Friday, March 30, 2012

Tony Adamo @#1 On Allaboutjazz Jazz Charts

Singer/Hipspokenword Artist Tony Adamo goes to the number one spot atop allaboutjazz Jazz Chart. Adamo's song 9 MILES OF BLU produced by legendary drummer Mike Clark. Is riding high on's top MP3 downloads for the last ten days. Adamo reaches into the pre-rap turf of Gil Scott-Heron here with this seductive too-short flash memoir about how he discovered jazz and its legendary envelope-pushers—Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis. There’s energy and honor and wonder in Adamo’s words, especially in the fluid alliterative syncopated way the words reflect the inspiration that jazz gave him—as an artist, as a human being. Complementing his nimble vocals are former Herbie Hancock drummer Mike Clark. Website and Music

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Undercaste Mixtape New Single "Where I Belong" Ft. Sol, Element, Eighty4 Fly, Neema

“Where I Belong” has a current dream like feel encouraging the listener to be confident on their chosen path. The song is an Undercaste production featuring some of the top Seattle, WA rappers. Engineers Isaac Meek and Randy Ross feature 47 artists on the Undercaste Mixtape in hopes of developing a stronger community within the local hip hop scene. “We hope to spark a higher level of quality and help artists grow.” -Isaac Meek. While recording the mixtape the staff at Undercaste began training their new engineer, Elliott Eide, who exceeded expectations as the main orchestrator. The dark/pop sound of the mixtape’s lead single, “Where I Belong”, contrasts sharply with the more street-driven “Fresher Than Em All” illustrating the wide variety of styles on the mixtape. To compliment the versatility of the rappers, Undercaste producers chopped in stylistically different beats. “You might hear a grimy hip hop beat mix into dubstep. I want the listener to experience something new in each song. We had a lot of fun putting this mixtape together and are pushing to make this one of many new projects released by Undercaste!” -Randy Ross. Undercaste Studios encourages artists to raise the bar and enrich the vibrant Northwest Hip Hop community. Email:

Anna Fermin Releases New EP "Someday Afternoon"

Chicago songstress Anna Fermin has released her new EP SOMEDAY AFTERNOON. The digital release is available today on iTunes, Amazon, and her website. The CD can be purchased from CD Baby and Her first solo album, THE CONTENDER, has been digitally re-released and is also available today. Driven by the title track, "Someday Afternoon" delivers a sunny set of roots pop. From her trademark alto husk to her honey-soaked highs, Anna’s inspired vocals and emotionally charged lyrics make this five-song collection the perfect listen for any summer someday-afternoon of the week. With the beautiful production of Doug McBride (Veruca Salt, Rachel Yamagata) and songs co-penned by Aaron Barber, the EP also includes the tracks “What It Could Be” and “Love Blooms”; simple, sweet love songs filled with ache and anticipation of rediscovered and unlikely love. “Everyday Heroes” and “Everything Changes” center on themes of turning life’s inevitable changes into something wonderful. Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune has called Anna “One of Chicago's most treasured voices,” and Peter Margasak of the Chicago Reader says she delivers “…a perfect balance of grace and gusto.” An award-winning singer/songwriter, Anna is well known as the front woman for the Chicago alt-country band Trigger Gospel. The band has released five albums, including the Jay Bennett produced "Oh, the Stories We Hold." Her first solo album "The Contender" was originally released in 2009 and includes the notable songs “Dragging On” and “Lovely.” Spring and summer tour dates include Chicago area shows on 3/29 at Evanston SPACE, 4/6 at Fitzgerald’s, and 6/9 at Old Town School of Folk Music, with more summer dates to be announced. "Someday Afternoon" track listing: 1. What It Could Be 2. Love Blooms 3. Everyday Heroes 4. Someday Afternoon 5. Everything Changes Album Credits: All songs by Anna Fermin and Aaron Barber, Monkey Bread Music p & © 2012 ascap Produced & engineered by Doug McBride, Gravity Studios Mixed by Sean O'Keefe Mastered by Dominick Maita, Airshow Mastering Dave Suycot, drums Chris Moser, keys Dave Holloway, keys Doug McBride, bass, guitars, beats PR contact: Andrea DeLesDernier adelesdernier(at)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Exclusive Q Parker Of 112 Interview

Even though Grammy award winning artist Q Parker of 112 has been around in the music industry since the mid 90's, he feels like a breath of fresh air for R&B music scene. His radio friendly single "Show You How" is already getting the attention of listeners and media, where he just shot the video for it in New York. We really enjoyed interviewing Q Parker in New York. His energy was amazing, talked about his latest single "Show You How", his highly anticipated upcoming debut solo album, "The MANual" and his new record deal with Malaco Records. Also discussed the challenges of being a solo artist after being part of a group "It’s an amazing feeling to have been in the music business since I was a teenager as part of a hugely successful group like 112, and to now be a grown man making a name for myself as a solo artist in the current R&B climate" Added Q Parker We congratulate him on his new record deal and looking forward to his new album "The MANual" wish him continuous success in all of his future endeavors. For Press & Media: Please Contact,

Tony Adamo @ #4 On Jazz Charts

Vocalist Hipspokenword artist Tony Adamo's "9 MILES of BLU" jumps up to #4 on Allaboutjazz Top 25 downloads. "9 Miles of Blu" is produced by legendary drummer Mike Clark (yes the drummer who played with Herbie Hancock for many years. Adamo reaches into the pre-rap turf of Gil Scott-Heron here with this seductive too-short flash memoir about how he discovered jazz and its legendary envelope-pushers—Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis. There’s energy and honor and wonder in Adamo’s words, especially in the fluid alliterative syncopated way the words reflect the inspiration that jazz gave him—as an artist, as a human being. Website and Music

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Independent US Label Creates History In Argentina

Boosweet Records the independently owned and operated label based in California since 1999, recently created history in the country of Argentina with its “Guitar Power” guitar competition. The “Guitar Power” program is the brainchild of award winning guitarist/producer/actor and label CEO Vernon Neilly, and Marcelo Roascio who is a partner with Laura Goldar in Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine, the major guitar/bass publication in the Argentine market. Vernon has traveled the world not only as a solo artist, but in the past has worked with legendary artists in the entertainment business. “Guitar Power” was held in the city of Buenos Aires and was sponsored by Boosweet Records, Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine, Seymour Duncan, Xotic Effects, Morley Pedals, Giannini Strings, Tecniforte Cables, Antitodo Guitar Straps, and Guitar Global LLC. 10 finalists were selected to perform live before judges at the historic Bauen Theater in Buenos Aires from multitudes of entries that were received from all over Argentina. The winner Chowy Fernandes received an all expenses paid recording contract with Boosweet Records, as well as gear donated by the sponsors. There were also second and third place winners who received products from the sponsors of the event. Major media outlets in Argentina supported the historic making event such as video channels MTV, CME, and powerhouse Rock & Pop 95.9 radio located in Buenos Aires. Vernon also did countless interviews with major press supporting the “Guitar Power” event. This historical event was a huge success and will be continued due to the attention Boosweet Records and Neilly garnered for the event. This was not the first time that Vernon Neilly and Boosweet records partnered with major brands in the music world. Previously he was recognized for his “Six String Extravaganza” contest with label CEO and guitar icon Steve Vai.

Email: Boosweet Records, Guitar Global, and Vernon Neilly are currently running another “Custom Guitar Giveaway”. To be eligible interested parties only have to go to Vernon’s fan page at like the page and then forward an email to the director of promotions at to be notified if you win. You can also direct all questions to this address concerning the giveaway. Last day to enter is June 30, 2012.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Liz Primo Releases New Single/Video "Wind Me Up"

Liz Primo releases hot new single "Wind Me Up" re-mix package accompanied by limited edition director's cut of the video by famed director Afshin featured exclusively at "Wind Me Up" re-mix CD includes remixes by DJ Dark intensity, Haydn Hoffman, Michael Bradford, and Justin Trugman available now on iTunes. Fresh off a weekend of shows at some of the hottest clubs in Florida, dance diva Liz Primo releases her new single and video "Wind Me Up," the provocative new follow-up to her dance club hit "State of Amazing" both from the debut EP Exposed (444 Records) available now on iTunes and other digital retail outlets. A limited edition director's cut of the video for "Wind Me Up," by famed director Afshin is featured exclusively on Liz recently shot the video for "Wind Me Up" with Afshin, who has filmed iconic videos for Prince and has worked with artists such as Rob Thomas, and Bare Naked Ladies. The video features Liz Primo's signature flair for dramatic make-up, costumes, and locations. The voyeuristic clip captures Liz as she "wind-ups" the object of her desire set against a retro cinematic backdrop. DJ Dark Intensity's dubstep/house mix of "Wind Me Up" is the focus track from the remix package titled Rewound Mixes. The CD also features mixes from Haydn Hoffman, Michael Bradford, and Justin Trugman. Liz's music is 100% high energy dance beats and can be heard in clubs across the country. "'Wind Me Up' is the ultimate club song. It's a sexy, steamy, love story!!! (or a lust story! LOL)", says Liz about the song she co-wrote with Justin Trugman. Liz co-wrote all of the songs on the Exposed EP, produced by Rob Fusari (Lady GaGa)and Trugman (Eminem/JoJo). Liz will perform "Wind Me Up," and other tracks off her debut EP Exposed at the Winter Music Conference on March 23 as part of the FlyLife showcase at the club Score. Wind Me Up re-mix package can be heard at For more information contact Lisa Vega or Lex Gable at

Eric Benét Gets Intimate About "The One"

An Interview by Natasha Anac Edited by Geena Jinev Anac With six solo albums, four Grammy nominations, over twenty years in the music industry and launching his own record label one thing certain about R&B Superstar Eric Benét, he has succeeded on holding on to his own style without being phased by the new trends when it comes to his music, he certainly is one of the artists that keeps his integrity at a maximum level in a very "demanding" music industry and he never sacrifices his music in order to sell records. With his upcoming album "The One" it was a pleasure interviewing such a gifted artist like Eric Benét. What inspired you for the new album "The One"? EB: It is titled "The One", 'cause I have been in a twenty-year career, dreaming. hoping and praying that one day to be able to have my own record label and one day to be able to release my own music and other music. Finally after all these years this release is the one. This is the one that I feel like I am on the top of my game, musically, creatively, vocally I am in complete control of the project: It shows the diversity of musicianship. Do you feel even more challenged since you have your own record label? What are the positives and the negatives of having your own label? EB: Being an artist at another record label, as long as it was somebody else's label, as long as somebody else had to give the final creative approval before that record was released. You know that is not creative control to me, having my own label creatively I just feel like, I can spread my wings and give my audience the most pure, the most direct, creative representation of myself musically,now that's on the positive category. As negative, I don't even want to say negative, more like challenge in another category (Laughs), now that it is my record label, with that I got to write checks, I have to come up with the money to do quite a few things like the video or for the marketing. I welcome that challenge, the benefits out-weigh the challenges. By far it is an empowering situation. At the end of the day when the project is released, it is music and masters that I own, other than music that I recorded on Warner Brothers, they own that music now. Ownership motivates you. What's the story behind your new single Real Love! By the way, loved the video. EB: Thank you! Real Love is inspired by the relationship that I have with my wife. It's about having a love that comes from wisdom, growth and maturity. Sometimes we listen love songs that are all about fairy tale romance and sometimes we are not ready for that, we might still need some growing to do as an individual before we can give or receive that kind of love. For me what "Real Love" represents being evolved, by having enough life experiences to really know what it takes to make something so beautiful, a lot of it is work, a lot of it is cherishing what you have and nurturing it. Finding something real and making it last and that is pretty much the inspiration behind the song. Have you decided on the next single Eric? EB: Now that the recording process is finished myself, my management company, Primary Wave, and my distribution company EMI Capital Records, are listening to all the songs and trying to decide. How do you compare the overseas fans to US fans? EB: Seems like at the overseas is the emphasis on your sound or how the instrument is being played, it seems like here in the States, the emphasis is more on the celebrity or the sensationalism than the actual substance on what that artist is actually representing. What's your secret for being around for over 20 years in this industry? EB: That is an excellent question, I think: authenticity. I have never been an artist that tries to keep up with the trends. Over the past twenty years, there have been many trends. Hot producers that come and go. Hot artists that come and go. I have never been the kind of artist that said that beat, that groove is hot right now, let me find that producer so I can get him on my record. I authentically fell in love with a certain style, I guess enrichment, production and craftsmanship when it comes to R&B since I was a little boy. Every time I go in to the studio I want to have the goose bumps first time I heard Quincy Jones record, Michael Jackson or Earth Wind and Fire record. When I look back, that music versus the music of today, music today is great and very exciting but it is not as emotional as the music from back in the day. That has been my barometer, I think I have a better shot at having stamina and having something classic and that is my standard. I think that is the reason that I am able to sustain my career as long as I have. Are you inspired by any of the new artists that are around? EB: Yes there are a few. Legacy: I think she is brilliant. I really like Mike Ocean, I like where he is coming from. There is talent, there is hope Any last words to your fans? EB: I would like to extend my utmost gratitude and thanks for allowing me to make my music, for allowing me to sing over the years. "The One" CD that will come out in May I am sure you will appreciate it and it is my way of saying "Thank you" once again. In the age of Auto Tune and advanced studio technology, Eric Benét might just be the answer for those who seek a pure & organic sound that they can feel touching their hearts and soul for many years to come. Email: Website: Music: For Press and Media, Please Contact:

Fall In Love At The Song Fest: Come Be A Player

12 SongWriter Tips and Secrets to Making Love Songs Rendezvous with us at the 10th Nashville SongWriters Fest on Music Row in the month of love, this June 1-3, 2012! Hear romantic songs by the writers who felt them from the past, present and future. All genres are invited to come swoon others on many different stages across from BMI and ASCAP at the top of Music Row. 1. Find love at the fest! "Oh listen!?! They're playing our song..." Bring your original heart felt music and chirp like a bird on stage or off. 2. Declare you love on air, video or web cast for all the world to hear as you bare your soul. 3. Fool around the clock anytime! Whip it out and start jamming. Find or bring that special some one and start a sing ring. Carouse around the Co Writers Corner or profess your love all night at the After Hours Sing Ring. 4. The key to finding love is meeting many like minded others who have a tune to share. Come as you are and become intertwined. Network with partners who dedicated their musical lives to each other. 5. Flirt with others who have written love songs and get their telephone numbers and contact info. Hook up and finally meet in person your Facebook sweeties in the real music world. 6. Give them the eye at the Music Specialty Instruction areas. Make others in the biz fall madly in love with your music. Ask intimate questions about what ya want, when ya want in areas covering Career Critiques, Products Critiques, Recording, Publishing, Plugging, Legal, Records, Duplication, Distribution, Radio, Video, Broadcasting, Management, Promotions and Productions... No more listening an hour to boring classes just to get 5 minutes of what you really wanted to know! 7. Sneak off and browse the Music Business Open House and Booths with your significant other. 8. Express your love for all to see and display your CD's at the Writers Table. 9. Live together at the Publisher Drop Box. 10. Become a love slave and volunteer to help with the festivities. 11. Tie the knot as others have at past festivals on Sunday June 3rd 6 PM, as we will perform your songwriter marriage. Minister, reception and entertainment provided. Reserve your ceremony today 12. Start your own little love nest now and live together at our website online Freedom Forum or post your adult classifieds. Listen to your heart and take the plunge by registering today to come to Music City and make musical love. Visit , email or call 615-424-1491 for your perfect match. Can't make it to June? Do us this Autumn and come to our Fall in Love Fest! October 5-7, 2012 at the Independent Music Fest Nashville. Disclaimer: If you wake up with a tattoo of someone's name on your body or if your co writer becomes a stalker the fest is not responsible. Email: Music:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tony Adamo And Mike Clark: Double Knock Out

Tony Adamo's unreleased CD,"9 MILES OF BLU," produced by legendary drummer, Mike Clark is in the can for 2012. On March 24, Tony Adamo, Mike Clark, Delbert Bump and Steve Homan will start recording new music for Adamo's live shows and for a future CD release scheduled for 2013. Website Music