Friday, April 22, 2016

New Songwriting Software Helps Musicians Brainstorm Lyrics

Ever got writer's block when devising a poem or song lyrics?

Tried paperback thesauruses and websites to find just the right words to express yourself?

A new software claims to produce results 20x as fast as what is generally out there.

"As a musician, poet and freelance writer I developed this tool when I was doing some paid work as a ghostwriter. I've used Brainstorm Pro to produce poems that clients found outstanding, in a really short amount of time" say Jesse Gilbert, the creator of the software.

Using Brainstorm Pro a songwriter can just enter 5 or 10 words that they want to write about, then get lists of words to choose from and find the rhyming words...all in record time.

The program more targeted towards the aspiring urban songwriter than established musicians who can pay thousands to have hit songs written for them.

Brainstorm Pro is desktop based so much of the slow load time for websites is reduced and allows the composer to work offline where there may not be an internet connection.

"We've had a few songwriters try it out and say they knew something like this had to be out there and they were finally seeing it. It's like magic for wordsmiths."

To learn more about this software, see demonstations and download a free try version, check out

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Dull Unconscious Man is Music for the Cognitive Elite!

Stuck With Green & Evan Zappa have been collaborating on both wild and zany satirical comedy and profoundly serious electronic industrial mayhem for the past 6 years. In 2014, their uniquely creative synergy resulted in the release of Songs Dad Won't Let Me Sing, a mix of novelty, comedy and experimental-electronic music released through Starburst Music Publishing. In 2016, the pair hooked up again to release Dull Unconscious Man, a significantly more serious initiative.

As the oldest of eight siblings, SWG's parents had a novel way of handling the household chaos. "To keep our belongings straight, Mom and Dad color-coded everything… I got stuck with the color green." Stuck With Green has won numerous songwriting competitions and placed several scores into TV shows including the Dr. Oz Show and True Hollywood Stories.

Knowing that Necessity Is the Mother of Invention, Evan Zappa's unstoppable creative passion helped launch his illustrious songwriting career. A genius for collaboration with over 200 songs featured on TV shows, Film, Commercials, etc., Evan's music is definitely in the "Prime Time" zone!

So with thunderous electronic industrial madness, we introduce to you the Dull Unconscious Man project. D.U.M. questions the very essence of changes to the human condition in the digital age and also includes a remix of the title song which pokes a thoughtful and humorous stick within the very eye of politics.

Voyage By Sugar Blue To Be Released on M.C. Records April 29

M.C. Records is proud to announce a world-wide release of "Voyage" from harmonica extraordinaire Sugar Blue on April 29. The release marks Sugar's first studio recording in five years.

"Voyage" from Sugar Blue is by the former Rolling Stone harmonica player (he recorded on three albums) and Grammy Award winner. You'll find contemporary blues, infused with jazz and reggae to make it one of the more adventurous roots records of the year.

Sugar Blue has played and recorded with musicians ranging from Willie Dixon to Stan Getz to Frank Zappa to Johnny Shines to Bob Dylan, he is perhaps best known for his signature riff and solo on the Rolling Stones' hit "Miss You."

2016 will be a banner year for Sugar Blue with his first studio recording coming out in five years, a world-wide tour and appearing in a new movie. Sugar Blue will be in the film "Sidemen, A Long Road To Glory." It premiered at the 2016 SXSW Film Festival. Other musicians involved in the project include Bonnie Raitt, Greg Allman, Derek Trucks, Joe Bnamassa and Johnny Winter.

Born James Whiting - he was raised in Harlem, New York, where his mother was a singer and dancer at the fabled Apollo Theater. He spent his childhood among the musicians and show people who knew his mother, including the great Billie Holiday, and decided that he wanted to be a performer. Sugar Blue began his career as a street musician and made his first recordings in 1975 with legendary blues figures Brownie McGhee and Roosevelt Sykes.

WILLIE BASSE / Rock For Recovery Cancer Benefit Concert #3 is Friday APRIL 22, 2016 at The BACK BAR in Janesville, WI.

WILLIE BASSE / Rock For Recovery Cancer Benefit Concert #3 is Friday APRIL 22, 2016 at The BACK BAR in Janesville, WI.

Cultural Ambassador to The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE was diagnosed with a rare skin lymphoma called, MYCOSIS FUNGOIDES in December 2015.

Willie says, "It is in my bloodstream, However the good news is, it has not spread to my internal organs."

Basse is raising funds to pay for ongoing tests, treatments and medical expenses, including intravenous blood treatments in Mexico, which have been known to create immediate spontaneous healing!

A Go Fund Me page was set up during his open heart surgery last year. Please Donate to:

Basse's musical lineup of Hollywood A-List Rockstars for this special event includes:

(Little Richard, Billy Preston, George Harrison, Elton John, Ron Wood, Sammy Hagar, Sly Stone)
SCOTT WARREN - Keyboards
(DIO, Black Sabbath, Warrant)
(Michael Schenker Group, Edgar Winter, Aerosmith, Lita Ford, Black Sheep)
(Black Sheep)

MetalSludge Review:

Former Quiet Riot / RATT guitarist, Carlos Cavazo makes a grand return! #RockForRecovery benefit concert at #Whisky #Hollywood #HitMetalMusic

@wbasse: Get LOUD / Get BUSY!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dream rock duo, Maheekats, releases EUREKA

Dream rock duo, Maheekats, has released a new psychedelic epic song called Eureka. Fans are describing it as "a masterpiece".

"We knew this song was going to be tough to record." says Clara Hembree, lead singer of the band. "Because of all of the intricacies involved with this piece, we had to build the arrangement one instrument at a time."

The song dives back in time and captures Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" to use towards the finale of the nearly seven minute journey.

"We're really glad people are catching on to this song. It has a vibe of its own." Clara adds.

You can hear the song on their website, BandCamp, and SoundCloud.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hot New Synthpop Recording Artist Christine Lee Releasing Album 'Cool Feeling' In Time For Summer

Christine Lee is an American actress/model whose novel synthpop album, Cool Feeling, successfully fuses today's modern pop style with retro sounds of the 80s and 90s. The songs are fun, melodic, danceable, and upbeat. Her professionally produced tracks refreshingly balance clean vocals, ultra cool synth sounds, and edgy pop/rock guitar.

Tweens, teens, and college students who are into electronic synthpop music, will definitely be in for a treat with Christine's debut album. All four tracks are extremely danceable and upbeat, with infectious melodies, and lyrics that younger audiences can totally relate to. Her songs uniquely balance solid clean vocals, world-class guitar tracks by the legendary Tim Pierce (session guitarist for Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Selena Gomez), and sophisticated cutting-edge synthesizer sounds. Cool Feeling is due to be released May 25, 2016 and will be available on as well as through Christine's official website:

Christine views her music as an opportunity to both inspire and entertain. In her words: "Music affects one's heart and soul. If you want to be happy, listening to upbeat positive music is important." The album is an artistic manifestation of Christine's life motto to "light a candle rather than curse the dark."

Grammy Award winning recording engineer Tom Weir, mixed down and mastered the album's tracks at Studio City Sound, Los Angeles.

Shifting Shape of Alternative Rock Music: Shy Shape

Rock music exploded on the scene in the 1950's with Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" and the British Invasion of 1962 spearheaded by The Beatles. It has since morphed through eras including progression and punk to arrive at one of its current manifestations, that of alternative rock. The subgenre has in turn spawned its own proliferation of styles, and it can be tough for new bands to find their place in the mix. New Jersey based Shy Shape enters the fray with its own spin on doom-wop. Their sound retains the 50's style rhythms mixed with dark chords and gloomy lyrics pioneered by supergroup Mr. Heavenly, but amps up the dance factor. "We create music for those times when you become so emotional--maybe even broken down--that you just have to get up and move," says Shy Shape founder and lead singer Mike Dugan.

Shy Shape is carving its niche in the alternative rock landscape by juxtaposing the energy of the genre's early days against modern reflections on the ups and downs of life. In kindergarten Dugan performed The Cavalier's "Last Kiss" in front of his entire school. Based on a true story, the song expresses the pain and longing of a lover left behind when his beloved is killed in a car accident in which he is the driver. The tragic account plays out over a haunting, yet danceable beat. In real life the driver, his date, and another teen were killed, while two other teens were seriously injured. The song reflects the outpouring of grief from a whole town about the accident, one of many that occurred on the same heavily trafficked stretch of highway.

For Dugan, performing "Last Kiss" in kindergarten set the tone for what Shy Shape is about. "It helps to sing about heartbreak," he says, "and sometimes to get through it you have to dance." Shy Shape's music infuses garage-rocker sensibilities with the hushed, smooth tones of the doo-wop era. The band recently released its debut EP, Out at Night on Noisy Poet Records / Sony Music Entertainment's The Orchard. The EP features the single "River City", an energetic payback song about failed relationships from the past. Much of the band's material is inspired by its members' life experiences.

While the concept of doom-wop may not be original to Shy Shape, singing and dancing in the face of life's edgier moments seems to resonate with fans. The band performs regularly in front of enthusiastic crowds around the Philadelphia and New Jersey music scene. And, contrary to its nonconformist roots, alternative rock continues to be a platform for creative expression that resonates with a broad and growing spectrum of fans.

"Rock continued to be the #1 genre for Album sales, with nearly 33% of all album sales coming from the Rock genre." (2015 Nielsen Music U.S. Report)

Defying alternative rock's anti-mainstream origins, many bands have climbed the charts to huge commercial success, among them R.E.M., Nirvana, Green Day, and more recently, Coldplay. The trend continues. Earlier this year relative newcomer pop rock / pop baroque band Panic at the Disco reached No. 1 on Billboard's US weekly album chart, beating out Adele's "25." Their achievement continues to shape the evolving landscape of alternative rock music in favor of more mainstream recognition for up-and-coming bands like Shy Shape.