Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dean Bowman & Ebraam : The Extraordinary Love Story Of Aye Aye & Fedor

Dean Bowman, an eclectic singer and educator from the New York scene, has already explored original paths in various music ensembles as well as solo, always with a

special virtuosity in his endeavours

He comes to the fore now narrating overtop ten amazing jazz-rock compositions by Dutch master pianist Michiel Braam and his band. The spoken story is based on "The

Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor" an inspiring children book written by biologist, illustrator, poet, writer, producer Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez, a

renaissance and do-gooder woman who swings with la creme de la creme of New York's art scene. The album is released on her record label Ruby Flower which she founded

more than a decade ago with New York avant garde trumpeter Herb Robertson.

The album is enchanting and serves as a part of a bigger project that involves also dance, theatre and fine art. Recorded in the Netherlands and New York the release

conveys a series of festive vignettes; the listener will ramble equitably around cooking magical jingles and phrases. Every opus evidences Braam's phenomenal skills as

composer and keyboardist as well as the musical excellence of guitarists Pieter Douma and Jorg Lehnardt, drummer Dirk-Peter Ksch and harpist Ulrike von Meyer ripping

apart the rulebook with singular impetus. eBraam wallop and whoop through moving sequences and bold soundscapes sealed with purposeful exchanges rounding off and

enhancing the story-tale upon which Bowman's voice leaves its powerful imprint. Douma and Kolsch gazump and set in motion sticks and strings even while providing

guideposts of auditory sensations fashioned with rapture, track after track. The music expeditions tool up a vivid contrast to Dean Bowman's meaningful chronicle,

winged with superb swaying and rocking tones with emotional amplitudes and powerful exchanges.

A refined blend of ardour and very acute musical artistry give equilibrium to each song of this second-to-none album. Without a doubt Ordonez knew how to put all this

together with her inimitable imagination. Braam's compositions are considerably well keyed to the tenderness, sagacity and self-awareness of Ana Isabel's children's

book. The ultimate totality transcends and unifies via multi-media consensus in which the trip spells out into sounds of rich sharing.

This audio-only prelude gives a fascinating earful of eBraam-Guests-Bowman-Ordonez new integrated concept of dance-music-narrative-theatre. It will absorb and carry

off audiences and listeners to a magical place. The winner tandem of media inject into ears and eyes a fierceness, a power of friendship with an authentic story with

more than a touch of love. Fantastically recommended!


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