Saturday, September 15, 2012

iWantJam Signs Up Pop/Rock Band Brookline Drive As An Endorsed Artist

Live music streaming portal iWantJam announced that it has selected Connecticut pop/rock band Brookline Drive as its third 'iWantJam Endorsed Artists.' The band will join Zurich-based Miss Diamond DJane and Boston's One Step Away as the first group of endorsed artists coinciding with the site's launch on September 30th. As endorsed artists, each acts will be prominently featured on the iWantJam site for a one-month period, including on the homepage, music played exclusively on iWantJam music player as well as exposure through iWantJam social network profiles and connections.

"Considering how talented these vocalists are and the level of acts they've shared the stage with, this is exactly the type of band iWantJam is looking to work with," said iWantJam founder Moataz El-Gohary. "Their accomplishments reflects how important it is for them to connect with their fans through live shows, which is they fit so well with our mission."

After only one year of being a band, Connecticut's Brookline Drive is already building a considerable buzz, and selling out headlining shows across New England as one of the best up and coming pop/rock bands around. The band's explosive lineup features four talented vocalists whose vocal interplay and harmonies are unlike anything out there today. Drawing influences from all over the musical spectrum, Brookline Drive's four talented multi-instrumentalists have created a unique, catchy sound that makes for an incredibly exciting live show. Brookline Drive has recently shared the stage with National Acts like Hot Chelle Rae (RCA), Cobra Starship (Decaydance, Fueled By Ramen), Neon Trees (Mercury), Megan & Liz, Marina and the Diamonds (Neon Gold Records) and Forever the Sickest Kids (Fearless Records).

iWantJam is a brand new type of music site that aims to connect musicians and fans worldwide through live shows, video streaming and social media. Nothing can replace the feeling of a live show, and iWantJam's powerful & easy-to-use platform will bring your favorite band right into your bedroom for free. Artists will be able to connect with their fans on a much deeper level than just a profile page and music button, thus offering far more than a promotional device, but a unique experiential connection. Come and join the online live music experience of iWantJam!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pirate Brands Collaborates With Clint Perry And The Boo Hoo Crew For Pirate Week

San Diego based children's group Clint Perry and the Boo Hoo Crew are getting riled up for a six day event taking place this September 17th-22th, which they've deemed "Pirate Week" in celebration of their new release "Shake Your Pirate Booty". The concerts will be 7 shows in 6 days, taking place in 7 different San Diego venues, and will celebrate the Crew's sophomore release, set to drop September 17th.

Pirate Brands, makers of the ever-popular snack treat "Pirate's Booty" is sponsoring the release, giving away 1000 .5oz bags of their delicious and wholesome snacks at the concerts throughout the week.

"It means a step up, or even two, in the music quality put out by us on the second release." said Clint Perry, after being asked what the release meant to him. "I am very proud and excited for this disc to be released." Their producer, veteran, James Coffey said this,"I've produced dozens of projectsover 15 years and honestly this is going to be one of the best...we've made something amazing!"

The sponsorship they acquired from Pirate Brands stems from their biggest hit, "Pirate Booty", which is referred to as the ‘crowd favorite' by Clint, and anyone that hears it. However, Clint Perry is sure that the rest of the album will be just as successful: "[...] regardless of [Pirate Booty] the whole album came together to equal it. We've got a holiday song, a story song about a Pirate King, even a song about getting sea sick, in Landlubber."

The release party will include six concerts by the band and as always, there is assured be many laughs and many smiles.

Sea Life, AZ is also getting in on Pirate Week. They'll be featuring "Shake Your Pirate Booty" all week at their location, even playing the video for "Everybody's Pirates" at their special facebook fans only Pirate Party on September 21st and giving out Pirate's Booty and "Shake Your Pirate Booty" to all the attendees.

Critically, they have received many positive reviews:

"Oh my gosh, this CD had me smiling from the first chorus on the first song Pirate Booty!! I LOVE this CD!!! It's fun! It's funny!! It's sing-a-long-able! Kids and adults will get a great kick out Clint Perry and the Boo Hoo crew's Shake your Pirate Booty CD!!"
Connie Guring

SHAKE YOUR PIRATE BOOTY is a rollicking shipload of fun for seafarers and landlubbers alike!"
James Zahn, The Rock Father

"Listed as "A Few of Our Favorite Things" by Mom's Guide To San Diego."
Jennifer Humora - Mom's Guide To San Diego

"This silly band and storytelling troupe brings out the giggles in everyone with its songs and whimsical tales. The San Diego-based quartet is comprised of musicians who are all parents, plus a gifted writer with a penchant for clever songwriting."
The New Children's Museum -

Clint Perry and the Boo Hoo Crew will also be playing a pre-release party with San Diego's newest attraction, Pirate Ship Adventures, on September 8th. On September 17th, the EP will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music and various local record stores in the San Diego area.

Contact Info:
Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew
1902 Wright Place, Suite 200
Carlsbad, Ca 92008

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MusicDishTV Launches Music Video Blog In China

MusicDishTV announced the launch of a new blog (< a href="">

) on Chinese portal DianDian dedicated to exposing the best in Western indie bands to China's hungry youth netizens. The blog will feature videos from its channels on China's most popular video portals based on traffic including Youku, Tudou, Ku6 and Sohu.

A recently featured video was country singer Denae Gardner's "Welcome to America" (pictured above) which was featured on the following Chinese video portals:

The average Chinese user spends four hours a week watching online video content, double the time spent by US users, with over 700 million people in China watching online video content by 2015, according to China Internet Watch.

"Because sites like YouTube are blocked in China, there is a wealth of great indie music videos that Chinese netizens just cannot access," noted MusicDish founder Eric de Fontenay. "By carefully selecting and presenting the best videos from our channel, we want to open their eyes and ears to a whole new world of sights, sounds and talent."

Bands and labels can submit their videos for consideration at

MusicDishTV has featured over 400 music videos through its channel on over 20 western music video portals from YouTube to Current and DailyMotion, which we promote our videos through social medis, news aggregators, micro-blogs & online forums. Through our MusicDish*China brand, we now distribute music videos to China's leading video portals, including Youku, Tudou, Sina, Ku6 and


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 12th- Jazz Wednesdays At Brooklyn Terrace Featuring The Renee Manning Quintet

LegendFactory Presents Jazz Wednesdays At Brooklyn Terrace Featuring the Renee Manning Quintet

Sponsored by MusicDish*China and BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Gin
Wednesday, September 12th, 2012
$10 Admission w/ 1 drink minimum

Brooklyn Terrace Rooftop Lounge
216 Duffield Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Renee Manning- Vocals
Earl McIntyre- Trombone
Ron Jackson- Guitar
Trifon Dimitrov -Bass
Tommy Campbell- Drums

About Renée Manning

Ever tasted the most tender, barbecued ribs you’ve ever had with an incredibly savory sauce? If you haven’t then you’re in for a treat.

Known for her “dirty dog blues”, Manning has played various venues from New York City to Hong Kong. She has been coupled with jazz legends such as the late Dizzy Gillespie, David “Fathead” Newman, Nat Adderley, Lester Bowie and countless others.

Renée’s most recent offering, All Grown Up, showcases her quiet set and has an ambiance of a warm fireplace coupled with a nice glass of wine. Full bio available upon request.


In 1987, the House of BOMBAY changed the landscape of the spirits industry with the launch of the superpremium BOMBAY
SAPPHIRE® Gin. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE was introduced as a distinctly smooth gin with a perfectly balanced taste — a gin infused with imagination.

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ranks number one in quality and number two in popularity.

About MusicDish*China

MusicDish*China connects live entertainment and social media to reach and interact with today's Chinese music fans. Through partnerships with major festivals, such as Midi, JZ Shanghai (largest jazz festival) and Jue Festivals, MusicDish*China engage fans through cutting edge content, social media and live events. In addition to representing a growing network of worldclass talent, MusicDish*China has also promoted concerts and tours for major Chinese such as Shanren and award-winning Mayday.

About Brooklyn Terrace

The Brooklyn Terrace Lounge is located on the roof top of the Aloft and Sheraton hotels on Duffield Street between Fulton Street and Metrotech Center and is open year round to the public for your convenience. It is easy to get here from the A, C, and F trains at Jay St Metrotech or use the Q, (N), or (R) and get off at Dekalb Ave. (part-time subway service). 2/3 Hoyt and Schemerhorn.

need more info?

©2012 Bombay Sapphire and device are trademarks and/or registered trademarks. Imported by the Bombay Spirits Company U.S.A., Coral Gables, FL.–47% Alc. By Vol.

Monday, September 10, 2012

NMS Intensives: Social Media & Mobilizing Your Fans The music business is currently saturated with aspiring artists and "rising stars", so how can one of them push through the rest and get noticed?

Now more than ever, artists need a way to stand out. Like the weasel, they need to POP! The music business is currently saturated with aspiring artists and potentially rising stars, so how can one of them push through the rest and get noticed? Some of the New Music Seminar Intensives held in June attempted to help artists tackle that Gordian Knot.
CEO of Discmakers & CD Baby, Tony van Veen, shared with attendees the "9 Strategies To Maximize Artist Revenues in the Age of Facebook and Spotify."
Step 1: Be where the people are. Well of course, if you don't play gigs or put yourself out in the social media world, no one will know about you!
Step 2: Build your own list. These are people who will be buying your music, so get their information and offer them incentives.
Step 3: Retain mindshare. DO NOT let your audience forget about you; be compelling, and communicate often.
Step 4: Sell yourself. Think of your fans as customers and make them see your worth.
Step 5: Focus on iTunes. The fans are on iTunes, which means the artist must take advantage.
Step 6: Build deep product catalog. One thing that can go on this catalogue is merchandise; more products to sell = more revenue.
Step 7: Embrace "free." In the words of Tony van Veen, "Your enemy is not piracy, your enemy is anonymity."
Step 8: Tell customers what to do. If no one is aware of what to do, how will they do it? And the thing is, if you tell people to go on your website, or buy your CD, some will actually do it. Who knew?
Step 9: Offer specials and incentives. Which person on the planet doesn't love a good deal? Make a compelling offer, and don't be afraid to try new things. I think that just about covers all the bases for maximizing artist revenues in the modern world. No one's saying it'll be quick and easy, but patience is a virtue my friends. CEO Ben Campbell expressed his words of wisdom in a segment called: "Empower Your Tribe: How to Mobilize Your Fans for Opportunity and Exposure." I think it's safe to say that an artist is nothing without his/her fans. Fans are to artists as engines are to cars. Campbell explained that it is imperative for an artist to be fully committed to the journey ahead before taking any further steps. Once committed, start mobilizing your fans.
Start by building a devoted tribe who cares about you, and create and share custom content with them. Play gigs, make connections, and share you activity on social media sites. Social media has been a recurring theme in this year's NMS, and it's value really cannot be stressed enough. Understanding and properly implementing social media and online tools can bring an artist from the Earth's core to Orion's Belt. Just like Tony van Veen, Campbell preached the importance of engaging with and giving incentives to your fans. Give them a call to action to come to a show or visit a website. The most important point that Campbell stressed was to "totally share yourself;" you have to live it.
Campbell concluded by informing the audience about the 2012 launch of the new OurStage Pro Artist platform, where artists who get fans to stream music through will get a share of the company's revenue. In addition, large brands who partner with OurStage will invest in artists and allow them to showcase in their brand promotions. If you're interested in getting yourself in the public eye, this is worth checking out. And who knows, maybe you'll be the next big thing.

Following His Debut Single Featuring Snoop Dogg, Pop/R&B Sensation A.M.X. Boasts "We Can Do Whatever" With Next Release

When new pop/R&B sensation Andre Mieux aka A.M.X. boasts "We Can Do Whatever" in the hook of his latest single release, he means it! Unleashing the track on the heels of his debut "You Made Me Change My Number," which featured none other than rap icon Snoop Dogg, A.M.X. spits game with the stamina of an artist hauling heat. Produced by dance track master Brian "Chazz" Padilla, "We Can Do Whatever" body slams with lyrical combustion as A.M.X. continues to pack power on his musical path to the top! With "We Can Do Whatever," A.M.X. seamlessly showcases his brilliant artistry, effortlessly fusing elements of rap, pop and house, bringing a sound that sizzles and simmers to the dance floor.

A.M.X.'s recent mixtape "Broken Halo," downloaded over 90,000 times on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, was another recent indication that he is an artist with a strong intention for winning. A.M.X. dropped "Broken Halo" late July, following the Snoop Dogg-laced, "You Made Me Change My Number" which was produced by the Grammy Award nominated duo "Da Internz." Sean Brown, Shorty Mack and Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony added fire to the production which showcases A.M.X.'s vocal finesse, musical muscle and clear capacity to ignite the club. Seven tracks strong, "Broken Halo," is a far departure from the A.M.X.'s classical roots however!

A classically trained pianist, musicianship rests deep within the core of A.M.X.'s heart. The West Covina, CA native has been writing, singing and dancing since he was 8 years old. By the age of 12, he was producing music with Grammy Award winning artist, Ricky Lawson of the Yellowjackets. A.M.X.'s musical gift has indeed forged a litany of accomplishments.

Outside of his quest as a solo artist and entertainer, he is also a talented songwriter and producer. His song, "Let Me Be the One" was recorded by the Korean boy band sensation SS501, he charted on Billboard's The Next Big Sound Top 25 and his musical vision provides the soundtrack for the DVD independent film release, "Wigger." In addition to his new single release, A.M.X. produced and co-wrote a song for Bobby DeBarge Jr., son of the late Robert DeBarge, entitled "One and Only." Both "We Can Do Whatever," and "One and Only" are available on iTunes.

Committed and determined to excel as a solo act, A.M.X. has been touring internationally and nationally in support of his career, opening for Boyz II Men, Joe, Ginuwine, SWV, Dru Hill and most recently R. Kelly. "I'm excited to infuse my own special style and brand into the music scene," offers A.M.X. "As a kid playing classical piano, I knew music was my life. My musical progression has taken dips and turns. To end up here though, making music with some of the hottest in the business, it is beyond a dream come true! I'm really feeling like I can do whatever right now and win!"

A.M.X. plans to continue to do 'whatever,' bombarding music fans with ammunition from his musical catalog of hits. The artist plans to shoot a video music video soon and release an E.P. in the near future. Check for the A.M.X. penned Bobby DeBarge Jr. single "One and Only," at and A.M.X's "We Can Do Whatever" at

Keep the party bangin' with A.M.X. at


Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Musician's Guide Offers Bands $1,250 Worth Of Services For $69 For 100 Hours Only

On September 1st at 8am, The Musician’s Guide is launching a 100-hour-long campaign in partnership with 25 music companies to offer aspiring musicians over $1,250 worth of tools & savings for 95% off.

The offer, which contains access to thousands of music business contacts, distribution to iTunes & Spotify, six eBooks, a video course, a pack of music contracts, radio publicity, as well as savings on mastering, CD duplication, amongst much more, will be available to purchase for $69 from for just 100 hours.

Marcus Taylor, founder of, says: “Having been an artist & a label manager myself I know just how expensive it can be to release a song. So many aspiring musicians get frustrated because they dream about earning a living from their music, but struggle to break even after paying studio fees & other expenses. While most of the industry is focusing on creating a sustainable new business model for artists, I’m just trying to do my bit to help lower the cost of being an artist, even if only for a while.

Twenty-five music companies have agreed to support the campaign by donating their services into the package at a discounted price. Major partners include Ditto Music, Disc Makers,, Jango Airplay, MusicXray, and many more.