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Indiana Based Hip-Hop Group Apollo Quad To Appear At Launch Music Festival

The creative and free spirited hip-hop group Apollo Quad has announced that they will appear at Launch Music Festival in Lancaster Pennsylvania on April 25 to the 28, 2013. Launch is a major music festival that will feature 175 performers on 11 stages.

Dateline: Los Angeles, California, April 11, 2013 - The band Apollo Quad, with it抯 roots based out of Indiana has set their sites on spreading their vision of individual freedom, personal energy, and art across the United States. The band plays a combination of lyrical hip-hop and rock instrumentation that is mind freeing and spirited that makes listeners feel alive.

The group has announced that they will appear at Launch Music Festival in Lancaster Pennsylvania on April 25 to the 28, 2013. Launch is a major music festival that will feature 175 performers on 11 stages. Apollo Quad will appear at the Chameleon Club at 9 pm.

The band has already released two albums; "No Gods, No Masters", and "Come Alive" and are excited to announce that they will soon release a third title, "Apollo Quad at Russian Recording" this month.

A spokesman for the band said their inspiration for their EP titled, "No Gods, No Masters" was derived from a slogan featured in a newsletter called, "The Woman Rebel", which was launched by Margaret Sanger in 1914. Sanger attempted to promote the use of contraceptives and implored women to think for themselves". Sanger often reminded women of their freedom and that they owned their bodies and minds. The group spokesman said, "We were extremely inspired by Margaret's fighting spirit and message, and desired to resurrect this slogan to remind people to think for themselves. The power of free speech is an awesome power, and can bring about significant change for both the individual and the larger society".

After their appearance at Launch, the group will play at The California Music Industry Summit on June 13-15, 2013, located at Laney College in Oakland; CA. CMIS is an opportunity for professional development and education on the newest trends in today抯 music industry for emerging artists and music industry professionals. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience three days of artists showcases and two activity filled days of music business panels, and workshops.

In addition to these appearances, the group often plays in the Chicago area and intends to spend more time in Minneapolis as well. They hope that new fans will seek out and discover their incredible music art for their listening enjoyment. The group currently enjoys a rapidly growing fan base.

Apollo Quad has also recently launched their official Artist Profile on at:

To learn more about Apollo Quad, please click on this link now:

Finally, the band was recently signed with The WiFi PR Group, based in Los Angeles California for representation, and can be contacted here:


Previously Released Work: "No Gods, No Masters", and "Come Alive"

Next Release this spring: "Apollo Quad at Russian Recording".

Music for Apollo Quad is distributed digitally on the internet: ITunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, MySpace Music and many other digital outlets.

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Official Facebook Page:

Jeromy Darling To Appear At Zap Arcade In MN

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, indie/acoustic artist Jeromy Darling is proud to announce his musical performance appearance on April 20, 2013 at Zap Arcade between 6-10 pm. Darling will appear with his group named "Jeromy and the Brethren". Zap Arcade is located 234 Broadway St., Jordan, MN.

Dateline: Los Angeles, California, April 8, 2013 - Jeromy Darling is proud of his faith and purpose in life, and makes no secret the source of inspiration for his music. Darling says on his Facebook Page, "I was made for Jesus and Rock 憂 Roll." In keeping with his faith, Darling has been a regular performer to the inmates at Shakopee Women抯 Prison and Lino Lakes Prison to bring a message of forgiveness, hope and love. Darling and his group Jeromy and the Brethren will appear at Zap Arcade this April 20th in Jordan Minnesota.

Darling has many accolades to his credit: vocalist of the month on, artist of the month on, artist of the month on, number one artist in Minneapolis Reverbnation charts, including top 20 nationally and 40 globally. Darling has appeared at Summerfest twice and SXSW and is proud of his ongoing work with disabled veterans and prison inmates.

Darling has just released a new EP titled, "A Year of Living", and has a new music video, which can be seen here:

Darling said this about the inspiration for the video, "My dad used to tell me that you抮e not really living until you have something in your life worth dying for. My wife and I have 2 little boys now and that phrase rings through my head a lot."

Darling plays mostly in the upper Midwest but plans to broaden his shows to different venues throughout the US. He hopes and is excited that new fans will seek him out and discover his unique, authentically inspired music for their listening pleasure and is enjoying a rapidly growing fan base.

Darling has also just recently launched his Official Artist Profile on MTV at:

To learn more about Jeromy Darling, please visit:

To learn more about Darling抯 Zap Arcade appearance please click here:

Jeromy Darling has recently signed with The WiFi PR Group, based in Los Angeles California for representation, and can be contacted here:

About Jeromy Darling Music

Previously Released Work: "The Great Upset", "A Year of Living", "The One That You Loved".

Music for Jeromy Darling is distributed digitally on the internet: ITunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, MySpace Music and many other digital outlets.

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Detroit Rockers 34Bliss Set To Play Charity Event For U.S. Troops

Detroit based rock group 34Bliss is proud to announce that they will appear on May 23rd, 2013 at Toby Keith's Bar and Grille in support of Desert Angels, which sends "Miracle Boxes," to US Troops serving overseas.

Dateline: Los Angeles, California, April 11, 2013 � The band 34Bliss, with it's roots based out of the musically rich Detroit Michigan area, has set their sites on spreading their feel good musical, vision and art across the state.

The band plays straight up rock and roll that encourages listeners to feel confident, solicits good vibes, and is often sensuous. A spokesman for the group said, "We intend to deliver to our audiences an intense rock that brings hope, inspiration and optimism". In the spirit of their musical intentions, 34Bliss is proud to announce that they will appear on May 23rd, 2013 at Toby Keith's Bar and Grille in support of Desert Angels, which sends "Miracle Boxes," to US Troops serving overseas. Desert Angels is a group of kind-hearted Americans that mail care packages that contain a variety of needed items, as well as words of encouragement, hope and love.

Music Connection Magazine said this about 34bliss, "When you see them live, you are in good hands, because they are musically savvy and consummate artists who love to play a retro vibe tampered with modern rock energy and sensibility. 34Bliss will please everyone from teens to boomers." The group has been described as band for all ages, because of their varied influences that span across the musical spectrum from jazz, soul, rock, funk and punk.

The band has already released two albums; "Scream", and "34Bliss" and after winning the Big Break contest of radio 94.7 WCSX, the band had the opportunity to open for Eddie Money at the DTE Music Theatre in May 2011. In August of 2012 the group recorded their EP at the world-renowned Ocean-Way recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

The group often plays in the Detroit area and intends to play at different venues throughout Michigan and the US. They hope that new fans will seek them out and discover their incredible spirited brand of rock music for their listening pleasure. The group currently enjoys a rapidly growing fan base. 34 Bliss has also recently launched their official Artist profile on MTV at:

To learn more about 34bliss, please click on this link now:

Finally, the band was recently signed with The WiFi PR Group, based in Los Angeles California for representation, and can be contacted

About 34 Bliss

Previously Released Work: "Scream", and "34Bliss.

Music for 34Bliss is distributed digitally on the internet: ITunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, MySpace Music and many other digital outlets.

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Pop-Punk Emo Artist Attention,Whore To Appear At The Garage In Burnsville MN

Dateline: Los Angeles, California, April 8, 2013 � Based in Minneapolis Minnesota, emo-pop punk group Attention,Whore is a self described 損op punk/ emo trio who humorously describes their likes as pizza, hanging out, pancakes, long walks on the beach, sleeping and playing music in dirty basements�. Attention,Whore is proud to announce their next upcoming performance appearance on May 4, 2013 at the Garage, 75 Civic Center Parkway, Burnsville, MN. Recently they played to a sell out crowd at 揅ity of the Weak� EP release show at the Beat Coffee House.

Members of the group include: Katy Marosok who sings vocals and plays guitar, Laurel McDonald who plays bass, and BJ Foster on drums. A spokesman for the group said, 揂 lot of Katy抯 song writing comes from just feeling like an outcast and alone, and she wants to share her dreams and hopes. The main inspiration for every song is to make the audience feel like they抮e not alone. She really wants the audience to know that someone else out there feels just like them. The biggest and best feeling she can impart is being able to take someone out of their problems, even if it抯 just for a few minutes�.

The group and their style of music are often compared to Paramore, Blink and Brand New. Their songs are well-crafted catchy tunes with power chord riffs, instant hooks and big sing-along choruses. Marosok抯 humor and razor sharp wit is becoming a signature brand for their lyrics and sing-along anthems, as demonstrated on their latest single, GFY, where it is currently streaming on the Warped Tour Battle of the Bands page at:

Attention,Whore plays in Minnesota but intends to spend more time at different venues throughout the US participating in various competitions such as an upcoming Rawkzilla battle of the bands event. The battle has established itself as the biggest and most legit battle of the bands in the midwest, with a 10,000 cash payout and 20,000 in equipment to the winner.

The group is very excited that new fans are seeking them out to discover their unique and authentically energized style of music. The group currently enjoys a rapidly growing fan base. The have recently launched their Official Artist profile on MTV at:

Attention, Whore is currently in the studio working on their upcoming EP, 揊ight Fire With Friends� which is due for release in May and will be available for download on their Bandcamp page in May. The EP will include production by engineer Xander Moser and the Flight or Fight Music Group. The band will be going on tour in support of the 揊ight Fire With Friends� EP with Drunk History from June 14th-22nd.

Attention, Whore will be announcing the details of all of their their upcoming tour dates, and hopes that their new fans will vote for them to play on this year抯 Warped Tour by visiting this link:

Attention Whore has recently signed with The WiFi PR Group, based in Los Angeles California for representation, and can be contacted here:

About Attention, Whore

Previously Released Work: 揨ombie Dreams�.

Music for Attention Whore is distributed digitally on the internet: ITunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, MySpace Music and many other digital outlets.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Avidya And The Kleshas | MTV Hive Premiere | Debut LP Out 6/4 | RIYL Fiona Apple, Florence Welch

Avidya and the Kleshas are pleased to premiere "Body of Lead" on MTV Hive -- the first single from the band's debut album Tree of Series, out June 4th.

Like their namesake, Avidya and The Kleshas' music is shrouded in mystery and cannot be confined to one box. With her penchant for impassioned expression, vocalist Stephanie Carlin evokes the ghost of Jeff Buckley and the outspokenness of Ani DiFranco, while the Kleshas channel the textured funk of Frank Zappa and multifaceted soundscapes of John Frusciante. Avidya and The Kleshas write music that leads listeners in unexpected directions.

Avidya and The Kleshas evolved out of a fortuitous meeting of solo artist, Stephanie Carlin, and her band-to-be. After moving to Brooklyn in 2008 and releasing the solo EP The Agony and Ecstasy of, Carlin graduated with a BFA in Jazz Performance and sought out a backing band. Lord Craigslist bestowed upon her percussionist Wes Reid and bassist Russ Flynn. Though the three temporarily parted company, the universe reunited them a year later to form the lush sounds of Avidya and The Kleshas, adding Xander Naylor on electric guitar and Javi Santiago on keys.

Spawned from the love and generous support of fans with a successful Kickstarter campaign, Avidya and The Kleshas' Tree of Series is a record for refined tastes. Not for the faint of thought, the 11-track album is an innovative listening experience, fraught with ever-changing shapes and carefully crafted lyrics. Complex rhythms and swelling instrumentation back Carlin's shining voice on the first single, "Mother and God." Similes expand with growing passionate stanzas, growing into freewheeling choruses that ebb and flow with varying time signatures and elastic piano lines. Moving the record into a more subdued mood, highlight track "Body of Lead" floats on ethereal synth arpeggios, gentle cross-sticking, and soothing vocals that immerse the listener into a trance-like calm.

Buddhist texts describe Avidya and four other Kleshas as the fog in our consciousness, the mental states that cloud the mind, i.e why we suffer. Translated from Sanskrit, this incapacity to see reality for what it really is defines "avidya," which is the root klesha in all of us; it is the source of four other mental states of discomfort.

Avidya and The Kleshas' genre is not easily pigeonholed, as they are a band defined by an outside-of-the-box approach to music-making. Tree of Series intertwines eclectic musical backgrounds, encouraging a community of diverse music lovers to interconnect and generate anticipation for Avidya and The Kleshas' blossoming path.

For all media inquiries, please contact

Caitlin Pasko | | 212-777-6727 x205

Jillian Santella | | 212-777-6727 x204

at Effective Immediately PR

MWest Entertainment Artist JUSTICE Debuts New Hit Single "By My Side"


JMWest Entertainment Jean-Michel Soupraya

9701 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1000 Founder & Chairman

Beverly Hills, CA 90212 855-2JMWest x 701

JMWest Entertainment Artist JUSTICE Debuts New Hit Single "By My Side"

LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 1, 2013 � The industry elite all came out to the Gibson Showroom on Tuesday, March 19 to celebrate JMWest Entertainment signed performing artist JUSTICE and the release of her new single "By My Side."

JUSTICE took to the stage to perform her set of powerful, exciting pop hits, and also gave the audience a sneak peek at her upcoming single, "Crazy," which will be officially released next month. She also performed several songs with accomplished cellist Hope Easton.

JUSTICE's first single, "Find A Way," was released in 2012 and charted for nine weeks, reaching #30 on the Top 40 Billboard Indicator Chart. Coming off of this recent success, "By My Side" features a warm, eclectic mix of percussive beats, layered to create an infectious sound.

The catchy, reggae-infused hit is currently making waves on the radio, and the accompanying video, which also premiered at Tuesday night's party, has over 500,000 views on YouTube, and can be viewed at

"JUSTICE is a down to earth, real girl," says Jean-Michel Soupraya, record producer and co-songwriter of "By My Side." "She's a fresh new talent. Our goal with this single was to merge the traditional with the new pop sound, and, of course, to make people move and smile."

"By My Side" can currently be preordered on iTunes at

"I write about what is really happening in my day to day life," explains JUSTICE, "I just hope that when people listen to my music they can relate to what I'm going through and that somehow through that we all feel connected in a way. That's what I look for in the music I love; and I hope that is what I bring to others through my music."

JMWest Entertainment was founded by record producer and composer Jean-Michel Soupraya. JMWest insists on maintaining artist integrity while consistently raising the bar with new and innovative approaches to sound, development, and to the marketplace as a whole. To learn more about JMWest Entertainment, please visit

Darren Ockert's #YouDontKnowMe Project, A Call To Action Against Stereotypes

Think you know Darren Ockert? Think again. The British born, Miami based dance pop artist just launched the #YouDontKnowMe project and accompanying music video, a call to action to anyone who has ever felt unfairly judged based on appearances.

The first single from Ockert's forthcoming album, Short Story Long, "You Don't Know Me's" video premiered on Logo's New Now Next. Though the track sparkles with peppy twinkling loops, crisp production and synths, catchy, uplifting melodies, and danceable beats, lyrically, the song touches on the pains of being in the public eye and the struggles of warding off false assumptions.

In this new, interactive #YouDontKnowMe project, Darren Ockert calls upon anyone who has ever felt misunderstood or unfairly judged based on how they appear. Inviting people to post videos sharing personal stories of overcoming prejudices, Ockert hopes that this project can help to destroy stereotypes and help people realize that we are more alike than we are different.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Beautifully Demolished Release New Single

HIGHVOLMUSIC is releasing in advance the new single Beautifully Demolished by THE BEAUTIFULLY DEMOLISHED. The new single can be purchased by visiting

THE BEAUTIFULLY DEMOLISHED are set to make their debut east coast appearance at the Spring Stampede on April 27th at the House of Rock in White Marsh, MD.

THE BEAUTIFULLY DEMOLISHED is a 101% kick-ass good time rock n� roll band and features D.K. REVELLE-Vox, ROBBI BLACK-Drumz � Vox, JAMIE MORENO-Guitar � Vox, JIMMY MINJ-Bass � Vox, and FINN ZEVO-Guitar � Vox.

Boston Alternative Rockers, BombPilot Announce East Coast Dates

Boston Alternative Rock Artists Bomb Pilot have announced two east coast dates on April 13 and May 31 in Somerville MA. The group has also launched their official MTV artist profile where music fans can stream or download their latest videos and singles.

Dateline: Los Angeles, California, April 7, 2013 朆oston based Rock N Roll trailblazers Bomb Pilot have announced two east coast dates on April 13 and May 31, 2013. On April 13th, Bomb Pilot will take the stage at Davis Square Theater located at 255 Elm Street in Somerville, MA and on May 31st at The Rosebud located at 381 Summer Street in Somerville, MA. Both shows are 21+ with 9pm stage time for Bomb Pilot.

Their single, Double Blind from their 2012 self-titled EP has been receiving a substantial amount of positive feedback and shares through their ReverbNation page which has helped them to climb the local Rock Charts on the site. Currently they are ranked at #250 on the local Rock charts out of thousands of bands from their home state of Massachusetts.

Although the band is relatively new, having formed in 2011, they have already released an EP and debuted it to a sold out crowd at the Hard Rock and have another one on the way due in the Summer of this year titled, "Let it Rise" "We need more press and media coverage of our upcoming record, "Let it Rise." Our first EP was released independently and debuted at The Hard Rock to a sold out room. With more promotion and social buzz about the upcoming album, it will give us an opportunity to get that exposure," says Chris Cucinotto(drums). That exposure will help us to reach a larger and more diverse audience."

Bomb Pilot, which includes Tony DiBiase on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Dave Goldfarb on Lead Guitar, bassist Alex Le and drummer Chris Cucinotto formed in 2011 in Boston. The band is a collaboration of friends band with diverse influences and backgrounds that enable each member to bring a specific set of skills to Bomb Pilot. Vocalist Tony DiBiase has a strong background in the performing arts and songwriting, guitarist Dave Goldfarb has many years of experience recording, producing, and playing guitar. Bassist Alex Le brings style and attitude as well as insight into communications, and drummer Chris Cucinotto holds a Bachelor's degree in media production.

Bomb Pilot have an array of musical influences that have cultivated their sound, ranging from classic rock to funk rock. "We love the classics and new stuff too so we try to bring that classic sound back with some new modern rock flare. We often get compared to bands like Wolfmother, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Led Zeppelin" the band explained. You can hear a distinct tone in lead singer, Tony DiBiase's voice that will make any Wolfmother fan take notice as well as a defiant, edgy tone in the guitar playing that makes their sound comparable to the pontiff of power-riffs himself, Jimmy Page.

Bomb Pilot plans to continue touring in 2013, in preparation of their first full length album, "Let it Rise" which is scheduled for a Summer release. They have also recently launched their official artist profile on where they plan to debut some of their singles from their upcoming release. Music fans can stream music from their first EP and stay up to date with their latest tour dates and news on their MTV artist profile at:

Known for their high energy performances and sold out shows, do not miss the opportunity to see Bomb Pilot live when they take the stage at Davis Square Theater located at 255 Elm Street in Somerville, MA and on May 31st at The Rosebud located at 381 Summer Street in Somerville, MA. Both shows are 21+ They go on at 9:00pm. April 13th show is tentative so please visit their MTV artist profile or ReverbNation page for ticket information and other details at: or

Bomb Pilot has recently signed with (Wifi PR Group) as a client. Company Info: WiFi PR Group, Los Angeles, CA.

About Bomb Pilot Music:

Bomb Pilot (Self-titled): 2012 (Independent)

Official Website:

Official MTV Artist Profile:

Official Facebook Page:

Official Twitter Page:

Maryland Rockers, Ashes To Embers Featured On Compilation Series

Maryland Based Rockers, Ashes To Embers will showcase their single "Crazy" on the upcoming Indie Anthems Compilation. The Indie Anthems Compilation is an on-going series that will feature some of the best up and coming unsigned and independent artists worldwide.

Dateline: Los Angeles, California, March 12, 2012 朚aryland Local Rockers, Ashes To Embers will be featured on the upcoming Compilation, "Indie Anthems". They will donate their track, "Crazy" to the Compilation. The compilation, which is produced by the WiFiPR Group to showcase new artists they have recently signed to their client roster, will come out as digital release only and be distributed at upcoming music festivals and industry events including SXSW in Austin, TX in March.

Ashes To Embers includes members: Dan Houtz-Vocals, Adam Nickol-Guitar, Mike Falkler - Guitar, Dave Bowen - Bass and Fred Wood - Drums.

In just three short years of playing together, they've already managed to achieve significant gains in their hometown market. Some of the most coveted achievements a local band can hope to aspire to is to: get airplay on the major radio stations, open for national acts and play the best venues in their area. Ashes to Embers has accomplished all of these things, including being featured on major rock stations in Baltimore (98 Rock-97.9fm and HFS-97.5fm) and headlining the major venues there. They've played Rams Head Live, Recher Theatre, Bourbon Street, Sonar and Looney's Pub North and have shared the stage with national acts including: Taproot, Charm City Devils, 12 Stones and Cinder Road.

The Ashes To Embers sound fuses the riff-heavy stadium rock of the '70s with the grit and anger of '80s post-punk, without ever neglecting hooks and choruses; "Crazy" "Look At Me" and "Southwesterly" all tracks from their 2011 "Ignite" release would fit perfectly onto album rock radio stations looking for new blood. It's no surprise that listeners and music critics alike make immediate comparisons of them to 90憇 rock bands like Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots and modern rockers, Breaking Benjamin. They've been described by music critics as being, "brutally heavily and beautifully melodic."

Their single "Southwesterly" demonstrates the vulnerable, melodic side of them while "Crazy" forges ahead with power and testosterone-fueled riffs. This is the kind of band that could easily woo a rocker chick with its power ballads and simultaneously gain the respect of a beer-guzzlin'Harley dude.

With intelligent lyrics and rock anthems throughout their choruses, it's no surprise this local Maryland band has accomplished what they have in three short years of playing together. To date the band has released a full length album in 2011, an EP in 2012 and another full length release on the way in 2013.

When asked about what has influenced their song-writing, lead singer, Dan Houtz explained, "As a band we write and play music because it feels like something inside of us that we need to get out. Our songwriting is often based on real life experiences like relationships we are involved in, challenges we face (as a band and as individuals), people that inspire us and things we have been through. Whatever it is that we are writing about, we commit as a group to creating something whole that we can all be proud of."

Ashes To Embers plans to continue recording in 2013 to include a new release while touring and promoting their current EP, Charming. Do not miss the opportunity to see Ashes To Embers live. Please visit their website at: for all upcoming show information and to subscribe their mailing list.

Ashes To Embers has recently signed with (Wifi PR Group) as a client. For all media inquiries contact:

Company Info: WiFi PR Group, Los Angeles, CA

About Ashes To Embers Music:

Available on iTunes and online at

CD's and Singles:

Ignite (Album) - June 2011 - self published

Charming (Ep) - August 2012 - self published


Official Facebook Page:

Official Twitter Page:

Alternative-Hip-Hop Artist Coolzey Releases New LP "Hit Factory"

Born and raised in Central Iowa and now stomping the streets of Hollywood, where dreams are born, legends are made, and many starve chasing a check, Alternative Hip-Hop artist Coolzey is slated for stardom with the release of his new album, "Hit Factory" on Public School Records. The 8 song LP serves as a cohesive compilation of songs that will definitely resonate with Coolzey's rising audience. The first single "Want It Most" is garnering strong attention through the visual prowess of his video that is currently gaining momentum on YouTube.

Los Angeles, California, April 10, 2013 朓owa is not generally known for it's emcees or rap artists but that didn't stop Coolzey from bringing you an LP that some critics are labeling as an instant classic. The "Hit Factory," which was released on April 2, 2013 is available via CD Baby and digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and everywhere else.

The "Hit Factory" is Coolzey's second official album release since he dropped, "The Honey" back in 2010. This new album is not just music to the Iowa native, but also a true vision of what music means to him. "I like the idea of making hits for yourself. Songs that are a hit to you, or something you create that you can enjoy for years. Something with longevity, that is what a hit is to me." The "Hit Factory" is an eclectic blend of music or soon-to-be hits that showcases Coolzey's diversity as an artist. With engaging lyricism, rocked out guitar riffs, and simple yet effective vocal range, the LA based stand out is guaranteed to impress with joints like the head knocking, "Guitar Hero or the groovy sing-a-long guitar based, "Pay Me Slow." But it is the deep honesty of "Want it Most" that is currently capturing the ears of Coolzey's rapidly growing fan base. When he says, "but my lack of a check is affecting my flyness;" that one line sends a powerful message about the afflictions of a struggling artist backed by a cleverly composed video that shows a stalker-like Coolzey following around what appears to be an ex-girlfriend. The song, video, and album speak to Coolzey's cleverness as he truly represents the personification of the world artist.

Coolzey is single-handedly breathing life into a somewhat asthmatic industry with "The Hit Factory." Inspired by the likes of his predecessors, De La Soul, The Beastie Boys, Neil Young, Outkast and a host of the others, the cornfield raised rapper also draws inspiration from the world around him. "My songs are mostly inspired by observations, experiences, relationships, and events in the microcosm and macrocosm of the world around me."

On April 2, 2013 the world around us definitely changed with the release of Coolzey's soon-to-be critically acclaimed, "Hit Factory." Although the full album is available for streaming on Soundcloud, be sure to cop the LP on CD Baby, iTunes, and all your favorite digital outlets. If you are looking for some Hip Hop edged out on the Rock tip with a Pop appeal to it, then "Hit Factory" should be on your "Want it Most" list

Coolzey has recently signed with (Wifi PR Group) as a client. Company Info: WiFi PR Group, Los Angeles, CA.

About Coolzey Music:

Coolzey VS PRZM EP � Public School Records-2009

The Honey LP- Pubic School Records-2010

Search for the Hip Hop Hearts CD/DVD � Public School Records 2011

Live from the Cave @Dougman � Public School Records- 2012

Hit Factory � Public School Records � 2013

Official Website:

Official Facebook Page:

Official Twitter Page:

Official YouTube Page:

Monday, April 15, 2013

Saxophonist Plunky Releases New Single







Press Release  For Immediate Release

Saxophonist J. Plunky Branch's latest single release is a neo-jazz adaptation of the John Legend hit song, "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)." Plunky spices the ballad with some smooth sax, sensual female vocals and well-placed funky go-go beats for a danceable adaptation that is reminiscent of Grover Washington's hit of yester-year, "Mr. Magic."

Throughout his career Plunky has pushed boundaries and redefined musical genres with his signature jazz, world beat, funk, hip-hop, gospel and African amalgamations. His experience and versatility keeps him at the top of booking agents' and presenters' lists for concerts, club engagements, and galas. The funky grooves and mellow tones of Plunky's new single, places it squarely within the smooth jazz category, just in time for the summer festival season.

N.A.M.E Brand Records has announced that Plunky will release a series of singles over the next few months, showcasing the legendary artist's depth, eclecticism and broad musical interests. In the coming weeks, "Tonight" will be followed by more go-go, some funk, some message music and Plunky's unique brand of saxy, smooth jazz; all leading up to his next CD album. But "Tonight" is gonna be the (Best You Ever Had)...

Saxophonist J. Plunky Branch is an experienced performer, songwriter and music and film producer. He is president of his own independent record label, N.A.M.E. Brand Records, through which he has released 25 albums. At one time Plunky was a studio musician for television's top-rated sitcom, "The Cosby Show." His song "Every Way But Loose" was a top-ten soul music chart hit in London in the 1980's. He has appeared on avant-garde jazz albums by Pharaoh Sanders, Hamiett Bluiett and others. With his group, Plunky & Oneness, he has opened shows for Patti Labelle, Ray Charles, Earth Wind & Fire, Yellow Jackets, and Frankie Beverly & Maze, LL Cool J, Chuck Brown, and more.

Listen to Plunky's Tonight (Best You Ever Had):

View video:


2218 Rosewood Avenue

Richmond, VA 23220



Sunday, April 14, 2013

CD Release: Monty Alexander 'Uplift 2' JLP


Jamaica is known for the undulating sounds of reggae, but it also contributed mightily to the jazz continuum. Dizzy Reese, Ernest Ranglin, and Harry Beckett are from Jamaica, but perhaps the island's best-known jazz export is Monty Alexander, a pianist that's been enthralling jazz fans for decades. Alexander's 2011 album Uplift topped the JazzWeek chart twice that year—and when JazzWeek charted the most-played CDs of the year, Uplift was #5. Between that CD and Harlem-Kingston Express Live, Alexander has officially dominated the US Radio Charts with three # 1 spots, all in the summer of 2011. Harlem-Kingston Express (Motema, also 2011) was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Reggae Album category.

Born in Kingston 1944, the young Alexander took to the 88s as something of a prodigy. One night at age five he had observed a pianist play "White Christmas" in his home at a Christmas party. His mother recalls seeing young Monty playing that same tune with both hands the very next night. At age eight he took classical piano lessons but he'd already began loving the American jazz and Great American songbook pop (Tony Bennett, Nat "King" Cole) he heard on the radio. As a teenager, seeing Nat "King" Cole and Louis Armstrong perform had a major impact upon him. He'd also become interested in Jamaican music—Alexander would play with Clue J & His Blues Blasters, substituting for their regular pianist Aubrey Adams when he became unavailable. While few could conceive of it at the time, this band would prove to be a major watershed in Jamaican music history, incubating the talents of not only Alexander but Ernest Ranglin, Rico Rodriguez, and Roland Alphonso, all who'd go on to become prime movers in Jamaican ska, rocksteady, and reggae. By the end of 1961, Alexander's family relocated to that land of opportunity, the USA, where he further honed his skills. While playing with Art Mooney's orchestra in Las Vegas, he was spotted by a couple of high rollers, namely Frank Sinatra and Ermenigildo "Jilly" Rizzo, singer/show business legend and Sinatra's pal/aide and New York City club owner, respectively. Rizzo hired Alexander to be the house pianist for Jilly's Saloon, a notorious hang-out for show biz types, jazz musicians, and assorted other hip clientele. Not only did he accompany Sinatra when he performed at Jilly's, but Alexander met a jazz legend there that became both a friend and employer, vibes master Milt Jackson (of the Modern Jazz Quartet, who had a parallel solo career). Other singers Alexander has shone behind include Mary Stallings, Ernestine Anderson, Natalie Cole (who asked Alexander to accompany her on her tribute album to her father Unforgettable), Tony Bennett, and Bobby McFerrin. Furthermore, he played with ace of the bass Ray Brown and trumpet titans Dizzy Gillespie and Clark Terry. From the 1970s on, Alexander took the jazz world by storm with a series of internationally well-received albums on the European MPS and American Concord and Telarc labels.

Monty Alexander's distinctive sound emanates from two sources—firstly, he's infused the inspiration of iconic pianists Oscar Peterson, Nat "King" Cole, Ahmad Jamal, and Errol Garner with Jamaican sounds past and present. Secondly, and perhaps most crucially, Alexander indubitably loves what he is doing and he communicates that to listeners in an engaging, infectious manner. Talk about having one's cake and eating it too—Alexander has mastered that concept for the best of both worlds. "I play for me but I also play for the audience…I am even more satisfied when I make people happy." Alexander has no truck with elitist "artistic" notions—while he doesn't pander to listeners, he doesn't place himself "above" them either. "Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong—these artists reached out to the audience." Alexander's latest for Jazz Legacy Productions, Uplift 2—a sequel of sorts to 2011's Uplift—virtually epitomizes his philosophy and approach to jazz gloriously. Reunited with bassist John Clayton and drummer Jeff Hamilton—with whom he made some of his very best trio recordings in the mid-1970s—Uplift 2 bursts out of the gate with two tunes that, in lesser hands, might come off as corny or clichéd—"Battle Hymn (of the Republic)" and "When the Saints Go Marching In." But to Alexander, this "familiarity" presents an opportunity he relishes. "I like to take old wine and put it into new bottles," he says. "It's not so much the song, but what you do with it." Alexander's trio takes these warhorses and renders them with impishly affectionate humor, invention, and gregarious swing. Clayton and Hamilton are the thunder and wind to Alexander's summertime cloudburst. When asked about the chemistry of this configuration of musicians from long ago—every so often we'd get together"—Alexander affirmed, "We just clicked from the get-go."

Which is not to sleight Alexander's "other" trio on this set, Hassan Shakur on bass and Frits Landesbergen on drums. After a tantalizingly angular intro, this Alexander trio swings the standard "St. Thomas" like it was both the first time and maybe the last time they'd have at it—it's jovial and assertive, breezy and volatile. Ahmad Jamal's "Night Mist Blues" is a panorama—deep noir mood, rippling piano (echoes of McCoy Tyner?), richly pensive blues feeling, Dave Brubeck-like urbanity, restless but almost celebratory reminiscence, and Shakur and Landesbergen support and stimulate like nobody's business.

"At the end of the day," Alexander says, "it's about touching somebody's heart." Uplift 2 succeeds in that spectacularly, while it also takes up residence in the mind (including that region that controls the tapping of your foot). Without fanfare or pretense, Monty Alexander continues to celebrate the aspects of directness and delight in jazz. "It's a joy and a privilege to come out of the gate and get to the point!," says Alexander. Need proof? Listen, learn, and love.