Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PAp Records Signs Keri Lynn Roche And Releases Debut Single "Generation Kill"

PAp Records announced the recent signing of its latest artist, Season 12 American Idol contestant Keri Lynn Roche. Under PAp's management, the 23-year old singer-songwriter recorded her debut single, "Generation Kill", which will be released on major online outlets such as iTunes and Amazon on March 25.

The American Idol contestant earned a trip to Hollywood after her breakthrough performance during a show taped in Chicago involving a cover of Patsy Cline's 'Walking After Midnight'. "Randy Jackson told me 'I see you selling platinum records,'" Roche noted. "That was really cool to hear because I've worked really hard at this." Attracted by Roche's talent, the Rhode Island-based record company added the Birmingham native to their already impressive selection of artists covering all music genres, including Hip-hop, Pop, Alternative, and Jazz.

The soon-to-be released "Generation Kill" showcases Roche's amazing talent and testifies to Idol judge Randy Jackson's praise of her skills. In "Generation Kill", Roche sings in a tongue-in-cheek fashion and satirizes the ridiculousness of contemporary culture. "Makes me ill/Generation Kill/ I don't wanna/but I think I will." With a medium tempo and a light, catchy piano riff, the pop single carries clear influences from folk and country. Possessing great range and power, however, Roche's incredible vocals are the clear star of the show.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Meltdown By Code Indigo Is A Contemporary Instrumental Rock And Electronica Music Album Taking A Musical Swipe At The Global Economic Crisis

Code Indigo is regarded as one of Europes premiere electronic music bands and with MELTdown, they've delivered an apt follow up to their 2007 release Chill that takes a lyrical swipe at the global economic meltdown.

The band continues its tradition of producing imaginative and thematic keyboard/guitar based electronica and chill-out music.

While comparisons have been made with instrumental Pink Floyd and Art of Noise, the Code Indigo sound and style remains totally original, unique and above all, contemporary.

MELTdown is an epic, concept style musical journey. There are 16 beautifully conceived and highly evocative interlinked tracks that cleverly pay homage to all previous Code Indigo albums while remaining inventive and original.

It is moody and topical electronica featuring some of the most atmospheric and thought provoking chill out style instrumental music youre likely to hear anywhere.

Helmed by veteran UK synth maestro David Wright, co founder and sole survivor from the original 1994 line-up, and producer Dave Massey, the new look Code Indigo is completed by Neil Fellowes (aka Geigertek) on keyboards, and guitarists Nigel Turner-Heffer and Dave Bareford.

Code Indigo will premiere MELTdown at the e-day festival in Oirschot, Holland on 6th April 2013.


MusicDishTV Presents Prince Malik Hip Hop Video Hit "City Of Lights"

Hip hop sensation Prince Malik released the music video for his hit "City of Lights Ft. Flo Rida". Extravagant and flashy, the video serves as a great accompaniment the up-beat, adrenaline-filled song. Inspired by New York's own nightlife, the video, along with the single, captures the City of Lights' energy perfectly.

The video begins with Prince Malik in a sports car speeding through the city. Then, external shots of the City that Never Sleeps are shown. As Prince Malik and Flo Rida perform their routine, the video tracks them as they have a blast in various nightclubs. To mimic the City's own bustling energy, the video's lighting constantly flashes from white to eye-catching colors such as blue and red. Recurring images, such as fire, also reinforce this motive.

The single itself has all the ingredients to become a solid hip hop hit. With heavy beats and easily recognizable melody, the song is extremely catchy and is bound to get the party started. Prince Malik's voice is heavily synthesized, while Flo Rida enters in the middle to deliver his verse. The track has attracted over 120 spins on Top 40 stations.

Prince Malik is a versatile artist. Aside from music, he has started his own label, publishing company and film production firm.