Friday, August 14, 2009

Amy Speace Learns Not To Fear The Killer In Her (A CD Review)

Like many musicians before her, Amy Speace left her family, her friends, and her home to write her new album, "The Killer In Me." She left, it seems, not to escape the pain in her life, or to avoid distraction, but to absorb her feelings and transform them. This emotional osmosis drew her pain out and allowed her, as she says, "to write the things the you're afraid to say out loud." Amy's songs break through that fear not only in her mind but also in ours. She is not a simple song writer and "The Killer In Me" is not an easy listen. The cryptic meanings of her lyrics are not immediately clear and demand time to absorb their poetry. This album conjures the loneliness, sadness, and helplessness that we all sometimes feel and tempers those twisting emotions with those of hope and love.

For this album, Amy enlists guitarist and producer James Mastro who brings a psychedelic-rock touch to the sound. His production skills mixed with Amy's song-writing ability make this album special. Songs like "This Love" and "Haven't Learned a Thing," are beautifully woven pieces. The ghostly track, "Weight of the World" shows Amy's ability to sew lyrical melody to instrumental sensibility giving this song an almost programmatic feel; as if the instruments are acting out her story each time they plays the song. Other songs like "Something More Than Rain," "Piece By Piece," and the visionary "Blue Horizon" and true poetic treasures and "Dirty Little Secret" shakes the soul with controversy and depth.

This latest offering is a departure from Amy's previous album, "Songs For Bright Street." Where this album occupies an acoustic-folk sensibility, "The Killer In Me" rocks out and experiments with ethereal and psychedelic timbres exhibited in the songs "Storm Warning" and "Better". Overall, Amy's latest work offers a complex intimacy that was largely absent in its direct and spontaneous predecessor.

Amy Speace has certainly taken a turn on the rock and roll boulevard but Amy doesn't forsake her roots. Songs like "Would I Lie" and "I Met My Love" (featuring the voice of Ian Hunter, who also appears on the title track), are infused with genuine country and folk sounds. With "The Killer In Me" Amy shows us all the color of her heart, a heart shrouded in blue.

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Review by Nicholas Guida, MusicDish e-Journal

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Music From Polarity/1 Featured In "Plunder," An Upcoming Documentary by Danny Schechter

The music of Polarity/1 can be heard in the upcoming documentary "Plunder," directed by Danny Schechter. Nicknamed "The News Dissector", Emmy Award winning Schechter investigates the economic downturn and subprime mortgage crisis. Polarity/1 contributes two songs to the film, and even makes a brief cameo appearance.

Watch the teaser trailer for Danny Schechter's 'Plunder' documentary

The first song that Polarity/1 contributes is the title track to the film. "Plunder" has a funky feel with slap bass, a strong horn section, and creative lyrics. In the beginning of the song, a Bernie Madoff impersonator admits to his crimes. Then, the rap comes in which describes how "greed is the creed, drug of choice" and touches on almost every aspect of the financial crisis; credit swamp, subprime mortgages, 401k's, and of course Bernie Madoff himself. Throughout the song, the horns have a call and response with the melody of the lyrics.

Listen to & download Polarity/1's "Plunder" (rough mix)

The other track, entitled "Home Sweet Home" describes the meaning of feeling at home. Whether its religion, family, or friends, everyone has their own passion that makes them feel at home, and this song describes that feeling. In addition, Polarity/1 makes a physical appearance in the film, and gives his take on the economic crisis.

Listen to & download Polarity/1's "Home Sweet Home"

Polarity/1 previously contributed two songs to Plunder's prequel "In Debt We Trust," including "Free Money" and "I'm So Broke."

The music of Polarity/1 is exactly what the name suggests: conjoined opposites - a mash-up of new: cutting edge electronica/hip hop/nu-jazz and old: roots music of America (blues, funk, country, early jazz), Brazil (samba, pagode, etc.) and West African groove science. "Polar succeeds in his mission of forcing you to pay attention and not lull into the sounds you 'expect' to hear," noted To listen to more of Polarity/1, check out his myspace page @

Born To Rock Design Releases Rockster+ PRO Music Processing Software

New PRO version of Rockster+ music software now handles digital recordings at up to 192kHz 24-bit. It provides the final touch to studio or home digital recordings, adding live sound ambiance and controllable heat and drive. Use one of seven factory presets, or design your own sound.

Record your dry file in a digital recorder of your choice, edit and mix down to stereo. Record clean with a close mic, or even direct to the board, and later experiment at leisure with many different ROCKSTER settings to provide exactly the desired heat, drive, and "air". Go easy on effects. Record undistorted, clean and dry so you keep your options open later. Then use ROCKSTER to add desired heat, drive and space to individual vocal or instrumental tracks, including drum tracks; to entire songs; or to finalize or master your complete CD album.

Your input files in 24-bit or 16-bit stereo wav format are internally processed at 32-bit depth. Output may be dithered or non-dithered.

Ten-position clickable-detent controls permit exact reproducibility. Output filenames automatically indicate the chosen settings for later re-use. Save your preferred settings, name your own venue files.

Absolute consistency is assured since Rockster+ PRO first analyzes the entire input file you give it, from beginning to end; and then processes it as an integrated unit according to your chosen settings.

Thorough pre-analysis of your entire input file, followed by implementation of your chosen settings in view of the analyzed result, is a key feature of Rockster+ PRO music processing. Creative control remains with you -- since you can choose from 2 quadrillion possible settings in Rockster+ PRO.

The rack-style control panel provides factory and user presets as well as click-stop settings for reverb time, decay and mix; and heat, drive and space. Reverb controls are independently adjustable for reflections from rear, side, ceiling and audience so you can design your own concert hall's size, shape, and liveliness. Create a venue ranging from jazz club to opera hall, precisely to your needs.

Rockster+ PRO software is available for download in a free trial version. Rockster+ PRO licensed version (for processing unlimited song length) available online for US$118.

Rockster runs on Windows, or "Bootcamp" for Mac.

For more information, including a screenshot of the user interface, visit the website Audio samples are available at the website

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jay-Z/Roc Nation Signing "Russell Young"?

There seems to be a lot of talk within the industry over "Russell Young" right now as we speak. Through industry resources we have heard rumors that there may be some strong interest from "Jay -Z's" label "Roc Nation" but this has only been rumored, nothing confirmed.

"Russell Young" was nearly unknown 3 months ago and probably is still unknown to millions of people even now. In May 2009 him and his manager "Big O Lewis" decided to drop "Russell Young's" first single "My Life" independently and distribute it to radio, and internet through there own indie label imprint "FAM 1st Music Group LLC". Immediately after they dropped his first single "My Life" off of "Russell Young's" upcoming album "FINALLY" due to drop early 2010, the single started gaining extreme amounts of attention from notable review sites, internet radio, college radio, satellite radio, and to there suprise major radio stations around the country and overseas. In July 2009 "Russell Young's" single "My Life" cracked the "Top 40 Rap Music Charts" which is extremely hard for an underground indie rap artist to do now, especially with no major label backing his project, but he did it!

Staying on his full time grind "Russell Young" has just released his second single "NO GOOD" which is a radio and d.j. favorite right now across the country and overseas. Just in 2 days his single "NO GOOD" has been downloaded "457,377 times" which is really beefing up his interest rate from many industry reps!! Even though "Russell Young" is lyrical by all circumstances he is not a "back pack rapper" by no means. In a lot of fans eyes he is mainstream but not "bubble gum mainstream" ya feel me? His new single "NO GOOD" is a very fun and catchy track produced by "New Jersey" native and super producer "Kafanoe". When I first heard the single I could have sworn it was a "DR. DRE BEAT" and you will too once you take a listen to it! The song "NO GOOD" is basically about being single, and dating, with no hopes of settling down with just one woman which makes many men, according to women, "NO GOOD".

Because of the internet, it is no longer impossible for unsigned indie artist to create a huge buzz and gain huge amounts of attention.

"Russell Young" has taken advantage of this very concept by creating his own internet marketing plan and distributing his music himself. Instead of sitting back and waiting for labels to go to his myspace page or promoters asking him to come and perform at there concerts, bars, colleges, or clubs, he has taken everything in his own hands by choosing to be in attack mode instead. You know the old saying, "You only get what you put in", and that's exactly what is happening in "Russell Young's" case. We always wonder why less talented artist always seem to get the major deals, and more publicity than the talented artists who seem to think, just because they think they are great, that they don't have to do anything but put there music on myspace and the industry will find them. All artist whether you are talented or wack need to develop a marketing plan that will spread your name and your music all over the internet, because remember your name is your brand. For instance, the name "Russell Young" has been all over the internet and every website you go to you see the name "Russell Young". If i constantly see or hear that name everywhere I go than eventually I am going to google this guy up and go check him out. This is how you start buzzing and this is how you get your music out there like "Russell Young" has.

Oh yea, by the way, "Russell Young" is an extremely "HOT" rap artist, I mean, c'mon folks, were hearing that the "king" of rap himself "Jay-Z" is feeling him, so when you get a chance hit up his myspace page and check him out for yourself.

Check out "Russell Young's" myspace at:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The VX-323 Robot Releases Free "Overclocked" EP Amid Critical Acclaim

Portland, OR - Amid early positive notices for his debut album, Chansons, The VX-323 today released a free, 4-song EP to introduce new listeners to his style of robot synth funk. The Overclocked EP is available as a downloadable ZIP archive of MP3 files from his Web site at Individual tracks can be previewed and downloaded from SoundCloud.

The new track, "Overclocked," features The VX-323 running amok in his new all-digital recording studio. It is the sound of a speech synthesis robot amped up on high voltages without proper grounding. The full track listing of the EP is:

1. Overclocked
2. Billion Dollar Condo (Demo)
3. Hey Baby (Demo)
4. Super Mec

Like The VX-323's debut album, Chansons, the Overclocked EP was produced by Scott Burgess and mastered by Rick McMillen at SuperDigital in Portland, OR, USA.

Early reviews for Chansons have been favorable. Culture critics Behind The Hype write:

"The album, entitled Chansons, has a feel that you expect from a robot. Almost 80's sounding beats, but then there's a moment where the lyrics and subject matter make it something else entirely...To sum it up, this is more than just an album; it's an experience… one that most people are too afraid to make in this day and age.", July 31, 2009

Initial concerns that humans would be unsettled and disturbed by a CD of techno pop songs performed by a robot proved to be unfounded. Leading synth blogger MATRIXSYNTH says:

"...I must say that I really like it so far. It's surprisingly soothing to the senses - great to unwind to.", July 01, 2009

The VX-323 cites Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, the Human League, and HAL 9000 as influences.

Chansons is now available worldwide through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Super D, and other physical and digital distribution outlets, on the Bitnotic Music label.

Official Web Site:

About Bitnotic Music

Bitnotic Music is a division of Bitnotic that focuses on music publishing and distribution. Other branches are Bitnotic Software (chill, VX-323, both for Mac) and Bitnotic Mobile (Decypher puzzle game for iPhone). The company is based in Portland, OR, USA. More info is available at

ExploreTalent Idol Reaches An Overwhelming 1,600 Musicians Competing As Contestants!

Hollywood, Calif. -'s "ExploreTalent Idol" contest is well under way, with a groundbreaking 1,600 contestants in the first week since the contest kicked off. The drama is unfolding after the first week with several contestants breaking away from the pack of hopeful artists. With two weeks left to vote, the contestants are doing everything possible to generate votes and fans.

ExploreTalent Idol also announced that contest voters will share the excitement with daily cash prizes. Each day of the contest, a lucky voter is chosen as the "Daily Cash Winner" in which one lucky voter wins $100 just for voting for a contestant and following the results on Twitter. Daily cash prize winners will then have a chance to win a Grand Prize of $1,000-$2,000 at the end of the contest.

The ExploreTalent Idol contest officially launched on July 23 and will close entry on August 18th with the winner(s) being announced shortly thereafter. All competing artists upload an MP3 of one of their songs, or a music video within the urban music genre (R&B, Hip-Hop or Rap).

The winner of ExploreTalent Idol will be flown to the luxurious Eden Roc Hotel in Miami, Florida for an amazing two-night stay from August 21st to the 22nd. The winner(s) will participate in the celebrity meet and greet then take the stage on August 22nd at 7:00pm at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, where they will perform the first 12 minutes to kickoff the SummerFest 2009 concert. The winner(s) will open up for urban icons T-Pain, Akon, Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson and Flo Rida, to name a few. The overall value of the prize package is estimated to be upwards of $250,000 (value of public relations campaign, extensive media relations, email campaign and ongoing promotion for the winning performer after the event).


Established in 2003, is the largest talent website/resource on the planet with a growing membership with nearly 3 million registered members. Aspiring actors, models, dancers, musicians, and all those searching for entertainment-related opportunities can interact with the industry professionals looking to hire them or submit to any the 50,000 new auditions and job openings posted each month. To learn more, visit

About is the best resource on the Internet to promote your own original music and build a fan base straight from your home computer! M1 allows you to post your own music, giving you the opportunity to attract viewers, fans and record executives to your talent. In turn this will create not only a strong buzz for your music, but the powerful connections to get your sound noticed and amplified in the music industry. will showcase featured artists, connect musicians with music jobs and supply a community of peers and professionals to network with each other. M1 will also help you learn and grow from fellow musicians as well as the resource to get the right feedback and learning tools to advance your career.