Saturday, February 21, 2015

Free Eventide Looper For All H9 Owners For Limited Time

Eventide announced the immediate availability of the Looper algorithm for H9 users, free until the end of February, 2015. On March 1st , it will be priced at $25. This powerful new Looper is available for download through the feature-rich H9 Control app available for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Here is a video demonstration:

Looper advanced features:
* Reverse play and record with immediate reverse playback with real-time Varispeed control
* Seamless Varispeed overdubbing and loop playback over a full range of speeds from 2x to pause to reverse 2x
* Real-time, non-destructive, loop head and tail trimming
* Auto beat-quantization of footswitch actions in Tempo Mode.
* Tempo Mode maintains real time intelligent beat sync even with speed changes or trimmed loop
* MIDI clock sync to your drum machine or sequencer for locking your loop to the beat without drift

"The addition of this deluxe Looper extends the functionality of the H9 platform," noted Ray Maxwell, Eventide VP of Sales and Marketing. "Looping was one of the top requests of H9 users; we are delighted to give it away for free to all H9 owners for a limited time."

About Eventide
Eventide was founded in 1971 in New York City. Eventide is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital audio processing products for recording, broadcast, and live performance. Headquartered in Little Ferry, NJ, Eventide invented the H910, the first Harmonizer® effects processor in 1975, followed in 1977 by the H949, the first de-glitched Harmonizer with additional delay. Visit Eventide online at

Friday, February 20, 2015

Singer/Songwriter DeDe Receives 6 Major Music Industry Awards!

Up and coming Houston-area Independent Singer/Songwriter DeDe Wedekind,, has won 6 significant and music industry-recognized songwriting awards over the past 4 months:

Adult Contemporary Album of the Year for Love & Fairy Tales- Oct. 2014 IMEA Awards
Holiday Album of the Year for World of Christmas- Oct. 2014 IMEA Awards
Spiritual Song of the Year for "Canon on the Lord's Prayer"-Oct. 2014 IMEA Awards
Love Song Category FINALIST in the Dec. 2014 Annual UK Songwriting Contest, for "Blame It On the Summertime"
2nd Place Overall Finisher in the Dallas Songwriting Contest for "The Plans I Have for You"
2nd Place Overall Finish: Instrumental, in the Dallas Songwriting Contest for "Change the World", her instrumental version of her original, One Child.

DeDe was also a Semi-Finalist in 7 categories in the Dec. 2014 Annual UK Songwriting Awards for 6 songs including Joyful Christmas, Change the World, One Child, America United, and Canon on the Lord's Prayer. DeDe was honored to be recognized as BEST VOCALIST in March 2014 on, for "Blame It On the Summertime", and was First Runner-Up for the same song on, also in March.

Timothy Yap of, says this about DeDe: "When it comes to song interpretation, (DeDe) Wedekind is without peer." Grammy-Winning Producer of the Year, Jeff Bova, (also Producer of World of Christmas), says: "World of Christmas will not just touch your heart, but will touch your soul." And Grammy Winner, Jason Miles says, "DeDe is a superb vocalist...a talent to be watched."

Performing with her 3 to 5-piece band, DeDe recently was signed to new label, Dominion Entertainment in Los Angeles, headed by well-known songwriter & producer, Kevin De Clue, who has worked with Jewel, Hillary Duff , Jenna Gentry, and Pink. DeDe's also just been added to the roster of well-known talent agent Wilene Dunn of WCD Enterprises of Ft. Worth, Texas.

Listen to DeDe's music on: iHeart Radio, Pandora, Lastfm, Jango Internet Radio, and other internet radio stations like, and you can purchase her music on iTunes,, and CDBaby, just search "DeDe Wedekind". To find out more about DeDe, including her upcoming shows and new music projects, visit:, and SignUp for her monthly fan news!

Geoff Westen's 3rd Power Pop Rock Album, I'm Not Crazy To Be Released April 7, 2015 On Disturbing Music

LOS ANGELES CA, February 2015 - The latest collection from hard-popster Geoff Westen is I'm Not Crazy. Westen's characteristic quirky and eclectic storytelling is showcased in his third album of songs on the Disturbing Music label, and is scheduled for release on April 7, 2015.

On INC, Geoff continues to follow his own musical muse, fearlessly traversing the line between PowerPop and PowerPunk. The songs are drawn from observations made over the course of an eccentric, yet sophisticated life of the career artist and performer. Both reviewers and fans alike have responded to Westen's instinctive feel, traditional songwriting chops, catchy melodies and memorable hooks.

The common denominator on all the tracks is his integration of the gamut of music styles that he has performed over his career. This includes his curious production approach, where he paints his audio canvas with layers of music to create his "Wall of Pop" trademark sound revealing more colors, textures and flavors with each repeated listening. Making himself the central character in the songs rather than telling stories about other people is another distinct component of his songwriting.

INC's 10 songs (plus 2 alternative mixes) make up this joyful pop-rock songlist. "Partyline" and the mischievous "Xciting Eyes" rock out with enough guitars and energy to fill an arena. "I Don't Know Why" and "Make It Last Forever" sound like pop song standards while "Love Has Let You Down" is a classic heartbreak ballad. Little gems like “The Big Mistake,” and “Condition Red” are pure Westen - exploiting his highly stylized Punkish pop tracks.

Westen's first two songs albums anointed him a Power Pop artist supreme. The Pigs—OINK! and Vidiots – Tune In!! showcased his dark humor and sarcasm, and affirmed his position as a hardpop specialist. Three other CDs recorded under the pseudonym, Digital Activity, explore instrumental territory, creating a Rock Ambient hybrid on his albums, BIRTH, ACTIVATE and his Xmas anthology, XMAS VOL. 1.'mNotCrazy.mp3

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cosmopolitan Country Artist Rhea Francani Releases Debut EP

NASHVILLE, TN (February 9, 2015) – Cosmopolitan country artist, Rhea Francani, releases her debut EP I Want You To Know on February 10, 2015. The project includes the current single "Dizzy" now being played on country radio. #DizzyNightOut created fan frenzy. The Instagram campaign will continue with added surprises for followers.

The finessed singer/songwriter/performer co-produced the four self-penned tracks at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville. The collection of compositions written by Francani include: "Dizzy", "I Want You To Know", "Runaway" and "Now Or Never." These fresh songs are available for review at

Francani will attend Country Radio Seminar 2015 in Nashville, TN this month.

Rhea is an honors graduate from Wagner College, NYC in Music Theatre Performance and is a soon-to-be alumna of Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC with a Master's Degree in Music and Music Education. The New York City resident will soon relocate to Nashville.

Contact: Ramona E. Brogdon

Want To Write Songs For The Likes Of Rihanna, Garth Brooks Or Madonna?

Songwriter Connect platform is a new service that is enabling the large number of talented and skilled songwriters to gain access to high quality placement opportunities with established performing artists, music publishers, film and TV.

The New Pitching Platform for Songwriters:
Songwriter Connect is a great new pitching platform for songwriters that compared with its major competitors offers a better quality of features and services. The platform is in its first year of operations and in the very initial stages of its launch, Songwriter Connect has shown some tremendous results for the members.

Seasoned and experienced publishers:
The company is offering opportunities with some of the best publishers who have worked with the most popular artists of the industry including Madonna, Rihanna, Jason Derulo, Beyonce, Enrique Iglesias and many more. These successful publishers have deals with the top 10 hits in the United States and UK as well as opportunities with The Voice and American idol finalists among others.

Long list of Successful Songwriters:
Some of the current members of Songwriter Connect also have worked with some reputable publishers and have written songs for well-known names like Garth Brooks, Kool and the Gang and Billy Ocean. These songwriters have good backgrounds and many of them have even hit the top 40 charts in various countries of the world. Members have placed music with companies and shows like Star Trek Enterprise, Dog the Bounty Hunter, a Lionsgate film production and CBC TV shows in the past. However, the door is also open to songwriters who have not necessary the same profile as long as the talent and quality is high. Songwriter Connect already managed to land songwriters publishing deals with a BMG Chrysalis affiliated music publisher for their Country and Pop songs within the first month of launch.

Screening of Members:
Unlike other competitors Songwriter Connect focuses on screening the new members before actually allowing them to sign up with the website. The signing is done through a proper application process, which is free from any charges or fees. By carrying out a very critical screening process the platform ensures that only high quality content is given out to the industry. This also improves the placement chances of the members.

This is a unique feature, which is unavailable in other market songwriting platforms. For example, gives membership to any individual who has the capability of paying the membership charges. They also charge for each submission in the industry as Music XRay does too. As a consequence, the production of the members and their submission allow them to be of low quality and mediocre standards. The repute of good songwriters affiliated with the company is then adversely affected and a large number of entries are rejected or treated as not yet ready. As a result the songwriters end up not only paying for the membership and submissions but also do not actually get any fruitful results. Both time and efforts are wasted.

Limited Number of Members:
Songwriter Connect offers membership to only a limited number of individuals. At any one time, there are not more than 500 members. This act is very fruitful for the members. It helps reduce the internal competition among the members of Songwriter Connect and provides them more opportunities for submission. With, Music XRay and other competitive platforms this is an unlimited number and results in thousands of members competing with one another.

Nominal Charges:
All selected candidates of Songwriter Connect will be asked to contribute only $49 annually for their account maintenance. Thereafter, all submissions for opportunities are free of charge. In comparison, proposes a membership fee of $299.

New venture and new opportunities:
Being a young company Songwriter Connect was launched after a thorough preparation and development. The members joining in the first year are sure to have greater opportunities and access to a large number of innovative features and offers. They are expected to grow as the company grows.

Constant innovation and development:
With the urge to become one of the leading and most unique songwriting platforms in the industry, the company is working very hard to achieve the best possible outcomes and features. For this purpose the vision and mission of constant development and innovation in its services is being followed very religiously. The opportunities provided to the existing and new members are regularly upgraded and updated with the market conditions and dynamics.

Best songwriting opportunities in the entire market:
This is the only platform in the industry that is focusing on improving and concentrating on songwriter placements. Unlike its other major competitors, Songwriter Connect tries and works on concentrating in placing the music with other artists, into Film and movie ventures and on television or to get signed by a music publisher. Other competitors work on labeling and commercializing the opportunities for the performing artists not giving songwriters their full attention.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Multi-platinum Songwriter And R&B/Pop Artist Keith James Releases Debut Single "Not My Day"

Multi-platinum songwriter Keith James just added "R&B/Pop Artist" to his title with today's worldwide release of his highly anticipated single "Not My Day" – and to celebrate his debut, the hit-maker is awarding live private performances to 10 fans in 10 different cities across the country.

Produced by multi-platinum producer Mick Schultz, "Not My Day" is a captivating mix of feel-good Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B/Soul. The bliss-inducing single is an unlikely mix of classical strings, uplifting dance beats, and catchy lyrics that captures the essence of James's musical style.

Launching in tandem with the single's release on February 9th, Keith's "Lucky Fans Tour" Sweepstakes offers the chance for fans to win one of 10 performances for themselves and their guests at the private venue of their choice.

Fans who follow @WhoIsKeithJames on social media may enter the sweepstakes via one of the following two options:
1. Posting a screenshot on Twitter or Instagram showing the Download of "Not My Day" on iTunes with #NotMyDaySong, or
2. Sharing the official sweepstakes image (from on Twitter or Instagram with #NotMyDaySong and tagging two friends

Official rules for the "Lucky Fans Tour" Sweepstakes are available at

Keith James was born and raised in one of South Side Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods and began performing musically at the tender age of nine. His distinctive blend of Pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B has led to writing multiple songs for top-selling artists including Jeremih and Nicki Minaj. Upon completing "Not My Day," James and Schultz realized that the electric, upbeat song was something special. "Sometimes when a unique song comes along it only makes sense to have the original writer sing it," says Schultz. "This is Keith's song!"

Supporting the launch of his debut single by connecting directly with his fans is typical of the warmth and positive energy for which James is known. The music video for "Not My Day" is scheduled to drop on February 18th, 2015, offering yet another opportunity for fans to see the artist in action.

Download "Not My Day" on iTunes here:
For high-resolution press photos and media kit, visit:
For more information on Keith James, please visit:

Southern Rocker Glitter Rose Celebrates Indiegogo Campaign Success

Award winning Southern Rock artist and producer Glitter Rose is anticipating the making of her new album "Outlaw In Love", which is now in pre-production and being funded by an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which launched on January 21, 2015. In the campaign's final days, GR will be offering 5 Days of Deals, which will be exclusive one day only perks starting Monday, February 16th and ending on the campaign's final day, Friday, February 20th. This is a way for fans to engage in the campaign and get special offers only available on these days.

In celebration of the campaign's final day and the journey which lies ahead in the making of the new album, GR and The Band will be doing a live performance at The Mint Los Angeles and revealing 4 new songs that will be on the album "Outlaw In Love".

"I can't think of a better way to celebrate the last day of our campaign then to rock out and show the fans some music from "Outlaw In Love". Since they are the ones making it possible for us to record and release it, they should be the first to hear some of the material." –Glitter Rose

To discover the exclusive offers during 5 Days of Deals, make sure to sign up and follow Glitter Rose's Indiegogo campaign by visiting GR will be posting exclusive perk notifications through campaign updates, and also on her Facebook page and Twitter. Funding opportunities will end Friday, February 20th, 2015 at 11:59pm PST.

GR & The Band will perform at 8pm Friday, February 20th at The Mint in Los Angeles. This is a 21+ event. For tickets, show information and how to make dinner reservations, please visit or call 323-954-9400.

ABOUT GLITTER ROSE: Starting at the age of 13 in 1998, GR has dedicated her life to her craft and her fans. Never swaying in her musical truths, Glitter has walked away from several offers to be something she's not. Pushing strong as an independent artist, she has performed over 3,000 shows, has 12 major endorsements including companies like Gibson Acoustic Guitars, Orange Amps, and Telefunken Elektroakustik to name a few, and has worked on projects with musicians like Matt Sorum, Chris Chaney, Stu Hamm, Kim SeHwang, Billy Morrison, and more.

In 2012, GR moved from Ft. Worth, TX to Los Angeles, CA, with a residency at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Blvd for her signature show titled Southern Rock Brunch. 2013 brought some of her many accolades, like Best Rock Artist and Album of the Year for Dead or Alive from the Artists In Music Awards, Best Music Video for "Buda Negra" in the Bare Bones International Film Festival and Country Artist of the Year in the Los Angeles Music Awards. GR also wrote the title track for the feature film "American Girl", as well as made a cameo appearance, and is an associate producer on the film, which won Best Producer of a Feature Film in the 2014 LA Femme International Film Festival. In 2014, GR launched her career as a producer, teaming up with engineer and mixer Francisco Rodriguez. She also co-wrote and performed on a track with Stu Hamm and Kim SeHwang for the soundtrack of the Korean box office smash The Technicians, titled "Two Lovers".

Glitter Rose can be found on Facebook at and Twitter at GR's official website is

Vocalist Halie Loren Celebrates A Number 1 Record On Billboard In Japan

Justin Time Records and White Moon Productions are proud to congratulate internationally known singer/songwriter Halie Loren on hitting the top of the Billboard charts in Japan once again with her latest release Butterfly Blue. This is the third time she has topped the Billboard Jazz Chart there and the timing could not be better. Beginning February 5 and running through Feb 15 Ms. Loren will commence her biggest tour in Japan to date: 13 shows in 4 cities.

In Halie's words: "I'm thrilled beyond words that Butterfly Blue is already "finding its wings", so to speak, by debuting at #1... I never dreamed I would see three consecutive albums of mine reach that esteemed position! It just goes to show that I have the most awesome and supportive fans a musician could ask for, as they are the ones who took the album to the top, and I owe them such immense gratitude! I'm so blessed to work with a label that believes in my music so wholeheartedly and work so hard on its behalf... Thank you, JVC Kenwood, for bringing this album to light in Japan!"

Butterfly Blue features: Halie Loren - Vocals, Percussion; Matt Treder - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Percussion, Vocals; Mark Schneider - Bass, Drums; Brian West - Drums; Daniel Gallo - Guitar; William Seiji Marsh - Guitar; Joe Freuen - Trombone; Dana Heitman - Trumpet; David Larsen - Tenor, Alto & Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet

Butterfly Blue will be released through Justin Time Records in North America on June 9. Concert dates in the United States and Canada will follow that release.

Upcoming Halie Loren Performances:
Feb 6 / La Saison / Hamamatsu, Japan (sold out!)
Feb 7 / Blue Note / Nagoya, Japan
Feb 8 / Billboard Live / Osaka, Japan
Feb 11-14 / Cotton Club / Tokyo, Japan

For more information on Halie Loren, please visit:
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Wild West Artist Management, Inc. • (514) 738-9533
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