Saturday, October 13, 2012

Booking Agency Skyline Music Expands

Live music booking agency Skyline Music is expanding with five key staff additions and promotions:

Matt Sanchez joins as Skyline Music’s 7th agent focusing on the agency’s growing alternative roster.

Crandall Rogers joins Skyline Music’s Andrea Sabata in the company’s Performing Arts booking division as Arts Touring Coordinator.

Hisham Dahud joins to head Skyline Digital which includes Skyline-owned digital properties and as well as digital initiatives on behalf of the Skyline Music roster.

Bailey Rogers joins as Director of Social Media spearheading Skyline Music’s corporate social marketing and direct to fan marketing on behalf of the Skyline Music roster.

Rachel Doe joins Skyline Music’s administrative team.

“Our roster has grown to more than 60 exclusive clients,” said Skyline Music president Bruce Houghton. “This expansion enables us to continue the aggressive touring representation that Skyline Music has become known for, as well as, to broaden the direct to fan marketing efforts that are the cornerstone of modern touring”.

Recent additions to the growing Skyline Music roster include Carbon Leaf, Marty Balin, Ambrosia, Kung Fu and Davell Crawford. The agency’s diverse clients include Del McCoury, Edgar Winter, Roger McGuinn, Gaelic Storm, Victor Wooten, The Rebirth Brass Band and Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band along with more than 50 other national and international touring artists.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Release By Ariana "You're Not Alone" Is Out Now

The time is here for the new release by Ariana "You're Not Alone" on Soundcloud

After taking a few years off, multi-platinum recording artist Ariana is set to release her new single "You're Not Alone" in an unexpected new genre for the soulful Russian American vocalist, whose hits included power ballads "Under the Spanish Sky" and "I'll Do it All Again".

"Taking time off was the best choice I could've made, because now I'm ready to dive head first into my musical passion -- the world of EDM. It's been an amazing journey, and I'm finally ready to share it with my patient and loyal fans all over the world!" says Ariana of her return to music. Her new single "You're Not Alone" is a delectable mix of vocal progressive house and dubstep with a hint of her current influences, Nadia Ali, Medina, and Kaskade. "Typically, in EDM, the focus is on the DJ and the vocals are like a complementary accessory to the song. I'd like to help change that, and bring the focus back to the singer and create a harmonious marriage, if you will, between the two sides. I think it could really be something glorious."

In terms of her plans, Ariana doesn't plan to only focus on her own project. "Because I've been in the music business for so many years, I always saw myself developing and producing talent as well as my own music. This is why I try to surround myself with as much young talent as possible -- because that's where the future of music is at. Jack Wilson, who co-wrote and co-produced my new single is a rising can quote me on that!" Judging by the buzz her new track is creating -- we think so too.

You can follow Ariana's progress on Twitter: @Arianaisback, or her website:"

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bomber Announces His Debut Single!

SoundCloud Link

With a successful promotional campaign Bomber has been creating the right kind of attention, and literally has exploded. With his own style that consists of infectious pop melody and awesome hip-hop beats. Adrian Sykes at EMI had to comment, “He has success written all over him!” He has been featured on the online publication NewQuod and has started turning heads already. Announced today is Bomber’s debut single Amazing, the track will be released on the 28th October.

Bomber started his journey with the release of ‘On My Way,’ which features the producer on vocals and has brought Bomber a good amount of new fans. The new track Amazing is set to be the song of the dance floors with a catchy beat, a brilliant dance floor smash to chase away the winter blues. The beat was produced by Tyler Smith of Tyler Smith Productions and features a 90s style piano mixed with an upbeat synth.

Bomber has always had a flare for music from such a young age. He grew up in North London with his Jamaican mother and his older siblings. Music was always playing and smooth reggae beats were definitely the catch of the day. At a young age when Bomber aka Kirk Edwards first got into MCing he used to attend MC battles and was even featured on ‘Heat FM.’

Bomber has been signed but the label he was signed to went into liquidation leaving him unsigned, but now he has a new management and a great team behind him to bring his music to the UK’s ears, this has been dubbed his year. Already he has performed with the likes of Chipmunk another British rapper and also completed a University Tour which spread like wild fire. To date though Bomber also managed to bag himself a space at this year’s Surface Festival and scored the most points EVER in their competition.

With his first debut single planned to be released on the 28th October, it’s time to give him the spotlight and watch him shine as Amazing hits the dancefloors…


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Female Fronted Le Reverie Receive Reviews On Their Long-Awaited Debut CD!

Critics are talking about Female-Fronted Goth Rock Metal Band Le Reverie and the release of their long awaited debut album, “Dark Symphony.” This 12-Song CD is an amazing combination of Symphony, Goth Rock, Metal and Progressive Rock. "Dark Symphony" will take you on an amazing journey - from the Symphonic "La Naissance;" and the dark heavy/progressive title track "Dark Symphony;" to the tender ballad "Ghost of You" and the haunting tribute to Edgar Allan Poe himself, "Raven".

Le Reverie has been referred to as a combination of Dream Theater and Evanescence.

Dave Attrill from METALLIVILLE, UK’s Rock and Metal Webzine says

“Le Reverie are like a girl-fronted Dream Theater…they are impressive.”

Scott Thomas of Cashbox Magazine says: “Le Reverie is a band from LA. w/ angelic-vocalist Allie Jorgen at the helm. If you are into progressive metal bands to today's dynamic bands ala Evanescence, then you have to look no further. Each song on this album, 'EPIC'!!!" Are you ready to take a symphonic journey? If so, there is no looking back. This is a must have in your prog-metal music collection!”

Randy Patterson from Magazine says: “Dark Symphony is an incredible merging of Goth, Prog, and Metal with some very healthy doses of Symphonic bliss. Le Reverie will definitely continue on an upward trajectory that the band should be quite thrilled about. Dark Symphony the proggy/gothy title cut is rich in superbly crafted melodies and vocals. This number will get in your head and stay there for days.”

The first pressing of the album will also include a free DVD of their Gothic Video Single of the song “Hold Me Down” and will be a Limited Edition only.

Here is the YouTube Link to the new video:

Don’t miss out on the free DVD; it will only be available for a limited time on the band’s website

Also visit and “like” Le Reverie on Facebook: