth to mental videos. I wasn't disappointed." BUDDY Magazine's Jan Sikes exclaims, "the clever lyrical phrasing, outstanding musicians and unique production make for a great CD." "Sunshine State of Mind" was the first single release from the HWY 59 album and it is still breaking new ground to date. What will be next for Moore, who knows, one thing is for sure, he will keep making those pilgrimages to the tropical shores and surely the inspiration will not be far behind, but as for the present, Randy Moore is in a "Sunshine State Of Mind". You can find more info and this song on and digitally on itunes.