Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Virtually Untapped Well Of Natural Artistic Talent, J.R Harlekin Is Primed To Be A Solid Force In Music For Many Years To Come

Meet J.R Harlekin, the man, the band , the next hitmaker from Scandinavia. Check out his latest video "Go Lot" on youtube.

Boah Sounds is proud to present J.R Harlekin. J.R Harlekin is a unique pop artist who has been working together with the well-established Norwegian production team Boah Sounds. With a mixture of new romantic and Abba, J.R Harlekin and Boah Sounds has created a unique Scandinavian sound that blends the old with the new. Get ready to enjoy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New York Rapper LC The General Has A Lot To Say

Hailing from the dark streets of New York comes an aggressive, yet versatile rapper ready to change the game. Following up Hip-Hop’s trend of gritty, ominous music, rapper LC the General is the latest representative from the Bronx to lead the voice of the youth and have a chokehold in the trap. His latest effort “Terry Crews” is a bass-banging, high-octane beat with a music video to match his hood persona of life in the fast lane through the mean streets of New York City.

LC the General shares a lot in common with popular artists in today’s Hip-Hop scene including the infamous Chicago rapper Chief Kief, and down south rapper Rich Homie Quan. Yet LC the General brings his uptown swagger to the game and uniquely uses his voice to throw key ad-libs and emphasize his exceptionally crafted punch lines for the genre. At first glance, he may fit the bill of a trap superstar, but listen closely and his vile and aggressive style perfectly accompanies his rhymes and flow.

The rapper’s newest release “Terry Crews” is a perfect example showcasing his brazen skill on the mic. The bravado he exhibits, coupled with his rhymes are blow after blow of hardcore lyricism that could surely strike fear to his opposition. The music video that complements the song “Terry Crews” is a modern day gangster “film noire” that shines light to a violent aspect of street life for LC the General. Using references to other malicious acts, as well as boasting about his ego, LC the General’s “Terry Crews” is an ode to his impact in the game both on and off Hip-Hop’s court.

LC the General is a force to be reckoned with, and with his power-thirsty mentality and sharp lyricism, the up-and-coming rapper could see future success in Hip-Hop. With grimy production and seamlessly slithery talent, the adaptable albeit hard rapper can be the next voice bumping from your speakers and preach the life that only few dare to embrace and rap about.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New York Hall Of Fame Blues Artist 2012 Inductee: Chaz DePaolo Releases His Critically Acclaimed Concert On DVD/ CD

From the vaults of the Smoke Tone Records comes one of the most impactful Blues performances of our time on DVD / CD. Chaz DePaolo is the gifted Blues Artist, that has been inducted into the New York Blues Hall of Fame in 2012 and for the first time you can relive the magic of Chaz DePaolo as he jammed out for his critically acclaimed concert "One Night in Iona" on DVD / CD

His concert "One Night in Iona" has proven to be an emblematic performance of Blues music as he bridges the gap between deep, heavy blues and his own style of laying down gritty, soulful guitar riffs. All the energy and musical prowess has been captured on film and is now readily available on DVD / CD. For his performance, he brought his own team of daft musicians including Robert Chaseman sensuously laying down Sax, Hank Kaneshige caressing the bass, and Clifford McComas putting down solid grooves on the drums. This eclectic but dynamic group has garnered a steady collection of fans that surely want to experience the moments Chaz De Paolo offered in his "One Night in Iona" concert.

His musical style has an array of genres blended into a fusion of blues, classically trained guitar, jazz, rock, and funk. That unique blend of genres has set him a part from other musicians and has given him a tough, but enjoyable journey of a musician; playing in lowly bars to hitting the stages night-in and night-out, just for the love of music. As he preforms, it's apparent that his music means everything to Chaz DePaolo and it reflects in his showmanship and his skill. People are ensnared in his very real, but powerful Blues tunes that can be enjoyed across a spectrum of people. Without a doubt, Chaz DePaolo's gem of a performance in "One Night in Iona" is his marquee piece of art that can now be listened and appreciated by everybody now that it has finally arrived on DVD / CD.