Friday, May 11, 2018

Turn Up The Heat With Fortune's Worldwide Release Of "LondonPxrisTokyo"

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Designed for the club, ready for the radio, and destined to soundtrack steamy nights around the world, "LondonPxrisTokyo" is a journey into the best of contemporary RnB. Atmospheric and fun, this is a great album for shaking off the winter blues and preparing for the sun and fun of the summer to come.

Fortune's album "LondonPxrisTokyo" sees worldwide release on February 16th, 2018. Comprised of the tracks: "Intro", "Takeaway", "Pull-Up", "Skit 2", "Can't Believe It ft. C-Mulla", "Old Flame", "Skit 3", "Family ft. Caitlin Lacey", "Wavy", and "Cost of a Fortune", "LondonPxrisTokyo" simmers with rhythmic and melodic hip-hop built with soaring RnB vocals and elements of Trap, Soul and Pop to round out the experience.

This hot new album is built around the concept of telling the story of wild journey around the world and all the sexy adventures to be found in some of the world's most iconic cities. "LondonPxrisTokyo" features the vocal talent of Television and Film icon Ian Prie from "Die Another Day", "The Dark Knight" and "Gangs of New York".

Fortune are a breath of fresh air in a landscape of formulaic and predictable music. Luca and Parmar, the friends at the center of this project are dedicated to creating their life's work out of their deep passion for music and desire to inspire people from all backgrounds around the world. Their music is influenced by artists such as: The Weeknd, John Mayer, Kanye West, Omar, Travis Scott, Krept & Konan, Mike Will Made It and Skepta. These young and inspired talents have definitely taken notes from some of the greatest in the game.

You don't want to miss the music video for lead single "Takeaway". Shot on location in Japan, this is the perfect entry point into Fortune's sexy and original aesthetic. Be sure to check out Fortune's hot concept album "LondonPxrisTokyo" which sees worldwide release on Februrary 16th!

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Songwriter Alfred G. Shaheen II Releases Songs For Servicemen And Women Overseas

It is hard for one to be able to imagine the separation from home and family one must feel serving our country in strange and hostile places like Afghanistan and Iraq. La Canada-Flintridge-based songwriter Alfred G. Shaheen II recently released two singles evoking the longing for home and joy of reuniting with those special in our lives.

"The Pieces of My Life" is a poignant pop ballad on how home can call us back after a long time away. With lyrics such as "In my mind I’ve gone back in time/ Where I’ve tried to find memory lane/ Lost inside is a past that’s died/ Only broken pieces remain," the song touches on the pain of separation especially felt by those serving our country. The dreamy country-pop song "A Country Lullaby" on the other hand reminds us of the joy of family, with music and lyrics that transport the listener to the transcendent beauty of drifting off to sleep to the sight of loved ones.

Said Alfred Shaheen, "While the verse and bridge of 'The Pieces of My Life' were written in 1988, the music of the chorus and the lyrics were written in 2010. Immediately after the balance of this song came to me, I remember how I was deeply struck by the thought of our servicemen and women overseas, and the effect the meaning of this song might have on them. Of course, the lyrics of 'A Country Lullaby' represent the very loved ones to whom they long to return."

In honor of our servicemen and women and their families, Alfred Shaheen will donate 25% of the profits from digital download sales and streams of "The Pieces of My Life" to various top-rated Veterans' organizations like Wounded Warriors Family Support, Southeastern Guide Dogs and Homes for Our Troops.

Uploaded to online radio service Jango in the final days of 2017, the song quickly started garnering fans, landing both songs on the platforms Top 100 PopScore. Both, the "The Pieces of My Life" and “A Country Lullaby” feature the soulful voice of Scottie Mitchell. The songs can be found on all major music services, including Spotify, iTunes and CDBaby.