Friday, January 7, 2011

22nd Century Releases 2nd CD, Covering Martha & The Muffin's "Echo Beach"!

Following up on 2009's successful debut CD "The Twenty Second Century, Canada's 22nd Century released "Where's Howie?!!". Produced by legendary rock producer John Webster (credits: Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Scorpians, Motley Crue) and mastered by Todd Simko (Pure), Where's Howie was recorded in Vancouver's Mushroom studios and released Jan 6, 2011 on Bugnut Records. The 10 song CD includes covers of Martha and the Muffins "Echo Beach" and The Angel's (aka "Angel City") No Secrets which charted in Australia as high as #8 in 1980.

22nd Century recorded the new CD with punk rock superstar Zippy Pinhead (The Mutants, The Dils, D.O.A.) on drums to fill the void of Glen Gaupholm who left the band in 2009.The trio have briefly toured, playing to audiences in North America while enjoying success from the first CD including winning the popular vote in a National battle of the bands contest, being nominated by the Somojo UK as a finalist for "Rock Artist of the Year" and having radio airplay in dozens of countries worldwide.

"The band's three members, Duane Chaos, Tim Plommer and Zippy Pinhead, have really merged their musical direction" stated Eddy Bugnut of the band's label. "The songwriting is really strong in the singles Teenage Underwear Model and U Generation as well as the title track, Howie the Skid. When I first heard U Generation it reminded me of The Who's earlier live performances. It is a song that basically kicks you in the face from start to finish".

The CD's will are available via most popular digital distribution sites such as iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster while the band's label uses many Web 2.0 social media patterns to market the music via their own network.

Media outlets wishing to receive a copy of the new CD for their review department may use the contact information below.

For further information: Eddy Bugnut 1 (604) 726-3329


Song "What I Want" By JOMO On The RISE

Out of the city and home of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" comes an artist named JOMO with a song titled "What I Want" which is beginning to make rounds and "noise" in the Music Industry through Licensing, features and radio airplay through his companies "Lyles-Belton Music" and "Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC,".

Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC, released Jomo's debut album in 2003 titled "America's Playground". Jomo-N-Keys released 2 mixtapes in the local area, then went on to release the Single/Ep from album titled "What I Want" in which the song chart on many radio charts.

Jomo has had his song "What I Want" licensed for video game TECK DECK LIVE, FRONTLIER FILMS, ON THE THROTTLE TV, LG PICTURES, independent film "800 Pound Gorilla"(a John Paxton Film), "Inspector Imtiaz: The Call Within" (a Sadar Khan film), UNDERGROUND PRODUCTIONS, TV SHOW "The Extent" as well as many other projects. Jomo has also played small roles in 2 of John Paxton films including the aforementioned "800 Pound Gorilla". It has just recently been licensed for use in the reality series "Life of A Dyme", a new Brent Ford Snowboard Film and is now being considered for it's biggest movie to date "The Return of Joe Rich" by the renown director Sam Auster who is excited about the track. This movie can be researched on IMDb and is expected to be a stellar hit!

"What I Want" has been added in rotation to various Radio Stations with the latest being BREAK THRU RADIO out of California.

Jomo is from Atlantic City, NJ. Graduated from Atlantic City Highschool and played Basketball at North Carolina Central University while earning his BBA/Finance. Jomo is currently a Firefigher in AC and as aforementioned Co-owner of Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC, and owner of Lyles-Belton Music.

Lyles-Belton Music/Jomo-N-Keys Entertainment LLC, 1706 Hummock Ave Atlantic City, NJ 08401 (609)992-6331 Fax: (609) 344-4483 email:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Progressive Jazz Fusion Artist Anders Helmerson Writes An Ode To His Keyboard, "Yoda's Dance"

Progressive Jazz Fusion artist Anders Helmerson just became the latest member of a very select group of musicians who have penned a song to their beloved instruments, which in addition to being functional, have a sentimental appeal. Helmerson recently released "Yoda's Dance," which is how he fondly refers to his lead keyboard. Blues extraordinaire B.B. King made his guitar "Lucille" the focus of a hit song in 1985. In fact, there's even a Facebook group called "Musicians Who Name Their Instruments."

Though most would think "Yoda's Dance" might refer in some way to Star Wars, it doesn't. But there's still bit of irony related to it, as Helmerson said, "I had forgotten about Star Wars until came to Abbey road studios and the engineer laughed a bit when he saw the title. He was actually the guy who mixed the soundtrack of the film. Perhaps that's a good sign." Helmerson also stated, "This track was written to enhance Bryan - the bass player. I wanted to do something that would give some more reign to his ability and he really seized the opportunity. The track is built up by long bars as 14/8 or larger. That in itself contains a theme and is then repeated in different keys. It builds on ideas I have had for a long time and also recorded before in other versions. It's a real progressive fuzo tune with some funk added for spice. I think Yoda speaks!"

Remember Return to Forever, and George Duke in the early days of Jazz Fusion? We had brilliant bands like Brand X, and innovators like bassist Bill Bruford. Well, Anders Helmerson brings some fresh inventive music that reflects those glory days! This is a full blown excursion that rocks out in 7/4. The keyboard synths and drums use polyrythymns still rock out, there is an outstanding electric bass solo, and the trio features keyboard synths with electric guitar sounds and open voicings with expansive scope to the harmonic landscape. Yoda's Dance is Jazz Rock at its best.

"Helmerson lets his creativity take him to new heights which ultimately resulted in him creating his own genre of music which he dubs Progressive Fusion; a combination of long songs with virtuosos performed in complicated time signatures, elaborate melodies and harmonies that are built on pentatonic scales that are neither major nor minor. This musical mastermind fuses jazz and rock to create a sound that amazes listeners with the power of superior technique and great composing." MusicDish

Born in Sweden in May 1959, Anders Helmerson has had a life-long love affair with music. In the 1970's, Helmerson played in various short-lived bands and studied classical music in Denmark and Sweden, all the while becoming more and more interested in synthesizers and progressive rock. Helmerson completed his debut album, "The End of Illusion," in 1981. The album's lack of success caused him to turn his back on music for the next several years. He worked as a surgeon in Copenhagen, a GP in Norway and a ship's doctor on a cruise-ship, eventually discovering Rio de Janeiro, the catalyst for his return to music. In early 2002, Helmerson release his second album, "Fields Of Inertia" on the Brazilian label, Som Interior Productions.

Yoda’s Dance:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Maya Solovey Kicks Off 2011 With European Tour And MIDEM 2011

Singer/songwriter Maya Solovey ended 2010 in the best way possible - taking New York City by storm with performances at multiple venues, including the Trump Apartments in Manhattan. Maya isn't slowing down in 2011, opening the year at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn on January 7th, before embarking on a short European tour. Starting in Geneva, Maya will be traveling to Lisbon (Portugal), Zaragoza (Spain) and Cannes for MIDEM 2011.

* January 19th
L'Usine - Geneva, Switzerland
* January 20th
Clube Ferroviario - Lisbon, Portugal
* February 3rd
La Vía Lactea, calle Doctor Palomar, 20:30
* February 4th, Zaragoza Spain
Eves Bayou, calle Don Juan de Aragon (next to Instituto de la Mujer)
* February 5th, 23:30
La Bóveda del Albergue, calle Predicadores 70, 22:00, Zaragoza, Spain

Maya will be attending the MIDEM Conference in Cannes, France on January 22-26 to meet with European labels and publishers regarding her self-titled album, as well as booking and other business opportunities. Maya will be joined by co-producer "Bassy" Bob Brockman, a grammy award winning producer and mixer, whose production and mixes have been nominated for over 20 Grammys. MIDEM (Marche International du Disque et de l'Edition Musicale) has been held annually in France since 1967 with the aim to provide a forum for business talks, political and legal issues to do with the music industry, showcasing new artists and discussing musical trends and music-related products.

As an international artist and a trilingual songwriter, Maya Solovey has merged the acoustic/folk songwriting tradition into the territories of pop, bossa nova, and even the high drama of cinematic scoring. Her music is a surprising, yet rational marriage between many cultures as she sings in Portuguese, Spanish and her native English tongue. Her new self-titled album, Maya Solovey, released July 15th, has already gathered notice from journalists and music critics. Her song "Eu Vi" was featured in a Ralph Lauren runway video for winter fashion week, while her song "Como Yo Lloro Por Ti" will be featured on a in a FIFA World Cup compilation, and another 3 songs will be featured in an upcoming shark documentary called "Shark Allies". Tom Moon, on air critic for NPR, and journalist for Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine said, "Here's a rarity: An original voice who really is original! Drawing inspiration from all over the map, Maya Solovey has developed a deep, enchanting sound that's unlike anything else out there right now."

Eric de Fontenay
Digital Music NY

Monday, January 3, 2011

MusicDish*China Artist Roster At MIDEM 2011

Officially launched at MIDEM 2010, MusicDish*China will be returning to MIDEM 2011 representing some of Beijing's most exciting acts: electro-punk rock band Pet Consipracy, singer-songwriter Zhang Si'an and GBOB China winner The Amazing Insurance Salesmen. Eric de Fontenay will be meeting with delegates for licensing and booking opportunities as well strategic partnerships. MIDEM (Marche International du Disque et de l'Edition Musicale) has been held annually in France since 1967 with the aim to provide a forum for business talks, political and legal issues to do with the music industry, showcasing new artists and discussing musical trends and music-related products.

Pet Conspiracy
Halfway between an art project and a punk rock show, Pet Conspiracy have become popular in China and abroad for their powerful and borderline live acts. MTV Band of the Month in 2009, Best Electro Band in China in 2010, Pet Conspiracy have become in less than 2 years one of the hottest and original band in China. Since 2008, Pet Conspiracy paved their way to Europe where they performed in some of the coolest european clubs and made appearances on Arte TV, BBC and international compilations. Pet Conspiracy's 2008 'The China EP' as well as their upcoming 2011 release is available for licensing, They are also working on their 4th European tour.

Zhang Si'an (aka Jean-Sebastien Hery)
Beijing, China - Folk, Rock, Electro
Since arriving in China in 2000, he has recorded four solo albums primarily in Mandarin, and lead Beijing indie bands The Incredible JSB!, The Maix Jazz band and GBOB 2010 China winner Amazing Insurance Salesmen. With influences ranging from Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd and good dose of fusion jazz, Zhang Si'an has played all of Beijing's hotspots (Yugong Yishan, Mao live house, D22, 2Kolegas...). Zhang Si'an has five albums available for licensing in European markets, including his latest "Mandarin(e) Jazz," as well as three albums from "The Incredible JSB!".

The Amazing Insurance Salesmen
Beijing, China - Progessive Rock
Formed in the summer of 2009, the Amazing Insurance Salesmen play original experimental music and songs inspired by bands such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix and music genres like Jazz, Blues, Bossa nova, Fusion, Classical music,... The band regularly performs in Beijing’s most famous venues such as 2Kolegas, Mao Livehouse, Yugongyishan, the What Bar and D22, as well music festivals such as the Beijing Haidian Park Festival and the Beijing Nanluoguxiang Festival. The band won the Global Battle of the Bands China title in November 2010 and will be competing for the World title in Kuala Lumpur in February 2011.

Eric de Fontenay has spent his career steeped in what has been called the "digital revolution." In '97, he founded MusicDish at the dawn of the "new" digital music industry. In 2001, Eric began focusing on artist marketing, combining branding, social media, viral distribution and online street teaming, and has since worked with 100s of artists and labels. He also runs the largest music newswire Mi2N (, though now focuses on building the MusicDish*China brand. Eric is a regular speaker at music conferences ranging from Music Matters (HK) to MIDEM (Cannes). He currently produces the Digital Music NY series.

Launched at MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France, MusicDish*China is the latest online brand from MusicDish LLC, a digital music company, providing a unique insight into China's emerging music industry. Focused on the cultural hubs of Beijing and Shanghai as well as broader markets in Taiwan and Singapore, MusicDish*China has sponsored major events such as Midi Festival and Beijing 2010 and works closely with local stakeholder.