Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jay-Z/Roc Nation Signing "Russell Young"?

There seems to be a lot of talk within the industry over "Russell Young" right now as we speak. Through industry resources we have heard rumors that there may be some strong interest from "Jay -Z's" label "Roc Nation" but this has only been rumored, nothing confirmed.

"Russell Young" was nearly unknown 3 months ago and probably is still unknown to millions of people even now. In May 2009 him and his manager "Big O Lewis" decided to drop "Russell Young's" first single "My Life" independently and distribute it to radio, and internet through there own indie label imprint "FAM 1st Music Group LLC". Immediately after they dropped his first single "My Life" off of "Russell Young's" upcoming album "FINALLY" due to drop early 2010, the single started gaining extreme amounts of attention from notable review sites, internet radio, college radio, satellite radio, and to there suprise major radio stations around the country and overseas. In July 2009 "Russell Young's" single "My Life" cracked the "Top 40 Rap Music Charts" which is extremely hard for an underground indie rap artist to do now, especially with no major label backing his project, but he did it!

Staying on his full time grind "Russell Young" has just released his second single "NO GOOD" which is a radio and d.j. favorite right now across the country and overseas. Just in 2 days his single "NO GOOD" has been downloaded "457,377 times" which is really beefing up his interest rate from many industry reps!! Even though "Russell Young" is lyrical by all circumstances he is not a "back pack rapper" by no means. In a lot of fans eyes he is mainstream but not "bubble gum mainstream" ya feel me? His new single "NO GOOD" is a very fun and catchy track produced by "New Jersey" native and super producer "Kafanoe". When I first heard the single I could have sworn it was a "DR. DRE BEAT" and you will too once you take a listen to it! The song "NO GOOD" is basically about being single, and dating, with no hopes of settling down with just one woman which makes many men, according to women, "NO GOOD".

Because of the internet, it is no longer impossible for unsigned indie artist to create a huge buzz and gain huge amounts of attention.

"Russell Young" has taken advantage of this very concept by creating his own internet marketing plan and distributing his music himself. Instead of sitting back and waiting for labels to go to his myspace page or promoters asking him to come and perform at there concerts, bars, colleges, or clubs, he has taken everything in his own hands by choosing to be in attack mode instead. You know the old saying, "You only get what you put in", and that's exactly what is happening in "Russell Young's" case. We always wonder why less talented artist always seem to get the major deals, and more publicity than the talented artists who seem to think, just because they think they are great, that they don't have to do anything but put there music on myspace and the industry will find them. All artist whether you are talented or wack need to develop a marketing plan that will spread your name and your music all over the internet, because remember your name is your brand. For instance, the name "Russell Young" has been all over the internet and every website you go to you see the name "Russell Young". If i constantly see or hear that name everywhere I go than eventually I am going to google this guy up and go check him out. This is how you start buzzing and this is how you get your music out there like "Russell Young" has.

Oh yea, by the way, "Russell Young" is an extremely "HOT" rap artist, I mean, c'mon folks, were hearing that the "king" of rap himself "Jay-Z" is feeling him, so when you get a chance hit up his myspace page and check him out for yourself.

Check out "Russell Young's" myspace at:

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