Saturday, July 30, 2016

Grammy Nominated Producer, George Nash Jr., Launches New Music Company To Support Peace And Healing

George Nash Jr., 4 Time Grammy Nominated Producer, announces the launch of his new music company, True Music Group.

"True Music Group stands for what I want my legacy to be: Truth, Realness, Unity and Excellence not only in music but in life. I want to bring back the influential

essence of music with our current circumstances."

Although music has been an evolving industry over the last 15 years with the digital internet age, George Nash hopes True Music Group will connect with all music

enthusiasts who are looking for a refresh sound and music experience especially spreading music with a message of peace, patience and prosperity for all via direct to

consumer digital outlets.

Furthermore, True Group intends to be an informational hub of hands on knowledge of what it really means to be an artist in today's music business with their

integrated web platform to offer helpful tools and insights to groom future stars. As Grammy Member of the Grammy Recording Academy, he hopes to give honest and

realistic expectations on the music industry.

"Understanding what it takes to be, 'true' to yourself and not lose sight of who you are to do what you love is really important to me and I want to help future

artists and music professionals by giving them the right tools they need to succeed and the support positive movements."

True Music Group launches their first campaign: "T.R.U.E. Music Harmony to T.R.U.E. Racial Harmony," including a series of music videos this July with the plans of

releasing their first music compilation and having their first event this fall. For more information about George Nash Jr. and True Music Group visit:

Music 1 Network Launches New Artist Discovery Platform

Music 1 Television is a live 24-hour music channel that provides commercial exposure for independent artists.

With all the music video websites available today, there is no real focal point for the discovery of new artist's videos as independent artists are often overlooked on

these large platforms. Music 1 Television features an interactive music channel in which the viewer can watch the network video broadcast stream or select artist

videos interactively.

There are no fees to submit music videos for consideration and if accepted, they will be added to the online interactive video channel and network stream with the

opportunity to have their videos later reviewed through their digital delivery service to commercial networks such as MTV, CMT, VH1, FuseTV, Music Choice and many


Video submission for evaluation is completely free. For more information or to submit your video, please visit from a desktop or laptop


Music 1 Television is available on all devices without downloading an app. Just go to

Susan Rodgers (Communications Director)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dru Ross Releases "Love Simulation" To Radio - L.A. Hip Hop Artist's Release Opens Strong As 2nd Most Added Single

L.A. Hip Hop Artist Dru Ross announced the release of his new single "Love Simulation" to national radio this week. The single is being well received by radio in its 

opening week including 2nd "Most Added" AC40/National Radio Hits, AC40/New Music Weekly, and 4th "Most Added" AC40 by FMQB, (Friday Morning Quarterback).

The new single "Love Simulation" is an original song co-written with Producer Larry Weir. Dru collaborated with Weir and his brother Grammy Award winning Recording 

Engineer, Tom Weir at the iconic Studio City Sound. Dru recorded the single in L.A.'s famed recording studio where many of the music industry's finest - legends from 

Michael Jackson to the Ramones, have recorded.

Here is what the music industry is saying about "Love Simulation":

"Dru Ross & 'Love Simulation' is set to become the late surprise hit of Summer"
-New Music Weekly

"There is nothing not to like about it from an articulate vocal to a great mix!"
-Monica Smith, FMQB

"'Love Simulation' rides a classic funky groove that drives home its hooky R&B chorus"
-Music Connection

"This Hip-Hop Rocker has what it takes to become the very 'next Big thing'!"
-National Radio Hits

Dru Ross is a poet who transformed into an artist and songwriter in L.A.'s music scene much like another iconic artist who found fame on the Sunset Strip. Dru actually 

grew up far from L.A. in a small rural town in Washington State (Goldendale) listening to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, The Backstreet Boys, Usher, Justin 

Timberlake, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Eminem and Ludacris. Dru has a musical ear that expands the universe - and the Dru 

Ross musical sound reflects a variety of creative influences. Many compare his hip-hop sound to Snoop Dogg. Dru gravitates to the positive movements in music - like 

Taylor Swift and Macklemore.

The new Dru Ross single, "Love Simulation" is now available on iTunes.

Weblinks: / / / /

To arrange press interviews with Dru Ross, contact Publicist Liz Motley at LizMotley(at)me(dot)com.
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NEWS: #HipHop artist @DruRossMusic releases #LoveSimulation to Radio - opening strong as 2nd Most Added Single -

Return Of The R&B Soul Bands!

KLYNTEL (KLY-N-TELL) is an R&B/Soul & Fusion Instrumental band from Seattle.

YES an actual BLACK band! From Fusion Jazz to Soul and Hip Hop Klyntel prides themselves on musicianship.

Fronted by vocalist Todd Brown & Kristyna Hope, these two remind you of the "not so long ago" groups like "Koffee Brown" and "Damien Dame"

Accompanied by songwriter and founder D. Fernandez Lockhart and Music Director and bassist Marvin Shields Jr. they make up the other half of the production team.

"We want to bring back a reason for people to come out and see a live show, like it was back in the day when E.W.F. (Earth, Wind & Fire) put it down" says the band's 

leader & songwriter D. Fernandez Lockhart

The band's latest single, "(Girl) You're Killin' Me" which is available for purchase on the band's website and major streaming services is reminiscent of R&B from the 

early 2000's, like Joe's "I'm In Luv" and Jaheim's "Hey How Ya Doin" but with a 2016 twist.

Formed 8 years ago as a jam band, the band had some international buzz with their first live recording "Uninhibited: The Groove Collective" but after a few years they 

soon added vocalist, Todd Brown who is the cousin of band leader, D. Fernandez Lockhart and began to play gigs around Seattle.

As their popularity grew, 4 years into the bands inception they then added Canadian songstress, Kristyna Hope to the lineup and the rest has been history. The band 

continues to finish up their much anticipated release, "Klyntelligence" a compilation of singles due out the 4th quarter of 2016.

Klyntel has opened and backed legacy acts such as Miles Jaye, Glenn Jones & Club Noveau as they use these opportunities to continue to gain exposure to those who miss 

what R&B used to be.

These guys are no newbies to the industry either. Todd has worked with Grammy Award songwriter's Narada Michael Walden, Ben Ross and was signed to M.C. Hammer's "Bust 

It Records" & a small stint at Death Row.

He also developed and honed his vocal, songwriting & production skills with Motown in the early 90's.

You can learn more about where and what the band is up too by visiting their website or simply Google them or visit any of the major social media 


Klyntel, one to watch for.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dean Bowman & Ebraam : The Extraordinary Love Story Of Aye Aye & Fedor

Dean Bowman, an eclectic singer and educator from the New York scene, has already explored original paths in various music ensembles as well as solo, always with a

special virtuosity in his endeavours

He comes to the fore now narrating overtop ten amazing jazz-rock compositions by Dutch master pianist Michiel Braam and his band. The spoken story is based on "The

Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor" an inspiring children book written by biologist, illustrator, poet, writer, producer Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez, a

renaissance and do-gooder woman who swings with la creme de la creme of New York's art scene. The album is released on her record label Ruby Flower which she founded

more than a decade ago with New York avant garde trumpeter Herb Robertson.

The album is enchanting and serves as a part of a bigger project that involves also dance, theatre and fine art. Recorded in the Netherlands and New York the release

conveys a series of festive vignettes; the listener will ramble equitably around cooking magical jingles and phrases. Every opus evidences Braam's phenomenal skills as

composer and keyboardist as well as the musical excellence of guitarists Pieter Douma and Jorg Lehnardt, drummer Dirk-Peter Ksch and harpist Ulrike von Meyer ripping

apart the rulebook with singular impetus. eBraam wallop and whoop through moving sequences and bold soundscapes sealed with purposeful exchanges rounding off and

enhancing the story-tale upon which Bowman's voice leaves its powerful imprint. Douma and Kolsch gazump and set in motion sticks and strings even while providing

guideposts of auditory sensations fashioned with rapture, track after track. The music expeditions tool up a vivid contrast to Dean Bowman's meaningful chronicle,

winged with superb swaying and rocking tones with emotional amplitudes and powerful exchanges.

A refined blend of ardour and very acute musical artistry give equilibrium to each song of this second-to-none album. Without a doubt Ordonez knew how to put all this

together with her inimitable imagination. Braam's compositions are considerably well keyed to the tenderness, sagacity and self-awareness of Ana Isabel's children's

book. The ultimate totality transcends and unifies via multi-media consensus in which the trip spells out into sounds of rich sharing.

This audio-only prelude gives a fascinating earful of eBraam-Guests-Bowman-Ordonez new integrated concept of dance-music-narrative-theatre. It will absorb and carry

off audiences and listeners to a magical place. The winner tandem of media inject into ears and eyes a fierceness, a power of friendship with an authentic story with

more than a touch of love. Fantastically recommended!


Diamond D And The Stargazers Celebrate Their One Year Anniversary At Arlene's Grocery

The NYC based punk rock jazz fusion band with skater roots is celebrating their one year anniversary Tuesday July 26th @10pm at Arlene's Grocery, which is where they played their very first show June 2015. Their debut album, Welcome to New Punk City gives you that raw psychedelic punk rock vibe that instantly transports you to the Lower East Side in the late 80's.

Armed with a Fender Stratocaster, frontman Diamond D is a dangerous man. Guided by the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, any venue can turn into a s閍nce real quick. The lead guitar and lyrics on the project are all written by Dan himself. He then collaborated with the talented musicians, deemed The Stargazers, to help bring New Punk City to life. His mentor, trainer, and close friend Puppet really pushed the sound to a new level beyond any imaginable with his musical mastermind. Alien Lex of Shinobi Ninja provided a sound pulse for NPC through the power of bass. DA of Shinobi Ninja is responsible for creative directing and executive producing of the album.

Please get in touch with for guest list, interviews, or promo copies of Welcome to New Punk City

Monday, July 25, 2016

Robert Kramer Releases "The Place They Call New Orleans"

While attending the Zone Music Reporter Music Awards event in New Orleans last month, Chicago-based recording artist/composer Robert Kramer penned his own personal tip

of the hat to the "Big Easy".

Titled "The Place They Call New Orleans", the song, inspired by Kramers' first-ever visit to the city, is an upbeat rousing folk/rock tune with a cajun flavor that

captures the cities' eclectic charm and personality. The tune is the title track of Kramers' new 3 sided CD single, which includes two other songs, "Just Another Piano

Man" & "Lies Lies Lies".

"I wrote the song in the hotel one night after we all went down to the French Quarter for a spot of ale.." says Kramer. "We walked into a place called "Spirits On

Bourbon", and I saw two guys singing and playing dueling pianos on the stage. Then the owner offered me the world-famous "Resurrection" drink.. I loved it, but I

haven't been the same since!"

"Spirits On Bourbon", owned by Steve Smith & Brad Bohannan, is the bar Kramer mentions in the song with the lines "I walked into a bar down by the quarter, two boys

was singing up the place..and that Resurrection Spirit was upon me, I drank until I almost lost my face".

The 3 song EP comes on the heels of Kramers' attendance in May at the ZMR/ Zone Music Reporter New Age Music Awards event, held every year in New Orleans. Those

attending the event included Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman, and musical performances by new age luminaries Jeff Oster, Fiona Joy, Ron Korb, Deuter, Louis

Colaiannia, Ann Sweeten & Darlene Koldenhoven.

The official street date for the EP's release is July 20th. It is already garnering airplay on internet and broadcast stations worldwide.