Friday, September 30, 2011

Jimmy D Robinson Puts Music Catalog On Market For $35 Million

Music mogul, artist and producer Jimmy D Robinson, has put his entire J Music Group [ Jimmyland Corporation ] publishing catalog on the market for sale with a price tag of $35 Million. With over 41 full-length CDs and over 266 musical tracks, Robinson’s body of work is considered a coveted “tour de force” in the dance music world. Often referred to as the modern day Andy Worhol, Robinson’s eccentric, eclectic and pioneering artistic manner captivates all of one’s senses. Robinson submerges his audiences’ souls with complete amalgamation of his art through visuals, positive messages and musical sounds, while his subjects partake in the physical movements of dance.

“As an artist who appreciates the value of holding pieces of fine art, I have enjoyed creating such an incredible wide variety of dance music for the world to enjoy,” states Robinson. “All of these musical tracks have meant so much to me while working on them in the studio, and I hold close to my heart all the great music legends I have worked with.”

Jimmy D Robinson began his career as a poet, creating over 17 books filled with poems accompanied by imaginative digital art. Robinson eventually moved over to the spoken-word medium to magnify his poetry works. The first dance single spawned from his spoken-word CD “Mind Juice” was “A Tiny Shoe.” The debut dance single track was produced and remixed by the likes of Josh Harris, Tracy Young, Twisted Dee and Rafael M. “A Tiny Shoe” quickly became an international hit, rising to #6 on the Billboard Club Play chart and #7 on the UK Music Week chart. Next came “In The Night” featuring Ceevox, which rose to # 4 on the Billboard Club Play chart and No. 52 on The World Dance Charts.

With his music reaching clubs around the world, Robinson began to work with legendary artists on bringing more of his poetry to life at the radio and clubs level. His work continued on productions with Melba Moore, Carol Jiani and CEEVOX.

The catalog includes many dubs and instrumental tracks that can be licensed to film, television and new media. The entire collection of music and spoken word projects are available for publishing sale. Samples may be heard online on iTunes at:

For serious inquiries:
Jimmyland Corporation / J Music Group
2804 Crosley Drive East Ste H
West Palm Beach , Fl 33415
off. 561 602 1400

Poet, lyricist, recording artist, musician, producer, art dealer and entrepreneur.

Jimmyland Corporation / J Music Group / Jimmy D Robinson ,Inc.
Music industry
2004 – Present (7 years)
Robinson’s highly praised poetry books have been gifted to presenters and nominees at the Grammy® Awards, the Radio Music Awards, the American Music Awards and the Latin Grammy® Awards.

Jimmy D Robinson ventured into the studio in 2007 and began setting his poetry to music. His debut full-length spoken-word CD was titled MIND JUICE. Robinson’s sixteen-book anthology, is a timeless collection of Robinson’s poems set to beautiful music.

From the MIND JUICE CD sprang Robinson’s first international chart hit titled, “A Tiny Shoe.” The remix project pushed “A Tiny Shoe” to #6 on the Billboard Club Play chart and #7 on the UK Music Week chart.

Establishing his record label, J Music Group, became the next rung on Robinson’s artistic ladder. He entered the studio with CEEVOX and produced several international hit dance club records with his poems “In The Night”( #4 on Billboard Club), “At Midnight” (#24 on Billboard Club) and “Lost in You” (#34 on Billboard Club).

Soon, Robinson began working with international dance music diva Carol Jiani. Together they recorded the #2 UK Music Week Chart hit “Broken.” On his next single, Jimmy D Robinson stepped up to the microphone himself and recorded the single “One More Chance,” which features stunning vocals of music legend Melba Moore.

Working with exceptional producing talent and stellar remixers has become Robinson’s new creative passion. He works with some of the biggest names in dance culture including: FC Nond, Zur-Face, Edie Baez, Hoop , Jose Velez, Timothy Allan, The Perry Twins, Twisted Dee, Tracy Young, Rafael M, Josh Harris, Klubjumpers, Mark Loverush, Kinky Roland, Loverush Uk, Arenna and Edson Pride.

Jimmy D Robinson’s music is heard throughout the world. With a progressive and futuristic sound, Robinson has written and produced 40 albums tallying 260 selections in his arsenal of music, which is available on Itunes, Amazon - MP3, Napster, Masterbeat and many other online stores.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


The bar of the new pop-rock world is set even higher with the release of Michael Addison’s ALWAYS YOU. Along with his title single, the CD includes others hits, COME BACK TO ME, SHE KNOWS, and LAST WORDS. With contributions from Christine Wu (Justine Timberlake/Usher) and Ryan Hoyle (Collective Soul) ALWAYS YOU is sure to impress listeners of all ages. ALWAYS YOU is available online, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Along with the CD, Addison released his debut music video ALWAYS YOU, directed by Geoffrey McNeil of GSM Entertainment. After working with clients such as John Mayer and Kanye West, GSM was eager to take on this exciting project with Michael Addison. Celebrity appearances by super model Heidi Cortez and Sean Winchester (Everclear) add to the fun surprises throughout the video. The tongue and cheek story is a hilarious ride with Michael and his monkey best friend. Be sure to check out the ALWAYS YOU music video on Addison’s Youtube channel at

About Michael Addison
Michael’s journey began on the outskirts of Philadelphia. At an early age, he began writing with a wide range of influences from Nirvana to Johnny Cash. In college at The University of Arizona, Michael’s talents came to life as he moved further West to Los Angeles. Michael Addison music spread through Hollywood as he played along the Sunset Strip and throughout the city.

As fate would have it, singing sensation Kelly McGrath discovered a Michael Addison DVD and introduced him to music producer Larry Marciano. Michael and Larry joined forces and created the new and exciting sounds you hear today. Michael Addison’s addictive music is ever evolving and even more exciting songs and videos are soon to follow. To learn more about Michael Addison visit

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lachi - "Bug Out"

Shot in New York City and well produced by Kevin Porter, Pop/rock artist Lachi’s video “Bug Out” begins with her sitting on the steps of a building in the Big Apple singing and switches back and forth between that scene and the video’s protagonist, played by Sara Teed, as she makes her way through New York City. On Broadway, Teed meets someone selling sunglasses. After purchasing a pair, much to her surprise, she finds that they are magical and allow her to see people’s true emotions. She continues her journey through NYC watching people – seeing greed, hatred, envy, and other negative emotions until she stumbles and falls and is helped up by a man who doesn’t have any negativity. The pair then enter a club filled with people dancing where we see Lachi and her band Meridian Gold performing “But Out” live. This is a very innovative and energetic video, which perfectly matches the fast tempo, very bright and upbeat song with its catchy lyrics (“I’m just going to be me and Bug Out/And have fun/And live life/And have love/And bug out.”) that exude positivity.

Lachi - "Bug Out"

Monday, September 26, 2011

Black Rabbit - An Autumn Musical Feast

View the Black Rabbit Festival Gallery

Black Rabbit Festival, as the first Chinese Bi-city music festival, was held last weekend in Beijing and Shanghai. Nearly 30 bands and artists joined the festival, including both top international and domestic bands, providing music fans from all over the world with a brilliant music show.

View the Black Rabbit Festival Gallery

One of the most eye-catching performances was Hanggai, a band from Mongolia. They wore Mongolian costumes, and they used many different instruments, ranging from Mongolian, to electronic guitar, bass, etc. They combined Mongolian music and rock music in a perfect way. Starting with a song dedicated to Genghis Khan, they immediately caught all the attention. The vocalist brought us several songs that are related to grassland in an extremely passionate way, and he also said that it reminded him of his hometown when he saw the grassland, blue sky, clouds, and breeze here in suburban shanghai. The exquisite guitar skills, enthusiastic singing style of the vocalist and guitarist, and the deep and exotic voice of the matouqinist were all very impressive. And as usual, they were drinking beer while giving the show.

View the Black Rabbit Festival Gallery

Hebe, the beautiful singer from Taiwan, was on stage afterwards. She totally overthrew her usually calm and sweet image by crazily dancing and shaking her orange hair while singing a Beatles song. Different from other indie music artists playing here, Hebe belongs to the league of mainstream pop singers. She also encouraged her fans to pay more attention to Chinese indie music. She gave her fans a great show and sang eleven songs in a row. As a tribute to Hebe, her song called 'Love' was performed in a remixed version by DJ Otakrew on the adjacent NBA STREET JAM stage.

As the sun was setting, American hip-hop singer Ludacris turned the whole field into one large dance floor. Together with his friends, Ludacris performed his most loved songs, such as 'Money Maker', 'My Chick Bad', 'How Low', etc. The mood peaked when he covered Usher's first signature song 'Yeah!'.

View the Black Rabbit Festival Gallery

The most anticipated band, 30 Seconds to Mars, blasted onto the stage after almost an hour of sounding testing. The vocalist Jared Leto was vigorously welcomed by the audience, and girls even cried seeing him. They started out with several high-intensity rock songs, before treating their fans to some acoustic ones. During their performance, Jared Leto invited a lucky fan onto the stage, creating a memory of a lifetime. As their show came to an end, the Black Rabbit Festival also drew to a close.

Apart from these big stars, numerous other outstanding bands also gave great performances in the festival. The female vocal of Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystems showcased her deep, resonant voice, and their Chinese reggae songs. One of the festival's most iconic events happened when Carsick Cars, a famous Chinese band, was playing their most known song, 'Zhongnanhai'. The song is named after one of the most popular cigarette brands in China, so as they were playing, their fans treated them to a ritual shower of Zhongnanhai cigarettes.

The Norwegian band 120 days celebrated their for now last concert in China, by drinking pure vodka while playing their synthesizers, and bringing the fans old-school funky electronic music. The hip-hop music played at the NBA STREET JAM stage led to a street dancing battle among the audience. It turned out that the hip-hop crowd in China had some unique moves to display. In addition to the great artists, visitors to the Black Rabbit Festival were treated to an amusing showcase basketball match, including street dance, and cheerleaders.

The Black Rabbit Festival successfully gathered music fans from around the globe to enjoy this musical feast on a super cozy autumn day. 'See You Next Time' was displayed on a big banner at the exit, which hopefully presented Split Works' and Taihe Live's confidence in bringing us another fantastic music festival next year.

More info:

Donna Loren's Shindig! Live Online Concert

TV's 60s hit show "Shindig" gave Donna a platform to sing new and innovative songs of the day. Full circle, there's lots more inspiration to sing about with her new show. Buckle up in your Front Row Seat to reminisce as well as explore new possibilities. The phenomenon of the music from the Sixties has permeated several generations. Thank you, John, Paul, George and Ringo, Keith and Mick, for being vital today!

Piano accompaniment by Carl Byron in an intimate living room setting.

Sunday, October 2nd
Starts at 1pm PST, 3pm CST, 4pm EST
Hawaii 10am • Rio de Janeiro 5pm • Tokyo 5am Mon 10/3
Sydney/Melbourne 7am Mon 10/3 • Auckland 9am Mon 10/3
London 9pm • Paris 10pm • Madrid 10pm • Berlin 10pm
Stockholm 10pm • Amsterdam 10pm • Athens 11pm • Dublin 9pm
Mexico City 3pm • Toronto 4pm • Hong Kong 4am Mon 10/3

How does this work?
1. Register and get your ticket NOW at
2. If you choose to wait til showtime, be sure to allow AT LEAST 15-minutes before the show to register and get your ticket.
3. Enjoy the show on October 2nd @ 1pm PST